Walking around the castle I try and wrap my head around what happened. A week ago I was living a normal life, doing normal things in a normal way. I had friends, sort of, I had a loving mother and no real responsibilities. Now it looks like I'm getting a lot of responsibilities, a wife, and a lot less freedom. Out of all of that, the wife part is the thing that bothers me the most. I can remember being an adult, not the day to day details but I feel like I'm grown up. Now I'm expected to marry a child, while 16 isn't that young it's still a girl in the latter part of her childhood. How is this fair to her, let alone me? A part of my mind understands that as a princess she probably knew she'd have no say in who her husband was but to find out at 14 had to be a shock.


'Will you share your thoughts with me my betrothed?' Looking up at her I reply 'What?' 'You look like you have a lot on your mind. I know I'm young and not as pretty as some of the other ladies at court but do I displease you this much?' Stopping our movement I take the time to look at her. 'My lady, you are one of the most beautiful young ladies I've ever seen. If anyone tells you different they are blind.' Looking away, 'no the issue isn't you, it's the speed of things and the fact that I have no control.' I turn back and look at her 'I will admit the idea of being your husband scares me, not because of you, but because I've not really put much thought into getting married.' Taking her hand I pull her gently and we continue our walk. 'At 14, I thought the most important event in my life would be this year's winter festival. Then my awakening occurred and I thought that would be the most important event. Then what happened and I thought going to court would be it. Now I find myself engaged, or soon to be engaged.' Taking my hand I rub my forehead 'I'm not sure I can keep up with the changes in my life.'


'How much change can one person be expected to bare?' After a moment I notice Princess Ceanna is no longer following and I hear a soft laugh. 'Dear Nondel, I fully understand. When I woke up today I was excited because I knew I was going to get a new classmate.' Walking on she grabs my hand and pulls me after. 'I'm an Earth and water mage, I was excited to have a new Earth mage my own age that was powerful as well. Mother was kind enough to let me know her plans seconds before you entered the room.'


Continuing on I did, in fact, get a tour of the castle. The princess took me around and introduced me to the staff and personal guards. She showed me all of the out of the way paths around and ended the tour in a small garden. Taking a seat she continued our earlier discussion. 'I think my mother's words to me were along the lines of, The boy will be joined with our family, prepare yourself.' With a laugh, she continued 'Seeing how that would mean you were either going to marry me or my mother was taking a second husband, I assumed it would be me.' Looking over I could not help but laugh along with her. 'That might have been an interesting conversation but I'm glad that is not the way it ended up. While I'm sure your mother is a fine young woman, I think even my mother would not be able to accept me becoming the Queen's second husband. Besides would that even be legal?'


 'So would you like to go ahead and get our first kiss out of the way or do you want to move on to the good stuff?'  With those words, my mind blanked out for a second and I nearly tripped over my own feet.  'Urr what did you just ask?'  Ceanna  started to laugh at me 'wow you should see your face right now, I'm not sure what share of red that is but it's bright.'  'I'm sorry did you just ask me to kiss you or um do something else?'  'Wow you are not really able to take a joke, are you?  Though to be honest I've always wondered what my first kiss would be like, guess it wouldn't hurt to get it over with.'  With that, she stopped turned around and looked at me like she was waiting for something.  'I will say though if you are going to get the honor of my first kiss it had better be a good one, none of this on the cheek stuff.'  With those words, I froze!


Wait, I cannot kiss a kid, she's what like 14 and I'm old...well physically I guess I'm the same age but I'm not sure I can do something like that without feeling like I'm taking advantage of a kid.  I'm not sure what to do here...this would be a lot easier if I didn't remember being an adult.  'My princess I'm sorry but it wouldn't be proper for me to take advantage of you like that.  What if someone saw, they might think I'm attacking you.  'Really, attacking me?  That must be one powerful kiss you are planning on doing.  Or were you thinking about moving past the kiss?  Perhaps we should go someplace more private.'  'Wait princess, please I wasn't planning on attacking you, please do not call the guard!'


You know I'm starting to get tired of being laughed at by a 14-year-old girl.  Yes not that I think about it, I see she was teasing me like there was no tomorrow, but come on.  Sighing I state, 'I see my future is going to be interesting and probably a little stressful.'  My dear betrothed you have no idea how right you are.  I might be you but I've been planning my married life for a long time and I plan to go all out.'  With a grin on her face, she jumps up, wraps her arms around me and kisses me, not a simple friendly or even a slightly romantic kiss but a powerful deep kiss that told me beyond a doubt that my princess was not the child I think she is.


Wow, it's been what an hour and you've reached first base...Slow down tiger

REWARD: Come on, really you just got a kiss for a girl that didn't run off screaming...that's reward enough.

A few moments later she steps back and with a smile on her face says 'Not that was a first kiss to remember, next time though I expect you to lead.'  As she starts to walk off she calls back 'Come on my betrothed I'll show you where you will be staying while you are here and then I am going to return to our mothers.  There is no way they get to plan everything.'


With that, I get taken to the guest wing and dumped off.  Sitting in my room I think over the events of the day.  'Man this life is crazy.'

A note from terryrayc

From now on the days of childhood are over.  We will not really dig much into the day to day and focus on the key moments.

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