Domeric gets up from the bathtub and walk to his sword close by and went in the direction to the death leeches bucket. He would normally stick his sword in it to give a rough impression that he had killed it himself and no abnormal dead. Although he is the lord but Domeric (Eddy) had learned that a caution man lives longer or in less trouble.

"Hmm" Righ, when he was about the stuck, his sword in it he could see a faint movent on the bucket that the leech was supposed to all dead from sucking his blood. He decided to take a better look. After a minute or so he could not see any movement so he gave the bucket a little kick.

This time he could see the movement more clearly. He got curious so he stuck his hand in the bucket trying to capture the force of his curiosity.  Domeric could easily identify it and grab.

It was a leech but compared with normal leeches and evens the deads mutant leeches. The leech in his hand is shorter than normal leeches and completely white brows skin almost like his skin color but a ton darker.  But the most bizarre was the four limbs that had form in its body.

A breeze of air swept through the bathroom. Domeric wanted to analyze it close but feeling the thread of could air in is body he decides to get himself dressed up and change place first.

So he hurriedly dresses up the already prepare clothes and heading out of the bathroom. He didn't even cast his eyes had the guards that seems to be a little confused by the Domeric rushes.

"Don't border me or let anyone in no matter what" Domeric said to the guards a little gasp and shut the door with a bang.

Domeric let the leech free in his palm hand so he could see it better. The leech move slow as if it didn't have much body strength left and start giving a death bread.

Domeric saw this he momentary gave his finger for it to suck, but completely against with the Domeric expectation, it didn't react even when it was poked.

"What it is... what it happens with it " But this only makes his curiosity grow. But there is a thing in particular that makes him more curious about it.

"It felt... familiar"  That the strange breath of seeing something that you had seen you're entire life with. To be more precise something like he had lived with for all existence and somehow he had a feeling of stick it to his chest.

"Humm" Domeric note a peculiar movement from it. Ever time he put it close to his chest he could become a bit more active as it seems to try to walk to his chest.

Domeric decides to bring it to his chest. Although he was still somewhat wary of it but his curiosity and the familiar breath had taken the better of him.

The moment the little leech as Domeric start calling it close to his chest he seems like a starving beast had founded it's paradise and initially stuck his jaw to Domeric skin sucking blood.

But amazingly the leech suck just a little and seems like completely disgusted with the blood. Domeric sees this he strange but start to strange it even more as the leech seems to want to crawl to his middle of the chest where his skin is still red.

"So that what you eat," Domeric said to himself with a bit of pleasure as if his worries were short-lived. Although he still a bit wary but the first experiment didn't bring him any harm so he decides to put it to where it was pointing his jaw too.

"Oou" The moment the leech stuck the jaw onto Domeric chest he could swear that it felt a bit violent. If somehow Domeric (Eddy) could compress his previous live size to Domeric size, the place where the 3 bullets had it strikethrough could be compressed to his center of the web crack scars.

The leech starts to freely suck the blood out of Domeric chest. And Domeric had noticed a bizarre thing happen. His rough skin starts to shrink slowly but he could still see it.

"Yes," He uncousinly gave a cheer to himself.

"Humm" But monetary things seem a bit off. Domeric could see that the leech had grown up to 4 times its size and it starts to act weird. Although the entire leech weird.

The moment the leech felt full it start to curl around himself and form something like a cocoon around itself. The cocoon form with could be compared to a chicken egg but it shell seems flexible as it is constantly growing.

The entire process happens in front of Domeric eyes. He felt like if watch nature on steroids as everything happens in speed completely perceptible by normal eyes.

But the most amaze or bizarre thing was still to happen. The cocoon was completely stuck to his and growing.

"HhH" Domeric felt that was time to intervene as he thinks that curiosity had taken the better of him and let it come to this point. But he felt his body not responding to his command as if it had been disconnect.

'Haha, reborn just to being sucked dry. haha'. At this moment regret to start feeling regret and a the same jokily to himself but mostly regret. He felt that he was too careless and not cherish his second life enough.

But his body stayed immobile as if backed to a womb. Domeric heart completely stops literally, he felt like if his soul is being sucked out of him and with a sharp pain, like if it being pocket with pointing jaws. But somehow he felt relaxed as if ever sharp pain is some nasty thing being removed from him.

"tumm" Any strength Domeric had completely faded and his body like a puppet that had is string cut he went lump to the ground. His head hit ground sending is already dim conscious out.

The cocoon on Domeric chest didn't seem affected by the fact that Domeric had fallen unconscious as it continues the suck him and grow.

 But it seems to suck something different from blood or else by the size it has now it would have suck Domeric blood dry by now.

Sometime later it had stop suck, its was now the size of Swiss Ball. But it was still stuck to Domeric chest. It cocoon shell seems to harder.

"snap" It cocoon soon start to show signs of a crack. At the beginning was one but with time it starts to spread till the crack cover the entire cocoon.  Then the entire cocoon shell seems to crack by itself as it starts to crack to the size of the sand grain, then falling to the ground. From the very beginning to now roughly one hour had passed.

After the shell had fallen down a humanoid could see on top of Domeric. The humanoid was still at with its head at his chest.  But then he raises its head and raises from the top of Domeric staying by his side.  

"Crunch, Crunch" In it mouth, it seems like it was trying to masticate something with it tooth like fangs. Then he spits it out to it's his hand to see it.  If Domeric could see what that thing spit out he would his mind would completely give up common sense as it was a bullet, 3 to be more precise and it even came out of his chest.  But the humanoid creature just to it again to its mouth and swallow it in one go.

Fast forward about 1 hours Domeric wake up. The first thing he noted was that the cocoon that was stuck in his chest had vanished but a strange white powder was covering almost all part of his body.

But then came a terrible headache like if he was trowed to a grinding machine. then he turns his head to the bed that was just a step from him and instantly falling asleep on top of the bed.

Not even notice a pair of eyes watching. It wasn't like he didn't notice but as if his brain was ignoring it like when the brain ignores the nose.

Then sometime after Domeric wakes up. The first thing he did was record all thing that had to happen today, from the reunion he had to the bizarre leech. But he fell a gaze falling on him.

"A..." Domeric almost gave a scream like a little girl being chased by some monster. But he then stops himself before the sound could completely run out of his mouth. He didn't give a scream calling for the guards as he felt again the familiar breath.

Domeric instantly turn his head to see. There, by the bed corner a faces so beautifully that could catch the heart of both men woman with hairs that curls itself forming a dread thick as an adult finger. But each thread of dread had atoned of color different ranging from white to black. But there was a dominance of red and blue. Its skin was pure with like snow but there some dark red line all over its body like a web crack. He could not identify if it was a woman or a man.

"You are you" But the thing didn't answer him.

"What are doing where..." Again only silence followed.

Domeric mind immediately starts getting paranoid as he gets up from the bed and tries to gain a distance first. Although he felt that familiar breath but he is warier as the little leech didn't turn out to be a good experience.

"Humm" Domeric instantly stop at the bed border.
"Little leech"  He felt moment he thinks of the little leech his mind seems to make some kind of connection.  

[My lord, my lord] the moment the connection was established he could hear a voice constantly raging in his mind as if he is thought to himself, but he clearly felt it wasn't him.

"This is you" Domeric turn is head to little leech while pointing his finger to the humanoid and at the same time doubting his sanity.

The little leech just shake is head to Domeric question.

"How can... from leech to man" Domeric still doubt his mind as he roughly rubbed his eyes and question what he sees.

"Calm down, calm down... you are lord now. " Domeric start to consort himself.

"This can only be magic. Yah Magic."  The only explanation that Domeric could come to as the obvious one. There is magic somewhere in this.

"You... Explain" Domeric now could only turn his head to little leech for an explanation.

[Yes, my lord] the little leech directly said to Domeric mind.

[I am you] little leech voice again sound in Domeric mind

"Me" Domeric instantly explain as what it said doesn't make sense in his mind.


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