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Our second intermission. A little cut away to another perspective, hopefully whetting your appetite for more!

A shadow lurked in the trees, 200 meters away from the village, watching. It could hear everything in the village, the sounds of people talking, working, playing. But it was focused on one noise in particular. The sounds of swords clashing.


It spoke to something unseen and unheard.

“That one. The weakest.”

It nodded to itself.

“I already decided on it, do not test me… yes, I understand.”

The shadow gripped the wood of the tree it was stood in, and despite the ephemeral quality of its body, the bark splintered.

“The target must be exposed first. I must take out the ranger. Then the rogue. Then the doll will be yours.”

It staggered, and dropped to a knee, its body recoiling from a shaft of light that broke through the forest canopy.

“Patience, please. You will have your tool. I will have my revenge. Please trust my judgement.”

An invisible pressure faded on it, and it returned to its feet. Watching the village once more, its ears tuned for the sounds of its prey, it waited for nightfall, and the attack that would come with it.

“Patience. And you will be mine, thief. Revenge for the mistress will be had.”


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