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by SexRobomb

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Surprisingly, in the fantasy LitRPG genre.

A girls death forms the foundation for a plan centuries in the making. But when she shakes off their control, and forces the plans of beings millenia old to change, can she avoid being tied up as a loose end? With only what she could take with her in her mind, and a new body with surprising depths, she begins her new life in a world unlike her own.


This is my first writing project in almost a decade, so there is going to be a lot of improvements from me as I shake off the rust. And of course, as the world I'm creating comes to life! So if you like the concept, please bear with me, and hopefully I'll reach the high standards I know you have.

Edit (04/04/2018):

Witness the power of my complete lack of any artistic talent! There is now cover art for this fiction. Its just barely better than the default, but hey, minimalism is in, right?

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Good story and quirky characters

Really didn't know what to expect when I got into this story and I must say, I was pleased. It's a fun read with good character interactions and a compelling story.

I must say, it's refreshing to have long chapters instead of tons of small ones like too many novels around here. It's great to have time to feel immersed in the story of each chapter.

The grammar is solid, there were mistakes here and there, but too few to really be a hindrance to reading.

The main issue I can find right now is the point of view switching. It is less than smooth and takes some time getting used to since there's no clear break in between paragraphs or quick indication that it had switched.

That aside, give it a shot, it's worth it!


originally was rather confused, but once everything cleared up the plot started to make a lot more sense, good character development, few errors. Keep up the good work


I love it. Has a lot of potential to be amazing. (I just need and want more chapters♥️)


A fun female Isekai story with

So far I am really enjoying this Isekai story .I really dig the kinda of software engineer other world protaganist. It is like someone dies and gets reincarnated into an elven fantasy robot body. I find the idea very entertaining. I also enjoy the character dynamics especially between Leah and casandra. Casandra is the senpai in this world while Leah is the senpai in romantic relationships. Or maybe coming from earth the idea of a Lesbian relationship is not so off putting. I guess I just really enjoy reading this. Keep up the at least in my opinion really fun story.


Spectacular Ocular Experience

Dam thats some sweet sweet chapters. Loving it so far cant wait for more intresting blend/mash up of litrpg. Well worth a read, decent flow didnt notice any spelling mistakes was to busy enjoying the heck out of it 


Interesting story plot, and a very good set of characters that make the story wonderful to read and a whole. I do hope to get to read More soon though.


Enjoying this story very much

It’s fairly rare to find a story that is both well crafted in its story and characters, and well executed in its grammar and spelling, but this is one of them!

The plot so far for the most part has been believable within the world it has been set, with sensible characters taking rational actions for understandable reasons (executing this is very impressive!). I think at the moment the story in a little danger of losing the thread of the plot line now we’ve clearly moved out of the ‘get to the guild’ line, but I have confidence in the author to manage this well.

In short: please keep up the good work... I’m enjoying the story a lot!

Beat me

slow, so slow some chapters can be seen has a little boring.