Hey! It's been a while huh... nearly or at 3 years since I last updated this story. It has always been on my mind. I have never forgotten it. The problem I faced was mainly time. I ran out of it. And I ran out of motivation, once I finished the story. That's right, it's completed at least it is in my mind. It was completed long ago.

And I thought it was enough for me to know their ending, but what is the point of a story if I do not share it. Thus, I made the decision to reboot the story, properly. Once everything is written out and finalized. To give it a proper end, not a rushed one because I was nervous about lack of engagement, but a proper; thought out, and carefully crafted one.

It will take a while longer, but at least wait for me after I finish the first volume. Then I can end this and put it to rest. At least this one, out of the respect of the characters I created.

Until then...

- Remmie


About the author


Bio: Most of my stories are passion projects which are based on my favorite genres. So whoever stumbles upon my corner, forgive my contradictory or childish writing and try and enjoy it as is?

I'm also your every-day, normal; average HARDCORE OTAKU. So just a heads up.

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