Miranda Russe is plagued with a brilliant gift: the ability to see what others cannot. No, she's not hallucinating, not a schizophrenic. She just knows that all her life she's been surrounded by the unnatural - like a golden fuzzball of a childhood companion she calls a faerie, or the fact that her estranged grandmother came to her as a ghost with a cryptic message - you know, the usual paranormal activities that she's done well to hide. 

And just when Miranda's finally got her sense of sanity downpact, her family uproots and moves into her dead grandmother's home and for reasons that just do not make sense.What's worse? How about a series of animal attacks on the town as soon as she arrives?  Add in her mother’s incessant nagging about Hindu faith, mediocre high school torment, a handsomely flirtatious tutor, and an obnoxious Sheriff who’s already got her pegged as the culprit behind these attacks, then it’s no wonder why all Miranda wants is to keep a low-profile.

But of course, life has other plans and Miranda's going to have to trust in her strange abilities in order to rise to challenge, otherwise fall victim to the chaos within her sanity and her reality.




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I Am Taking Off (IV)
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