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Jacob almost puked upon appearing but managed to control himself and brace his shield while resting his hand upon the hilt of Moonlight. No attack came so Jacob looked around, it was a circular room with one open entrance. The other Portal Stone was behind him, active and waiting. Jacob immediately touched it.

Do you wish to travel to...the Pit of Suffering? YES?NO
Jacob immediately dismissed the option and looked up the area map to pull up any information he could.

Region: Burning Abyss

Dungeon Name: Obsidian Citadel- Prison Wing

Age: Ancient (Experience gained is Doubled, Money gained is tripled, Items are a better quality above all others)
Level: 36-40 (Prison Wing Only)
Recommended Party Size: 5 to 10 (Prison Wing Only)

Jacob almost cursed, yes they had discovered another Ancient Dungeon but they had just fought through another Dungeon. Could this place be considered another Dungeon completely separate? He would never have appeared here without receiving the Kingdom and personal quests to earn Nadal Despval loyalty. Jacob shook his head and moved to the entryway, no one and nothing were nearby. It was just a long dark tunnel leading further into the Obsidian Citadel.

Dungeon Quest Issued: Abyssal Incursion?!?!
Description: While diving into the Pit of Suffering you found a Portal Stone hidden within the depths of the prison. One half of the Stone was anchored to the prison, the other was anchored to the Obsidian Citadel. Find out what happened to Nadal Despval clan and why a Portal Stone to the Burning Abyss is present in the mortal realm.

Rewards: Variable

Suddenly a series of pops behind him disrupted his musing as the rest of the party arrived. Jacob dismissed the new quest and looked at his War Party. "Fenwyn, you just had to mention another plane, didn't you...Well, here we are, let's find the prisoners and get out of here, I don't care if we clear the dungeon or not." Jacob told them as they sorted themselves out. Chalxae slipped into Stealth and led the way forward.

Fortress of Midnight
Main Courtyard

Eiloma sighed and rubbed her temples as she dealt with another entitled person who had been in the wrong line because it had been moving faster. "People, we have three lines to process you all. The line directly in front of me is for those who wish to join the Empire and signup for military service. The line to my LEFT is for those who wish to start a new life with the Empire, finally, the line to my RIGHT is for those who wish to go back to their previous life or to just get a quick portal to the surface. These are your three choices, please get into the lines as we have stated. If you get into the wrong line, we will kick you to the back of the proper line.' Eiloma called out as the combative man was dragged to the back of the line that wanted to go home by two burly Legionnaires. 'Next!"
A burly Hill-Dwarf stepped up, eyeballing Eiloma and the others manning the table. "I need your name, general class, level, and any other pertinent information," Eiloma told him.
"Yes, ma'am. Grima Silvertooth,  Warrior, Level 56, I served as a mercenary for twenty years. Since I was captured by slavers four years ago, I fought in multiple Arenas in the Underdark and surface." Grima told her while EIloma took notes.
Eiloma continued to write as she spoke, "Do you have a problem signing a 2-year contract?' Eiloma stopped and looked up waiting for his response and the Hill-Dwarf shook his head no so she continued, 'Promotions are based on merit and experience with the Legions, not past history. Pay is weekly starting at 2 Silver, it increases based on your rank. You will be put through a month-long training session, food, clothing, arms, and armor will be issued too you. Do you understand all of this sir?"
"I understand ma'am, when will training start?" Grima asked.
"Right now the Kings decision is to let everyone rest and recover for the remainder of the week. That includes you. So, if everything goes as planned your training will start the following week. Your training will be here at the Fortress of Midnight, its four weeks long, 6 days out of the week. After that, you will be assigned to an existing Legion or you will be part of forming a new Legion." Eiloma quickly responded. The Hill-Dwarf nodded and quickly left. One down, hundreds to go Eiloma thought as she waved the next person forward.

Obsidian Citadal
Prison Wing

The prison was filled with Hell Hounds, low-level Soldier Demons, and an occasional Officer. They had faced one Mini-Boss but had failed in finding the Drow or the reason why a Portal Stone had been found in the prison. Jacob and his group were getting tired and frustrated, but they had to go on.

They had acquired a large number of Scales from the hounds and other ingredients all the alchemists and smiths would love though, and the steady stream of experience once the finished the Dungeon would be very welcome, but for was just a pain in the ass.

Jacob slashed Moonlight through the foreleg of the Hellhound attacking him causing it to whimper and hop back. A dual wielding Soldier Demon stepped into the gap immediately causing Jacob to give ground as he deflected the darting blades. Rory had slipped into the fight on Jacob tight and as soon as he cleared his arc, Rory swung his huge mace into the face of the Demon sending him reeling back. Jacob immediately jumped forward jamming Moonlight into the exposed Demons throat. The Hell Hound noticing the way the fight went tried to turn in run but Chalxae dropped out of Stealth and plunged her blades in the dog's throat before ripping them out.

"I thought you were scouting ahead?" Jacob called to the Rogue who was bending down to loot the Hell Hound. Rory was already looting the Soldier Demon.

Chalxae nodded as she continued to work over the corpse, "I did. I found a set of stairs going down. No other demons between here and there. I scoped it out...The Drow are there but it is bad. We need to get there soon or they won't be there long." Jacob nodded and the rest of the party gathered quickly everyone preparing for another boss fight. Hopefully, it would be the last.

Yeah, they made it down there, in time though...That was a very good question. All the Drow put simply looked like shit, all them had obviously been tortured and all of them had runes carved into their bodies. Dozens of them were chained to the walls and pillars all around the room.

In the center of the room was an Alter that had been used to sacrifice dozens if not hundreds based on the amount of blood on and around it. A large 10-foot Demon stood off to the side while a Succubus and half a dozen Warlocks were doing some spell on the Alter. A nagging feeling told Jacob that the Succubus was far more dangerous than the 10-foot Demon. So he fired off a quick Analyze, it was risky but it would provide information on his opponents.

Name: Izronanth the Defiler (Unique)
Level: 42 (Boss)
Health: 250,000/250,000
Abilities: Cleave, Hellfire Armor, Hellfire Pulse, Unknown

Name: Lilith the Fallen (Legendary-Unique)
Level: Unknown
Health: Unknown
Abilities: Unknown

Lilith immediately stopped as soon as Jacob fired off the Analyze. She swung her arms wide and dozens of lamps and torches lite up and a dozen torches around the Alter suddenly went dark. "Welcome, it has been a very long time since I have met a Full-Blood Vampire and two lessers. Why are you here Full-Blood?" Lilith asked as she turned around. Jacob could feel something shift in him as Lilith looked at him, then her eyes narrowed as she noticed something within Jacob. An Alert popped up but he minimized it keeping his concentration upon the powerful Succubus. She smiled and cast out her hand causing a portal to open nearby, she signaled the Warlocks who quickly moved toward the portal and away from the looming confrontation.

"Aren't you an interesting specimen. I only met one other Vampire like you Full-Blood, the original of your kind. The Blood Lord of yours, he was interesting as well. What to do with you...A test, yes a test to see your worth. Izronanth, kill the Full-Bloods companions and subdue him. Full-Blood, if you can save your friends and kill my ally, you will have passed my test. I really do hope you succeed." Lilith stated as she turned and sauntered through the portal. The last comment could have been for either Izronanth or Jacob. It didn't matter, they had to kill the Demon to free the Drow and if they didn't it was a very real possibility the Drow would be sacrificed soon. They could not fail in other words.

The Demon smiled smuggle and drew two blades from his back before gesturing for Jacob and his party forward. "Come, boy, my mistress might have found you interesting but I see nothing of worth in you or your companions. Come, let us see who shall gain the Favor of Lilith." Moonlight almost leaped into his hand as he dashed forward. Arrows, Firebolts, Deathbolts, and Chaos Bolts flew overhead and slammed into the towering Demon as Jacob and the other melee types closed to engage. Izronanth chuckled or grunted as he jumped forward, his armor igniting and was coated with HellfIre.

Jacob triggered Shield Charge a green and gold energy surrounded him as he darted forward under the swinging of the Demons' Swords and slammed into his knee causing the Demon to faceplant into the ground. Izronanth snarled as he started to rise but Thelgrum slammed his hammer into his face causing several teeth to shatter. Izronanth backstroke sent the Paladin tumbling back Rory came running in triggering Enrage and Cleaving Strike. The crack of bone breaking filled the air as Izronanth roared in pain and anger. Hellfire exploded from his body flinging Rory back as Jacob darted in. The howls of Wolves filled the air as June summoned a small pack while her spider was working around flinging webs and small poisoned spines at the raging Demon.

Jacob darted in Moonlight leading hacking into the Demon achilles tendon causing Izronanth to collapse again. Jacob triggered Iron Will as Izronanth drove his elbow back into Jacob but the Vampire intercepted the blow on his shield stopping the blow cold. Jacob triggered Power Slash as Moonlight hacked into the Demons arm cutting deeply into the muscle and tendons of the arm. Izronanth other arm blurred forward and grabbed Jacob by his head and flung him away.

Jacob tried to orient himself as he spun through the air but he slammed into one of the columns. Jacob felt bones crack before he slid to the ground.

De-Buff Broken Spine: You are immobilized (Duration 1 Hour)
De-Buff Cracked Ribs: Stamina Regeneration is decreased by 75% (Duration 30 Minutes)
De-Buff Internal Bleeding: Lose 50 Health every second (Duration 5 Minutes)

Jacob coughed up blood as he grabbed a Medium Healing Tonic and a Medium-Regeneration Potion from his belt as Thelgrum, Rory, and Skeletons scrambled to engage the rampaging Demon. The Tonic mended his bones while the Regen potion would counteract the internal bleeding. Hopefully, Jacob thought as he felt the bones in his back and ribs start to grate back into place.

A whimper caught his attention, one of the Drow was trying to move away from him and the ongoing fight, "I am sorry if I landed on you. As soon as we finish this guy off, we will free you all." Jacob felt his spine grate and snap back into place as the Regen potion continued to work and heal other internal injuries.

"Why?" the Drow whispered softly and Jacob barely heard it over the ongoing battle as Izronanth roared as Thelgrum triggered an ability that called down some sort of Holy Magic that appeared as a giant spotlight slamming into the Demonic figure and stripping him of his Hellfire armor.

"Because I promised Nadal Despval that I would find you all and free you. I keep my word." Jacob replied as he darted off.

Lilith watched as the combatants fought back and forth, her champion Izronanth wasn't doing as well as she or he had thought he would. This Full-Blood and his companions were proving a surprising challenge for Izronanth, Vampires had not been seen in thousands of years on the mortal realm. She had known some had survived, including several Full-Bloods, but this one was different from even them. "Mistress, why are you doing this? You could have easily crushed those mortals."
Lilith didn't take her eyes off the ongoing fight as she responded, "That Full-Blood is the heir to the Blood Lord, and I will give him the same chance I gave him so long ago. If he is Heir to the Blood Lords legacy, he will survive the fight with Lord Izronanth and come out stronger for it." Suddenly the Vampire was grabbed and flung across the room and into the pillar. The crack of his bones overwhelmed even the ongoing fight.
"It seems the fight is over Lady." the Warlock replied. Lilith merely smiled in return never taking her eyes off the Full-Blood as he spoke to the chained Drow before he turned back toward Izronanth and re-entered the fight.

Jacob snarled as he ducked under the swinging sword coated in Hellfire and triggered Piercing Lunge. Moonlight plunged into Izronanth guts, Jacob twisted the hilt and then dragged the wound open wider. Izronanth screamed in pain as he was disemboweled, his intestines spilled out onto the floor. Thelgrum flung a golden glowing hammer that slammed into the Demon mouth slamming it shut and forcing the Demon to bite off part of its tongue.

Izronanth snarled and triggered another ability, columns of Hellfire burst from the ground and started to randomly move around causing all the Melee fighters too pull back. Shigna finished casting and an Earth Spear appeared slammed down through the Demons guts bringing out another scream of pain and causing the columns to stutter and fade. Next Fenwyn hit Izronanth with Soul Blast while Patemal hit him with Desiccation Curse further weakening the Demon. Jacob checked the status of the Demon.

Name: Izronanth the Defiler (Unique)
Level: 42 (Boss)
Health: 86,372/250,000 (Bleeding, Open Wound, Cursed, Disemboweled)
Abilities: Cleave, Hellfire Armor, Hellfire Pulse, Unknown

Izronanth was losing health steadily from what Jacob could see. The Earth Spear had pinned him to the ground and the open wound Jacob had caused had hampered him badly. Suddenly a Meteor slammed into the Demons back driving him further into the ground but cracking the spear that had kept him pinned there. As Izronanth started to regain his feet Jacob ran toward him and vaulted onto his back slamming Moonlight into the back of the rising Demons skull. Izronanth body started spasming and tried to say something but Jacob just wrenched Moonlight back and forth. Izronanth health plummeted like a rock and suddenly Izronanth jerked one last time before laying still. Suddenly a black aura burst from within the demon, an exact copy of the demon appeared before condensing into a ball and darting into Jacob's chest.

Alerts blossomed in Jacobs vision but he minimized it, "Chalxae start looking for the keys or start picking the locks on all the prisoners." Jacob called to the Vampire who had been staring at the Demons corpse. Suddenly clapping filled the air freezing everyone where they stood.

"Well done, very well done!!! I had my doubts at first, but it seems the Blood Lord choose well.' Lilith stated as the magical Veil dropped revealing her sitting on a throne the Warlocks still with her. 'I warned Izronanth that his pride would get him killed someday, but he would not listen. Such a shame...Well, I guess you will do instead. The raw potential is definitely within you just like it was within him. are the one who persevered in the end. Therefore you are the one who earned my Favor."

Suddenly a goblet appeared in her hand, Lilith made a small incision at her wrist, Jacob could see blood and something else pour into the goblet before it suddenly stopped. "This and everything it contains is yours. No strings attached. Power freely given without price already taken. This I, Lilith Lady and Goddes of the Abyss, so Swear."

A chime filled the air and another alert popped up. Lilith sauntered forward offering the goblet to Jacob who hesitantly took it from her hand causing her to smile. Liliths' hand shot out and gently caressed Jacob face lovingly, "So much potential just like your predecessor. Do not die foolishly as he did. Take the Drow with you as well as another gift from me too you. Goodbye Jacob Longstrider of House Lightsbane, King of the Empire of Night." Suddenly Hellfire burst out from her body and consumed the throne and the Warlocks and with a burst, they disappeared.

More Alerts chimed in but Jacob ignored them and turned back to his companions. They were all standing their dazed and confused before Jacob barked at them. Chalxae and June shook themselves and got back to work freeing all the Drow, Jacob looked at the goblet and could see the blood and something else within, contemplating the choice ahead of him.

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