Blood and Honor

by BloodneverLies

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Fate, such a small word with so much meaning. Also the name of one of the newest MMORPG with a Player base of 3 Million and growing. Since the introduction of the Visor and FIVR capsules people have been earning a steady income from working online in MMORPGs or various other online ventures. With a growing population around the world the masses needed another place to enjoy themselves and work.

Your Fate is your hands. You decide what you want to be. A stalwart Paladin in service to a Noble cause, a Warlock making Pacts with Devils and Demons, a Jewelcrafter that makes the best Jewels and Jewelry in the World, or a simple Inn Keeper the choice is yours.

Thats what the Devs described and that is what they deliverd with the game. For Kevin AKA Jacob Longstrider, it was a chance to turn his life around. Kevin had felt his whole life that Fate had laughed at him and spurned him, now he is going to learn that when Fate smiles on him, it's not much better. 

****I do not own the Pic, I did not create it. All credit of the PIC/Art goes to the original creator****

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Glossary ago
Prelude: A End and a Beginning ago
Chapter 1- Run Baby Run!!! ago
Chapter 2- Free and Clear, or Not... ago
Chapter 3- Legends come to life and a Deal is offered ago
Chaptor 4- Choices and Consequences ago
Chapter 5-Awakening and Clearing the Depths ago
Chapter 6- Awakening and Clearing the Depths Cont.. ago
Chapter 7-Blood is thicker then Water ago
Chapter 8- Creepy Crawlers and Rebels ago
Chapter 9- Lets talk about Bones Baby, Lets talk about You and Me ago
Chapter 10-Rebels, Blood, and Beer in that Order ago
Chapter Intermission-Talks and a BBQ ago
Chapter 11- Its all about the Bling ago
Chapter 12- Dysfunctional Family ago
Chapter 13-Gatherings and Politics ago
Chapter 14- Down with the Damned ago
Chapter 15- Spoils of Battle ago
Chapter 16- Home and House Managment ago
Chapter 17- Scouting the Dark ago
Chapter 18- Raiding the Raiders ago
Chapter 19- Knowledge is Power ago
Chapter 20- The Power of Oaths ago
Chapter 21- Fortress Antics and Growth ago
Chapter 22- Exploring the Iron Mine of Midnight ago
Chapter 23- Silver Mine and Greedy Goblins ago
Chapter 24- Grinding to 20 and Suprises await in the Dark ago
Chapter 25- New Hires and Dealing with an Apocalypse ago
Chapter 26-Fallout and Recovery ago
Chapter 27- Grove Problems ago
Chapter 28- Siege of the Grove ago
Chapter 29- Battle for the Heart ago
Chapter 30- Aftermath ago
Chapter 31- Instinct ago
Chapter 32-Sparring and Control ago
Chapter 33-Opening the Tomb of Dumathoin ago
Chapter 34- The Tale of Dumathoin ago
Chapter 35-Spiders Weavings ago
Chapter 36- POW Problems ago
Chapter 37- Punishment and Preperations ago
Chapter 38- Upgrades & Last Minute Plans ago
Chapter 39- Goodbyes and Encroaching Enemies ago
Chapter 40- Ineford, Recruiting, and Politics... ago
Chapter 41- Homecoming ago
Chapter 42- Homecoming Part II ago
Chapter 43- Shopping ago
Chapter 44-Dissapointments ago
Chapter 45- Broken Home ago
Chapter 46- Reckoning ago
Chapter 47-Politics and Parties... ago
Chapter 48- Diplomatic Relations ago
Chapter 49-Broken ago
Chapter 50- War Prep ago
Chapter 51- Alliances ago
Chapter 52- Hunters of the Dark ago
Chapter 53- Forging an Army ago
Chapter 54- A Gods Request ago
Chapter 55- Future Father In Law ago
Chapter 56- Silence is Golden ago
Chapter 57- Mending Fences ago
Chapter 58- Reality Check ago
Chapter 59- Gathering Storm ago
Chapter 60- Talks in the Dark ago
Chapter 61- Compromise ago
Chapter 62- Battling the Sisters ago
Chapter 63- Wedding Prep ago
Chapter 64- Wedding Reception ago
Chapter 65- Pillow Talk ago
Chapter 66- Just Being a Good Neighbor ago
Chapter 67- Infiltration of Fortress Ill'Gargon ago
Chapter 68- The Battle for Fortress Ill'Gargon ago
Chapter 69- Recovery and Plans ago
Chapter 70- Schemes ago
Chapter 71- Mustering Call ago
Chapter 72- Trust Issues ago
Chapter 73- Prelude to Battle ago
Chapter 74- Battle of the Narrows ago
Chapter 75- Celebration ago
Chapter 76- Call to Arms ago
Chapter 77- Titans Attack ago
Chapter 78- Meetings and Recovery ago
Chapter 79- Family Problems ago
Chapter 80- Talk with the Queen ago
Chapter 81- Talks ago
Chapter 82- Responsibility ago
Chapter 83- Royal Decision ago
Chapter 84- Proving ago
Chapter 85- The Dark Maiden ago
Chapter 86- Laying to Rest ago
Chapter 87- Clan Traditions ago

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Good story hurt by rushed pacing/grammar

The story has an interesting concept and characters, but is hurt by poor grammar and rushed pacing. The first 13 chapters could be extended to about 20+ possibly thirty. Most of the issues the story suffers from are that events that should take several chapters are finished in several paragraphs, and the grammar exacerbates this issue further by making some parts lose context/meaning. My suggestion to the author is to invest in a grammar correction service like grammarly or possibly get a tutor/editor who is a native speaker/writer to proofread their chapters, and to possibly slow down the pacing. At 13 chapters in the MC has changed classes, gained an npc party, gained an alliance with an orc clan, killed a giant spider broodmother, stopped a revolt, been awarded a title and royal position, gained a Lich as an ally, and saved/allied with a kobold clan while putting down a 2nd rebellion. He has also told his RL friends in several of the best guilds in the game about his new race/class and locked quest and they have decided to join him. 

I hope the author can look back at the start of his story and the build up to the race/class change and compare the number of events to the following chapters. The pacing shift is massive and rewrites to adjust pacing/grammar could make this one of my favorites on RRL.

  • Overall Score

All is very good (5stars) but two "3-4 stars".

-there is an unique spelling.. I wouldn't really say spelling mistakes as they are mostly consistant... like "wisdem" .. :D

-the writing style sometimes seems close to an oral style, especially when describing actions.


otherwise the premises are interesting and while the characters are not developped much at the moment (chapter 8), we see a little bit of depth that is growing.


anyway: an interesting read.

  • Overall Score

Interesting idea, subpar execution

The whole cocept of the story is interesting, even if not truly unique. It could have been something worthwhile if it didn't have unaccaptable grammar.


  • Repeats phrases VERY often in dialoges; the autthor keeps starting every second sentence whith "Now"
  • Dialoges are often barfed (if you read it, you will understand why I use this word) into a single pararaph without proper structure
  • Even when there is a description of things/events, the flow is quite bad and the syntax...
  • well, I could contionue but you get the idea

All in all, fun idea but to me it was unreadable because the grammar. I couldn't get past Ch.3 sadly...


Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Really good story, a few grammar issues here and there, plus a few times where other words may be better suited to the sentence, but that is LITERALLY my only complaint. Everything else is great, there IS A POTENTIAL HAREM IN THE MAKING but it is well fleshed out with the harem having great charcaters who are interesting and funny, but still not annoying (very hard to do my friend). But yeah, you wont regret reading this (unless you hate violence, comedy, and/or video games)

  • Overall Score

Deserving of Binge reading in ONE sitting

Very Good combination of Base building and Battle Scenes not found easily elsewhere in this (Virtual Realiy) genre.👍😍

  • Overall Score

It's a very good VRMMO story. Where the game seems to be genuinely balanced, the politicing doesn't make me wanna beat my face with a hammer, the harem isn't boring, the MC has emotions and personality (even if i dont like him all the time), the world is super interesting, the "God Drama" every story has is NOT STEREOTYPICALLY 'evil god of light' !! Which makes it so much more interesting!

Overall, im loving it. 

  • Overall Score

Lot's and lot's of mistakes

While the story might be interesting, the spelling mistakes, grammar errors and flaws in the game mechanic are just too much.

I have the feeling the authors did not flesh out the game system in advance and the stupid premise (obviously taken from asian vritual reality novels) with guilds making money from games bla bla bla, the whole shebang, it is just plain annoying.

There is no game out there that works the way the game in this story does, it is poorly fleshed out and it just keeps hurting any reader who has a basic understanding of world building and RPG mechanics.

This book seriously needs a rewrite to address the flaws before the novel gets too far along to make saving it impossible. 

  • Overall Score

Errors in writing, story is not bad

First up: Cons

- Needs an editor, or someone to read and correct spelling or incorrect words. Nearly every single chapter will have a couple larger confusions. For example, please stop using do when you should be using due. Lot of the mistakes are the wrong word being used because it sounds the same.

-Story is a little cliche and tropey. Harem and smut becomes large part of story.



Interesting content

Beginning of story is super engaging

Spoiler tags used to hide gratuitous numbers leaving story east to read for those not interested in cold logic numbers.