Change: New World

Change: New World

by Lv1Slime

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

A young man who's lived his everyday life with bitter pessimism suddenly gets his world turned upside down by what he calls, """"The world's most untimely apocalypse"""". Despite all the new dangers that came with this unexpected situation, he has so far managed to avoid death, ruin and whatever else the world decided to throw at him. Unexpected development after unexpected development, danger after danger, situation after situation, will he survive this **game** of life and death? 

I will be posting a chapter a week. (No chapter this week 2/11/17)


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Table of Contents
125 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Summer Cicadas ago
Chapter 1: Hand to Toilet Combat ago
Chapter 2: Status ago
Chapter 3: Countdown ago
Chapter 4: Dungeon ago
Chapter 5: Person ago
Chapter 6: Idle ago
Chapter 7: Plan in Motion ago
Chapter 8: Farming ago
Chapter 9: A Meticulous Hunt ago
Chapter 10: Goblin Commander ago
Chapter 11: Making the Best of a Bad Situation ago
Chapter 12: Operation:Fear ago
Chapter 13: Goblin Hunt ago
Chapter 14: On the Way Back ago
Chapter 15: Recovery ago
Chapter 16: Unique Magic Skill ago
Chapter 17: When the Night Comes ago
Chapter 18: What Lies in the Dark ago
Chapter 19: Reminiscing ago
Criticisms, Suggestions, and Skill Ideas ago
Chapter 20: Awake ago
Chapter 21: Proposal ago
Chapter 22: Trial Run ago
Skill List ago
Chapter 23: Perspective ago
Chapter 24: A Meticulous Hunt Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 25: Exploration- Start ago
Chapter 26; An Unexpected Complication ago
Chapter 27: Frozen Heat - Initiate ago
Chapter 28: Frozen Heat - Attack ago
Chapter 29: Frozen Heat - Dark Room ago
Chapter 30: Frozen Heat - Fighting Blind ago
Chapter 31: A Futile Effort...? ago
Chapter 32: Skill Book ago
Chapter 33: Familiarity ago
Chapter 34: People ago
Chapter 35: Abrupt Encounter ago
Chapter 36: Calm Before the Storm ago
Chapter 37: A Question Better Left Unasked ago
Chapter 38: A Bit of a Disappointment ago
Chapter 39: Planning ago
Chapter 40: Bitter Determination ago
Chapter 41: A ____ Reunion Part 1 ago
Chapter 42: A ____ Reunion Part 2 ago
Chapter 43: From Now On ago
Chapter 44: Building A Home ago
Chapter 45: The Importance of Comfort ago
Chapter 46: Luring and Baiting ago
Chapter 47: Hunting and Processing ago
Chapter 48: A Taste Long Forgotten ago
Chapter 49: One Sided Negotiations ago
Chapter 50: A Contract with the Devil ago
Chapter 51: The Start of a Long Process. ago
Chapter 52: An Unexpected Gain ago
Chapter 53: The Unexpected Grace of a Genius ago
Chapter 54: Team Work ago
Chapter 55: Trust and Truth ago
Chapter 56: Once More, Crafting ago
Chapter 57: Descent into the Darkness ago
Chapter 58: The Things That Lurk in the Dark ago
Chapter 59: Progressing Forward ago
Chapter 60: Bomb Shelter ago
Chapter 61: Secret of the Passage ago
Chapter 62: Daily Life in a Dungeon Part 1 ago
Chapter 63: Daily Life in a Dungeon Part 2 ago
Chapter 64: Monster Subjugation ago
Chapter 65: Monster Subjugation Part 2 ago
Chapter 66: Daily Life in a Dungeon Part 3 ago
Character Status Window Update 1 ago
Chapter 67: Blood Spills in the Dead of the Night ago
Chapter 68: A Fight with your Life on the Line Part 1 ago
Chapter 69: A Fight with your Life on the Line Part 2 ago
Chapter 70: Aftermath ago
Chapter 71: Midnight Massacre ago
Chapter 72: Mimic at Midnight ago
Chapter 73: A Nightmare of Shadows ago
Chapter 74: Rendezvous ago
Chapter 75: Stumbling into the Dark Part 1 ago
Chapter 76 Stumbling into the Dark Part 2 ago
Chapter 77: The Library ago
Chapter 78: Bait ago
Chapter 79: Archive Meeting ago
Chapter 80: Exodus ago
Chapter 81: Isolation ago
Chapter 82: Complete Clean Up ago
Chapter 83: Planning and Preparation ago
Chapter 84: A Shield For Her to Wield ago
Chapter 85: Hanging by a Thread ago
Chapter 86: The Day Before Part 1 ago
Chapter 87: The Day Before Part 2 ago
Chapter 88: Battle with the Dungeon Boss ago
Chapter 89: Epilogue - Dawn of a Changed World ago
Arc 2 : Chapter 90: The Wake of Desperation ago
Chapter 91: The Courtyard after 2 months ago
Chapter 92: Treasure Trove ago
Chapter 93: Rushing Manticore ago
Chapter 94: Confrontation with the Manticore ago
Chapter 95: Waking Up ago
Chapter 96: Recovering ago
Chapter 97: Spoils of War ago
Chapter 98: Reunion ago
Chapter 99: A Little Bit of Selfishness ago
Chapter 100: While You Were Gone part 1 ago
Chapter 101: While You Were Gone Part 2 ago
Chapter 102: Self Inflicted ago
Chapter 103: Getting Back on Track ago
Chapter 104: Extraction ago
Chapter 105: Against the Tide ago
Chapter 106: Escape ago
Chapter 107: West Road ago
Chapter 108: Hierarchy of Power ago
Chapter 108.1 ago
Chapter 109: Too Late for Regrets ago
Chapter 110: A Drop of Blood ago
Chapter 111: Idle Days Part 1 ago
Chapter 112: A Dying Resolution ago
*Chapter 113: Strength Assessment ago
Chapter 114: The Port by the Sea ago
Chapter 115: The People of Kagetaka ago
Chapter 116: An Extravagant Dinner ago
Chapter 117: Rice Paddies ago
Chapter 118: There’s no Rice in the Rice Paddies ago
A long overdue update ago
A short not so overdue update ago

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Let me just start by saying that I'm new to this site, and I read untill cp 21 (out of 102 at the moment), and I really enjoyed the story. However, there is alot of room for improvement. So, contructive criticism time (something this site seems to be lacking):

Story: The reason I keep reading this. A refreshingly dark take on the whole "my life became a game" trope, with unique and seemingly well thought out twists like the equipt skill. 

Style: The reason I almost quit this about 3 times. A profesional story editor would cut about 40% of what i have read (for the last chapter I read, cp 20, about 80%). From being overly descriptive to sometimes even repeating yourself, it can be difficult to get through some of the story, and chapters dealing with human interaction are particularly awkward  (I hope this changes later in the story).   

Grammar: You should consider getting a beta, the story has quite alot of grammar errors. It's readable though, and while grammar is important, its not the most important part of a story. You also seem to use some words you do not understand. If you are reading this, you should really ponder about your use of the word "lament". 

Characters: I really like the main character, but then again, I always loved anti-heroes. The thing that makes me drop most stories is a lack of character development, but story seems to have it in spades (20 chapters and already some character development). However, the side-characters are sort of meh. This may be because of your awkward "human interaction" chapters, but they are kind of boring. 

So, overall, like the title says: good plot, bad execution. The grammar is not so bad, but I really hope the style improves as the story goes on. Don't get me wrong, its a great story, but rating it 5/5 is ridiculous, and if an author thinks his/her story is perfect, he or she will never improve.  


Fantastic story with a more realistic take on surviving in a new world

If I had to pick one aspect alone for why I enjoy this story, it’s the MC. Hide follows a realistic mindset in an unknown, yet hellish, world. If you want to survive, surround yourself with people that are useful. He realizes and understands that attempting to tackle a world he knows precious little about will inevitably get him killed because it’s simply impossible for him to cover all of his own weak areas. As he gathers allies that he can use for this purpose, he does what’s necessary to gain power himself whilst safeguarding against potential betrayal by making aforementioned allies reliant or otherwise loyal to him.

However, despite all of his craftiness, all of his manipulativeness, he still has his limits, his humanity. His title might be that of [Psychopath], but he’s not an inhumane monster, eager to butcher everything in sight for the experience. He’s simply doing what he feels would benefit him most in the world, and what benefits him tends to benefit his allies as well in the long run. Hide is by far, in my opinion, the most interesting character in the story. Seeing how his mind works, how he processes things, his decisions, his ideas, it’s engaging.

His humanity has been put on display especially in the more recent chapters (as I am writing this Chapter 78 was recently published). His actions are very clearly emotional in addition to his usual logic of "my allies are useful to me, therefore I will defend them." It's clear he's become, on some level, attached to his usual companions beyond their inherent value in this crazed new world, even if he prefers to not show it. It's interesting to see this side of him, the side that attempts to be cold and calculating whilst at the same time holding some odd sense of camaraderie and friendship with those closest to him. I hope this side of his personality gets some time to shine, in-between fighting for his life and attempting to be the leader, or at least take command over, to a slightly larger, slightly more dysfunctional group.

The pace of the story is also something that I quite enjoyed. It’s slow, it’s methodical, it covers its bases. The issues of food supply, bathing, acquiring skills and grinding levels, etc etc, it’s all gives a vibe of being very thought out and well planned. Nothing is just written as “They did this and that and this and that was it, everything was solved”. There’s a certain level of forethought that goes into the character’s actions, a reasoning given for why they’re doing what they’re doing. I like that, the level of detail the author gives. Like I said, it’s slow, but it’s the good kind of slow. The type of slow where everything’s explained and made sense of before the protagonists advance to their next task.

The one demerit against this story is the sometimes spotty grammar. Misspelled, or otherwise missing, words can break the pace and immersion the story gives, requiring the reader to re-read a line two or three times to get the meaning the author is trying to convey. Other than this slight blemish, this story’s fantastic. I’d gladly recommend it to someone looking for a long read and I hope the writer continues it until the end.


Only 12 chapters are out at the time I write this review so my opinion may change in the future.


So far I really enjoyed this fiction and I'm impatient to see what's going to happen next to Hide.


The story happens in a RPG-like world but instead of the MC getting transported/summoned to this new world, the world itself comes to the MC in the form of the appocalypse. I kinda like this Shin Megami Tensei vibe the story has.


Speaking of the MC, he is one of the strong points of this fiction so far. He is normal in a good way, he acts like a normal person would in those situations. When he makes a mistake you're not thinking "Why the hell would he do that?" but more "It's a shame that plan didn't work." because his thinking process is understandable and grounded by logic.


We didn't meet a lot of secondary characters so far and the few that we met were not given much "screentime" but I hope they will be fleshed out more in the future.


I didn't encounter any spelling mistakes/grammar errors so far, I'm very thankful for that, those things can really put you out of the story and break the immersion and flow of reading.


The only tiny problem I have with the fiction so far is that the chapters are quite short. The chapters are getting released very quickly (1 chapter per day) so it isn't that much of a problem.


Overall I love this fiction and I recommend it.


After I finished reading this story to the last updated chapter, this has become my favorite FF and I can't wait to see what happens next.

What I lile about this story is that even without an ultimate goal for the MC to strive for and is still just adjusting to the Apocalypse, this web novel stays exciting with each and every chapter. With the characters and setting, I can see this FF going plus 500-1000 chapters, not coming close to the final battle, yet each chapter would be interesting enough to draw you back in without getting fed up. 

My only concern is how the author changed his style to be more wordy than necessary and focused to much on pointless things like walking up or meaningless mental dialogue.

Great Web Novel you have here and hope you continue the good work.


I really enjoy the whole idea where the world shift to the apocalypse with a game like theme. It lets Lv1Slime keep his protagonist on earth and insert game elements in a unique way that doesn't seem too forced. Grammar has no noticeable mistakes. Character seem interesting but they could use a little more info although it seems like we are being kept in the dark about background info for some reason. There are various unique skill and i can't wait to learn more of them.


FTaku out


Great story, poor character power progression

The story is very interesting. It greatly reminds me of a Chinese novel (God and devil world, basically the same setting, without being as game-y with dungeons)


All in all it's a good story, the main growth opportunity point of the story is that character, specifically skill growth is fairly poorly handled. 


Every time you show stats the skills just take a seemingly completely random value, most of them don't seem to be growing at all. Then suddenly one chapter will say: 'I also leveled up [x] skill because I've been using it a lot'


It's a bit of a lack of organic growth, rather than skills constantly improving with use they seem to just have random bumps in power that have no foreshadowing at all. 


I would greatly recommend the author to check out some VRMMO series that handle this properly. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor for example. That clears the concern of a skill raising ranks too quickly which I imagine is a concern the author might have, since right now skills seem to be divided in [Beginner] -> [Medium/Intermediate] and I speculate -> [Advanced] -> [Mastered] or something along those lines.


I understand that when your skill progression is like that assigning a percentage and letting the skill rank up would quickly lead into a power creep situation, or a gap between skill levels being underwhelming to preserve balance which is why the author is taking it slow.


However it might be a good idea to subdivide the skill levels into something like 10 ranks:


  1. Beginner[1]
  2. Beginner[2]
  • Beginner[...]
  • Beginner[10]

Congratulations! Your example skill reached Beginner [10] and reached intermediate level!

Something along those lines. As of now the character growth seems slow, which is reasonable, but subdividing, or at least allowing percentages to grow and showing them constantly would give a better sense of 'the character is getting stronger', or 'An upgrade is coming! Get Hype!' as opposed to now, where the character progression all in all seems a bit stagnant. From when he fought goblins to now the only thing I feel has concretely gotten stronger is the ability to attack weak spots, I know he's faster but it's poorly represented, I know he's stronger but so are his enemies so the stuff he can do stays roughly the same. This leads to a feeling of stagnation. 



Do not take the criticism above as lack of endorsement, I love this series, and my main wish is for it to get even better, which is why I wrote this.  


If the author of the story happens to read this, please do not lose heart at what I've said, I truly like your story, and I think you have the potential to make it even better. 


just read 13 chapters of this Novel and i must say it has alot of potential, it can be something great if done correctly. the writer has a whole new world to start with and even a potential other world connected to the person who change the world. i am looking forward to this FF.


This has flaws and is not the best written story on here but it was one of the first I read on this site. It was new and fresh to me at the time and really enjoyable.

Hope you are doing well author, come back sometime and say hello. Even if you arent writing anymore.


While I have only read up to chapter 14 at the time of this review, I honestly think I know enough about the story to actually rate it. While there are spoilers I'm not gonna mark them because let's be honest it's not even that far in to actually matter or have an impact.


First off the MC is a complete and utter psychopath, almost none if any choices he has made up until this point have made any sense or in any way deemed to be realistic for what scenario he is in.  He is way to calm period, literally, the first thing that he sees when the entire world goes crazy is one of his teachers dead and mangled in front of him by a monster, does he panic or freak out, Nope absolutely not and just casually glances around bidding his time and luckily escapes, What about when he enters a classroom with dead corpses of kids in his same grade, nope absolutely nothing same with the girl he met two seconds before entering the room. Don't even get me started with Operation FEAR. Instead of like most people who are trapped in a room with free exp who would just grind until they are strong enough this man thinks the best idea would be to literally torture and disfigure the dead bodies of, let me add, sentient monsters to inspire fear in the group of the same monsters keeping him locked in the room. Keep in mind this kid is 17 years old and as far as any reader knows, has had no experience or reason to do any of this.

Adding to this list is the combat. Apparently, despite only learning martial arts a long time ago he can perfectly wield not only a knife but a bow as well. No reason or explanation is given just for some reason he could expertly handle both weapons.

Lastly the skill system. How it works and what's actually a skill I have no idea. The author doesn't tell you at least not at this point. For some reason, him skulking around a dungeon for hours doesn't give him any sort of stealth skill but him mutilating a dozen or so corpses gives him a skill in monster anatomy. weapons skills don't exist either surprise surprise, or he would have gotten one from all the killing he's been doing with his knives. It just doesn't make sense.


same thing , cliche about a little japanase dude (it is ambiented around okawa) , in apocalipse where he has to level up , there is  the same cliche girl, the shy one, the mature one, the little psycho brat who is called boss, etccc, i started reading  thinking it was setted around occident , but nope classical  oriental japanese apocalipse, i kinda of have read to much of manga and lightnovel, i'm filled for years of japanese ambiented works. not for me.this is a matter of preference, if you like what i listed above then you may enjoy this.