The Abstract



Chapter 26. Ring Side Seats


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Getting close to the final chapter.

The swing connected with Cyme's face and the Orian went flying back. She fell on her backside but wasn't there for long as she pushed herself off the grass and readied her sword.

Her opponent was more than double her size. She was a monster that was unfamiliar to Cyme but was proving to be a worthy foe.

The demon had four arms and was dressed in outfit that most ladies at a brothel might call shameless. A dark shirt displaying a stag's skull was stretched across her chest, hiding the creature's four breasts but doing nothing to hide her abdomen. Her legs were covered in an odd material that was as black as a moonless night and was ratty around her knees and ankles.

The duel had only just started. Cyme wore the armour that Frank had given to her. The helmet was claustrophobic but it was better than getting her head broken in by a careless action. The sword as best that the Orian could tell was heavily enchanted. While the handle was light and strong, it was the fact that the blade was made out of a lance of blue light that gave it away.

It looks like we got an audience now.” The demon said with a enthusiastic grin.

Sure enough Cyme could see that the Thebe army were taking volley positions. While the Orians did consider the Thebes to be incompetent at war in general they weren't entirely useless. Their navy were capable and archers could hit their target, eventually. At their current range it appeared as if they wanted a small area, high pay-off volley. Meaning that they were going to cover Cyme, the demoness, and every blade of grass within ten paces of them with arrows.

It was cowardly plan. An Orian would want stare into their foe's eyes and watch as fear and acceptance took over. Arrows were good for cutting down charging barbarians like the vermin they were, but for taking down two women. Then again, if she and the demon were her targets, Cyme probably would have done the same.

Her helmet amplifying her voice, Cyme shouted, “For Oria!”

Her strength augmented by her wardrobe, Cyme jumped nearly three times her height. She pounced onto the monster feet first and swiped at the demon with her sword, creating a wide arch of blue light as she struck.

A lion-like roar filled the air. The demon clutched at its shoulder, putrid green smoke bellowed out from where Cyme's weapon struck. The great she-beast removed her hand, showing a blue scar.

Behind her helmet the Orian's smile faltered as the four armed giant glared back at her hatefully. This was most definitely going to hurt.

As fast as a striking viper the creature picked Cyme up and threw her straight up into the air.

Cyme screamed as she went up, and up, and up with enough force that it felt as if she were falling. She only stopped screaming when she slowed down. Eyes open in confusion she spared a moment to look around at what appeared to be a landscape of fluffy cotton.

Realisation hit her the moment that she began to fall. The demon had tossed her into the fucking clouds.

Cyme, a proud warrior of the Oria kingdom. A member of the elite gorilla unit of raiders and killers, experienced the embarrassment of shitting herself and the uncomfortable sensations of her armour wiping her arse with what felt like a warm dog tongue.

I fucking hate you. I will murder you, Frank. I will escape from the Styx and haunt your dreams. Ahhhhhh.” Cyme's screamed as the ground grew closer.

She would have kept cursing the day she meant Frank but her rant was interrupted However, as the demon leaped up into the air, snatched the Orian up by the waist in mid-air and let out a terrible scream as she and Cyme smacked into the Earth.

To the outside observer the ground shook and a crater had form from the impact.

Laying on the ground, her stomach feeling as though it had switched places with her lungs, Cyme let out a low moan. “Errrrr,”

Just then, Cyme heard Frank's voice through her magical helmet, “How's it going out there?” he said in a chipper voice.

Arrrrrh,” Cyme replied.

Well, you will be happy to know that I just found the door to the Abstract.”

Ieee. Ate. Mooo.”

Slight problem though. It looks like the arseholes who invaded your world are actually scientists trying to find new light sources. Overharvesting your sun and population can do that. Can you just buy me some more time?”

I quit.” Cyme moaned. She couldn't take this anymore. Exlia could buy her own damn drink. She wanted to go back to some place more familiar and safer, like a battlefield or starving to death in a retched forest.

Sorry, can't hear you. Be back soon.” Frank's voice cut off and Cyme was left alone to fight the demon.

Being the first the get out of the muddy hole, the demon held up her four arms and let out a howl of victory, which was cut off as a death cloud of arrows descended upon the monster and Cyme. The Thebe army had just declared war upon the pair.

The demon held up one of its hands to the storm and to the amazement of both Cyme and their audience a wall of red light appeared. The arrows bounced off the wall and the demon laughed as the hundreds of pointy sticks landed uselessly on the soft soil.

A voice that was as cold as a winter morning and as soft as a whispered seemed to speak into every human's mind.

Quake in terror mortals, for I, Queen of the Secret Legions of WWC will fuck your world up. Check it out,” the demon gestured to the dome of darkness behind her. “The puny sorcerer Frank can not hold back my armies forever.”

Feeling as though she needed a drink and to strangle her boss, Cyme got onto her shacking legs. Her hop out of the hole turned into awesome jump as her new felt strength turned even the slightest action into an overpowered charge.

While the suit had taken the trauma it had not stopped Cyme from feeling like her organs had just shifted. The sensation of out of control free falling shaken the warrior and she wanted to vomit.

Just as she started to get her mind back in order, her opponent back handed her. Having stepped back from the blow the demon then picked Cyme up, held her in place with two of her arms and proceeded to punch Cyme in the face repeatedly. Again the suit took the punishment but Cyme remained helpless to do anything.

Oh, come on Cyme. It doesn't look good if you don't at least try to fight back. You could put some effort into it.” Frank said.

Getting frustrated, Cyme shouted, “Fuck you.” She then kicked the demon in her unprotected stomach, detonating another splash of sparks.

The massive she-giant was pushed back as Cyme's padded boots crashed into her abdomen. Driven by anger and her feet firmly placed on the ground, Cyme assaulted the blue skinned bitch with several punches causing more scarlet flashes.

The damn armour might have protected and enhanced her abilities but it had a mind of its own. Just as she was about to tenderize the four-armed bitch's intestines, Cyme's reflexes slowed which gave the monster time to catch her by the wrist.

Cyme felt her feet leave the ground a second time as the demon picked her up only to throw her to the ground. Faster than you would expect someone of her size to be, the Queen of the Secret Legions got onto her feet and stomped down on the prone Orian as if she were trying to get the juice out of a grape.

Ahhhh,” Cyme shouted, wanting to move but being unable to. The armour had locked up.

Before the demon sent her knee down into Cyme's chest, there came a blast of light from inside the dome and for and instant, everyone could see a burning mansion and a score of immolated bodies on the smoking ground. There were also other things in there that looked like bodies made of vapour.

Then the dome was again cloaked in darkness.

Woah,” the demoness said taken aback by the destruction within. “I mean, your Gods can’t help you now.”

The demon raised her boot and Cyme was in a good position to see that the bitch's soles were covered in cow shit. Helpless to do anything, Cyme mentally braced herself for the impact.

Her armour reacted. Cyme rolled backwards avoiding the blow. The world became a blur as she performed a backflip, sending her toe into the demon's chin. There was a blast of red light as Cyme connected with the monster which caused the four-armed brute to stumble back.

Back on her feet, Cyme held up her hand.

From the grass the sword of light launched into the air like a spooked sparrow and Cyme caught it as it passed.

Cyme's voice rang out across the field, “Listen to me, people of Thebes. My name is Cyme, daughter of Oria. I need you to pray to Istate. The demon fears the cunning Goddess.”

While that had been Cyme's voice, she had not been the one who said it. The words sounded like her right done to her tone but they were amplified.

I didn't say that,” Cyme said.

I know,” Frank said, “I managed to synthesize your voice and play it through your helmet’s speakers. I hope that you don't mind but I override your suit's motor functions. Just go with it.”

Cyme's jaw dropped. Her attempts to move were fruitless, she was completely paralysed from the jaw down. Unable to do anything else, a stream of the most vilest profanity erupted from her mouth.

Distracted by not being able to move, Cyme failed to notice that the sword of light that she was holding glow brighter and dome was fluctuating. No longer was it purely black but a cloudy white.

Nooooooo!” the demon’s roar of protest was loud enough that Cyme winced. “Curse you witch. You will not take my victory from me.”

Oh, shut it,” Cyme hissed.

There was a haze like from a the surface of a hot pan before the dome disappeared. The senator’s mansion was now nothing but a burning stack of brick and fallen beams, its staff lay amongst the burnt grass, their remains nothing more than blackened bone.

Standing within the chard corpses Frank and a woman that Cyme didn't recognise stood completely unharmed.

From the corner of her eye Cyme could tell little from the woman besides her raven black hair which hung off her shoulders like a cloak. Her dark locks caused her pale white skin to have an almost ethereal quality.

The demon glared at this new figure, “Istate,”

Again, Frank spoke through Cyme's helmet, “Goddess of magic, Mistress of Forbidden Secrets, bless my strike and banish this bitch back to the darkness.”

The sword’s colour turned a deep scarlet and Cyme lunged for her opponent.

An expression of horror crossed the demon's face before the sword entered her chest.

There was a burst of black ash and the monster vanished.

Not having a single clue about what just happened, Cyme looked up to see the face of Istate looking at her. The Goddess was just as Frank had described her, right down to that all knowing smirk.

Istate gave Cyme an approving nod before she clapped her hands. In a puff of smoke she turned into a murder of crows which cawed in annoyance before taking to the air.

What the fuck just happened?” Cyme said in confusion before Thebes and the world itself disappeared and she found herself inside a metal room.


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