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Episode 1: The Beginning Part 2


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Two long years after the Alllurid's coronation as Demon Lord, Mukō finally breaks free from the clutches of the now-dead Monono.

Waking up to an empty bed and eerie silence, Mukō spends no time running out the door.


Leaving the room where he spent two, unimaginably-harsh years of his life tortured, raped, and abused. He wastes no time looking back and immediately runs down the empty hallways. Escaping outside, he sees pools of blood on the ground and heaps of Demon corpses stacked, in the distance.

Paying it no mind he continues to run South once he leaves the residence, the grounds of the estate are still silent.


With no clear idea of where to go, he hopes he can find another town to rest in.

Malnourished and injured, Mukō spends two full days running Southward until he enters a quaint village and collapses.


Hours later Mukō wakes up in the same spot and looks around weakly, widening his eyes in disbelief, he cries.




The town is abandoned, and Mukō finds himself in a more profound misery than before, losing his shred of hope.

At that moment, a thought suddenly races across his mind, and he remembers what the silhouette had said.



"Hope Does Not Exist."



Snapping out of the trance, Mukō lifts himself with sheer willpower and enters one of the abandoned houses.


Looking around, he spots a slightly-molded-old piece of bread and a murky bowl of water.

Despite starving, he gags before taking a bite out of the food, only to nearly spew it back up.

After acquiring any scrap of nourishment he could get, Mukō falls asleep.


He wakes up in the morning slightly more energized and still in need of treatment, he decides to leave the abandoned town taking what little torn food with him.

Mukō travels for three days further South, and despite his long, open journey, Mukō was surprised that he had not run into any other Demons the entire time.

His luck soon changes as he arrives in a bustling city brimming with Demon life.


This is the first time in his life that he has seen so many in one place at one time.

Mukō stands there in awe.


These actions make himself noticeable very shortly, and he quickly catches glances from the surrounding Demons. All of them stare at his long, pure-white hair.


[White hair is a characteristic explicitly known to the Goddesses.] 


Feeling uneasy, Mukō leaves his initial location and cluelessly walks through town searching for help. He is met with hateful and sinister stares from passerby's, no one wants anything to do with him.

Walking further down the street. Rocks, sticks, and feces are thrown at him.


Mukō angry, shocked, and confused shouts.


"Stop! What're you doing?! Don't you know who I am?!"


He starts running away until his face is slammed into a door outside of what appears to be a bar.

A group of 5 bipedal Demons varying in looks and sizes stroll out of the establishment drunk and rowdy.


Staggered and sensual, the leader of the group speaks.

"Well, well, what is this here? You're quite the beautiful sight."


Hearing those words roll off his tongue, Mukō is abruptly reminded of Monono. Without a moments thought, he instantly turns around to run. The leader of the Demons catches him before he can take off, and smirks wickedly.


"Where are you going?"


The Demons proceed to kidnap Mukō and drag him around back behind the bar. Feeling nauseous and fearful, Mukō continues to struggle for freedom, he screams.




Mukō is gripped by the neck to keep him from screaming; he widens his eyes as looks to his attackers horrified.

The leader of Demons whispers in his ear.


"We're going to have fun with you."


Mukō is harshly slammed into the ground and is savagely gang-raped by the 3 of the 5 Demons. Repeatedly penetrated from his mouth, down below his back. The demons take their sweet time, slowly thrusting into Mukō. Before they hurriedly speed up.


As this is happening Mukō is reminded of the two years he spent under Monono.

He lays there motionless carrying a blank expression, as he listens to the vulgarities spewed by the Demons while being struck in his face and abdomen; spanked around, and rearranged.


Having learned how to cope with his previous experience, Mukō stares into the sky and closes his eyes.



He is met by no one.


Mukō decides to do something he never thought of before; he prays to the Goddesses for help.

Opening his eyes, he lays there, quiet, and empty. Seconds that feel like days and minutes that feel like weeks pass before Mukō suddenly sees a light.


The radiance becomes palpable and comes closer to him, only enough to discern it to be two Goddesses clad in chiffon-stained garments.

Mukō let's out one last cry for help. 


He makes eyes contact with one of the two Goddesses above him. They continue to stare at each other as they move until...Mukō realizes how much of a fool he has been.



The Goddesses leave him.



Mukō closes his eyes once again and begins to accept his fate.

Thinking to himself, he cries.


"That's it....I've had it....why is this happening to me again..."


"Why did any of it happen to me at all?!"

"Is it my hair? My eyes?!"


"Is it because I'm beautiful?!!"


"Because I look like a Goddess?"

"A Demon?"


He rants hysterically.


"Why did no one help me all this time?!"

"Why have I been all alone, all this time?! ..." He takes a long pause.




"They're the reason why my life is like this."


"They did this to me..."


"My Father..."


"That man..."


"Even what's happening right now... it's all the Demons fault..." Mukō is silent.


"I'll kill him I swear it!!"

"This is all his fault."






"I wish he never met Mother! ..."



"Mother..." He pauses.



"The Goddesses..."


"They abandoned me as well... what about love and virtue?"

"Why wouldn't they help me... why would they just look at me and leave..."


"They're all the same. Demons, Goddesses, all of them, the same."



Mukō finds himself at the lowest point he's been in the very short years of his life.


His soul has become a void. And darkness now rules his heart.



At that moment, Mukō accepts a hopeless world, deciding that everything is wrong.


He sits there immobile. Wallowing in his darkness.


Suddenly, it dawns on him.


Who he is, who he really is.


" Mukō..." He says almost as if talking to someone other than himself, pausing for a moment.


"Unfortunately, I was born to the Demon Lord Alllurid..."


"However, primordial blood runs through my veins, the very first of Demons."


"No matter how diluted by this Goddess blood."



"I will remake this broken world!"



"Not through hope and inaction but power and death!"


"All who wronged me will fall..."

"I shall rule both Heaven and Hell."


"In my vision, like no other being before me..."


"This is my purpose."

"This is what I want..." He finishes triumphantly before his voice fades off.


Following Mukō's horrific and afresh situation, he is startled when he finds himself awake in a bed wrapped in bandages. Looking above him to his right, he sees a tall woman with hair like an inferno. Analyzing closer, he notices her skin looking similar to his with her face appearing sweet.


Dazed, Mukō asks.

"Where am I?"


The woman replies.



With slight relief, Mukō asks.

"Am I dead?"


The woman replies.

"No...I don't think Demons go to Heaven when they die." She chuckles.


"So I'm alive then?!" Mukō's eyes fill with tears.


For the first time in years, he exhales in ease. The woman immediately introduces herself to be Irie


"Yes! You're alive!" She cheerfully replies.

"I found you defeated and bloodied as I was returning here."

"So I decided to pick you up!"


Mukō cracks a smile.

"Thank you for saving me..." He coughs.


"Just as I was accepting my fate..."


Mukō suddenly falls asleep after ushering those words and wakes up two days later feeling renewed.


Irie enters the room.


"You're healed for the most part." She smiles.

"What are you going to do? Do you have anywhere to go?"


Happy to see her again, but with a stern face, Mukō replies.

"I'm...going to get revenge on all those who wronged me..."


He switches his tone.

"And... I'm going to make this world a better place..." He says shyly.



Hearing these words, there is a small glint in Irie's eye. She attempts to tell advise him against revenge, but it is to no avail.

A week passes helping Mukō finally feel slightly normal for a little while.

A peaceful month flies by and, Mukō finds himself feeling free and happy for once in his life. Elated for being able to live with the woman who saved his life. The warm month made Mukō feel like everything he had previously been through was worth it. 


[However, because Demons aren't allowed in Heaven, Mukō was being hidden by Irie the entire time; unbeknownst to him.]


One day Mukō decides to leaves the house after being kept inside for a month. Around him, he could see the radiant glow of the Heavens, as it filled the air and the very fabric of the Realm.

Below his feet, he stands on the greenest of hills, surrounded by fluffy-voluminous clouds. A cool breeze strikes Mukō on his face and runs through his hair.

Before this moment, Mukō never left the humble tree-like home, simply because he had no reason. Now, he finds himself especially curious about the Realm of Heaven.

He dashes off in a Westward direction, and down a hill. His arctic-white hair, unconfined in the breeze.


At the base of the hill, he can see more slopes varying in sizes and colors in the distance; all unique in their own way. Mukō stares in awe. 


His moment of serenity is briskly interrupted by a thunderous shout.




Mukō quickly turns around startled. He can sense the animosity oozing from the two flying beings above him, who appear to be guards.

As Mukō turns around, the first guard focuses on his face and spots two small horns of darkened crimson. They make haste.


Mukō hurriedly runs back to Irie's house as he screams for help. Irie hears Mukō yelling and leaves the house, seeing him chased by guards in the distance.

She runs toward him, and they soon meet up together.


"Help! Help!" Mukō collapses, yelling in crippling fear from his past traumas.

"They're after me!"


Irie grabs the shivering Mukō and guards him behind her. She shouts at the guards.





"As workers of His will, we must be compassionate to those different from us!" Irie adamantly states.


"Leave, at once!"



Despite her thunderous spirit, her efforts are fruitless as both guard's spears quickly impale her without hesitation.


The first guard speaks.


"Tch, dumb bitch."

"She knows better than to harbor a foul Demon in the Eminent Realm of Heaven."


The second guard stabs Irie again and speaks.


"Haha, yeah the broad and the runt should know better, don't you know your kind isn't allowed?"


"Filthy Demon."



Mukō is horrified at the scene and death of the woman who was like a mother to him. True maternal love, was struck down right before his eyes.


Irie coughs as she holds down their weapons with her last amount of willpower, she yells.


"Go! Run! You must live." She coughs.

"I-I see hope in you..."


"Hope for a better world..."


Mukō pauses.


Upon hearing those words, his mind at that same moment screams, "Hope Does Not Exist."


He pulls on Irie & cries.


"No! I won't leave you..."

"Let's go!"


Irie pushes him away.


"Run! *cough* Now!"



A bounty of tears avalanches down Mukō's cheeks as he unwillingly leaves Irie.

The angered guard shouts.


"Agh! fucking bitch."

"You let the rat get away."


The guards remove their weapons from Irie's lifeless body and begin pursuit of Mukō. Running as fast as he can, in a few moments Mukō reaches a giant-gaping pit of darkness spanning off into the horizon.

He hears the guards incoming.


With no knowledge of this bottomless pit in front of him and having no other option. Mukō hesitantly jumps down the Hole of Heaven.

The second guard speaks disappointedly.


"Damn, the rodent got away..."

"So much for our fun." 

The first guard replies.


"Yeah, well whatever. At least the vermin is dead."


The guards quickly leave considering the issue to be over.


Mukō wide-eyed and awake is steadily plummeting down a dark void.


The Hole of Heaven.


[The Hole of Heaven is the exit in which Goddesses are thrown from when banished for their sins, and dubbed Fallen. The descent from Heaven lasts 12 years. And those who fall, fall conscious the entire time. Trapped and only comforted by their thoughts.]


The Hole of Heaven is used to banish heretical Goddesses to make their way to Sen'na; the Human world, and to arrive on its continent.




Unknowing of such a passage, Mukō aimlessly and frighteningly makes his long way down into the Human Realm. Feeling some sense of relief from all the chaos, Mukō closes his eyes and his mind to rest as he falls further and further down into the pit.

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