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When the Passivity Precept takes over the world it snuffs out all brutality, leaving its MMO-like Violence Simulator as humanity's only source of physical violence. Knowing how much she can make from selling epic gear, Grace Winston enters the simulation and discovers that it's more than just a game. Somewhere in there are the answers to who started the fire that killed her father.

 For far too long, Lorevinel Silvercat has been stuck as the Ravenborn clan’s free-roaming prisoner. They’ve held a grudge against his clan and have used him to vent their hatred. Having planned his escape for several years, he has everything ready, but he needs a specific artifact from the Rogues Guild to finally start his journey. 

 Will Grace find her answers? Will Lore gain his freedom? Can these two unlikely people, both alien to each other, find common ground and work together while dealing with an unasked for soul bond?

ToS is a Lite LitRPG (meaning very few stats with a focus on story). Expect cursing, sexual tension, descriptions of breeding dungeon rats, and a little gore.

Updates every Wednesday and Saturday between 10 PM-1 AM PST. Each chapter will be between 650 and 2500 words.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Mushroom ago
Chapter 2 - Lore's Death Penalty ago
Chapter 3 - Entering the Game ago
Chapter 4 - An Unwanted Bond ago
Chapter 5 - Stats ago
Chapter 6 - Tax Evasion is Still a Crime ago
Chapter 7 - Gathering Information ago
Chapter 8 - Quest Received: Exterminator in the Sweets Shop ago
Chapter 9 - Abandoned ago
Chapter 10 - Entering the Rat Dungeon ago
Chapter 11 - A Death Penalty ago
Chapter 12 ago
Chapter 13 - If You Can Dodge a Bard ago
Chapter 14 - Plus Author going on Maternity Leave ago
Chapter 15 - Author Finally Returning from Maternity Leave!!!!!!!! ago
Chapter 16 - Give Me Soap! ago
Chapter 17 - A Murder of Opportunity ago
Chapter 18 - The Stench of Golem ago
Chapter 19 - No Charisma ago
Chapter 20 - Sound Manipulation ago
Chapter 21 - New Spells ago
Chapter 22 - A Bath ago
Chapter 23 - Become My Partner ago
Chapter 24 - Boss ago
Chapter 25 - Flame Spiders ago
Chapter 26 - Leaving the Dungeon ago
Chapter 27 - Quest Complete! ago
Chapter 28 - Social Areas and Messaging ago
Chapter 29 - Lore on Earth ago
Chapter 30 - What Do You Want? ago
Chapter 31 - Buying and Selling ago
Chapter 32 - Funny Meeting You Here ago
Chapter 33 - Remanded ago
Chapter 34 - Arcane Emporium ago
Chapter 35 - Tailored Robe ago
Chapter 36 - Bonded Celebration ago
Chapter 37 - New ago
Chapter 38 ago
Chapter 39 ago
Chapter 40 ago
Chapter 41 ago
Chapter 42 - The Answer ago
Chapter 43 - Into the Dark Portal ago
Chapter 44 ago
Chapter 45 ago
Chapter 46 ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 ago
Chapter 50 ago
Chapter 51 ago
Chapter 52 - Checking Out ago
Chapter 53 - The Beginning of a Long Journey ago
Chapter 54 - Lore's Past ago
Chapter 55 - The First Inn ago
Chapter 56 - Being Followed ago
Chapter 57 - Old Faces ago
Chapter 58 - Issues with Fire ago
Chapter 59 - Monster Tide ago
Chapter 60 - The Start of a Mystery ago
Chapter 61 - Interviews ago
Chapter 62 - The Event Begins ago
Chapter 63 - PVP ago
Chapter 64 - The First Clues ago
Chapter 65 - Like Power Washing ago
Chapter 66 - The Magi-Machine Repair ago
Chapter 67 - What Happened Was... ago
Chapter 68 ago
Chapter 69 - Nice ago
Chapter 70 - Event End ago
Chapter 71 - Increasing Stats ago
Chapter 72 - Entering the Tainted Prison ago
Chapter 73 - Prison Paperwork ago
Chapter 74 - Mimic ago
Chapter 75 - Dilemma ago
Chapter 76 - Bonded ago
Chapter 77 - Constantly on Fire ago
Chapter 78 - A Conversation with Madness ago
Chapter 79 - Stealth ago
Chapter 80 - I Need an Adult ago
Chapter 81 - Book 1 End!!! 😊🐉🎉✨ ago

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Tome of Stealth is worth following

There are lots of creative departures in this fast-paced tale. As I write this, there are only five chapters currently posted, so it's early days yet—But, this is a story worth adding to your 'read-me' stack Now, so you don't lose track of it later.
I enjoyed the brisk pace of the opening—which gets us into the world-space where the GameLit aspects come to the fore. The events occurring IRL are interesting as well, and I hope more is revealed about the MC's life earth-side in coming chapters.
The author is deft at communicating a lot of depth with very few brushstrokes.
I do hope this one fulfills it's early promise and makes it all the way to publication—so I can buy the ebook—so the author will write more.
There are very few errors in spelling or grammar—so we are spared that annoyance. My only complaint is I've finished the chapters available, and want more!
I really like this writer's voice (or style, if you prefer) and I hope you will too.


This was really a joy to read (though perhaps joy isn't the best word to use for a book like this?). Characters are amazing, the concept is unique, and the author's voice is just really nice. 

As a LitRPG, the skills are damage computation are always a bit finicky, but I like how the author handled this one with some skills being harder to learn than others. For me, that's +1 style points.

The story is awesome. It's hinted that the MC is going to be forced to confront her deepest, darkest fears, which is always the mark of a good narrative. It's also done in a way that makes sense from a lore standpoint, which I think is a plus.

The grammar is pretty on-point, aside from a missed comma here and there or a slight misspelling. Also, I'm interpreting the miner/minor thing as being a pun, because I think it's pretty funny, intentional or not. (This doesn't affect the review just thought I'd throw it out there)

Oh my god, the characters are amazing. MC has PTSD and it's really drilled in that even the idea of fire terrifies her. This is further compounded by both the spells she has to learn and the fact that defeated enemies burst into flames. Other MC is basically held in slavery when the system in supposed to prevent it, and despite his seductive-ness he clearly has some trauma regarding that. They're trying to stop crushing on each other, and Lore really gives some good points on how the concept of soulmates can devastate peoples' lives. Idk, that part probably could have gone into the story category but whatever.

Unintelligent Donkey

Very fun read, I'll definitely keep following this novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 36

Style 4.5/5 - Good style, nothing to really criticize about, and the tone feels fairly neutral. Communicating through two characters was a very interesting choice, and it was done very well. (Side note, won't post this: Very dumb moment for me was when I realized the green shiny box meant that the story was being told in that person's point of view, I was very confused going from chapter 1 to 2 (I'm not a very smart person))

Story 5/5 - Very interesting, many underlying plot points, many questions were raised for me as I read the novel (not in a bad way!). There's a lot of set up when it comes to the character's backgrounds, a lot of past issues, struggles, and many questions that they seek to find the answer to. I really like characters with history, and both the female and male MC's have history in spades...

Grammar 4.5/5 - I spotted a few things I thought were mistakes, a few might be part of the author's writing style, but it does not affect the story at all. (Side note, won't post this: I'm sorry if you disagree with this and feel free to talk to me if you disagree with this grading, I have a very odd sense of grammar from years of writing only lab reports on only reading engineering textbooks and translated novels (👍≖‿‿≖)👍)

Character 5/5 - I mentioned this in the story part, I adore the two main characters, they have secret pasts and insecurities, very 3D, I very much likes it.

Morgan Cole

An interesting new take on System Apocalypse, where benevelont aliens take over and all violence is relegated to the PPVS, a FIVR game. 

It's well written and the world building has quite a few twists over the standard.

I didn't notice a lot of editing issues, either.


Yeah nice story. Only thing that really ticks me off so far is the way damages are dealt. I mean come on... cutting an ear off is 25 damages and slicing a throat is 9 damages...

Characters and the story seem fine so far, but the story isn't long enough to really judge that. I usually really like virtual reality novels which have some focus on the real world.

Really good style and grammar, no problem understanding what is happening, good description during the action scenes.

Another good point of your story is these little texts before a chapter indirectly giving information about the system. These are well done and actually interesting.

Well that's all i can think about right now. Thanks for writing this story, it is enjoyable.


Pretty quick read (most posts are less than 2500 words). Author does a good job world building without bogging down in extraneous details that don't really move the story forward and keeps a good pace throughout. There were a few times it felt like it jumped a bit but not to bad. Definitely worth the read. Hopefully she'll get to the second book someday.

Lyhr Lahel

Made my day better

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

The story is told in the first person narrative switching the point of view of two distinct yet somehow connected characters, which I found very interesting to read. The lack of present tense made me uneasy at first, but I got used to it after the second chapter. In my opinion, the present tense is more useful to move the story forward while the past tense is better to explore the character's past, but this isn't really a big issue, just a difference in style I guess.

I loved the characters so far, they have an interesting personality which helps to move the story forward. 

There were a few grammar errors but nothing really big that stood out, in general, the writing is quite good.

I was going through a rough time when I started reading this story, but the humor, interesting worldbuilding, and lively characters made my day a lot better, and that is the kind of story that it's definitely worth reading.

Dakie Salamander

A great LitRPG, where the world becomes an MMORPG enacted by alien hippies. The story swirls around two persons: a shut-in with PTSD from fire, human Grace, who lives with her (some could say) good-for-nothing uncle and want to learn about her father's death, and Lore, an elven bard, who lost his home in... uups... no spoilers! Read it! and is held h.... No! No spoilers! Bad!

Anyway, you have two amazing MC who are somehow connected.

Style: First-person past tense. A fantastic style, which I am a sucker for. Classical nice blue RR boxes with System communication. Really well-thought math, with some hard-to-figure skills. (It must be brutal to keep track of it... even with proper sheets.)

Grammar: Perfect, for what I have seen. If there are some errors, it's so miniscule it's unnoticeable.

The story is gripping and interesting. There are many plot points and unanswered questions that just make you stay out of sheer curiosity about what happens next.

Character: Well-crafter and thought-out characters. There are a minimum of props. Everyone feels alive, and especially the cheeky System is funny. I just love cheeky systems...

Overall an amazing addition to RR, with good flow and a few curveballs. Way to go!


The Tome of Must Read!

Reviewed at: Chapter 36

For readers who enjoy slow burning romance, magical item assisted heists, and learning cultural details about other races/worlds. 

Grammar is well done with only a scattering of typos/mistakes (thank you!), and the story is interesting with the twists, bouncing between the real world / virtual world, and all the little exchanges in the notes section that lets us see how the real world is doing with Passivity Precept (as can be expected, some humans are good with this and some aren't coping well). 

Character-wise, both Lore and Mia are wonderfully fleshed out with their backgrounds causing current day problems, goals that sometimes align and sometimes don't, and how each of them think about the same item. A dark dress? Lore explains why not, Mia explains why yes, and reading their relationship is lovely. The only fault I really felt was in style, when chapters became a little less wordy, HOWEVER, I will happily favorite, follow, and recommend this fiction for others to read!


It's a very fun fantasy story that combines classic D&D-esque characters, a litrpg/game system, and reality.

The whole world is suddenly taken over by beings who do not like violence. They understand that humans tend to like violence though and so they enact a system where were can be violent to each other. And it's basically a huge MMO.

But more then that- they know all of our secrets. And one can either play the game for fun, or do find out what we seek.

Grace lives with her deadbeat uncle and makes most of her cash in MMOs. So when the world becomes a giant MMO, and she can learn about how her father died, she goes along with it.

And that's just the beginning.

It's a very good story, fast paced and well written. We switch POVs between Grace and Lore, an elf bard, and learn more about them and the system. Grammar's good, story's interesting, and I like the characters.