"Tomtom" Knock sounded from the door.

"Come in," Uthor said with his elderly voice.

"I heard that you wanted to see me maestro" Domeric push open the door not wait much after for the replay.

"Yes, I want to talk to you... Come seat " Uthor raise is shaking arm pointing for Domeric to seat down.

"So did you find something about what I asked you" Domeric not even caring for formality went directly to what he came for.

"I went to some of the old books about medicine and search it carefully and could only two poison that fit young lord description...." Uthor said it with slow tone.

"Come on don't let me wait " Domeric was starting to getting impatient with Uthor.

"Quite impatient had you become, isn't it" Uthor then continue.

"The two poison I found that fit the description is the 'unknown kiss', not much is know about it except that it victims would die seven days after had ingested not knowing when they were poisoned. But I don't think it could have been it was is recipe was lost with the Doom of Valyria" Here Uthor toke a breath.

"The second is the ' tears of Lys' a clear, tasteless, odorless with no trace left behind. But its price and rarely make it very difficult for even a noble to get it hands on it. It takes one to two day to kill is victims eating away the bowels and belly that are often confused with sickness."

"hickss" The words of Uthor sent a chill downs the Domeric spine. Somehow he had an impression that in the novel that Domeric death was considered one of it.

"And by the way young lord I didn't have the opportunity of knowing why do you say you are poisoned" Uthor when he sees the Domeric reacting strangle when he ended talking about the 'tears of Lys'

"I... I just felt strange when I came from the Weeping Water mill" Domeric almost start pouring out what he knew only to analyzing

"I see..." Uthor was not convinced just by little words of Domeric but didn't say anything.

"Well I don't think that you are poisoned yet at all"

"What you mean" Domeric could fell a hidden meaning at Uthor words.

" Well if you go to the dungeon you will know" The Uthor voice sounded heavy and tired as if all the years had amounting in his word.

Domeric leaving Uthor chambers feeling that something had happened since yesterday but could not quite figure it out.

'Maybe Uthor told Roose and he decides to act... Maybe I was wrong after all I am is only trueborn heir' Domeric is starting to like being the sole trueborn son of the lord. Just need to tell his problem and his father would take care of it, even if it was a bastard son.

'Even take care of his son' Domeric start getting worried. If Roose really takes care of it even Ramsay being his son. What would make Roose stop from getting rid of Domeric if he felt threatened? Roose could just get rid of Domeric and then kill his wife and then find another wife to pops baby out.

"Oh, gods " Domeric felt that after just one of constantly thinking about who would want to kill is starting to chape is mind as being a paranoid one.

But he did not think much as he walks to the dungeon with rushed feet.

Tick wall and a narrow passageway that could barely fit two person side by side aid Domeric as he steps down on the narrow staircase. Domeric could roughly calculate that this dungeon goes about two story height down to the undergrounds dungeons.

At the end of staircase thick door made of wood with bulk strips of metal reinforcing it could be seen thanks to the row of the torch lit up making row after row and with it a heavy smell of burned wood that seems to give a better aroma comparing to the small tread od unpleasant smell like pissy, excrement and blood. This place gave the chills out of Domeric.

"My lord" A calm and monotonous voice greet Domeric

"Yes" Domeric cast is eyes on the man, he wears a typical Bolton armory with his tall body a quite generic face but steel greaves he wears over his long legs are the most eyes catching. This man is Walton, the captain in service to Roose Bolton, a nice man some say.

"Please fallow me I being instructed to guide you," Walton said as he raises his arm indicating Domery to fallow him.

"Ok" All this made Domeric confused but he fallows Walton anyway.

"My lord, here, you can enter" They arrived at the door most made of metal compared to the other. Walton steps out of the way saying guarding at the door.

"gush" Domeric nose automatically react to a heavy stench that assaults his nose. This room light was somehow more short that thus in the dungeon hallway.

But Domeric could clearly see tweezer, hoot, and other tools that even he could not identify, pinned by the room corner. But the most eyes catching would the the two huge cross in an X shape facing the stranges tool pinned to the other room corner.

One of this cross shape X had a woman but she had some kind of sac hood on her head and Domeric could not much see as it was at the most corner with the torch barely allowing to see clearly.

But he didn't concentrate much more on it was the most visible cross shape X had a torch close to it to illuminate it. And it too had a person on it or to be more precise he was clipped on the cross. It was a man and contrary to the woman it didn't any hood on is head so Domeric could clearly see it face.

Everything about the man face on the cross was wrong. But the most noticeable would be his arm that seems to be submerged in blood and the dry mark of blood on his face that gave an impression of a river of blood had run through it.

" Yoh you was fast " A voice to the side made Domeric out of transe and focus on the voice. it was Roose

"I heard of your small talk of you and Uthor," Roose said.

"You could have come to me and I would help you solve it"

"What happens" Domeric as caught by surprise, he had reflected and had expected that Roose would do something but the image it that somehow Roose would talk to him first or something alike as the person on the Cross was Heek most know as Reek.

"Don't tell me you didn't expect it after your chat with Uthor or is that you didn't expect me to act to fast" Roose said as his hand seems to clear something.

"No... I didn't exp.." Domeric could not quite say that he didn't resolve something without spill blood as he kind know that maybe he couldn't bring himself to do it although he said he would.

"Don't want to know what I found out who wanted to poison you?" Roose said as he put reveal a small dagger with a two-point head in a V shape.

Domeric momentary forget all disgust for the blood dreadfull scenery that was present in front of him as he genuinely put an ' I want to know so bad' face shaking his head saying he wants to know.

"So did he do it," Domeric said as he points his finger to Reek.

"No, he didn't, matter fact he didn't have nothing to do it," Roose said.

"So why he is pinned to the cross" Domeric as finding the situation a bit strange.

"Come " Roose signal Domeric to walk with him to the other cross at the end of the room.

"Who is she?" Domeric asked when they arrived at the woman.

"The ones you suspect that poisoned you"Roose's voice seems calm when he said this.

"This..." Domeric could somehow see it, but somehow he felt strange, the force of his affliction stand before his eyes.

It was so easy. Anything he did was to talk some words to Uthor and bang everything would be solved.

"Where anything you need to do him to stick her with this and everything will be solved" Roose extends his arm given the dagger to Domeric and stayed by the side gave way to Domeric.

The dagger seems to weight a world in Domeric hand. This is the first time for him to determine someone fate, but his hand squeezes tight the dagger approximating the woman to remove the hood and get a look at her.

"WHAT...." He was petrified as if he was hit by lithing, to be more precise his was like it had taken a life of his own not moving as is mind has beyond surprised.

Domeric eyes seem to gain life and start looking the woman from head to toe. There it was a beautiful woman, whit wrinkles around her eyes. She was dressed in a little blue, and it could clearly be seen that she was unconscious.

"MOTHER" Yes the woman before him is her mother Bethany or at least for Domeric body.

"How is this possible. What going on?" The first thing his mind seems to need his answer as he mouth could only speak this words.

"Do you know how your brothers before you died?" Roose seems Domeric still unmovable not even cast out his eyes out of Bethany he continues.

"My first child was with my first wife that died in childbirth, after 2 years I get married again with your mother. She quite like the child. But when the child got sick and died She start to become a bit weird. Then our first child was born but still, she seems unable to show any affection or even a piece of a smile out of her. " Roose quite voice seems to be amplified and seems to contain a melody of peace in the middle of the bloody odor that floated in the air. Then he continues.

"That till when our first child between me and Bethany died barely 2 moons had passed. I swear that I didn't see that woman smile like in all my life, and then it happens again with my third child, fourth and where are me and you talking about it. "Roose's voice didn't contain any emotion as he said this words. As if he had to repeat it thousands of time.

"Anyway this is a poison that I find him her room, hidden in her perfume collection. And this is the poison I found" Roose said as he gave the poison to Domeric see it.

Domeric stood still his mind starts spinning in a chaotic way try to give sense to this situation, again his mind enter his paranoid state.

"I can't do it..." After a moment Domeric mind seems to settle a bit, but his paranoid state still working.

"you do it..." Domeric raises the dagger given it to.

Where Roose rises an eyebrow. He had expected that Domeric wouldn't be able to do it or see his mother died, but it clearly caught him by surprise.

"Don't take the eyes out "But Roose decides to take the dagger and then he gets close to Bethany.

Roose stood in from of Bethany caressing her face with the dagger in his hand.

"Do you really think that...gouush" Roose word suddenly stop.

"Not I didn't "
He moves his head down to see a chine sword that was inserted into his chest from behind.

Rose moves his head to see Domeric in the eyes. He could see that Domeric seems to contain a storm of emotions, from the uncertainty of his move to the resolution of his sword. But nothing could seem as guilt or remorse as if never consider this emotion being part of him.

Roose body falls lifeless on the ground. His face completely lifeless and expressionless didn't seem to even be surprised by a Domeric sudden move.


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