Origin of Chaos (Rise of Anarchy Book 1)

Origin of Chaos (Rise of Anarchy Book 1)


Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A stream of cataclysmic incidents. A tide of horror and sadness interspersed with small moments of light. What drives Nyx forward? Is it the need for revenge that haunts his dreams? Is it his beloved comrades he leaves behind, with the promise of returning? Is it the demons ravaging Earth, his homeworld he abandoned over five-hundred years prior?

When Nyx passes through realms in his return home, Chaos builds, and the balance is shifting. Unwittingly he becomes both its catalyst and harbinger.

This is his story.

 Note from Author: Things have come up irl so I have had to put the story on a (hopefully) short hiatus.

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Elliot Moors

Exciting and fast-paced

This review applies up to chapter 13.

STYLE - ROOQ has a clear voice for this story that suits the main character. It feels entrenched in the complex magic system and mythology, while at the same time remaining grounded in reality through the dialogue and descriptions of parts of everyday life. The only detriment I noticed was some awkward phrasing in places. 

STORY - Nyx's story is primal, simple, and engrossing. His quest for revenge and method of getting there makes you want to root for him, even though his methods are sometimes extreme. I've enjoyed the build-up as Nyx expands his power.

CHARACTER - Nyx is a good character. He's brutal, he's efficient, he's uncharismatic to the point of comedy. I like the switch-around where the main character is more of a mentor to the side characters. He knows what's going on, and doesn't need some wise old man to show him the way. My only complaints are that some of the side characters feel a little bland, and there is a tendency for characters to over-praise what Nyx does (it makes sense in the context of the story, it just gets a little dull reading people talk about how cool and strong the main character is).

GRAMMAR - Not much to note. It's good, for the most part. The only aspect that could be improved is the punctuation–ROOQ has a tendency to use commas where full stops would be more appropriate, and during dialogue, commas are sometimes missing.

OVERALL - A definite recommend. A driven main character, dynamic action scenes and a simple magic system with a lot of depth carry this story. I look forward to seeing where the story is headed. I hope the side characters will become more useful further along the story. Good job! 


This story has little to no grammar errors (I haven't found any yet), has good characters, and a good story overall.


A new take on the cultivators in a modern civilization trope with fresh new ideas on the traditional xianxia cultivation style coupled with a main character with a purpose and a backbone filled with a touch of spice from demons and gore makes this a gorgeous gourmet cuisine straight from the spicy crevices of valhalla

okay i have no idea what did i just finished writing but , yeah stamp of approval go read this