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This one took a while because I tend to over think dialog.  Took me a few rewrites to get the wording just right.

The Royal Castle of the kingdom was bigger than I was expecting.  One could expect to find thousands of people working in and around the castle.  Upon entering the grounds, we were escorted through the castle to what could only be described as a truly grand throne room.  20 feet high, 40 feet wide and around 200 feet long, this was a room designed to show off power.  Around the edges of the room were additional members of the Royal Guard, their numbers in the hundreds.  Spaced every 10 guards was a battle mage in all their glory.  There was little doubt that the room in this room rested at its head were two thrones, large in size, these were true seats of power.


As we approached the throne I tried to remember everything my mother told me.  When to bow, what to say, where to look.  Yes, more rules to follow because well people around here like rules almost as much as they like bad names.  The king had a look of boredom on his face while the queen had a look of desire.  Not that type of desire but that look people get when they find an item they just cannot live without.  Like finding your favorite toy and desert in the same store.  At seeing that look I almost froze and probably would have if my mother had not slightly pushed on my back to continue.


Once we stood before the throne I heard a light calm voice call out, ‘Hello dear Maria, it has been way too long since your beauty and grace has stood before us.’  ‘My queen, I thank you for your kind words, however, my absence was due to duty and not desire.’  ‘Yes, we are aware of the honor you do us through your actions as our hand and voice.  Time has proven our decision in that regard to be without question.  Please, all of you stand.’


To the shock of those standing in the throne room, once standing the queen stood and approached my mother.  Once there she gave my mother a hug and stated how she missed her true friends' presence.  Standing back the queen announced 'Come Maria, let us retire into a more private setting, we have much to talk about, oh and bring your son.'  With that, the queen dismissed the court and with her husband hand, she let the throne room.


Looking at my mother I wanted to ask her what was going to happen but she waved me to silence as one of the queens aids arrive to take us to the royal families private meeting rooms.  While walking behind the aid my mother reminded me to keep quiet and only answer questions when asked and to try and not give more answers than needed.  I know my mother loves the queen and I know they are the best of friends but I was starting to really worry that the queen might not have the best of intentions for me in mind.  Flashes of possible futures started to pop into my head and the longer we walked the more worried I became.


As we entered the private meeting room I noticed there were only 3 people waiting for us, The queen, of course, the king and a young girl around my age.  I'm guessing this was her Royal Highness the Duchess of Earienton, in other words, the queens only daughter.  Seeing her there caused two strong feelings to grow.  The first was the joy that I was able to remember not only the names of the Royal Family but their titles as well.  Not bad for the fact I was only told that information once and only yesterday.  The second feeling was fear, why would Princess Ceanna be here.  I can understand Queen Evelyn and King Lorcan but the Princess tells me she is going to be part of some plan and that possible plan makes me want to bolt out of the room.  Looking at my mother I can see from the expression on her face that she's thinking the same thing I am.


'Please have a seat both of you, we have many things to talk about and we should do it in comfort.'  With those words from the queen my mother and I take seats across from the royal family and wait for the queen to continue.  'So young Nondol, you've caused no end of trouble to our wonderful kingdom, do you know that?'  Dropping my head in shock I barely reply 'I'm sorry my queen, I beg your forgiveness for the problems I have caused.'  Staring at the floor I hear a soft laugh followed my 'Dear boy you are not in trouble, while it is true that what you are will and has stirred trouble it is not your doing nor your fault.'  Looking up I see a smile on her face as she continues, 'You should be proud of who and what you are, hold your head up and look people in the eye.'


'Now to other matters'  Looking over at my mother she continues 'Yes I'm sure you know what is going to happen so let's get it out of the way.'  Nodding to the princess she motions for her to move.  With that Princess Ceanna stands and walks over to me, holding out her hand she pulls me up and moves us to the center of the room.  With that action, the Queen continues.  'Now both of you being 14 does require some delay, the church will not allow the joining until you both turn 16, but for now, we will just announce the engagement.' Looking over at my mother she continues, 'You will both, of course, move into the guest wing here and we will have to begin his training.'  Nodding to herself, 'He's going to have a late start due to his awakening at 14 but we can bring in some extra teachers....yes we'll make this work.'  My mother finally speaks up, 'Evelyn what are you doing, does the boy not get a say, or for that matter his mother?'  'My dear friend, you know as well as I do that there is no way the crown can allow his power to fall into anyone hands but ours, think this through will you.  I know you understand what is at stake as much as I do.'  'I understand your point, but the boy just awoke, he's had less than a week to get used to the idea he will be the most powerful person alive but now you want to throw being a royal on top of that.  Could you not have waited a few days first?'  'Are you saying you do not approve of the joining?'  'No it's not that, I understand the need and I know you will do right by my family, I just wanted more time.'


Sighing the Queen stands up, 'listen I know you do and I wish we had the time as well.  However, by now word has traveled not only the all the houses here in the kingdom but outside as well.'  Walking over and standing behind myself and the princess 'Joining him to my house is the fastest way to protect him I know.  Until he learns to use his power he is a target that will be tested and we both know that.'  Smiling at both of us she laughs 'Besides a mother could do worse than a powerful good-looking son in law.'  'Now my child please take your future husband for a tour of the castle while his mother and I discuss matters.'


'Yes mother, come my betrothed lets us get to know each other while the old people sell us out.'  Pulling on my hand the Princess leads me out of the room.


QUEST COMPLETE - Moving on up

Talk about moving fast!  Famous, powerful and royal.  Someone sure aims high.  What's next Emperior of the world?

REWARDS: New young wife, you dog you!!

A note from terryrayc

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