The who that I really am

The who that I really am

by ShustG

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

  Nystro of Din lives a normal life among humans. One day, on his normal routine, he is attacked by a demon, the human's natural enemy! That leads to him awakening a dark power to defeat it! But now everyone sees him as a monster and try to kill him as well? How will he deal with the betrayal from the humans?

(Please keep in mind that at the start I'm still getting the hang of it and only after a few chapter does the story actually get better) :D

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Word Count (7)
Group Leader (IV)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
68 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
The dark within ago
Masked warrior ago
Start of a new life ago
Exams ago
Rookie tournament ago
God eating blade ago
Fated encounter ago
Verdand Dragon ago
What the fuck just happened?! ago
??? ago
Little lion ago
Familiars ago
Time ago
General's mission ago
Back to school ago
Leading monster ago
Another day ago
Bad night of sleep ago
Chains ago
This is war ago
Preparation ago
First battle ago
Kidnapping ago
Siblings ago
Poor village ago
Introductions ago
Hardships of a father ago
Zey the great sorcerer! ago
Hunting ago
Those with no own will ago
Plans ago
Liberation ago
Quick announcement from the author ago
Arrival ago
Neutral city of dragons ago
First day is over ago
The power of lust compels me! ago
Blacksmith ago
It's not stealing if you steal form a stealer... ago
Girls are scary... ago
Dragon training ago
Showing off ago
An enemy is a good training partner ago
Sparring ago
Next step ago
Ready? ago
Long ago... ago
A woman's tears ago
Dragon duo ago
Dragon form ago
Meeting the monster ago
Gift for a tank ago
The who that I really am ago
Me...? ago
Higher up ago
New begining ago
Arriving monsters ago
Two of a kind- The monster whisperer ago
Enthusiastic wolf ago
Merry christmas! ago
Meeting once again ago
Just four more ago
Dragon present ago
Accessories ago
All acording to plan ago
The start of a new era ago
Just one left ago
Being the leader ago

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This is a pretty good story.  It's got a good story and has interesting characters.  It gets kinda dark at a few points but is still cool.

The grammar starts out a little rough, but gets better as the story goes along (along with the plot)

Rainbow Knight
  1. A pretty entertaining story so far.