Listening to the icy cold voice behind him, Shad wasn't surprised in the slightest. Ever since he had entered the small village, he already felt something was amiss.

He knew that he was taking a huge gamble by coming to the base of the alliance. Once the men in black clothed had found out about his plan, there was at least a fifty percent chance that they would blow his cover.

The leader of the men in black was a powerful 7th rank warrior who was working for a powerful organization, so it wasn't a surprise for him to have a magic tool or artifact that allowed him to send a message from far away.

In order word, Shad being fell into a trap wasn't something out of the ordinary or unexpected. Even he, himself knew that the chance of success was not that great since the other party had found out about his plan.

Even Monalisa had that feeling too, which was why she was urging him to use the lightning Corps and the army from Ozuna city to trample on the base of the alliance instead of going in by himself.

The only option he had to guarantee the success of this mission was to kill all the men in black including the leader. However, Shad didn't want to go all out with them yet. Furthermore, exterminating the alliance was more a pressing matter than the men in black clothed because they didn't go out killing innocent people left and right and burning villages.

They only wanted to kill him and get the copy of the diary from him, nothing else. Because of that, Shad was waiting to deal with the bandits' alliance before coming for them. Anyway, him being discovered by them was still good because he was planning on playing with them for sometime before he annihilated them, but now that they have ambushed him, he had no choice but to kill them all in one fell swoop and moved on to next target.

With a long sigh, Shad turned around in order to look at the owner of the voice that just talked to him.

Behind him, there was a middle-aged man with a gloomy and ruthless expression on his face. He was looking at Shad with a vicious and savage expression on his eyes. His body was reek with the scent of blood. With just a single glance, Shad knew this man had killed many people. Not because he had to, but for pleasure.

Aside from that, this man wasn't weak either, Shad could feel a strong magic power of a peak 6th class mage emitted from his body.

After looking at the man for a while without saying a word, Shad scanned his surroundings. He was completely surrounded in four directions. There were at least two thousand people that formed a circle around him, and they were still more coming out from all the houses within the village with their swords, axes, blades and spears and all kind of weapons.

These people were armed to the teeth. They were looking at shad with a plethora of emotions in their eyes, there were anger, murderous intent, cold and calculating glints, and cruelness..... The look on their eyes seemed to be enough to cut him into many pieces.

For the last two weeks, Shad was like a nightmare to them. In two weeks, this man in front of them had become a legend and a myth within the southern region. With his presence in the southern region, the death toll of the bandits had gone through the roof.

Not only he had brutally killed them, to glorify his victory and intimidated them, he had also ordered his legion to cut off the heads of the dead bandits and hung them on pikes in the mountain or in front of the villages that they have attacked.

And now, this monster, this beast once more appeared before their eyes in their own base, without any guards or weapon, surrounded by more than two thousands of them.

At this moment, Shad seemed to be a lost lamb as he faced so many prowling bandits in the village. He had entered the tiger's den and these hungry bandits were just waiting to take his head. He was like a drowning man surrounded by sharks that were ready to swarm him once they smelled blood.

Nonetheless, Shad was calm as ever as his gaze swept past everyone. Aside from the peak 6th class mage in front of him, there were only two 5th rank warriors while others were low-level warriors or mages. The majority of them seemed to be regular fighters with no battle qi, but they all had a ruthless look on their faces.

Finally, his gaze stopped on the middle-aged man that talked to him earlier. The man had an ice-cold expression as his sharp glare was directed toward Shad. His eyes were full of a murderous intent that resemble the cold glints of blades.

" Ah, are you the leader of these group of low life?. Shad looked at him and smilingly said. " I was planning on toying with you guys before sending you to the other side, but it seemed like I have been found out. Anyway, it's still great. So do you want to fight one-on-one or all together? I welcome either choice."

" What's great? Is he mad?" yelled one of the bandits.

" Even if he is a powerful mage, but for a 5th class mage to think of fighting us all together is too arrogant of him...." Many of the bandits began to clamour.

The middle-aged man, on the other hand, was different. People like him had received some secret report about the true prowess of this man in front of him.

Nonetheless, he still coldly looked at Shad and spoke with murderous tone." I was not ordered to kill you, but after witnessing your strength for the past two weeks. You have to die otherwise you will be a huge obstacle for my master. Furthermore, Against an enemy like you, I do not care for the process. The only thing that matter is the result of either you come with me quietly or having your head placed on my master's table."

" I am afraid you won't be able to achieve either outcome." Shad nonchalantly stated while standing before the mighty army of bandits with a smile.

" Hehehe, 4th imperial prince your highness, I know that you strong but as the proverb says, enough ants will bite even an elephant to death, so don't even think about getting out of this place alive," He said with a sinister smile on his face.

" Is that so." As he said that, the right crimson eye suddenly shone brightly as a miniature red lightning dragon swirled within it as though Shad's right eye was a sea of blood.

Shad swept his cold gaze past everyone with his right crimson eye. At the same time, under his daze that was like the eye of the god of death, everyone present felt as if their hearts were seen through until the depths of their souls, and it seemed as if all their abilities, their secrets down to the slightest detail was seen through by this crimson eye.

An indescribable cold flow of horror swiftly rose in the hearts of every single bandit. This feeling left them bewildered, it was as if their clothes were stripped under the gazes of everyone present, and they we unable to conceal themselves, unable to resist.

" With you lot, it will only take me half an hour to slaughter you all."

As he said that,


A huge amount of red lightning bolts swirled around his right hand like snakes until they formed a blood red lightning scythe. The scythe was 3m long, its blade was crimson red and cold crescent moon surface that was peerlessly sharp, and its surface was shrouded with endless red lightning bolts.

At the instant it appeared, it caused the minds of everyone present to shake greatly, and their will to battle almost fell apart and crumbled."

" Now, let's see how you ants plan on biting this elephant to death," Shad said with a devilish smile on his face.


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