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Episode 2: Minamoto Yama Part 2


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[Yama and Aori return to their hut and bring the rest of the children their small portion of food for the day.]

Ranmari initiates a conversation in the quiet and airy room.


So Yama..."

"How do you plan on getting stronger?”


“I told you, I’m already strong."

"I’m wondering how you all are going to get stronger.” Yama replies.


Naname rolls her eyes at his comments.


Kidan replies.


“Well...I have been practicing my Snow Jutsu. I believe I’m pretty adequate at it.”


Ranmari cuts in.


You know..."

"I’ve never really understood Jutsu. Won’t you explain it to me again Kidan?” She asks teasingly.


Unenthusiastically Kidan explains.


“Jutsu is a form of art."

"And Shinobi use Chi. Which we are all born with, to manipulate the various elements of the world."


"This is called Ninjutsu.”

“Shinobi can even use Chi to conjure illusions, summon beasts, and even to strengthen one's body.”


Ranmari interrupts.


“But, where did Chi come from?”


Kidan sighs.


“I can’t believe I have to repeat this..."


"But according to the Sōzō (Scroll of Creation/想像). Chi was derived from one of the Preeminent Gods of Origin, Umashimiō No Kami.”

“He created the world and gave Humans this power."


"From the other Preeminent Gods, Takamimiō No Kami and Amenomiō No Kami, came Demons, Beasts, Spirits, and Goddesses.”

"Who fill the world today."


Ryukyuka and Ryukyuko look at each other as Kidan continues.


“Do you understand now, Ranmari?"



Ranmari happily replies.


“Thank you! I won’t forget again, I promise.”


Naname interrupts.


Great history lesson Kidan."

"But my Fire Jutsu is pretty strong right now. I can even burn Aori’s wood.”


Aori nods in agreement.


“Yup, she’s right. And we know just how tough my Wood Jutsu can be.”


Ryukyuka shouts.


“Yeah! Well! None of you can stand against big brothers Light and my Dark Jutsu!”


Yama retorts.


Pfft, please. We all know everyone would fall against my Sand and Wind Jutsu.”


Ranmari mutters.


“Stop guys...I’m feeling left out.” She lowers her head.


Yama replies.


“Oh yeah, those of Samurai blood don’t use Chi the same way Shinobi do huh?"


"Not being able to do Jutsu must suck.” Yama says, slightly joking.


Smirking, Ranmari replies.


“It doesn’t matter."

"You’d all lose against my Hoshizora Sword Style anyways.”


Everyone begins to laugh, Ranmari replies.

“W-what’s funn-”


[In the Inner Domain of the village, a certain Master Samurai is feeling slightly uneasy, he requests his lackey to retrieve his weapon. // While on the outskirts of the Land of Sword, various Shinobi can be felt concealing their presence, yet, not their bloodlust.]


Suddenly there is a loud explosion followed by a shockwave vibrating the ground. A bell sounded in the distance, and curdling screams are shouting from every direction in the village.




Yama looks out the window, to see a reflection of Hell. Immense flames rage on nearly every home within eyesight, burning it to cinders. Residents are running for their lives, screaming and falling at the hand of the enemy.


“WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!!!" Can be heard echoing the village.


"I-IT’S FROM EVERY NATION?!" The other howls.




Yama’s eyes widen in shock. He turns around and yells.




Shaken, Kidan replies. Attack!? From who?!


Everyone! They said every nation was attacking!”


Every nation??!” Naname interjects.


Addled, Aori jumps in.


“Every nation? Does that mean they’re all in an alliance? The Land of Rock(石の地/Ishinnoji), The Land of Ice(凍土の地/Todonnoji), The Land of Flame(炎の地/Hononoji), and even The Land of Air(そよ地/Soyoinoji)?!”


Ryukyuko and Ryukyuka begin to hold each other, Ranmari yells.


“We’ve gotta get out guys, or we’re going to die!!”


In the background, there is a loud crash and Mother begins to scream.


“Ahhh! No no, no, please don’t kill me!"

"Please... wait,"

"Take the children instead please don-


Hearing her words cut short, with a sense of solace, Yama takes control.


“Guys this is our only chance. We have to leave now!”


Ryukyuko replies.


“But how are we going to get out?”


Kidan looks over to Ranmari.


“Ra-chan you have to hide…”


Puzzled, Ranmari replies.


“Hide? What do you mean..."

"I’m coming with you.”


Calmly, Kidan replies.


“No, you can’t-”


Yama cuts in.


“I’ve been digging a tunnel underground for weeks now. It was for when we all decided to escape. We’re going to use that.”


Ranmari shouts.


“Why can’t I go! Why’re you trying to leave me!?”


Impassioned, Kidan replies.


You can’t go! The world outside isn’t a good place for those descended from Samurai, let alone a little girl."

"I just don’t want you to die... can’t you see that?”


Ranmari is quiet.


There is more crashing in the other room until a loud banging is heard on the door, Aori speaks.


Uhh guys, I think it’s time to go there’s someone coming.”


Yama presently leads them to his tunnel and performs a handsign. A hole directly appears in the ground.


Kidan begs.


“Ranmari, please! Please! Hide. We have to go.”


Ranmari stares Kidan in the eye as tears begin to roll down her cheek. She grabs ahold of his shirt, hugging him tightly before she reluctantly leaves to hide.


I love you Nakami Kidan...”


Touched, Kidan replies.


And I, you, Ousuji Ranmari.”


A Shinobi bursts into the room, and the children are spotted entering the tunnel. Kidan shouts.


Guys! We’re being followed!”


Yama yells.


“Ignore him! Keep going."

"I’ll close that section of the tunnel.”


The children continue to run as Yama closes the tunnel behind them.

Notwithstanding, the unidentified Shinobi quickly broke through it. By this time Yama had already dashed back ahead into the middle of the group. Towards the back, Kidan shouts.


“That didn’t work! I’ll try to slow him down!”


Kidan performs a handsign, summoning a thick wall of hardened-snow. But his efforts were nought as he was quickly caught, by an arm through the snow wall and choked by the Shinobi. Gasping for air Kidan cries.


“H-help! Help!”


Being closest to the back, Aori dashes down to save Kidan. However, she was easily deflected by a swift kick to the head. The Shinobi (who appears to have a Southern Village(南方里/Nanpoto) insignia) continues to squeeze the life out of Kidan. Nearing his end, Kidan lets out one last dying call.




Hearing this, Yama instantly pivots his ankle to turn around and move faster than he has ever before. For the sake of his friend, he pushes himself past his limits to save his life. As Yama approaches, he can see the life slowly leave Kidan’s body.


“I’m not going to make it.”


He thinks to himself, as he closes in on the Shinobi.

And just before he can make it, Kidan’s body falls slowly towards the dirt. Yama pushes himself harder and catches Kidan’s body before he can touch the ground, sliding past the Shinobi through their legs.

Looking down at him, Yama cries out in pain.




"Wake up! Stop playing, wake up!” Yama shouts as he shakes Kidan's body.


He looks over to the Shinobi in a fury, and to his surprise, the Southern Shinobi just is standing there, motionless. A drop of blood falls to the ground, and Yama sees a katana sticking out of the Shinobi's neck. Behind him, he spots a bloodied, teary-eyed, Ranmari.

He shouts.


“R-Ranmari! What’re you doing here?!"


"Aren’t you supposed to be hiding?!”


Ranmari replies.


“I heard Kidan cry for help..."


"I couldn’t just stay there and do nothing..."


"You guys did nothing! And look at him.” She cries.


"I told you guys you weren't ready!"


Yama retorts.


Tch, I tried my best..." He pauses.


"Maybe I do need to get stronger...but Kidan knows how to handle himself.” In an attempt to hide his shame and retain his pride Yama is quiet for a few seconds.


“Though, it’s fine now thanks to you.”

“Me and Kidan both owe you...thank you for saving my best friend, Ranmari..." He says in a heartfelt tone.


"But you need to go back now and hide!”


By this time the village leader of the Land of Sword, The Resplendent, Grand Lord Hanshu Suchiru had dispatched Master Samurai to subdue the other invading Clans.

Ranmari reluctantly leaves Kidan once again.


“Take care of him Yama!” She says in a severe and worried tone.


“I will.” He replies assuredly.


They split off, and Yama regroups with the rest of the children while Ranmari goes back to hide. Aori having already recovered was already up ahead with the rest of the group.


“Thanks for worrying about me as much as you worried about him. Yama.” Aori says in a spiteful yet joking tone.


Yama replies.


“It was a near-death situation; you know I would do more for you.”


Aori rolls her eyes in content.


“Mmhm. Well, that happened anyway?


Yama replies.




"Ranmari killed the Shinobi.”


Everyone stops after they process what had been said.


“Maybe that Hoshizora Style of hers is strong after all.”

Naname replies.


“I see...I guess I don’t want to be on her bad side, haha.” Aori laughs.

[They continue running and eventually make it outside the tunnel. The children are finally beyond the encirclement that they have, been locked behind their entire lives. For the first time since their arrival at the orphanage, the children have finally made it outside their prison, the Land of Sword.

They all look back at the city ablaze and sit in silence wondering if Ranmari is alright, reflecting on all the memories they shared in the village.]


Naname breaking the silence says.




"Now that we’ve made it out... I’s time to go our separate ways.” She averts their gaze.


Surprised and worried, Yama replies.


"Separate ways?..."


"I thought we all were going to do this together?”


Naname replies.


“I said I would follow you for now."

"And anyway, my talents can only be honed in the East, at The Land of Flame. While yours is best suited to the West, in the Land of Rock.”


Yama retorts perturbed.


“T-that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want you to leave..."

"We can get stronger together!”


Kidan jumps in.


“She might be right Yama..." He pauses.

"I’ve been thinking about it too, and I can only make the best use of my talents if I go up North. To the Land of Ice..."


He places his hand on Yama's shoulder.


"Don’t worry Yama. I’m always going to follow you..."

"'Til death remember?"


He looks to Yama with resolve in his eyes.


"But we need to get stronger the right way first.”


Yama is completely silent before Ryukyuko speaks.


Well, since we’ve been banished from the Land of Air by our Father. We’ll be going with you anyways, Yama.”

Ryukyuka nods in agreement.


Aori places her arm around Yama's shoulder in an attempt to appease him while she speaks.


“Don’t worry Yama, you know I’ll never leave your side." She smiles.


"Let them go and get stronger. It'll make everything easier for us in the future.”


Aori's words reach Yama as he deduces their plan to be the most logical decision. Despite that, however, Yama is still speechless, he looks over to Naname; before speedily walks over to her. Without a moment of hesitation, Yama reaches out and hugs Naname tight.


“I’m going to miss you, Nana-chan.” He says with tears in his eyes.


In a tender tone, Naname replies.


I’ll miss you too, Ya-kun.”


A pool of tears rolls down Yama’s face, while an ear-piercing bell can be heard clamoring in the distance.


Kidan cuts in.


“Okay guys, I don’t know what that means but maybe it’s time to go.”


Yama sighs harshly.


“You’re right..." He pauses.


"Farewell guys..." Staring them both in their eyes, he chuckles.

"Don’t die, okay?”


Kidan and Naname reply.


“Don’t worry. We won’t.” They say with an assuring smile.


[Presently after the heartfelt goodbyes from the children, Ryukyuka can be seen bawling together with Naname as Ryukyuko, Aori, and Kidan say their sentiments. The emotional separation of the Mighty Six is underway as they all begin to run off in their destined directions.]


In the distance, Yama shouts.




From afar, Naname can be heard shouting.




[The children have finally separated, after spending most of their lives together. Succeeding the eight-gruesome years they spent living under the ghastly rule of Mother, the group painfully splits. With half heading out West, one to the North and one to the East; intending to hone their skills. As they hope to one day see each other again; to bring peace to this war-torn land under one.]

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