A note from Luigimon

Now, how will Malak and Eddie fare up with the Earth Warriors? Find out here!


August 15th, 22:00 PST

The night, always a place to encounter someone's inner self. Especially in a forest, where the lush sounds of nature can keep a living being in pure serenity, free of any skepticism, or at least suited to meditate them.

There's the house where the Warriors are taking a rest from today's work. Military, independent, it didn't matter what jobs these people had before the invasion, all that mattered for them is that they have the chance to fight for something that binds them in ways people may or may not know.

But even with binding, what can truly make them united?

There's just one of the group who isn't asleep in their bed. Most warriors are in there, all for one exception. Amira Dhorian is not there.

Sitting alone in a tree branch of a medium-sized tree, she looks deeply into the horizon. With a long, unsettling gaze is prominent in her, almost if the horizon is something she's looking for while her hands are held together. Maybe for Humans? Nature? Can anything come in there? It's something that isn't known for sure by many.

She then lowers her face, her eyes almost closing and letting out a short yet noticeable sigh from her mouth.

Beings like her may need a certain someone to give her company. Everybody needs a friend in life after all.

"That's some view, righty?" a particular voice said next to her.

It's no other than Tany herself, fully dressed in her white pajamas and her blue staff in her left hand.

Amira gets startled for a moment, briefly covering herself from her from the surprise, not have known if it was a Zlocan or Human intruder after all.

"Tany? Shouldn't you be...?"

She yawns in response before replying.

"Just wanted to look for some apples for breakfast for the next day like today, until I've noticed someone took an early leave for bedtime...And I found the culprit! Nah, just kidding, I'm just happy nothing happened to you!"

"I see..."

For a brief pause between the two girls, Tany then comes up with something as she looks at her once more.

"Ami...there's something I need to ask you. And I quickly apologize if it upsets you in any way."

"I wouldn't. Go ahead and let out what your soul desires...Oh, you mean of what I'm thinking of this so far?"

"Wha?! Cheating again!?"

Amira could only wholeheartedly chuckle in response after using some of her telepathic technique.

"Sorry, I'm usually impatient when it comes to such questions."

"Okie then, but for the next question, don't try to read it again!"

"OK. Well, quite honestly...I still feel unsure. You people so far are a mixed bunch, like collected fruits in a huge nest, all varied in many ways and unsure which one is best suited for your betterment. But...I even feel the doubt in the supposed kindness of certain people, even Logan and you."

Tany carefully continues to hear out, but this time with a rosy glance on her face. Never she expected such melancholic tone from her.

"Humans...are too difficult for me to get. Their absence from the galactic records didn't help. But it especially goes to my brother...I'm not very sure if he will truly accept and trust you...I'm not sure if I will as well."

"Well, if you put it lightly, we're the beings that are around in the best days in some way. And even if shown otherwise, we're still a good bunch if one looks deep down for all the mistakes."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean think about it. You know all the peppy talks and fun that maybe all you living beings have when it comes to socializing? You know about the cute forgiveness and love as taught by a handful of people who seek the way of peace for ourselves? Well, that's what we're here for! Not the easy way, but still one worthy to take. It taught us of how we, despite our years of petty squabbling, are still needed among each other and can fully gain trust when we truly need to. And if you knew something similar for the space fellas out there...then we, probably a whole lot, are more easy to approach than you can imagine."

"But, even so..."

"Ahh, light up, sweetie. Don't mind that good ol' cranky Seiny and others like him, maybe he's just jealous of the fact there's someone advanced here...but maybe he's something else, I dunno, but you still get it, righty?" she says with her tone being a bit more cheerful.

" that you say it, maybe being with you will bring a certain and hopefully, healthy future for all races out there. Alone, I didn't still understand, but now, I think I'm starting to get it thanks to you."

"Ahh, no probs sweetie, it's what I did with my dearly friends!"

"Friends...the nicest of words to exist indeed. Now, shall we?"

"Ahhhh yes, getting late for another day...oh, and if you like, we can share a bed, or would you like to try with-"

"Eh?! Oh no no, I'm still comfortable alone for now."

"Awwwww. Well, hope this will bring the sweet dreams you need, dear friend."

"Sure will."

Amira then descends from the tree while Tany is teleported back to the ground. With one last stretching, they all come back inside for their nice sleep of another day.


August 16th, 09:34 PST

Approaching a faraway camp in the wilderness, the Earth Warriors are walking down to a village, hoping they can find something.

And near one of the houses, lays a familiar truck from before...

"Ugh, we walked here for hoors an' yet we can't find' something yet!"

"Patience Lucy, you should notice that the Zlocu captured or killed most of the people in this area, probably the remaining are hiding somewhere in those buildings," Jackson says.

"Amira, will you be able to find them?" Logan asks.

"Let me try."

Amira then puts one of her fingers on her forehead, meaning she's trying to communicate with somebody. After a moment of silence, she later opened her eyes.

"I feel... Something unknown. Not sure if its friend or foe, it's on that...cabin over there."

"Really? Is that all you can get?" Seiner asks.

"I'm still too young to use my other powers Seiner, my telepathic powers can only reach beings, not identify them as friend or foe, although it can evolve as I grow older, remember that."

"OK, whatever you say!"

"Let's hope it's a friend because I really want to take a good rest after walking and walking for hours, and I don't want to walk thousands of more!" Tania says in an annoyed tone.

The group then goes towards the cabin, but just as they were about to open the door, a Zlocan spaceship fly nearby.

"Zlocan ship, take over!!" Jackson yells as the rest of the team started to hide behind the cabin.

The Zlocan airship then drops 70 Zlocan knights, 35 Inquisitors, and 2 walkers to the ground. The Zlocan airship then fled the scene. The Inquisitors look like a typical militia, all-military gear with a dash of civilian caps or scarfs. Their shoulders are wearing white stripes with a swastika in the middle. Probably one of the worst bunch that any American can encounter.

"Damn bastards, jist ruinin' th' perfect chance tae fin' a survivor!"

"Stay calm Lucy, once they reach the cabin, we will strike with our own strength," Jackson says.

The troops are walking around the area, inspecting every corner of the place with their weapons and even around some bushes. It all seems directionless for them.

"Search around the perimeter of this area, you go to those cabins there, the rest of us will search here, understood?" a Zlocan knight says while he pointed his finger to the south.

"Yes sir, moving on now." says one of the inquisitors.

The Zlocan soldiers slowly approach the cabin our heroes are hiding from behind, the tensions slowly rise among them as the enemy approaches. All aiming their rifles in every corner of the zone, ready to shoot whatever they could encounter in their path. And of course, to fulfill a sick fantasy in their mind.

"Get...Ready..." Logan says quietly.

The heroes started to ready their weapons as the Zlocan knights started to get closer to them.


But just about as they're going to attack, a window breaks apart, and somebody jumps from there.

Without warning, somebody jumps in the air from the roof of the house, landing next to a Knight who is nearly aiming his sight to the heroes. The figure, being revealed to be none other than Malak herself slices the knight's arm and head, killing him. She then starts to attack some Zlocan knights with the sword that she wields for her own combat intent.

"What the he-'' says a Zlocan knight before he's pushed aside by the door which comes from the cabin. Gunshots are heard, killing nine Zlocan knights, the person comes outside as the battle rages on. It's Eddie Wolfen, now ready for more with his two revolvers. He swirls them wildly while tossing many of the bullets into the sky and then shooting and reloading every time they fall down.

"Whoa hey now, who are these guys?!! Are we on an action movie set?!" Tany yells in amazement.

"No need to speak now, we must attack! CHARGE!" Logan says as he and the others come out of hiding and start to fight the Zlocan knights.

The battle's a very tough one, as each fighter uses every skill they know.

Logan slashes some of the enemies with his sword, Seiner fights with his laser blades, Amira uses her telekinesis and her red light blade against the Zlocan walkers, Tania kills some enemies with fire and wind spells, all in small and large scales people could imagine. Jackson dodges most of the bullets and manages to strike back with some of his weapons like pistols or rifles he knows from the Navy. Lucy fights with her yellow knife and her fists which was something she learned in the streets.

The remaining members of the Zlocan and Inquisitor patrol, in a state of a panic, couldn't resist any further in what was going, so in a fit of terror...

"RUN!!! RETREAT!! GO ANYWHERE WE SHOULD GO AND HIDE!!!!" The Zlocan leader shrieks as the others withdraw from the area as well, with injuries and such.

"Whew, that was a pretty close one," Jackson says.

"You can say again for a hundredth time, my darling," Lucy says as she leans near his shoulder out of exhaustion.

"There there. sweet Scottie..." Lucy could only snicker at the statement.

Eddie then holsters his magnums back to his holster, all while standing unflinchingly in the zone where the battle ended. His stance and looks could make people think he's a time traveler from the Old West. Well, far from it. He just deeply admires every aspect of it.

"Well, all that ruckus and they still couldn't try to shoot a fish in a barrel!" Eddie says.

Malak then approaches him with a sly smile.

"Every tainted soul doesn't deserve a place on a battlefield."

Eddie could only roll his eyes from such archaic yet obvious statement. As he soon lowers his head in annoyance.

"Ah, quit the jibber jabber."

"Hey, thought you kinda loved some Iranian poetry, but I guess it's not the time."

Eddie then sees Tany, as his expression of determination turned into surprise. His eyes widen and jaw dropped. It's something he never thought about for a long time but now it did.

"You! Yes, you girl, I... know you. I can certainly tell! Yes!"

"Oh I know you too, you are...the cop that saved my life! BRUCE WILLIS!!!" Tania yells with joy.

"Young girl, If I was, I would have saved you from a burning plaza but I didn't."

" Clint Eastwood! Make our day, please!"

"Ah, shot!"

" know her?" Malak asks.

"Not quite, I've just met her some days ago, but I remember her face very well, I saved her life from these stupid aliens."

"You saved her?" Logan asks incredulously.

"Of course I did boy! There is a reason why I pointed at her! Or ya think that I'm just a senile old guy who doesn't even how one can know what a stray dog is by walking at 4 O' clock in the morning, do ya!?"

"Hey hey! Quit the chatter you two! Anyways, we haven't introduced ourselves yet, I'm Tania Maestas, the magical school girly girl!"

"Magical school girly girl?! School!? GIRLY?!!! Hahaha! Hohoho! Hehehe! Huhuhu! That's the geekiest title I've ever heard! You'd serve well for a kids show! Hahahaha! Haha!"

"Excuse me??!"

"Oh sorry, it's just too funny, right? Anyways, I'm Eddie Wolfen, the Californian detective with a great sense of Justice, now a protector of the innocent in these lands with the help of this brave woman."

"I'm Malak Al-Zadi, the modern female Persian warrior. At your service for the battle."

"Modern Persian warrior...what are you, some kind of Feminist poser?" Seiner asks incredulously.

"Hey, mind that sweet tongue of yours, boy. Always know the rules of courtesy in front of a lady."

Seiner is taken aback with an embarrassed expression. He could even hear Tany snickering at such statement, but luckily for her, he could restrain it at ease but not before mouthing off...

"Keep laughing...!"

"Ah yes indeed, Seiner. Keep it like a gentleman! Or a knight! Or...whatever. Well, I'm Logan Preaker, leader of the Earth Warriors, he's Seiner Butch, the scientist of the team and this is Amira Dhorian, one of the last of the Soranians."

"And the other Soranians you say? And are you-" Eddie asks.

"Just my brother, the others died on my planet. And no...I'm not the enemy...just please"

"Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that doostam, but we'll make sure that their deaths would not be in vain. A kind spirit should always find a way to enlighten those dear to least if you're not into LSD." Malak says.

"Thank you so much, Malak. Also, what's LSD?"

"It's better for you to not know..." she cautiously yet humorously states as she caresses her hair gently.

"Anyway, I have a question, What are you doing here?" Eddie asks.

"We are traveling across the country, trying to find people who have the capabilities to fight against the Zlocan forces. All we need is at least enough members of this group to later enlist to the UEF armies that are stationed nearby." Jackson says.

"You're telling me that you want me and Malak to join this militia group of yours!? To later join the army?! Hahaha! Don't make me laugh! Especially since you don't look too professional enough to join the UEF as you say!"

"Watch it, Ed! You need to understand that it doesn't matter if we look professional or not. What matters is our heroism." Logan retorts.

"Heroism? Tell me, young boy, what heroics did you and your group did?"

"Well, they saved mah life while Ah was bein' tortured."

"Is that all? That's just not enough! What I need for heroics is to do something more than rescuing people, something like, destroying important enemy equipment like factories or weapons. I and Malak were on our way to infiltrate an abandoned factory that turned into an experimentation facility. I knew that from some recovered prints from the place we and Malak met. If I and Malak would join your group, then you need to show yourselves how to fit you are to join a professional group by coming to that factory and discover something important. Whaddya say? Deal or no deal?"

There's a brief silence between the two groups for a moment. Logan, in fact, looks frustrated as such statement, clenching his fists in a tenuous manner. He knew he wants more of a Humanist approach to trust each other, but then again, compromises should be done in order to achieve it.

"Those words were not very nice but if that's true, then we accept the challenge, Ed," Logan says.

"That's kind of a stupid deal but I'll go with it anyway," Seiner says.

"Oh yay, more adventures to enjoy! More enemies, more friends, this so joyous!" Tania yells with excitement.

"Now now Tany, no need to get overexcited over everything. You need to understand that this is a fight and fights are no fun." Amira replies

"Fur a reporter 'at went tae a thousand places, Ah woods agree wi' Tany but oh well, Ah guess thes is serious to handle."

"Girls, enough chit-chat, let's go," Logan says as they begin their travel to the factory.


The factory turned facility is located on a hill, inside a lot of activity is taking place, the downstairs chamber was filled with tubes containing test subjects being experimented, some of them looked normal, others not. On the other room, there was the brainwashing room, where captured people experienced torture under the hands of Inquisitors themselves so they can become inquisitors, screaming and grunting is the sound that was mostly heard and the room, blood is seen anywhere in that room. In there, Raven and his four Inquisitors where present, they approached a guy strapped in a bed, this man had blonde puffy spiked hair, black eyes, black dagger earrings, and a lean build yet athletic enough to keep in shape. He's Andrei Olegovich, fellow cossack in custody.

Entering the room are three particular people, probably ones suited for the job. They're Dakrin, Jason, and Raven. They approach where Andrei is strapped in.

"So how are you sleeping beauty, was your rest well? Well, I guess yes, because your charming princes is nowhere." Dakrin taunts.

"Dumayesh', ya nakhozhu eto smeshnym, ty idiot?" Andrei replies in Russian.

"Even if your words are not in our tongue, you still don't understand how capable we are on this planet stupid Ruskie. Ever since the end of the previous world war, your country has been trying to maintain a fragile union with other countries they attacked, but ultimately, that attempt resulted in failure because of the Zlocu. They are not invading us, they are making Earth a better place, exterminating the ones that have been polluting this planet with ideas like unity and peace, but now with them, we're gonna restore Earth as it should be." Jason retorts.

"Humans are different and diverse Jason and deserving to work together but jokes like you aren't supposed to control it anyways..." Andrei replies weakly.

"Humans only accept other kinds of people for the purpose of their own interests, they only accept other people just to please themselves," Raven responds.

"And now with you here, we will reformat you to make you into an obedient person to us," Jason replies.

"You think so? You must learn that my spirit will never break for the likes of you, if you want to kill me for not turning on to you, it will be fine by me."

"Really? Well, it seems that you're gonna eat those words when we inject you this." Jason then shows a syringe with a pink liquid inside.

"Chto eto?"

"Something that will make you into one of us, I heard that this substance can alter the system of the brain, it will erase most of your traits from your original persona, making the process of inquisisation easier. Anyway, Andrei, say goodbye to your ideas."

"YOU WILL NOT WIN!!!" Andrei yells as Jason injects the substance into him.


Outside the factory, the Earth Warriors, Eddie, and Malak are near, ready to infiltrate the place.

"So this is the factory you were talking about? Looks rather easy." Jackson says.

"No need to get cocky Jack, you haven't seen the inside of the factory yet," Eddie replies.

"OK, now the deal is that we must infiltrate the factory to get something important and if we succeed, you will join our group right?" Seiner asks.

"Indeed yes Seiner, but first, we need to find out what's inside so we can think our plan through. Amira, you and Lucy will go check the place, take this view-enhancing glasses and investigate what's also beyond OK?" Logan says.

"Understood, Lucy, grab my arm, you're gonna experience a bird flying."


Suddenly, Amira started to fly at a high altitude, carrying Lucy with her as she shouts in amazement and surprise, holding on to her as hard as she can without dropping much of the things that she has.


Luckily the flight wasn't that long as the distance to the factory was but one-minute flying. Amira and Lucy landed on the windshield of the factory where it could be seen from outside.


"Hehehe, sorry about that. Well then, let's start to check."

They put on their view-enhancing glasses to see what's inside.

"Checking, checking, checking, hmm I see many people working in this factory, Zlocans for most of the part, anything interesting?"

"Let me see... bide there's somethin' on 'that office on th' left side, near the' elevator, located between a bridge."

"Scanning... It's the inquisitors, 5 of them, they are checking something on the computer...Likely reading important documents their allies sent."

"Good. now let's check the' other rooms... Oh god... tubes containin' humans."

"Test subjects? That's despicable to hear, I swear we'll free those humans from their cruelty. Oh no... A-a-a tortu-re chamber, many humans... suffering..."

"Now that's somethin' interestin' tae see. Now shut that bawling of yours, it's not necessary for them to see that face of yours...."


Amira takes Lucy again in her back and flew back to the team to inform them. But while she did so, her expression still keeps with one of her fearful discovery that she just saw.

"Now that you made it, tell me, what are they doing? Chocolate?" Tania asks with no sense.

"Dumbass girl... DO YOU really think we came here for a chocolate factory?!" Seiner angrily replies.

"No no! I was just asking, I mean, there can be anything on that factory right, right?

"There is Tany...but it's...," Amira replies.

"What does it have?" Malak asks.

"Death... and cruelty... These poor souls..." Amira then starts to tremble.

"Calm down Amira, whatever there is, we will do anything to save these persons," Logan says as he consoles her.

"Please, anything but being a crybaby. Also, not only 'at, their is also likely important info located on a computer upstairs."

"Info you say Lu? I guess this will be very tricky to do, Eddie we're ready." Jackson says.

"Good, if you are worthy of leadership then let's go!"

All the group nods in agreement as they started to wear jetpacks made by Seiner. They adjust it carefully so they can be well-placed in their backs without much dislocation. Tany, however, it's in a bit of hassle due to her unfamiliarity with the jetpack. Seiner, irritatingly, puts it rightfully in its position, albeit roughly while giving her a dirty look, eyes narrow and eyebrows lowered and such. Finally, they head off to the factory.


Inside, Andrei is lying unconscious on the bed for a moment after the injection by Jason Garreth, he wakes up in a dizzy sensation, almost numb because he doesn't feel anything with his body, albeit initially. After a brief pause, he touches the metal rail of the bed to see if he's fully in control, but suddenly, his whole body starts to become metal after touching that part. He starts to panic for a moment because of the sudden transformation, attracting the attention of Zlocan knights.

But later, he takes advantage of the situation by breaking free from the bed and punches the Zlocan knight so hard it knocks him out, the other knights notice this and start to shoot at Andrei, but not even the laser rays can make damage to the metallic Russian. From the energy of the laser rays, he even creates a type of aura energy which he shoots red beams from his hands, causing further deaths to the Zlocans present in the room before returning to his normal flesh, this makes the tortured patients cheer. Impressed by his newfound powers, he's now determined to save other people in the factory from death.

"Hey, comrade? Mind if you can tell me where that freaking switch is to free the poor bastards?"

The patient points to the east, which is a simple switch. He pressed the switch and all of the patients leave their beds on their way to freedom, taking the Zlocan weapons on the ground while running at the door.

"Navernoye, vesel'ye tol'ko nachalos'!"


Outside the factory, the group starts to notice that the inquisitors are hearing the alarm and leave to check out, all while the Knights around the facility scatter up to contain the uprising.

"Wait, is that Jason Garreth?! I thought he was out of the day after I uncovered his crimes back in 2025!" Jackson says incredulously.

"Jason Garreth, a disgrace to law and order...that lucky bastard has it once more!" Eddie growls.

"Here's the plan people, we must get to the office and check confidential documents from Zlocan activities and free the prisoners, let's go!" Logan says as he and others started to break the window and jump to the other platform.

They rush to the office when they started to check every part of the room, lockers, tables, safe-locks, anything. Seiner starts to check the computer, scanning from any interesting file or secret he can find inside. Whether he encounters some sort of block from the system, he uses one of his pads which connects to the system. With his advanced technology, it deciphers every password to each file and cracks when it does. He continues searching until he finds something in particular.

"Hey, there's something interesting you need to see!"

"What is it? A message from a computer?" Tania asks.

"Of course, look at this, an email sent by... Kedris Horiq."

"Kedris Horiq, the general of the Zlocan army...the deadliest of all generals," Amira says.

"We shall see about that, anyways, gotta save it now for future use," Seiner says as he inserts the drive into the computer and clicks on the file that details Kedris' mail.

"Seiner make it quick! Yamja, Dakrin and Jason Garreth are coming and very fast!" Jackson says.

"Just nearly there! Nearly... DONE!!" Seiner quickly takes the pen-drive from the computer as the three Inquisitors break-in.

"So, we meet again idiots, ever since my first defeat, I've been waiting for the rematch to come and now this my opportunity to do it!" Dakrin taunts as he unsheathes his sword.

"That's what you're gonna think! Jackson, Lucy, Malak and Eddie, hold them off while Amira, Seiner Tania and I go find some survivors to rescue, give everything you got to defeat them!" Logan says.

"Us? But why, young boy?" Eddie asks.

"Because I want to show you that we can be heroic as you want us to be."

"Prisoners, information, anything from here could make you heroic. Now go, boy!"

Logan and his three friends then jump from the office and proceed to go the test chamber.

In there, the group is terrified at the sight of trapped subjects, especially at the ones that have been horrifically modified. Amira is more or less in shock in what she sees.

"Amira, keep your cool, they'll make it fine," Logan says to her, trying to calm her down.

"Golly! These persons look very infernal, but at least there are those that remained normal as ever, right, right?" Tania says.

"Why are you even here?" Seiner snarks.

"Keep it cool you guys, we need to find the switch that will liberate these poor souls, then we go back to the other four."

Suddenly, a loud noise could be heard, the door on the right side of the chamber is blown away by an explosion. In there, Zlocan knights rush in, ambushing Logan and his team.

"IT'S A TRAP!!!" Tania yells.

"No need to fear Tany, you used your powers before, we can use them again to kick those guys asses, let's rock it!" Logan says.

Then the Earth Warriors start to fight off the Zlocan ambushers. So far, they're doing an impressive work in holding them back. Slicing, hitting and blocking every attack they make against them. Suddenly, as Logan was slashing some Zlocan soldiers, one Zlocan sneaks behind him and prepares to kill him, only for Andrei to jump off from a platform and knock out the knight by punching him in the jaw with his fused metal hand, hard enough to break it apart. Logan notices this and is taken aback by his appearance.

"WHOA! Colossus? No. Just...are you an ally or enemy?!"

"I'm asking the same thing, comrade."

"Did you cause the alarm to go off?"

"Yes, I was the one who freed the poor friends from the torture chamber, now I was going to free these ones- LOOK OUT!" Andrei yells as he notices a Zlocan behind Logan but he manages to slash the knight from behind.

"A close one so you're an ally after all! Now listen, we must work together to free the test subjects from here, we must find the switch."

"Was doing that as well! Eh, ain't we the common bunch after all?"

"Well, to put it lightly, maybe..."

Seiner and the others approach him, surprised at Andrei's presence.

"Who the heck is this guy?" Seiner asks.

"I'm Andrei Olegovich, the Russian prisoner turned liberator of this place. I assume you are poor souls who turned into warriors too?"

"100% affirmative, Rusito! Now, where's that switch for these persons who want their mommas back!" Tania says.

"It must up the balcony in front of you, over there." He said as he pointed to the place where the switch was located.

"Thank you, Andrei, you have my gratitude for saving us and leading to us a clue."

"Nyet problem, thank you for showing up in time too."

But before they could move on, Andrei glances towards Amira and briefly stops Logan from moving, as he starts staring at her.

"An...An alien? With you!? I mean, I don't know that the Aliens look like behind their masks, but oh dear lord, she has looks of smoking beauty!" Andrei compliments gently, all while making a sly smile on his face and eyes almost narrow.

"But I'm clear..." she replies.

"Oh sorry, dear girlie, just a slip in my mind. I bet you're one to be followed after all. Now that I think of-" Logan then puts his hand on Andrei's shoulder.

"Just...follow my lead and stop embarrassing yourself."

Logan and his team later goes to the desk console and proceed to press the switch that holds the subjects captive. The test tubes go empty and the subjects awake from their sleep, now running with the sense of freedom in their minds, others picking up the Zlocan weapons as well.

"These souls... finally can now be happy and free at last after a long-suffering," Amira says as she puts her head on Logan's shoulder.

"I'm glad to hear that, now let's go back to the others."

"Oh hey there! Please tell me! What's your race called" Andrei said while looking at Amira. Too curious to know her after all.

"...A Soranian."

"Soranian, let's kick ass for the moment. I'll know more of you later."


Back in the office, everything looks tattered and ruined, the fighters, although having only fought 10 minutes of combat they are showing signs of big injuries, especially Eddie Wolfen and Dakrin Cavendish, the latter who's lying unconsciously under the care of Jane. Malak, in particular, tries to parry Yamja's attack to no avail all while she swings her blades erratically, then Malak sprints forwards to thrust her blade towards Yamja, but she jumps backward and lands where Raven is, who's in a locked match against Jack and Lucy. Even with their wounds, they still do their best to hold off against Raven. Lucy tries to stab Raven in the wrist but quickly grabs her and hurls her towards a wall. Jackson tries to do the same but is attacked by Yamja's lightning

Eddie Wolfen is lying on the ground while the others continue to fight, Jason proceeds to come closer to Eddie.

"Your attempts at protecting your friends have failed, in fact, you only make matters worse with the fact that you have a black friend in your team. How pitiful. Now its the time for you to pay for polluting mankind with such people."

He aims the gun at his face, Malak notices, almost in a state of panic, sprints forward to save him but it's stopped by Jane pulling a gun in front of her.

"Make one move and you'll perish alongside him."

Malak grits her teeth while breathing heavily. Never is she encountering such position where she can do nothing but watch. Still holding her battle stance, she looks carefully everything around her while thinking what she may do. At first, she looks she may not get what she wants after all, her eyes closed and lowering her face as a bow of defeat. But then she snappily opens them and starts smiling.

"Time's up now."

The other look in confusion in response to what she said, what could it be that made say that. Well...

"No, you don't, Jason!" a familiar voice can be heard as it some glass breaks apart from behind Malak.

It's Logan as he jumps in the air and kicks Jason in the face, the other proceeds to help the other ones who have been injured, fighting off against the Inquisitors. Jane quickly grabs Dakrin and retreats near Yamja and Raven.

"You succeeded?! But how?!" Jason asks in a frustrated tone.

"Far too complex for you to understand!" Seiner replies.

Logan then quickly uses his Rapier form and uses some quick thrusts against Raven, but Yamja then intervenes by blocking most of them, but can still keep with them. Logan tries to thrust again, but Yamja uses her lightning to shock him apart. He's hurled towards a locker but quickly regains his composure.

"Anything else?!" she angrily asks.

Amira then quickly appears by moving in front of Logan. As she does so, she quickly observes the position the Inquisitors are, a nearby window where the fall leads to a long fall. Noticing this, she uses her telekinetic powers to push the other Inquisitors away to the other side of the factory, ending the battle, once again victorious.

"Damn you all!!!" Dakrin shouts as he falls down.

"Whatever you say, pretty boy! As long as we care for others, we prevail over you! And now we must have a celebration party for this!" Tania says victoriously, but not before noticing the injured Eddie, Jackson and Lucy. Seiner uses one of his kits to clean off the injuries from Lucy and Jackson, Tany's priority is Eddie after all.

"You OK Eddie old man? Some wounds...hang on, here comes the magic doctor." Tania says as she healed Eddie.

"Ughhh, I don't feel well, huh? Tany is that you? You healed me..."

"She did Ed. This girl has blessed powers for the good of mankind." Malak says.

"Blessed, as IF!" Seiner snarks again.

Of course, everyone ignores him for that.

"So...I guess was wrong about you, after all, Logan, you are worthy leading me and Malak to battle after all."

"Not just me, the others did well in making this operation a success, including Andrei, the Russian that freed the prisoners. This group is more than an alliance. We're a brotherhood, we are together because we share the same ideals of freeing our planet from tyranny, we are together because we have hearts, together because we care for others."

"That's some kind words of you Logan, allow me to join your group as well," Andrei says.

"Who are you, pretty boy?" Malak asks slyly.

"Uhh...I'm Andrei Olegovich, some former stranded dude who just had some weird today but now willing to start anew. Perhaps you'll be a good deal after all the ones I've had in my whole life."

"What do you mean?"

"Not the time, too tired anyway."

"Oh well, brotherhood for the win!" Tania yelled excitedly. But of course, Seiner sighed at this moment of school girl cheerfulness in war.

"Heh, I understand your excitement of being part of a brotherhood Tany. Now, even if we were supposed to be 10, I guess we have enough manpower to join the UEF cause. Anyone agrees?" Logan asks

"We are, dear Logan. Golly for you!" Lucy says.

"Yes. Earth Warriors, let's go! And sorry for the cheesiness!"

"But first I do know something fishy...I meant the girly Alien here...can you-" Andrei asks suspiciously yet in a flirty way.

"Better tell that when we reach the quarters, man. The time for the ladies comes later you know." Jackson said approaching him.

Logan and the rest of the team proceed to leave the factory behind, becoming abandoned again. Feeling whole now, they feel the chance to prove themselves to the government and show hope can still exist in the world.

Little they knew, the Inquisitors are watching from a hill, surprisingly having survived the fall. All injured yet still determined to fight back for one more day. Perhaps many more.

"So you must be asking yourselves, why didn't you stop them when they freed all test subjects? And why didn't you defend yourself when she made that attack!?" Darkin asks in a demanding tone towards Raven.

"That factory was nothing than a decoy to show their level of threat to us, and by looking at it, it seems that my expectations were correct. These "Earth Warriors" are really worth fighting against. But even then, they have yet to see the true potential of the Inquisitors and the Zlocu Empire himself, we have more surprises waiting and I'm pretty sure that none of them will survive those surprises. Or maybe, in fact, they won't survive them together. Because nothing ever does. Also, Jason intentionally lied to Andrei so we could carry out our plan, and he did rather very well...Now, phase two of it."


"You're too much of a loud mouth to keep shut anyways if told, just like most Humans."

Dakrin tries to raise his hand to strike towards Yamja, but he's too injured to even move it. He then simply groans in frustration as he walks away, the others leading suit. But Yamja, in particular, seems the happiest, grinning as large as she can while quietly laughing at what the plans will implicate towards the warriors as a whole. It doesn't matter if she's not in a stable state, for now, all she cares is the ends after all.

A note from Luigimon what kind of plan do the Inquisitors refer to? Find out in the next chapter, one that may bring you feels...

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