Wow - hard to believe it's been two years since I last wrote. So much has happened in that time. In hindsight, it's pretty obvious why I quit writing when I did. Public accounting sucked out my soul and left me a mental wreck. I ended up leaving it after 11 months and moved into data consulting.

It took me about a year to bring myself back to normal but I threw myself head-first into my work and ended up getting a job that I love. I moved, got engaged, and isolated for a year. 2020 was a bit of a whirlwind. If anyone of you are in the data analytics space, shoot me a DM and we can chat.

But I've been finding myself getting back into webnovels in the past 2 months. It might be the need for power-fantasy stories after long stressful days or maybe just that I'm not playing as much D&D. The creative itch is hovering in the back of my brain and some small part of me is wondering - what would it be like to write again?

I want to make it clear, however, by saying - I most likely will never pick up Genesis System again.

I know this might make some of you upset, which is completely reasonable. To me, the Genesis System is a story owned by who I was two years ago. That's not who I am anymore. And, if I'm being completely honest, it's a highly flawed story. The first arc is primarily just monologue and action, with almost non-existent character growth. The second arc didn't have a defined ending when I started writing and it struggles in the middle. My characterization was flawed, I wasn't able to clearly show motivation, dialogue didn't flow in a natural way, and, most importantly, the story is a blatant copy-paste of Ghosthound.

Plus I wrote it in first-person. What on earth was I thinking?

Moving forward, I've been thinking of picking up writing again. It would never be at the same pace that I wrote at before, but it's something that I might want to constently plug away at, perhaps following the example of the Gods are Bastards.

For those of you who are still around and still have notifications turned on for this story, what are some things you'd like to read about? Is the community still largely driven by LitRPG or Apocalypse RPG stories? I'd love to hear from you all and see if it sparks any creative ideas. No promises but lets see where we end up, shall we?

A note from ProfoundMagician

Well the comments have been delightful and I have to admit I've been inspired. The past weekend was spent in a flurry of world-building and writing. I'll definitely be keeping a slower pace than what I did before (for my sanity as well as all of yours) but keep an eye out in the coming weeks. 

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DragooMind ago

What a throwback, kinda nostagic hearing from you again

    ProfoundMagician ago

    Thanks for the welcome back!

      DragooMind ago

      Mother of Learning dominated the Rankings ever since it first came on RR. Funny enough it was first published on an other site and only after some fans suggestion did he decide to publish it here and it became an instand hit. Its been top 1 since 2 years now.
      Other then that I like to read Azarinth Healer and the old timer Savage divinity is still going too.

Nakkus ago

Congrats on finding a job you love. :)

Still a lot of litrpg around here but check out Beware Of Chicken it is amazing and not a litrpg.

zimbimbaroo ago

Chinese Xianxia style fictions have been on the rise, and cringey smut disguised as cringey romance seems to be very gradually trickling in.

But the site is still mostly the same and dominated by LitRPG. There are more stories of people becoming the game system instead of simply gaining the system, but very few of those amounted to much.

I'm glad you are back. I just want you to write something that you enjoy and that stirs your inspiration.

Also, Mother of Learning completed it's last chapter while you were away. If you need inspiration, I think that is the place to start. I have not seen anyone else attempt his style and start a trend from it, but time travel is very difficult to execute well. Perfect Run is the only other story that seems to be experiencing success with a time-loop mechanic. Maybe this will embolden other writers to attempt it, but it's an advanced style for sure, that I would not recommend for you since you are out of practice and just getting back into writing.

SyRiNx ago

Good to see you're back! Even flawed, I still liked the story so if you write another one I will most likely read that one as well!

Leahcim Zanathax ago

Glad to see you back, I was mainly a lurker when you were writing TGS, but I really enjoyed it whatever its flaws!

There is a lot of LitRPG on the site still. Some of the better stuff of the newer gen is Beware of Chicken(Xianxia but it breaks a lot of the common tropes there or outright mocks them, it is both awesome, humorous, and able to warm the cockles of my cold heart), Power of Ten(very crunchy LitRPG, based off of a homebrew version of D&D, great story, VERY OP protags, but they're dealing with stuff either at or just below the power of D&D gods, so....), He Who Fights With Monsters(LitRPG with an intriguing MC, often self-destructive, weak-to-strong, but even now is not the strongest around, great plot).

Those are just a few of my current favs. Lots of the stories that were herre two years ago are still going strong, also. I can't recommend Beware of Chicken strongly enough, even if you loathe Xianxia. The author of Power of Ten has put out a new chapter, 3000+ words, every day for almost two and a half years, and HWFWM is just cool.

Edit: Also, for more awesome LitRPG, do yourself the favor of checking out Monroe.  It is the story of a cat and his human, and it is amazing!

Tagmin ago

Woah didn't expect to see this one on my notifications again. Glad to hear you managed to find a less soul-sucking job, especially given the mess the last year has been.

Most stories here seem to be hitting about the same notes as they were 2 years ago, maybe a bit less apocalypse and a bit more transmigration, with a sprinkle of time-loop and hero/villian stories. It seems the litrpg formula has been pretty finely refined over the past couple of years, maybe overly so. If you do decide to pick up a project, it would be cool to see something that breaks the mold.

Anyways, really cool to hear from one of the more og authors again , especially after so long

Flammenwerfer ago

In terms of trends, LitRPG and dungeon core still dominate. Though there's also been some moving away from them into cultivation stories or superhero stuff, and some sci-fi mixed in. I think blending genres like cultivation/litrpg or superhero/fantasy/sci-fi/etc is actually more popular though, but it tends to fall under the broader label of something like "litrpg" or "fantasy" when people talk about them.

But if you want to write, I'd recommend just writing what you want without trying to fit into a certain mold shaped by the community here. If it's good, it'll probably pick up either way, even if it doesn't reach the heights of something like LoRG or Azarinth Healer. You might even start up a new trend yourself....

Good luck on returning to the soul-sucking black hole endless wonder of RR!

      tanafres ago

      Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

      Leahcim Zanathax ago

      AS the other poster said, Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. It is easily the most read AND the most divisive series on RR. I think the author uses LoRG to experiment with different themes and styles of writing, and some people don't like that he changes things up. The thing that gets the most hate is at one point, relatively early in the series, he swaps from a post-apocalyptic Earth where people are struggling simply to survive and Randidly is one of, if not THE strongest person around, to a more Xianxia world. Its where Randidly's mentor is from, and there, he's barely above average in strength.

      I enjoyed the change, but a lot of people just HATED it. With the passion of a thousand fiery suns. Not even kidding.

      In the end LoRG is a passion project for its author, though, so he just keeps on putting out well written chapters, sometimes as many as 14 chapters of 3000+ words each at a time very two to four weeks.

PhiFell ago

Still really enjoy litrpg, and progression fantasy, though I'm less interested in system apocalypse stuff (it's just been done to death).

I think litrpg is at a point where the really good stuff needs to be a little meta in it's approach. E.g. you can go all out on the math and have the MC exploit (or just optimize) a system (i.e. delve), or maybe be very vague and use levels as a progression marker like AH does and be super light on the math/blue boxes/etc. (E.g. Again from scratch)

I also think fantasy that has concrete progression without the trappings of litrpg is a really cool space. (E.g. vigor mortis, and arguably MoL)

PrimordialJay ago

Glad you're doing well.

What do you feel like writing? Read a few stories that have come out since you stopped writing. Infinite Realms and Legends is my favorite. I'm digging Path of Ascension with its skill system and dungeon delving. I liked Defiance of the Fall and need to catch up eventually. If you do write again, please skip the tutorial phase. Apocalypse should be everyday to cities on fire.

    Ezroth ago

    I agree in the tutorial thing, stories like The Primal Hunter really show how much it destroys the story. The only one that did it decently was "Generic Apocalypse" and that mouthy just be me loving the authors style. It's fine if it like at most 5 or ten chapter but when it's the whole first book it just doesn't pan out well, I stopped reading several stuff simply because of the tutorial being overly drawn out.

Nosam Strebor ago

Just Make A Plan, and write what you like.

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