First of all, to every one of my fans, I'm sorry.

I should have probably posted this a long time ago, but I guess the same thing that stopped me from posting new chapters, stopped me from posting this one. As you might have expected, real life issues got the best of me. Even prior to this long absence, I already had quite a bad reputation for stopping and dissapearing for long spans of time, only to abruptly start back over again. But this time was different.

I guess if I were to say something, then the main reason why I stopped updating was because of two things; real life issues and the quality of the story. The pressures of college got to the best of me, and I eventually found myself running out of time to write new chapters. There were also a bunch of other things involved, but I won't get into that. The other reason, and probably the most important reason was my feelings regarding the story. I am disatsified with the direction that the story was heading towards after the end of the school dungeon arc. I don't know if any of you know this, but I did try to start writing again with a new story, but that also fizzled out and I stopped updating. Truthfully speaking, I had a lot of things planned out. While they weren't too fleshed out, I already had the makings for three, four arcs that were about the same size as the first arc (After School Dungeon), but the start of the second arc really took away my passion.

it did not go exactly how I planned it out. And the more chapters I wrote, the more I lost my motivation. I wanted to so desperately rewrite it but I was plagued with the thought of whether or not I could have improved it or simply made it worse.

Regardless, I won't make excuses for my actions. This was completely all on me.

Just like how the story started, it's the start of summer break for me, and I'm planning on doing something that I've always wanted to do. I am going to rewrite CNW and try my hand at self-publishing it. I know that I've already made similar claims that I would do this in the past, but it never came to be. I'm trying again. For everyone who followed this story and enjoyed it, I'll try my best to not let it end this way. I know that a bunch of you have pm'd me regarding the status of the story, so I guess this is my response.

Regardless of what happens, I probably won't be posting a new chapter on RRL in probably ever. If I do successfully get the whole self-publishing thing off the ground, then I'll make another update on here. At the time, I'll think about whether or not I'll compeltely purge the chapters. If you don't hear back from me, then that probably means I failed again.

And for those interested, regarding the self publishing thing, I plan on releasing it in serials. 30-50k installments, mainly because the arc is too long to contain in one, even three books. I'll also change around some details (hopefully improve it), such as giving a few characters new names to better fit a western audience. I already have an idea of what I want Hide's new name to be, though I don't know whether it will be any good or not yet.

I'll also answer some questions if you guys have any.


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