Several kilometers away from where the men in black were standing, on the crown of a nearby tree, Shad's eyes narrowed as his crimson right eye was shining brightly and his enormous spiritual force spread out throughout a big chunk of the forest.

By infusing his spiritual force into the eye of the red lightning dragon, Shad wasn't only able to sense his surroundings but able to see several kilometers as clear as though it was nearby.

His right eye infused with his boundless spiritual force was like a huge telescope that allowed him to see into the distance.

Early on, before he killed more than two hundred bandits that had planned on killing a whole village, His spiritual force that completely surpassed even that of an 8th rank mage, had accurately discerned something unusual in the surroundings.

Not only had he noticed the black-clothed figures that were approaching, but he'd also even noticed the group of bandits that were hiding in the mountain ahead.

From the look of it, Shad knew that these bandits that were hiding in the mountain were just waiting to ambush him instead of fighting him head on. in other words, he'd already noticed that he'd fallen into a tight encirclement with enemies in two directions since long ago.

As for the men in black, Shad already knew who they were, especially the leader. Even though he had never seen his face clearly, but he was sure that he was the one that almost killed him back then when he first left the Imperial capital for the Mulan Kingdom.

Not only that, this man had been following him for a long time, since the imperial capital till now like a stalker. Shad had no clue why he was following him and even tried to kill him until now after he had listened to their conversation by reading their lips. It seemed like they wanted the volume of Henry's diary that he has in his possession.

After coming to the southern region of the Mulan kingdom, Shad was so busy dealing with all the bandits that were killing and burning villages left and right that he had no time to look for the pod that Henry left behind in the mountains when he first came to this world.

He knew that the pod was in the vicinity of the Black Forest, but he didn't know the exact location. Even though he was not sure what was inside, and the pod has been there for at least 300 years, Shad was pretty certain that he would find something useful inside. Whether it was the gene enhancing potion, weapons, or even the small devices that could examine a person own state or growth such as strength, life expectancy etc.

However, the rampage caused by the bandits forced him to halt or postpone his search for the pod, which was why he wanted to quickly find their base and destroy them in one fell swoop.

" It's seemed like these people have found about my plans to use that man's identity to infiltrate the secret base of the alliance," Shad said after he descended from the treetop and landed next to Monalisa.

" Then should we change the plan young master?" Asked Monalisa with a worried look on her face. Even though she knew her young master was very strong, they enemies might even be stronger. Not to mention, they don't how many people they have inside.

" Nope, I am still going to their base with that identity. However, as soon as I get there, I will change my appearance again," Answered Shad indifferently as though he was just about to take a stroll in his backyard.

" Young master now that we know their location, why not summon the Lightning Corps along with the four imperial knights and launch a surprise attack at them in the middle of the night." She asked.

" You can even summon the Marquis' army from Ozuna city and crush them in one fell swoop." She continued.

She was clearly against the idea of Shad going into the tiger's den by himself. It's not like he had no choice, in fact, he had plenty. He could summon the lightning Corps and even request reinforcement from the Marquis and even the king himself. They would be more than happy to help, yet, her young master didn't seem interested.

The bandits were number in several thousand, Despite the fact that they have killed a lot of them, they continued to re-spawn like weeds or grasses. Now that they had found their base after two long weeks of searching, she didn't want her young master to barge in by himself.

" Nope, I'm gonna go by myself and make them feel what true horror and despair felt like. I am going to kill them one by one in their own houses. Every day, I would leave a dozen mutilated and burned corpse out in the open so they could see how they will be killed the next day." Shad said with a devilish smile on his face.

His hatred for these bandits had drastically increased since two weeks ago after he had witnessed first hand their ruthless method and cruelty. Now that he knew where their base was located, he planned on torturing them and make them fall into an abyss of horror and despair before he summons the Lightning Corps to finished them up.

"However, before I go, I need to give that man in black a gift for almost killing me a few weeks ago."


Descending the huge mountain peak, The 15th Eye didn't raise a defensive battle qi barrier around him and allowed the cold wind that was like blades to blow on his face that was covered with a piece of black cloth.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he revealed an expression of slight enjoyment. After following the 4th imperial prince in secret for some time now, He felt the desire to toy with him before he killed him.

It had been a very long time since he'd encountered such an interesting kid, except for that little monster from the Draco empire, that little guy was in a whole new level.

Even though these twenty people might not be as strong as the four imperial knights, but they were all 4th and 5th rank warrior. They had all experienced hundreds of battle together and the cooperation between them was extremely good.

Even if he met the Lightning Corps along with the four imperial knights, he was still confident in killing them with his men.

As the 15th eye was descending the mountain, he suddenly felt a great sense of danger. He was a 7th rank warrior that had been in countless life and death situations, so once he felt something was amiss, he quickly stopped his footsteps, and his subordinates did the same as well.

He quickly started to scan his surroundings. In the southern region of the Mulan Kingdom, he was like a god because there wasn't any 7th rank expert in that backwater place beside him, yet, for the first time, he felt a great sense of crisis that he could not ignore.

While he was scanning his surroundings, he suddenly felt a slight fluctuation of magic energy in the sky.

When he looked up, his face suddenly turned pale. He saw a huge black hole that appeared in the sky which blended with the darkness of the night. if it wasn't for the fact that he felt the slight fluctuation of magic energy, he would have never realized there was a black hole on top of his head.

" It has happened again...shit." The leader reaction was slightly fast by a beat, and the instant, countless bolt of red lightning broke the utter blackness and struck down like a rip in the inky night.


It was like a divine lightning from the nine heavens had fiercely struck down as an area of 2 km was abruptly filled with a gloomy and an air of destruction that was surging like tidewater. Within the area of 2 km, the ground, plants, trees, grass.... all of them were swiftly corroded, shattered, burned and annihilated under the blast of the red lightning bolts that descended from the sky like raindrops.

" Ahhh." One of the men in black emitted a shrill cry that was miserable like a ghost before his entire body was corroded and burned by the intensely surging red lightning bolts, and it was only an instant before he vanished in the air, leaving neither flesh nor bone behind.

The same thing had happened to most of them before they could get out of the range of the red lightning bolts.

After a short moment, the black hole slowly faded away along with the red lightning bolts, and within the 2 km area, everything was completely corroded and burned into nothingness, and even an enormous pit that caused terror in one's heart was left behind.

In all the twenty men that the leader brought with him, only seven of them survived. And the reason they were able to survive was that they used their battle qi to protect their bodies while they ran away with the leader. Nonetheless, some of them were still badly injured. Aside from the leader who was a 7th rank warrior, they all had taken some damage.

" Dammit! where did that fellow get that damn ability."? The 15th eye was the first to awaken from his shock and he noticed a black figure in the distance vanished with a few movements.

From far away, Shad's voice that was cold and chilly like wind sounded out. "That's just the interest, I'll surely pay you back in full in the future."

" Chase him! He can't run far!" The leader howled angrily before chasing up from afar. However, before he could get far, he saw a small black hole appeared again in front Shad and then he suddenly disappeared from the forest.


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