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[I am you] little leech voice again sound in Domeric mind like if telling the most obvious thing.

"Me?" Domeric instantly exclaims as what it said doesn't make sense in his mind.


"Why you are me?" It takes a while for Domeric to process but eventually, he asked.

[I am your blood, your soul, and your life...] The little leech raise his eyes only to see Domeric confusion all over his face.

"F*ck, what that means, can you talk my langue at least" Domeric start curse as if this was the only way he could find to disperse his ignorance on the matter and his confused mind.

[I am.... ]

" For f*ck gods talk like a human... at least with your mouth," Domeric said as every time the little leech voice sound in his brain his sanity seems to fall down a piece. It freaks him out.

"What I am even I is not sure. But I just feel like a part of you... like if I see the blood and soul the gave me life... Like if I see my father" Little leech voice sounded like an eteral being that just had been born of the very magic itself.

"Part of me... That's not the same as me, and you came from a leech" All felt a bit surreal to Domeric. So he starts talking with little leech as if he was trying to find any things were off.

"I came from no leech, but born from your blood, and grew from your soul." Little leech.

This kind of conversation lasts for a while. Domeric was still not very convinced about this thing borning out of him. For Domeric was like if he was being scammed and for little leech was like convince his father to accept him.

"Prove" Domeric

Domeric was a bit skeptical about this. For him is like if it was seen a trap with a sweet magical bait in front of him. Although Domeric didn't understand how magic work, but he knew it wasn't a fairytale.

"Give a sword" Little leech said after he had thought for a while.

Domeric looks at him for a while, but eventually reach for his sword only to find that he forget it at the bathroom, so he went to ask it for the guard sword outside of his room.

"Ok, didn't he say that.. Oh my lord I need your aproval on..." The moment Domeric open the door he says Tybald then turn himself to talk to the guards.

"Not now do what you want.. You give your sword" Domeric instantly stop Tybald words as mind his more concern with something else and just point to the guard for a sword.

"Bamm" When Domeric had received the sword he closes the door so fast that it shakes a bit it frame.

"What now?" But Domeric didn't give the sword to little leech.

"Cut me" Little leech seen that Domeric didn't have any intention of giving him the sword he just extends his arm to Domeric.

"But cut lightly" add little leech at the end.

'What if I put it through your chest first'...Domeric though for a bit. but then he was curious to see. Where the little leech gave Domeric a small glance but eventually stayed quite.

"Sssh" With a little slash he cut a small wound in the little leech wrist.

"Hmm" Domeric frows his eyebrow as he sees a thick dark miasma flowing out of little leech wound at his wrist. But the wound didn't last long as he could be seen by the nake eyes slowing healing.

[Look at your wrist] little leech voice sound in the Domeric mind broking him from the trance of seen the wound healing by itself at the naked eye.

"Hmm" But when Domeric eyes fallen in his arm he was even more shocked. Without he even feels there was a wound in his wrist as if it his skin had decided to magically open itself.

No pain no blood there was what most puzzle Domeric.

"Ok. Ok. Now what next" Domeric by now had practically given up on making sense to his mind and go with whatever came out.

[I am your blood] " so I am your skin your flesh" By now the little leech had completely healed and the miasma slowly dissolving into the air and contaminated with a bit of blood aroma.

'What if I had... ' Where Domeric body shrugged he didn't even have the courage of think about putting the sword through the little leech heart anymore.


'F*ck it' After a long moment of silent Domeric seem to come to a conclusion.

"What can I do with you" Domeric, for now, decide to accept this like a naive child that was surely baited whit some high grade sweet. He decides to just go with the flow and a magic flow at that.

[You can...]

"Stop that, it is creeping me out" little leech voice was interrupted again in Domeric mind.

"Everything that my lord wish" little leech said.

Listen to this Domeric cast his eyes more carefully at the little leech face. The thick lips that when he pressed together seems like a piece of art, and the pointed nose that seems to perfectly fit into his face giving a strange symmetry and beauty to it.The big round eyes that seem to be most hid under the eyebrows given an impression that he was constantly sizing something. But the color seems wrong as it was so pale that one more tone less it would be completely white, with only a heavy little black dot in the center of it.

'For god's sake, ' Domeric almost screamed when his eyes had fallen down to little leech body.

"There take some clothes" Domeric point to the wardrobe that was almost indistinguishable from the room corner.

The little leech gets up and walk to the wardrobe and pick a casual clothing that Domeric like to use.

Domeric cast his eyes again to size him. Somehow it resembles his old self (Eddy) and him now (Domeric). But with a bit of magical touch to it has he cast his eyes to little leech rainbow dred hair that seems to grow slowly.

"How do you talk him my mind" Domeric was about the ask about the rainbow dred hair but he considers this more important.

[Easy You..] " You just need..." Little leech stops himself from talking directly to Domeric mind and then start to explain to him.

Domeric after a lot of experiment had come to how it works. Talking to little leech his like talking to one of his limbs. It is like if was commanding his limb but instead of commands were signals or words so to say.

[Oh... thi..s... seems to work] But there was a tricky part, that was to identify the limb. But eventually he found a trick to practice with, that was to touch little leech so he could identify it.

"Uff,...How do you not get tired" But talking directly to the leech mind seems to consume him heavily, so he couldn't help but ask.

" This is not tiresome, it just that it seems unnatural to you, " the little leech said

"And it natural too you? Didn't you say that I am me or you are me... Or you me, or... Whatever something like that" Domeric mind seems to web was he try to remember little leech words.

"You think of me as a broken limb, instead think of me like your shadow and you are commanding it" little leech as if reading Domeric mind start analyzing and a presenting solution.

[Ok.... stil...t ...same] Domeric start doing as little had told him. But still, he couldn't get a better result than touching little leech directly but now he could feel less tired by doing so.

"Oh, nice. move right... now randomly" And he found something new too. This way, thinking of the little leech as a shadow he could feel the location of him easily


[Now resolve this. sqr root of...] Domeric made a lot of experimentation eventually coming to it. The little leech mind seems very developed to the point he starts comparing with some genius of his previous life.

'What if he decides to turn against me and dominate my mind.But that was not made him became unceasing

"I won't do that" The little voice sounds as if answering Domeric worries.

"YAh..." That was one of a little leech deck of seemly hiding abilities. He could access freely to Domeric though and memories it seems.

For a person that use his privacy to keep eyes out of him in his previous life career. Completly accessing his memories and though he felt like being deprived of his free mind.

"Still can not find a way of blocking yourself from reading it" Domeric.

"Still very dificult, it was like I am trying to block myself from thinking" Little leech voice sound very sincere and powerless.

This was another thing that freaks Domeric. Little seems as a natural actor that born to play as he perfectly could simulate behaviors even emotions it seems, just as if it was natural to him.

"Sigh" Domeric just sigh, as if anything he could do about it was a sigh, accept and move on. As the option of put sword to little leech heard was like doing it to himself.

Although the little leech seems to be a god given present he sees all this as a bad thing. It was just like if his life was now divided into two and the probability of he randomly dying went up a notch. And he his worrying if it may happen again furthering leeching in his barely little life.

"hh, It already dark" Eventually he shakes his head trowing thing that he didn't need to worry about now.

"Ok, let's go eat Little Le" By now Domeric had officially named it as Little Le as Little Leech seems to long and weird to be called in from of peoples and this name just felt right to him. although Little Le was anything but little was he was almost 1.90 meters high.

The moment Domeric and Little Le had walked out of the room the four guards cast a doubting eye onto Little Le. They had stood the entire time outside and didn't even seen He walking in at any time. But their eyes were more puzzle with Little Le hair colors and what could probably happen with Domeric and Little Le all this time alone in the room. But eventually only they eyes move as they soon tossed everything out of their mind and follow close by Domeric side.

"Ha ha ha." But barely walking to the hall stair he had become out of breath as if he had been put too long marathon.He found it strange, although Domeric wasn't a bodybuilder, but his physics was well built by his(Eddy) standers and simple walking this distance from his room to the stair wasn't enough to tire him out. So he just put the blame on today events.

"Forget, you guys send someone to bring me something to eat" By now he was so tired and hungry that he even forgot about being paranoid.

Not waiting long the food was soon brought to the Domeric room.

"You choose" Domeric wave his hand to signaling Little Le that he was free to choose while he stops holding himself back and stuffs his mouth with some cheese and bread.

"I don't feel like can eat any of this," Little Le said shaking his head to Domeric.

"Ok just tell me what you can eat and I will send to get, " Domeric said carelessly as he trow mite every time he opens his mouth.

"Hmm" Little Le seems to though for a while as if even he wasn't sure what he can eat.

"I think that only my lord soul could satisfy my hunger" Little Le said with a kind of an apologetic and sweet tone.

It didn't matter how much sweet voice would the Little Le make. For as it would arrive at Domeric as a creepy old man calling a young boy as sweet that could satisfy his 'hunger'.

"F*ck don't talk like that..." The first time it sounded in Domeric it sounded as dirt as it could get.

"What... MY SOUL... Cough, Cough" But eventually the real meaning sink to Domeric. And at the same time, the already swollen cheese and bread seem to decide given him a hard time.

"Sure it wasn't all sweet" After some time Domeric had recovered from the shock that almost chokes him.

But eventually, Domeric shook his head, casting his eyes to Little Le and slowly and carefully chewing his food. With his mind drifting with uncertainty


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