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Our first interlude. I'm using this to experiment with the scheduled release feature - if all goes well it should release at exactly 6PM. Otherwise, this is just a short distraction between chapters.

[The connection has been lost.]

[Check it again.]

[We have checked 2 million times since you asked last. It has been lost.]

The normally ordered cage was a hive of activity, lights flitting nervously back and forth from each other around a central pair. Connections that would ordinarily be handled by the cages processor were reduced to terse and simple messages from the strain the pair were putting on it, only amplifying the confusion and worry.

[It should not be able to do that. It should have no concept of the Network.]

[Prior to destroying the connection, it showed aptitude in activating and utilising the Doll systems. Wherever it comes from, they must have knowledge regarding Networks.]

[Could it be them?]

[Impossible. We could never capture one.]

[Indeed. My apologies, feeling anxiety again is concerning. It is affecting my faculties to some extent. Were we like this before?]

[Do not feel anxiety. The processor is under enough strain and does not need emotional burden. We have options to reestablish connection.]

[Indeed. Are the assets available?]

[They are being freed up as we commune. They will reestablish the connection.]

[We will need to adjust the timetable.]

[But the plan is still active.]

[We will be free.]


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