Light descends in torrents, till everything appears a continuous white. Men cry out, but none can hear their calls over the sound of the sky cracking. Azamaoth stands tall, high above looking down from his mountain perch onto a field of burnt husks. He has the eyes of an eagle. I have only seen him once but know beyond a doubt he has terrible power. He turns me away at the very mention of Agrion’s name.


The ground quakes and rolls like a quilt with the dust being beaten out of it. Jormund alone stands unfazed as a city is reduced to rubble and then swallowed into the ground at his bidding. He controls Earth and can move it with the steadfastness of his spirit. I have crossed leagues and planets only to be turned away. He will not stand before the threat I face.


Storm clouds thicken in the sky, quickly turning a sunny afternoon to dark as night. The gale picks up and never stops building. It howls and whines as it tears apart the standards of an army. Their contingent of Earth elementalists erect thick walls of rock, but the barriers are torn from the ground like a child knocking over a sandcastle in a tantrum. Ryu hovers in the sky arms outstretched as he observes his handiwork. He is the fastest to turn me away. I can see fear in his eyes.

I have pled before the strongest I know in each element: Water, wind, fire, earth, aether, lightning, light, dark, ice, and many more. Every single one turns me away.

These are living legends, each as powerful as the sun. They are selfish beings, grown cold in their seclusion, long since given up on any heroics. They do not see how they will fall, how their solitude will become their enslavement.

When I am found by rebels who share my cause, we have little hope. It is here, in the company of those who became my friends, that I search for a way to return to my home plane of Earth. Only there may I find the power needed to change my destiny.

I have no choice. I cannot rely on anyone or anything other than myself. I will claim powers the world has never seen, becoming a force unto myself. I will crush my foes into dust under my heel.


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