After passing through the teleportation portal to the other side of the mountain, Shad didn't stop there and continued to run in the northern part of the black mist forest.

He had already made some arrangement with Monalisa before he even attacked the men in black. After she had opened the portal for him, he had ordered her to leave and meet with the Lightning Corps. Only after she was to be summoned by him, would she need to come to meet him, Otherwise, she had to stay put and wait for him. Not only that, but she was also forbidden to tell the Lightning Corps as well the four imperial knights the location of the alliance's base.

In the middle of the night, Shad swiftly dashed within the forest like a gust of wind as he was making his way to the northern part of the forest.

According to Rock, the location of their base was on top of the highest mountain in the black mist forest. However, even though their location was on top of the highest mountain, it was still impossible to find it because it was shrouded by a powerful illusion magic array just like the base of the Mountain tigers bandits.

At this moment, Shad was using his fastest seep to make it before the other men in black did. They have already known about his plan to enter the base of the alliance under Rock's identity, if they made it before him, they could blow his cover and even set up an ambush for him.

It wasn't that Shad was afraid of them or the leader of the men in black, he just didn't want him to mess up his plan. At this moment, he was like an eagle soaring across the indigo sky or a cheetah racing through the verdant meadows. The surrounding scenery seemed like passing shadows as they flashed past his eyes, and due to his speed being too swift, all the scenery before him that were reflected in his eyes seemed to have wrapped into numerous strange and unusual shadows.

After running for more than an hour, Shad finally made it to the location of the alliance's base.

Just like Rock had said, Even though their base was located on top of the highest mountain, it would still be hard to get in as it was impossible to find its location without the proper instruction.

Unlike the highest mountain that Rock had described, this place was a boundless mountain range with lone mountains that towered into the sky like a myriad of pikes arranged towards the sky, and the luxuriant peaks stood one after another, covered with a green that looked like condenses mist.

looking at this scene in the front of him, Shad had a surprise expression on his face.

" This mage is indeed capable, being able to set up such a large illusion formation isn't a laughing matter." He murmured to himself.

If it wasn't for the fact that Rock had told him the location of their base, he would have never thought to look in that place.

Not only that, it seemed like the 3rd imperial prince of the Nicholas Empire had a really powerful mage by his side that could cast and set up illusion magic.

Looking at the illusion formation in front of him, Shad was able to see through it in a single glance. Because of the eye of the red lightning dragon emperor, Shad was able to see even the small particles in the air not to mention this huge formation.

Without wasting any time, Shad walked toward the base of the small mountain ahead of him. As soon as he got close to it, he felt a ripple on the wall of the mountain and the whole space blurred up for a moment.

He didn't even stop as he moved his whole body before he suddenly disappeared from his previous location as though he was swallowed by the small mountain.

On the other side, Shad did not see any boundless mountain range but a single one. It was truly high and took up an enormous amount of land. It was worthy of being the highest mountain in the Black mist forest.

" So this is where their base was located," Shad said with a slight smile on his face before he started hiking.

After hiking for a long time, Shad arrived at the peak and gazed around him. Suddenly, he discovered a small mountain village in the center of it.

With a fearful smile on his face, Shad walked toward the small village ahead. Even though it was already late in the night, the mountain peak where the little village was located was not covered in darkness, Dozens of tiny lights shone like a bright band in the houses. Also, The small village gave the vast lonely mountain peak a rich touch of human civilization.

The little mountain village had many people walking around despite being in the middle of the night. There wasn't any guard or gate, the village was wide open.

Entering the small village, Shad surveyed his surrounding as he walked down the streets. However, as Shad strolled along the streets, looking around, the people in the street were also observing him as well.

Currently, Shad was looking for a place to stay and to change his appearance as well. He wasn't planning on using Rock's identity for a long time but only to get inside the village.

On the way, Shad felt as though there was something amiss, Rock was the 3rd leader of the alliance, yet when those people saw him, they didn't even greet him or showed any kind of respect. There wasn't even a trace of fear in their eyes. As a powerful 5th rank warrior, Rock must have been a well-respected and feared individual within the base. However, it didn't seem to be the case when he looked at the way those people were looking at him..

Not only that, there wasn't any guard or security to check his identity when he entered the village. Even though the village was protected by a powerful formation, it couldn't be that easy to get inside. There should have been some level of clearance or a checkpoint somewhere, but there wasn't anyone to welcome him, let alone checked his identity which was very weird.

" We have been waiting for your arrival, 4th imperial prince your highness."

While Shad was deep in thought, he suddenly heard an icy voice filled with murderous intent behind him.


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