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[This is a tale of creation.]


Prologue: Root


Within the dark-matrix of an empty realm, three forms of consciousness phase into the meaningless domain, propelled by a continuation unknown, from a higher dimension.


In the beginning, there were three—Amenomiō No Kami, the Creator of Breath. Takamimiō No Kami, the Creator of Emotion. And Umashimiō No Kami, the Creator of Energy.


Clad in radiating-white fluorescence, the three preeminent divinities frolic blissfully, around and within the void. Completely unaware of the meaning of their existence. They clasp each other's hands, as they begin spinning around, laughing joyfully.


However, even in this perfect matrix. Mistakes can happen.

And in a sublime instance...



Umashimiō slips.



Seemingly on nothing; yet, dragging everyone down with.


An abrupt and incorrigible rage engulfs Takamimiō's very essence.

Nameless trauma triggers him to kill Umashimiō, striking his hand through the right side of his chest where his heart lies.



Amenomiō is in a stunning shock and unable to move, as she gapes at them both.



Umashimiō is befallen and distraught, his body appears to lay flat on the emptiness of the realm.


Takamimiō stares down at Umashimiō with an unoccupied leer and cackles.

Umashimiō looks to Amenomiō with blackened-blood dripping down from his mouth onto his chin as he smiles.


Soon, Umashimiō dematerializes, phasing out into the fabric of the domain.


With the physical entity being purged, Umashimiō leaves behind an energy or "Chi 気" which is then bound to the newly created realm materializing from his mind, body, and spirit.

Shortly many astrological bodies begin to form stretching into infinity; the first being in front of them.


Dumbfounded and displeased, Amenomiō strikes Takamimiō in the heart, yanking out a piece of his soul and fleeing instantly.


Takamimiō decides not to chase her, but instead, the wrathful God chooses to explore this freshly forged world in front of him.



With the creation of the world, came time, and with time, a year passes.



Amenomiō still hasn't forgotten what Takamimiō has done.

She cannot live without Umashimiō and she cannot allow Takamimiō to live.


Amenomiō promptly faces Takamimiō on the planetary body of rock that was birthed from Umashimiō.

She looks towards him, witnessing him enveloped by hate, fear, and desire in the ugliest way.


Assured of his evil, Amenomiō quickly tears off Takamimiō's forelimbs and flings them across the globe at high-speed. Takamimiō returns the favor by swiftly kicking off her legs posthaste, sending them flying in the opposite direction.

As they both yell in gaping agony, Amenomiō pins Takamimiō down with her arms, while Takamimiō grabs her with his legs.


[During the year that passed, Amenomiō was severely overtaken with the death of Umashimiō. After what appeared to be months of contemplation, Amenomiō decided to create beings in his likeness; so that he may live on in some way.]


Immediately, Amenomiō punctures Takamimiō with an unyielding bite on the neck.


Takamimiō begins to cry out in immense-exaggerated pain. Wailing, and flopping around like a child.



With a moment's hesitation that felt like an eternity. And with a sliver of regret carrying a heavy heart...



Amenomiō cleanly and quietly tears off Takamimiō's head with her teeth, while instantly detaching the rest of his soul.




It's silent.




Amenomiō has completed her retribution to Umashimiō, but now she has found herself even more fraught than before. She is suddenly confronted with the starking realization that she is now the only being in existence.


After sitting idle for some time, Amenomiō quickly regains sight of her mission and begins shoveling deep into the underground of the new world with her right hand.


Holding Takamimiō's head and body in the left, Amenomiō ultimately makes it as far as she can go.

Deep into the fresh pit, she buries Takamimiō's body at the foundation and crawls her way back up to the surface.


Reaching the ground, Amenomiō readies herself for the final installation of her plan. She sits gracefully as she raises her right hand to pull her soul out of her chest. At that same moment, the ethereal form of Umashimiō becomes present.


Umashimiō informs Amenomiō that the flesh of both her and Takamimiō which flew across the globe have sprung life.



From the legs of Amenomiō, beings of love, justice, and happiness were born, aptly named, Goddesses.

From the blood that spewed across the skies. Enigmatic beings of presence, bewitching apparitions, aptly named, Spirits; filled the skies and threads of the world.

Lastly, from the arms of Takamimiō came Beasts, comprising various animals, mythical, and mystical creatures, beings to inhabit the land.



Umashimiō vanishes forthwith carrying a smile.



Amenomiō is filled with a whim of glee learning that Umashimiō lives on and of the new beings that were brought into existence. Nevertheless, her resolve is firm and despite no longer being alone in the world, her journey remains.


As Amenomiō digs into her chest and grabs hold of her soul, she is met by the Goddesses, and the Beasts, as the Spirits watched from the interspace.


They all gather gawking in awe and in stillness as she holds both the souls of Takamimiō and herself.


The atmosphere resounds and begins to pulsate as the souls merge.


Amenomiō then places the merged soul within herself, and without a second thought, she lifts her speared left-hand and strikes herself through the temple.  


Immediately, the decapitated head of Takamimiō eyes open to reveal a pitch-black void, it begins to shriek with a petrifying tone, causing the air and the ether to oscillate furiously.

It could be felt and heard the most, in and throughout the depths of where his body is buried.




In order to beget life, life must first relent.




Soon, beings harboring the Wisdom of Amenomiō No Kami, the Emotion of Takamimiō No Kami, and the Spirit of Umashimiō No Kami; aptly named, Humans will be born.


Amenomiō lays beside the head of Takamimiō as her death sires a new chapter in Genesis.


The body of Amenomiō takes a millennium to decompose and become the beings she so desired. Throughout that 1000 annum, the Goddesses have retreated themselves into their domain of Heaven. The Beasts have ruled over the lands, and the Spirits have aimlessly lived mysterious existence.



While the corpse of Takamimiō, fed by the wrathful and indignant screech, gave birth to beings previously unseen.


Climbing for hundreds of years, to a higher level of the Underworld. The beings who named themselves emerge.








Demons begin to rapidly inhabit the Underworld, and steadily creep into the overworld.


During the commencement of Humans, a vibration is felt throughout the realms calling every being to witness the onset of human existence.


From the body of Amenomiō, 7 Humans were born.


Unaware of themselves, they were left at the clemency of the beings present.


The Goddesses decided to divvy up the Humans, giving every group a Human to do with what they pleased; whether to eat or to raise.


4 Humans were taken, one each, by the: Spirits, Goddesses, Beasts, and Demons.


The beings take their beloved Godchildren and depart without delay, leaving 3 Humans to fend for themselves.



Ones who will give rise to the beings embodied by the three original existences.







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