Blood and Honor

by BloodneverLies

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Fate, such a small word with so much meaning. Also the name of one of the newest MMORPG with a Player base of 3 Million and growing. Since the introduction of the Visor and FIVR capsules people have been earning a steady income from working online in MMORPGs or various other online ventures. With a growing population around the world the masses needed another place to enjoy themselves and work.

Your Fate is your hands. You decide what you want to be. A stalwart Paladin in service to a Noble cause, a Warlock making Pacts with Devils and Demons, a Jewelcrafter that makes the best Jewels and Jewelry in the World, or a simple Inn Keeper the choice is yours.

Thats what the Devs described and that is what they deliverd with the game. For Kevin AKA Jacob Longstrider, it was a chance to turn his life around. Kevin had felt his whole life that Fate had laughed at him and spurned him, now he is going to learn that when Fate smiles on him, it's not much better. 

****I do not own the Pic, I did not create it. All credit of the PIC/Art goes to the original creator****

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Glossary ago
Prelude: A End and a Beginning ago
Chapter 1- Run Baby Run!!! ago
Chapter 2- Free and Clear, or Not... ago
Chapter 3- Legends come to life and a Deal is offered ago
Chaptor 4- Choices and Consequences ago
Chapter 5-Awakening and Clearing the Depths ago
Chapter 6- Awakening and Clearing the Depths Cont.. ago
Chapter 7-Blood is thicker then Water ago
Chapter 8- Creepy Crawlers and Rebels ago
Chapter 9- Lets talk about Bones Baby, Lets talk about You and Me ago
Chapter 10-Rebels, Blood, and Beer in that Order ago
Chapter Intermission-Talks and a BBQ ago
Chapter 11- Its all about the Bling ago
Chapter 12- Dysfunctional Family ago
Chapter 13-Gatherings and Politics ago
Chapter 14- Down with the Damned ago
Chapter 15- Spoils of Battle ago
Chapter 16- Home and House Managment ago
Chapter 17- Scouting the Dark ago
Chapter 18- Raiding the Raiders ago
Chapter 19- Knowledge is Power ago
Chapter 20- The Power of Oaths ago
Chapter 21- Fortress Antics and Growth ago
Chapter 22- Exploring the Iron Mine of Midnight ago
Chapter 23- Silver Mine and Greedy Goblins ago
Chapter 24- Grinding to 20 and Suprises await in the Dark ago
Chapter 25- New Hires and Dealing with an Apocalypse ago
Chapter 26-Fallout and Recovery ago
Chapter 27- Grove Problems ago
Chapter 28- Siege of the Grove ago
Chapter 29- Battle for the Heart ago
Chapter 30- Aftermath ago
Chapter 31- Instinct ago
Chapter 32-Sparring and Control ago
Chapter 33-Opening the Tomb of Dumathoin ago
Chapter 34- The Tale of Dumathoin ago
Chapter 35-Spiders Weavings ago
Chapter 36- POW Problems ago
Chapter 37- Punishment and Preperations ago
Chapter 38- Upgrades & Last Minute Plans ago
Chapter 39- Goodbyes and Encroaching Enemies ago
Chapter 40- Ineford, Recruiting, and Politics... ago
Chapter 41- Homecoming ago
Chapter 42- Homecoming Part II ago
Chapter 43- Shopping ago
Chapter 44-Dissapointments ago
Chapter 45- Broken Home ago
Chapter 46- Reckoning ago
Chapter 47-Politics and Parties... ago
Chapter 48- Diplomatic Relations ago
Chapter 49-Broken ago
Chapter 50- War Prep ago
Chapter 51- Alliances ago
Chapter 52- Hunters of the Dark ago
Chapter 53- Forging an Army ago
Chapter 54- A Gods Request ago
Chapter 55- Future Father In Law ago
Chapter 56- Silence is Golden ago
Chapter 57- Mending Fences ago
Chapter 58- Reality Check ago
Chapter 59- Gathering Storm ago
Chapter 60- Talks in the Dark ago
Chapter 61- Compromise ago
Chapter 62- Battling the Sisters ago
Chapter 63- Wedding Prep ago
Chapter 64- Wedding Reception ago
Chapter 65- Pillow Talk ago
Chapter 66- Just Being a Good Neighbor ago
Chapter 67- Infiltration of Fortress Ill'Gargon ago
Chapter 68- The Battle for Fortress Ill'Gargon ago
Chapter 69- Recovery and Plans ago
Chapter 70- Schemes ago
Chapter 71- Mustering Call ago
Chapter 72- Trust Issues ago
Chapter 73- Prelude to Battle ago
Chapter 74- Battle of the Narrows ago
Chapter 75- Celebration ago
Chapter 76- Call to Arms ago
Chapter 77- Titans Attack ago
Chapter 78- Meetings and Recovery ago
Chapter 79- Family Problems ago
Chapter 80- Talk with the Queen ago
Chapter 81- Talks ago
Chapter 82- Responsibility ago
Chapter 83- Royal Decision ago
Chapter 84- Proving ago
Chapter 85- The Dark Maiden ago
Chapter 86- Laying to Rest ago
Chapter 87- Clan Traditions ago
Chapter 88- Private Lessons ago
Chapter 89- Royal Responsibilities ago
Chapter 90- Judgements and Truth ago
Chapter 91- Guild Negotiations ago
Chapter 92- Awake ago
Chapter 93- Trade Agreements and External Threats ago
Chapter 94- Family Help ago
Chapter 95- Men Plan, Drow Laugh ago
Chapter 96- Fallout from Fortress of Baereghel ago
Chapter 97- Preperations and Intel ago
Chapter 98- Growing Pains ago
Chapter 99- Spy Games ago
Chapter 100- Echoes of War ago
Chapter 101- Sacrifice ago
Chapter 102- Price ago
Chapter 103- Wolf Friend ago
Chapter 104- Recruiting Drive ago
Chapter 105- Sabatoge ago
Chapter 106- Raiders in the Night ago
Chapter 107- Battle of the Basin ago
Chapter 108- Fractures ago
Chapter 109- Conquest ago
Chapter 110- Nosy Neighbors ago
Chapter 111- Blood Debt ago
Chapter 112- Unseeing Eyes ago
Chapter 113- Envoy ago
Chapter 114- Rumble on the Mountain ago
Chapter 115- Broken Crown Keep ago
Chapter 116- Grudge Match!!! ago
Interlude before Arc IV ago
Chapter 117- Lost ago
Chapter 118- Darkness ago
Chapter 119- Midnight Suprise ago
Chapter 120- Blessings ago
Chapter 121- Blue River Throwdown ago
Chapter 122- Home Again!!! ago
Chapter 123- Meeting of Minds ago
Chapter 124- Planning a Downfall ago
Chapter 125- Unexpected Visitors ago
Chapter 126- Battle for the Wall ago
Chapter 127- The Spark of Surprise ago
Chapter 128- Ancient History ago
Chapter 129- Change ago
Chapter 130- Vaults of Wealth and Knowledge ago
Chapter 131- Swamp Thing!!! ago
Chapter 132- Recruitment, Price of Failure ago
Chapter 133- Uninvited Guests ago
Chapter 134- Friendly Visit ago
Chapter 135- Allies Request ago
Chapter 136- HI-HO, HI-HO, Its off to Work I GO!! ago
Chapter 137- Inside Man ago
Chapter 138- Refuge ago
Chapter 139- Back to Basics ago
Chapter 140- A day in the Life of... ago
Chapter 141- Chainbreaker ago
Chapter 142- Recovery ago
Chapter 143- Into the Pit ago
Chapter 144- Favor ago
Chapter 145- Rest and Recovery ago
Chapter 146- Resettlement plans ago
Chapter 147- Greater Harvest Market ago
Chapter 148- Troubled Waters ago
Chapter 149- Agents in the Dark ago
Chapter 150- Wheels within Wheels ago
Chapter 151- Planning Session ago
Chapter 152- Madness or Genius??? ago
Chapter 153- Infiltration ago
Chapter 154- Liberation or Damnation ago
Chapter 155- Conquest ago
Chapter 156- Expansion ago
Chapter 157- Live and Learn ago
Chapter 158- Another one bites the Dust ago
Chapter 159- Twin Fang Devastation ago
Chapter 160- Ghost from the Past ago
Chapter 161- Bar Room Brawl!! ago
Chapter 162- Unity ago
Chapter 163- Secrets in the Darkness ago
Chapter 164- Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 165- Political Dance ago
Chapter 166- End of the Beginning ago

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Good story hurt by rushed pacing/grammar

The story has an interesting concept and characters, but is hurt by poor grammar and rushed pacing. The first 13 chapters could be extended to about 20+ possibly thirty. Most of the issues the story suffers from are that events that should take several chapters are finished in several paragraphs, and the grammar exacerbates this issue further by making some parts lose context/meaning. My suggestion to the author is to invest in a grammar correction service like grammarly or possibly get a tutor/editor who is a native speaker/writer to proofread their chapters, and to possibly slow down the pacing. At 13 chapters in the MC has changed classes, gained an npc party, gained an alliance with an orc clan, killed a giant spider broodmother, stopped a revolt, been awarded a title and royal position, gained a Lich as an ally, and saved/allied with a kobold clan while putting down a 2nd rebellion. He has also told his RL friends in several of the best guilds in the game about his new race/class and locked quest and they have decided to join him. 

I hope the author can look back at the start of his story and the build up to the race/class change and compare the number of events to the following chapters. The pacing shift is massive and rewrites to adjust pacing/grammar could make this one of my favorites on RRL.

  • Overall Score

Great world. Mediocre Characters

As of chapter 97

I will get grammer out of the way first since I have the least to say about it. Grammer is decent for most of the story with the occasional hickup every once in a while. At some points in the a 'her' is used instead of a 'him' but usually by reading the rest of the sentence it is easy to know what the word was suppose to be.

Now for the good part of the story is the lore and how it was incorporated into the story. This story uses the lore from Dungeons & Dragons in its world building as well as some other vampire lore from different sources. The author has used the lore very well in his own story and it shows that he understands and knows how to make his own story apart of a bigger universe.

The author also has a verily good understanding of how the D&D world reacts in both the regular game and in a video game setting. The fights are not over the top in second by second detail but feel more like what they would be in reality(as in ourselves playing the game). 

So if the grammer is decent with the occasional mistake and the lore is well used why only a 3 star? The answers to that question all revolve around characters. This ranges from character(s) interaction, character(s) background, character(s) deveolpment, and what the character(s) think/feel about certain situations. Notice how I used () on each of those points? I did that for I feel the author is perhaps confused on the direction of the story. Confused might not be the best way it might be a case of the characters getting away from him. 

So to go with that point let me just say we barely know any information about the main charactor Jacob. I don't recall reading anything about his background. What kind of job he had. If he had any family in the real world. The only thing I recall is that he had at least four friends in the real world. Heck we know more about some of his friends' backgrounds then his. So far he seems to be really good at the game and was pretty much guaranteed a spot in a top ten guild once he hit a certain level. Why was he so good at the game? Was he once a pro gamer? If not what did he do for a living? How did he meet his four main friends who are also all members in different top ten guilds? How was he so easily able to switch from a ranger class to a knight class without any trouble? Sure his ranger class was a swordmaster but I doubt his ranger had experience with a shield or tanking(which he was instantly good at)? 

Character development lacks for the main character and those around him. At some times I feel that Jacob reacts like a normal person his age (guessing he is in mid to late 20s with him not being in school an having a friend he finished his tour in the military), but at other times he acts like a child(mainly relationships). He acts as if every one of his npc companions are the greatest thing in the world but we are not told why he feels that way. What it is about them that makes them so special or why he is different for thinking that way. Lastly, the reader barely knows about how he really thinks about having relationships with female npcs in the game.

So far I have only talked about the mc Jacob but once again I put (S) on all my points. The author puts a lot of focus on the female npcs that are with Jacob but once again we get no development or background with them. With how much "love" that is between them you would think that some in-depth conversations between them would take place. Once again someone could argue that its a game and Jacob doesn't need to know this but like I said Jacob treats them as if they are more then characters in a game. Since he feels that way there needs to be more development into their characters. This could be done by having simple talks in the story, having Jacob buy them gifts/take them out on dates, or even going more in the video game direction of loyality/love quests. Their is a need for more character depth and devolpent between the main character this group of women considering how often they interact with Jacob. 

For those of you who skipped to the bottum to sum it up the story has decent grammer, Great combination of D&D lore into his own story, but lacks character background, interaction, and development. Without these three elements for the characters in the story still makes it a decent read for the world but makes a world where the reader really doesn't care what happens to the character and the ones he is close to. 

Good luck to the author. Hope you take this as constructive criticism.


  • Overall Score

All is very good (5stars) but two "3-4 stars".

-there is an unique spelling.. I wouldn't really say spelling mistakes as they are mostly consistant... like "wisdem" .. :D

-the writing style sometimes seems close to an oral style, especially when describing actions.


otherwise the premises are interesting and while the characters are not developped much at the moment (chapter 8), we see a little bit of depth that is growing.


anyway: an interesting read.

  • Overall Score

Going by some of the reviews you would think they were trying to edit this book for publication and were pissed at the author. They should try reading some of the other stuff on this site. I personally am enjoying it a lot.

Is grammer perfect no, is all the spelling correct no, is it so bad that you can’t understand what the author is trying to say? Not by a long stretch of the imagination. (Yes grammar bad on purpose). 

The harem is done tastefully and the sex scenes are not overly long, graphic, or so often that that is pretty much what the story is about. 

The world is well built with good game mechanics. A good world history in the game and only lacking in world building and history of the real world and why the game has so much influence. 

The passing isn’t as fast as people seem to think. In reality his titles and alliances seem high and mighty but it is all from a failed kingdom that has very little power itself. His level hasn’t even gotten back to where he was at when the story started for goodness sake. 

Any way wel worth the read. 

  • Overall Score

Lot's and lot's of mistakes

While the story might be interesting, the spelling mistakes, grammar errors and flaws in the game mechanic are just too much.

I have the feeling the authors did not flesh out the game system in advance and the stupid premise (obviously taken from asian vritual reality novels) with guilds making money from games bla bla bla, the whole shebang, it is just plain annoying.

There is no game out there that works the way the game in this story does, it is poorly fleshed out and it just keeps hurting any reader who has a basic understanding of world building and RPG mechanics.

This book seriously needs a rewrite to address the flaws before the novel gets too far along to make saving it impossible. 

  • Overall Score

Interesting idea, subpar execution

The whole cocept of the story is interesting, even if not truly unique. It could have been something worthwhile if it didn't have unaccaptable grammar.


  • Repeats phrases VERY often in dialoges; the autthor keeps starting every second sentence whith "Now"
  • Dialoges are often barfed (if you read it, you will understand why I use this word) into a single pararaph without proper structure
  • Even when there is a description of things/events, the flow is quite bad and the syntax...
  • well, I could contionue but you get the idea

All in all, fun idea but to me it was unreadable because the grammar. I couldn't get past Ch.3 sadly...


  • Overall Score

Rushed companionship and quest's

I like the story but I just feel like you could have made it less rushed.

Spoiler: Spoiler
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Don’t sweat the details

This is a good story. It’s not a great story. It’s not a terrible story.

If you can look past mistakes in grammar, phrasing, misspellings, and inconsistency in names then you will find yourself really enjoying this story. To be fare the author is attempting to correct those issues but it is still something you will have to be ready to tolerate.

As others have noted there are a lot of elements that barrow heavily from D&D. I don’t feel that familiarity with D&D is required though. There is some good base building going on.

Ultimately this is a story about a man who is given an opportunity to be a leader and his quest to rise to the occasion. There are hellacious obstacles and mistakes will be made.

Time will tell how things turn out and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.

  • Overall Score

Deserving of Binge reading in ONE sitting

Very Good combination of Base building and Battle Scenes not found easily elsewhere in this (Virtual Realiy) genre.👍😍

Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score
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Really good story, a few grammar issues here and there, plus a few times where other words may be better suited to the sentence, but that is LITERALLY my only complaint. Everything else is great, there IS A POTENTIAL HAREM IN THE MAKING but it is well fleshed out with the harem having great charcaters who are interesting and funny, but still not annoying (very hard to do my friend). But yeah, you wont regret reading this (unless you hate violence, comedy, and/or video games)