Domeric calmly walks through the hallway of the Dreadfort in the direction the main chambers with two guards by his side, one of then being Walton and the other being Nage a small and round a man that has sworn to House Bolton.

"bang " the door went open with a bang as it completes open and Domeric entering in.

"Lord Bolton "The guards by the door side kneel on saluting Domeric. It wasn't just him trough as more four people kneel saluting Domeric. Domeric wall to the armchair or the trone of this castle so the say calmly as it was a normal thing for them to kneel.

"You may raise" Domeric said after had seat on the main chair of the chamber with Walton and Nage by his side.

That right Domeric had raised to power in the House Bolton becoming the lord of it.

"Sigh" Domeric gave a small sigh.'It is been almost moon ' he made a note in his mind. In Westeros time every month is marked by the moon, he had quite a hard time understanding it and get used to it but eventually, he did. And now it was the third moon of the year.

After Domeric had killed Roose, he as a trueborn son of the previous Lord Roose Bolton so Domeric was next in line to become the next Lord. Although his mother could become the next lady of Dreadfort. Domeric was getting to like the idea of becoming the next lord of Dreadfort and combine with the last words of Roose his paranoid mind had finally had take shape not trusting much even the flesh he wears so he poisoned his mother flesh making him officially the only person to take the rein of House Bolton.

Of course, he didn't kill his mother on the same day. That would be too suspicious, so he locked her in her room and fed her poison two days after killing Roose saying that was a fever.

Domeric, when he had killed Roose the only person present, was Walton and Nage. Walton loyalty to House Bolton was unquestionable, when he said the sword through the Roose Bolton he was quite surprised, but after seeing the Roose dead body he immediately fell on his knee swearing lealty to Domeric. And with the captain of guard-man taking control over Dreadfort was pretty easy. Then Domeric sends the news out with the raven to the neighbor lords and his vassals land of House Bolton.

When the news was sent out through the ravens about the Roose dead alleged from the bad belly and Domeric being the next Lord of Dreadfort and House Bolton, it became quite a hot topic in the north as the next lord would be a barely consider grow up man. But when he sent the news about Bethany dying from fever after Roose dead people start thinking that the situation is too fishy as too much thing had happened at one go

Some people start suspecting that Roose and Bethany were killed going far as thinking that even Domeric had something to do been. Even some thinking of Domeric as a kinslayer.

They said that a person that kills their blood becomes a cursed by the gods, a kinslayer they say. But Domeric believes that technically he didn't kill his blood has he believed that he is in some kind of gray area as they are kind of his blood and not at the same time.

But still, none of the rumors emerge as House Bolton as no small house so most of the people whispery about it would die in their mind as they didn't want to become enemy with a powerful noble house like the Bolton just because of some theories. Even the overlord of the north, the House Starks had open an eye and close another as they didn't have any proof to do anything. And that would have something to do too with the fact that Domeric was known to be a sociable or a 'nice guy' some would say. But eventually, some would found out the contrary of it.

So this how Domeric came to be the new lord of House Bolton. And of course, not everything went perfectly some more dead went on the castle so to make some things secret. And of course, Reek was on one of them.

After Roose dead, all the lesser lords vassals of his territory came to Dreadfort to give their condolences and congratulation on their new lord together with their pledge. Of course Domeric aunt Barbrey Dustin had come too. She arrived shortly after the death of Bethany and stayed for 3 days before departure to her territory. She gave full support to Domeric as Lord Bolton.

There was a person that Domeric very much want to see death and that was Ramsay. Although he had come to power but still maintain a high alert against him. But because it would raise several questions about his brother disappearance just after Domeric had come to power so Domeric choice the smarter way by sending Domeric to the Wall and later call him back to his death.


And now before Domeric stand a two maester. It used to be Uthor was among one of thus that needs to be silenced as he probably knew something and that is too much for Domeric.

So Domeric sent a request for two maeters from the citadel. And they arrived about 6 days ago and pledge their service to the Lord of Dreadfort. And of course, they aren't cheating as he sent a 2,000 gold dragon as an sponsorship to the citadel.

The other two people in the chamber of course not counting the guards. Where one of them being the maester of Raven at the castle that is responsible for attending the Ravens and Tybald the new head chef of the maester in the Dreadford.

"Begin the report," Domeric said as he turns his head to face maester Tybald a black-haired with a bald spot on top and round-shouldered a chubby man some would say. He wears a heavy gray pelt to match is his grey robes.

"Yes my Lord " Tybald hasty his spet getting in front of Domeric.

"After my lord order, we proceed to count and organize the matter of your grace territory. " Tybald said while opening his book to read something.

"I went to the accounting of previous years taxes and we really estimate that by year we get around 10,000 in gold dragon, with 3,200 coming from the taxes by the smallfolk , around 5,200 from the copper, iron and  rock salts and the rest from other diferents sources"

"The vault of the castle contains about 134,548 in gold coin value, being 53,357 in gold dragon coin and the rest bien in silver and copper coin," Tybald said with a voice like if remembering the torture he called count coins.

In Westeros the most used form of money used is coin made from precious metal, with the most common being the gold dragon coin then the silver stag and the copper penny. One gold coin is equal to 210 silver stag and with 1 silver stag been equal to 56 copper penny and in turn make one gold coin being equal to 11760 copper penny.

In Westeros, a gold dragon is most used by nobles and merchant and as peasants or like the then nobles call them 'the smallfolk' is very difficult to have and even see it in their lifetime. A gold dragon coin can buy a horse and 3 copper pennies can buy a loaf of bread.

"And about the number of people on your territory, we can place the number ranging from 60,000 to 80,000 and it very difficult to get a concrete number my Lord, so we calculate by how much an area can accommodate people" Tybald continue is reporting.

"How about the army" Domeric as very eager to hear a complete survey of his military forces as this would symbolize how much a person would think before trying to mess with him.

"Oh about that.... in a moment my lord," Tybald said as he scrambled through the documents.

"Ok, here it is.... Currently, my lord territory posses an arm of 4,000 men that swore fealty to the House Bolton, whit 1000 been cavalry men 500 bowmen and the rest been spearman and sword men divide in a regiment, and my lord can also raise about 3,000 men by calling the vassals of your territory, although that would require some time to do it"

"And the expense annually in the arm is around 8,000 gold dragon by year, that is spent on food for the men and the horse, weapon maintenance and soldier salary."

"And was my Lord know your territory is divided into four great regions. The bigger is the Dreadfort by the Weeping Water, then the Overton of House Overton of Overton, the Ethering House Wells of Ethering and the Highpoint House Whitehill of Highpoint." Then Tybald went on telling the vassal house of the House Bolton territory. Tybald also went on to report some small matter. Then Tybald gave a small bow and set himself to the aside.

'Been a lord his nice, and undoubtedly better than being a peasant. And even better not a small lord' Domeric stays seat on the throne with all the eyes looking for him but they will eventually wait for a bit more as Domeric mind his given some thought to something that he didn't deem necessary to worried about before.

'But eventually, war will come.'

'I just need to survive the violence waves off and then it would be fine, I just can seat in my fort with thousand may guarding me, and just bend the knew to whoever came with the must big arm and then I just need to survive... the winter .... and the white walkers. At the lasts thought, he made a frowned face.

'F*ck, fuck, ' Is mind start coursing somehow he started to wish that he was a peasant at the other side of Westeros at one of the free city. He knew unconsciously that he has to deal with it no overlord would be happy if they go to war as his bannerman sat a home taking an afternoon nap, no food will fall from the sky to fill his belly in the winter and the white walker wouldn't spare him even if he bends his knee probably.

'Sigh.' Domeric gave a small mental sigh as he knew that eventually, he would have to bend to something if he wanted to live.

'To I really have to bend' He like very much to live, but live with his knee folded into a knot didn't seem pleasant to him, and no overlord would like to ruler vassals. It was set that he was bound to be dealt with if he becomes unruled and combined with the fame of the House Bolton no getting along with their ruler would only worsen the thing out.

And then there are the problems with food for winter. Although he could get through the winter probably half of is peasant wouldn't survive out of the winter. And then there is the with the white walker and that went out without say.

'Power ' Eventually Domeric came to a solution, and an easy one. If he has power people would bend the knee instead of him. If he has the power food would grow up even in the heart of winter. If he has power the withe walker would burn to ash. If he has power anything that stud in from of him he would.

"BURN IT ALL" Domeric said this word in such dreadful voice with a majesty energy that seems as if gods was set the rule in stone.

"gush.." The words spoken didn't go unnoticeable in front of people that are present as it stuck them with dreary and at the same time of it being inviolable.

Domeric cast his eyes on them but didn't explain his word as his mind is thinking a way to gain power

A note from patrickborg

By now i have set my mind. I will write this as an exercisy for my inglish and get used to come up with contruct, logical and fun (or at least to past the time) story. And in this story will uses as base three version. One the book of "Song of Ice and Fire" two the TV series and tree the TellTale Game.

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