Roose walks out of the Domeric room, with two guards waiting outside they walking through the lobby as step resonate trough.

"Good you are where " Roose slowing his step when he had seen who was just at the intersection of the hall.

"So you could tell what you was chit-chat in there with the small boy and didn't want me to be part of it," Roose said as he takes a look at the old man that was waiting for him.

"Yes my lord,.. could we switch to another place first" This old man was Uthor and of course he would not disagree with Domeric in his presence as he was still the heir to House Bolton but he could not keep secret from the current lord or this would be considered as a conspiracy and Domeric seems to fail to notice it.

"Ok, let's go to my chambers " This was one of reason Roose was not much concerned to take the truth of Domeric as he knows that a maester once pledge loyalty to a lord they would not betray his lord, or else the maester wouldn't become a type of international organization. To be more precise maester were like a knight, but instead from weapons, they use their mind.

"Yes my lord" Uthor slowly drag his body following behind Roose to his chamber.

"Ok, you can start telling me what you were talking about" After arriving at the main chamber Roose proceeds to seat at the most central chair and waiting for Uthor to seat just at the front of him before starting asking. His voice was low barely more than when someone his whispering.

"Yes,... As you know my lord that Domeric was feeling unwell yesterday so I went to examine him, so I started by..." Uthor start narrating things even telling the details of the examination. Although Roose could not see any anomaly in what Uthor was saying about the examination as he too had been examining a lot of time by Uthor and even the previous maester. But he didn't stop him as Roose could interpret as a confection of some sort.

"...So Domeric says that he is suspecting been poisoned, then it was about that moment that my lord arrived " Uthor said as his voice seems to get husky.

"Poison!!" Here Roose's eyebrow furrowed. From the very moment, he heard about poison he didn't say anything waiting to Uthor finish talking.

"Are you sure about that" Actually Roose was waiting for something along the line that he had secretly knocked out some peasant girl and was looking for some solution from Uthor and try to keep secret from him.

"Yes, thus was his word my lord" Uthor was really getting tired was his voice sounded a bit huskier.

"What he said about his brother?" Roose momently sprints his mind into thinks.

"He just said about how he felt bad after eating and drunk with is bother..." Uthor slowly spoke the words that Domeric had told him or at least what he remembers.

"This is complicated" Roose momentarily murmured to himself. He starts thing why would a bastard is trying to kill his heir, been that this would not guarantee that he (Ramsay) wouldn't necessarily change his snow (bastard) name. And there is the possibility of him being found and risk everything. What if there someone else is behind this. Roose immediately starts considering conspiracy behind this.

"What you think about this?" Roose cast his eyes to Uthor waiting for his analysis.

"My lord, I can only assume that it more to the story that the Domeris says," Uthor said.

"What you mean" start getting interested in what Uthor was thinking.

"The way Domeric was talking was like he knew something more..." Uthor just cast his eyes to Roose as he was implying that Domeric his keeping secret. But not seen Roose saying nothing he continues.

"He said that in some words that 'it must be some kinda poison with slow effect', and from that, I could vaguely see two cases," Uthor stopped for some breath " one he knew somehow that he was poisoned and could more or less determine the time the poison takes effect and the second that he was concerned that he would be poisoned" Uthor said his mind words.

Uthor in a very simple way had more or less deduct Domeric current afflictions. Domeric had really look down on the Uthor wisdom or just was to confuse to thinks his your carefully.

"And you seem to believe that it was the second" Roose could determine by how the Uthor talked.

"Yes, my lord, he seemed more concerned with his near future than to find a solution if he was really poisoned." Uthor again hit the jackpot as Domeric seems to believe more that he would suffer a poisoning attempt in the near future.

"Although there the possibility that he just getting paranoid after he had a convulsion last night..." Uthor was considering all possible and ruling it out if it doesn't make sense.

"Do you not think there is somebody behind this if what he said is true, "Both Roose and Uthor start discussing the various possibility as this involve the future of the House Bolton.

"It is possible if the words spoken by he (Domeric) is true, and thus could even lead to war if it is not treated carefully..." Uthor had considered it but he didn't say as he was waiting for Bolton to get to the matter first.

"But I tend to rule it out since I don't see any plausible reason for it. And I couldn't see any house that currently sees you as a rival or felt threatened by House Bolton" Uthor but he carefully rules it out but still not disregarded the option.

"What about the Houses of Southernlands," Roose still want to see more of Uthor thought on the possibility of some House been behind or trying to scheme against House Bolton.

"Still my lord, no House from the Nothern could seem to benefit or even worse the ones from the Southern" Uthor said.

"But there is still the possibility....Isn't it?" Roose said with a thoughtful voice.

"Yes, there is...Maybe we should investigate the bastard(Ramsay) first before getting any conclusion " Uthor felt that they had discussed it too much and they need some kind of proof before starting to make more assumption.

" Agree with you too, but I want it to be it keep low..." Roose didn't want this kind of news flowing around the Northern.

"What other House would think if they heard the wind that brothers want to kill each other." Even if Roose isn't certain of the Domeric claims, it would travel to other ears in a various distorted way.

"And keep an eye on Domeric even if this matter is not confirmed yet" Roose knew that a man mind travels tough dangerous path when death presents itself or even as though of it. So this matter was most keep between themselves.

Roose was rather calm about the situation and maestro Uthor didn't say anything as he was a clear thought of Roose personality. All the talk with Roose for Uthor it seems that Roose didn't want other House to know about it as he seems rather want to see what would come out of it. And seem to want a more controlled chaos than set the matter out peacefully as he just states to keep an eye on instead of stopping if Domeric wants to do something.


The gleam of the morning sun shots from afar.

But Domeric would wake up till the midday. After a whole day and Night after thinking he could not clearly find out anything out of order with his memory about Ramsay that would say he was poison, as in any time he eats something Ramsay eat it, any drink he drinks Ramsay drunk it too. So he could not find anything at fault.

'hmm, It got to be him... The way he hates to be a bastard and how he would kill Fat Wald and it baby clearly showing that he could have done it before.' But Domeric still most convincingly that it would be Ramsay or someone related to him somehow.

'I will rip out his tongue if necessary' But he is not cracking his brain on that, now he needs to find it out if he his already poisoned or not. And the best way is to get it from the suspect source.

So he already preparing his trip.Domeric standing nearly around 1,80 meters tall, with his almost considered skinny body but with a well-defined body that clearly show that speed is his strength. He is wearing black leather boots and leather trousers, with a pink reddish sweater jacket and soft leather armor with a fine silver steel ring on it. At is waist a shiny sword. The sword hilt is inlaid with a red gem and the crotch black.

Of course, Domeric didn't know of the conversation that takes place after Roose left his bedchamber yesterday, but after a night of thought, he finds himself been naive asking Uthor to keep a secret from the lord. And to the best senary for him, is that Uthor would only tell Roose later given him a little time to get front to front with Ramsay.

"Where are you going child" A sweet quiet voice came from behind.

"Mother, " Domeric instantly identify the voice before even turning around to see who it was.

"Planning on going for a ride, Good. It seems that you already filling well." Bethany gave a sigh of relief.

"But where you going?... I know that you like to ride a horse but I heard that you still hadn't eaten anything since yesterday" Bethany said.

"Come and eat first, I will send prepare something for you." Bethany not even waiting for the Domeric response she raised her arm that seems barely containing any force signaling Domeric to come to her embrace.

"sigh" Domeric gave a small sigh.

"Fine but I want you to do your hare soup"Seen Bethany shake his head in confirmation. Them he went and embrace her. Domeric felt that his action was more like a robot when he has around her. As if his mind would unusually act in a certain way but that way always made sense. Domeric didn't give it a thought much and just went with her.

Domeric went personally with her to the kitchen so he could see it being done. Since waking up yesterday Domeric didn't trust think that he was given to eat.

Entering the kitchen everybody cast an eye at Domeric. They look at him with strange eyes as he had been in yesterday at a kitchen and demanding to boil water in from of him and take with into his room afterward.

All lady in the North know how to cook but most didn't cook much as most of them end was being a lady of some lord or in a House rich enough to not need. Bethany as a lady she knew how to cook and spend most of her time in the kitchen when she was bored, although most to give orders than really cook.

"thh" Bethany places a bowl of soup hare on top of the table after it was done.

"humm, It smells good." Domeric could fell the gold taste just with is eyes as steam came out of a bowl and it mouth devour like an starving beast.

"Thumm. There you are. Uthor said he wants to talk to you." Right, when Domeric was about to eat Roose's voice came through the door.

"Hoh" Domeric momentary forgot the hungry and spring right out the dining hall to the Uthor chamber.

"You could at least eat first... what is so important that he neglects to eat," Bethany said as she sees Domeric racing out of the dining hall, out of the reach of her small voice.

"WHo know. Nice soup, it smell good. It was you that made right?" Roose seat at the table and start eating the bowls of soup that Domeric had left.

"Yes, it was. don't eat everything, I made it for Domeric" Bethany really with her weak voice.


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