"My lord seems that you caught a little fever from your last travel and few days of rest will make strong like a horse again,"Uthor said with a pleasing sound to himself that clearly shows pride in his examination skill.

'I'm doomed if this is the zenith of medicine in this word...' The entire examination consists of in a base of asking a question if some places his hurting and testing his temperature. Domeric start making an expression of mocking to this kind of examination and shaking a little his head lamenting his fate if he didn't do something. Domeric sprints his mind trying to see if he can find some solution.

"I can I ask you something maester," Domeric said with a hurried voice as the easiest conclusion to find a solution his asking supposedly the most knowledgeable person in DreadFort.

"hh, Be at will young lord, " Uthor said with a wooly voice as he as tries to bring his old body up front the bed corner.

"What is the better cure for any type of poison" Domeric ask directly.

"toom...Hahh" Uthor body directly fall down in his halfway getting up from the bed down to the corner of the bed.

"Does my lord think that you have been poisoned" Uthor seems to realize what he means in his time falling on the bed.

'Nice mind, at least not so dumb' Domeric gave a little praise to this old rag mind.

"Yes, I'm most sure that this is the case old r..." Domeric stops himself halfway from letting his mouth talk his mind.

"Are you sure my lord, this is grave matter, and could probably... maybe you are filling too unwell my young lord" Uthor stop himself barely from a spoken word with high consequence as this came as a shock to him. Them Uthor process to see if the mind of Domeric is not suffering from fever.

"YAh, sure I'm about that... and even think that the culprit his my Bastard brother." He said with a certain voice but mind seems to negate other possibilities as that would mean that he was doomed from the beginning and his unwillingness to die again as this was not a pleasing this for him.

"By the gods" This came as a bit more shock to Uthor adding to the already existing one. "This... This a grave thing my young lord, don't talk this word if you are not sure..." Uthor said this word as if telling Domeric that even if this is not true the price would be a bastard so he better to weight his word, has ever body in DreadFort know that he came back from RedFort craving for a brother going as far as fighting his own father and going to Weeping Water.

"YA ya ya... So could find me a cure or not?..." Domeric said him a plain tone as he is not caring more for the old rag doubt.

"Hmm" Uthor could fell that this young lord personality had made a 180-degree turn form a single phrase and his tone, but he just that Domeric assumed situation would mess with anyone mind.

"I..." Uthor stop himself again from talking as there is a more hiding tone behind last Domeric word as if he would reverse the 7 kingdoms in search for a cure and he is just the first step in the Domeric search.

"Does my young lord know what poison his" Uthor said while preparing to weight ever Domeric words.

"..." Domeric start to shack his mint trying to find something. But after a while he shacks his head saying that he didn't know.

"So why did you think he had poisoned young lord, " Uthor said this with a bit of doubt from Domeric assumption. Then Domeric star narrating his visit to his brother at Weeping Water about how they shared food and drinks and so on.

"By what my lord said this must be some kind of poison with a slow effect although this kind poison his rare and I think young lord sti..." Uthor stop is the word in his track as he seems to fell that he is navigating to narrow water with Domeric.

"I think is more like a poison that would simulate some disease... rare," Domeric thought went wild he takes note to Uthor last words 'rare'

'How does a bastard get his hand on a rare poison... maybe the poisoned will happen after, but how... maybe his mother will do it or send someone to do it.... maybe my Roesy will... maybe it is not even from poison.... maybe I even gonna die from sickness.....' Domeric mind keep spawning wild speculation but he never refuse any of them. He considered as long his mind can speculate he could find a solution out of his future demise.

"HRRHHR" Domeric shudder just from thinking of dying again. His eyes sunk even bit more.

'Maybe if I just kill Ramsay it would stop.... well his mother too have to go down as a mother grief weight heavy from any side.... hoo there is that smelly boy too... how is name.....well if it is a disease it will be a difficult one to solve... as of my..... "Here his new personality enters into action forming all kind of contra measure for all his previous wild thought. As some of this measure would go against even his old Eddy self even trough Eddy Crowford thread closely to some of this line.

"young lord, young lord..." Uthor called for Domeric as he waves his any to see if could bring him out of his trance

"Yes Uthor,... I'm sorry I let my mind care me. Maybe a do have little fever after all" Domeric made an apologetic voice explaining is absent mind.

"Don't mind young lord"
"Yes, about the matter of poison that my young lord is talking about, I think I need a bit more of time to figure it out...." Uthor said

"Uthor, I need you to do me one more favor..." Domeric said after calm down planned a little scheme in his head.

"you may say, young lord"

"Could you keep this small chat between us," Domeric said I it with a treading eye saying 'don't blame me if someone got flayed because of his/her mouth talked what shouldn't'.

"Yes my young lord I will keep shut but..."Uthor felt affright the moment he caught sight of Domeric eyes that was deep inside his socket with a touch of red.

"Shmm... No even lord Boltom.." Uthor doubting his take a deep look again but only to fail to notice anything different and only to consider a fault of his old age

"No, even me What?" The man that spoke is of average size with a soft and hairless body. He has a plain face, with a little beard and ordinary with his only noticeable feature being his eyes, paler than stone and darker than milk, strange like two white moons. His eyes are not so paler than those of his son, Domeric. He has a pasty skin. This man is Roose. He had heard that his son had a convulsion but when he had come to visit last night Domeric was already sleeping again.

"father,...N...Nothing, " Domeric answer with a pitch sound as the sudden presence of Roose had frighting him.

"Are you sure?" Roose didn't believe it wasn't anything just by the surprised face of Domeric and heavy breathing Uthor.

"It is true Uthor" Roose turn his head to Uthor seeing Domeric failing to answer him.

"it is just a little fever that I caught recently, so not much too worried, so I told Uthor to not worry you guy... I mean mother and father..." Domeric didn't really care much about their worries just that he wants to be surer before start doing things out of proportions.

"Isn't Uthor? " Domeric said as he cast his eyes to Uthor after talking to Roose.

"Yes, it is my lord," Uthor said as he shakes his head in confirmation. "If my lord excuses me I will make a light remedy for Domeric fever." Uthor lifted his body as he takes his eyes of Domeric in a demonstration that he understands the Domeric didn't want Roose to know, at least not today.

"So know you learned how to lie, isn't" Of course Roose wasn't played by Domeric little words.

"Well I not here for playing today, need to talk about your disrespect my words and rode to Weeping Water." Roose start is lecture as he saw that his fever not as an excuse to run from his punishment. He wants to talk about Domeric well being first but seeing him already lying he considered that at least he was fine.

"You right father, I should have listened to you" Domeric truly agreed with is Roose in this one. Domeric was an ingenue boy that didn't see the ugly site of peoples as he could not even see his brother disesteem to him when he had ridden to see his brother Ramsay. Although he didn't have proved that Ramsay had or will poison him but he prefers to commit injustices on an innocent person that let the guilty one go.

"And don't even come with your half heart excuse about him being your brother... Humm" Roose was unprepared for Domeric sudden consent. He could remember how he had a heavy disputation about his brother and even ignoring his word.

"Did something happen?" Roose immediately figures that something had happened but he couldn't just know so he had to ask. He knew how eager Domeric was to have a brother company.

"Nothing much father, just wasn't what I expect" ALthoug Domeric could tell his mind to Roose, but somehow he knew that Roose wouldn't approve Ramsay death even being a bastard. Roose although a cold person, but somehow he values his blood much to don't approve whatever Domeric had planned for Ramsay as this is just speculation.

"I told that it not a good thing. He is a bastard after all.." Roose went on again on a thing of this matter.

Then they briefly change their conversation to Domeric time with the company of Horton's sons as they barely talk before Domeri start running to Weeping Water.

"hhh, Father could I borrow your leech, as I heard they are good for health and my they can do me some good." Domeric wasn't lying he had heard that leech therapy his good for health in his past before, or Eddy to say.

"Oh, you want to try leeches?... Sure you can try, I will send some servant to bring you out some later. You will find that it isn't much thing that is good as a fat leech" Roose was kind happy, For him, he would not be the only Bolton to try some leeches, and maybe he could find some bond with Domeric, but didn't quite caught the meaning of his last words as he had quite become in a good mood. And the little chat of leech toke quite a time as Roose start talking about how he felt after the leeches therapy.

"Ok, now I got to go, have somethings that have to deal with today, you and your mother may start to eat without me." But relative too how much time Domeric had passed with Bethany with Roose was a bit shorter as Roose seems a man that doesn't talk much but every word he spoke seems to be given a thought first.

After Roose left Domeric cast his eyes to the windows for the first time seem the source of the light that had brought light and a melody of warm that. Although the sun had risen a quite some time ago enough to be considered close to lunch time, but for Domeric this has the time the sun had risen for the first time.

"What beautiful dawn,"

"He had become quite a chat one"

word of Roose Bolton.


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