" Hhh, that turned out bad quickly" Eddy murmured in a kind of a sarcastic mocking tone as if to remember himself of his mistake.

Eddy Crawford 27 years old, a material engineer students part-time drug dealer. He lost his parents when he was 20 and was a tough time was he had to deal with his parents dead and his economic life. What his parents barely left could only make him live on his own for a year, and he didn't have any other relatives to go and as himself, his parents too was an only child.

Was he didn't want to abandon his parents hope for him graduate he eventually found an easy job that he could take and that was selling drugs. Well, there was others option but he takes the easy one. But with time he started to focus more on selling, and just keep going to school as past time occupation and an easy way to get out of trouble with authorities, thus leading to almost 10 years of studying and just a step to finish, and somehow his grade was best in every subject.

"Dying....?" He felt his conscious as slowly fade, he was unwilling to part at least this soon, but he recognized that whit 3 holes in his chest and he could probably reborn before his body could be taken to the hospital. His body completely relaxes by is own in a gesture of just let the nature of death do his job.


"AHHAH.." a soul-shattering scream shot from his already daeth body.

"crk crk..." A crackling sound resonate as if is soul was been turn apart. There was no way he could have felt pain as it belongs to corporal bean. But there it was a mortifaing pain that made him wish that pain as a thing from legend.

Eddy Crawford slowly opens his eyes, and it was completely devoid of signs of life.  But what came to his vision was the absence of light or complete darkness so to say. that wasn't all as a terrible headache as an assault of memory as if forcefully inserting itself into his head.

"HAAHHH... " Constant sound of pain came out of his mouth while is body twist in a strange way trying quickly.

After a while, he stood completely unmovable on the bed. Then,  'The Great Wall'..... 'Wildlings', 'The Nothern,...' Constantly fragments of memory came to his mind.  

Abruptly his eyes open, a spark of light shone to his eyes but then he forcefully closed it again as if he seems to belong to a creature that treats light as its most hateful enemy.  then he tries, again and again, to open his eyes in an attempt to appreciate this dim ray of light.

Memories start to flowing to his mind. After a while his eyes had could stare at the light without having to forcefully close itself again but he was still unconsciously closing it and open as if had become anything he knew how to do it, as the new memories in his head made his entire memories of an old life was just a dream as this new memory completely fit his mind and his body as if it was always there. But he knew that was not true.

This new memory was about Domeric Bolton, House Bolton, The Nothern, Westeros, but with time the fragment memory seems to gradually piecing itself together.

Domeric Bolton, or Eddy Crawford, or the fusion of the two people's. This his how he felt at this moment was he somehow could not identify himself as one of them.

Eddy, or better now Domeric Bolton felt his blood getting hotter, as he now noted that the little spark of light was coming from himself and with a sensation of burning through his body to even his soul so to say. The intense pain made him scream wildly and roll around.

"My lord, Everything alright?" A woman voice with a hint of concerned came from the door.

 Of course, the reply came as a more wild scream.

The woman seems to assume the scream as valid a request to enter so she open hurriedly the thick oak door. The moment she enters the room only see a young man uncontrollably twisting in the halfway between the bed and the floor.

"Call the doctor, the young lord feeling bad." She seemed unable to make sense of what going on and like a scary cat she runs to the hallways loudly shouting and came back to straighten up the young lord.
Strangely she could not see any sparks of light that were coming out of Domeric Bolton entire body.

Shortly a commotion way wakes tough the DreadFort as it came to live in the middle of the night.


With the morning sun, Domeric wakes up.

He opens his eyes in hazy, the experience of last night was vivid in his memories as the intertwined experience of is life on earth and of this world. From earth's culture, education, to the glory of the world nobility, family, all kinds of things to make his mind messy but not strange to any of them.

His eyes were open but glazed.

He could see a young man seated on top of the bed look at the mirror at the room corner.

A youth with what seems to be considered a bit over average size with a soft and hairless body. He has a plain face and ordinary, with his only noticeable feature being his dark gray hair and his eyes, paler than stone and darker than milk, strange like two white moons. His eyes are said to be paler and more deep in his socket than those of his father, Roose.

"Who am I?" "That's was  Domeric first word murmured. His mind enters a fast thinking mode like a rat with a burning tail running around from thought to thought. He had somehow understood that he had reborn, transmigrate or something between that line.

 "Domeric Bolton" He came to this thought unconscious as if had said other words he would never truly accept or the least accept fast enough to live. Somehow his new mind had decided to create a new self in a way to block himself to break down as this as to much shock for a simple person as Eddy Crowford. After that, his thoughts were clear, and the memory of the two worlds began to be categorized separately.

After a long time, he returns to himself  and starts to assert himself to his current situation "I am Domeric Bolton 17 years old, the heir and sole trueborn son of Lord Roose Bolton and Lady Bethany Bolton in the Nothern territory."

He then starts to remember some memories that were still fresh in his mind about Domeric. After spending almost 4 years as a page for Lady Barbrey Dustin his aunt, he then spent 3 years in the Vale as a squire to Lord Redford. After his fostering had ended at the age of 16, becoming a grown man by law. When returning home, he enjoyed spending some time with Lord Redford sons, then learned he had a bastard brother. Sought out his bastard brother he rode up the Weeping Water to seek out his bastard half-brother despite his father's forbidding it.   

Barely 1 days had passed since he had come back from the Weeping Water and accordingly, to his memory he was doomed to die shortly after the visiting his bastard brother and supposedly from sickness. Here his warning starts to fail him, although he was a big fam of the Series Game of Throne going as far as reading the book and occasionally going to the internet to search for things that he failed to understand.

"The most important now is to find a cure if I'm truly poisoned... that Bastard" he didn't think that he would just become sick after visiting his bastard there just too much coincidence to be true, and he remembers a bit of Ramsay sarcasm on Domeric death.

"Maybe if I ask him gently he will..." He stops his murmured voice was his mouth seems to have a tough time talking his original world langue.

"koom koom..." In the middle of his thoughts came a knock on the door. The door open as if the knock as just a little ceremony that as perform before opening it.

An unbent and handsome woman, whit wrinkles around her eyes, and her hair is most parts brown with a few strips of grey. She wears her hair tied behind her head in a horse knot. She was dressed in black red with vair. She is Bethany Bolton his mother.

"My child..." She talks in a low voice but with a tender and sweet that seems to bring warmth to any storm night.

This sensation of warmth seems to bring a piece of peace to his stormed mind.  He felt himself let be take by this sensation, then a piece of thought pop up in his mind 'why does her voice bring me this filling, this is like my other mother...OH'. Somehow he founds himself to really let become Domeric.

"How are felling my child..." Bethany's voice sound concerned as her hearth as constantly feeling uneasy.

"Be.... mother your child was just feeling a bit unwell " Domeric almost called her by her name and just by a nick of time seems to access his memory and talk more slowly.

The knowledge of langue just came to him as if it was natural, and surprisingly his mouth seems to fallow whit his mind as if he had always talked this langue. But still not a perfect natural. as his mind was still rust from overflowing memories.

They two starts talking little topic as if they both are trying to know each other, at least for Domeric as Bethany as more like reencounter with her child that had been away from a time. Although she could have visited him when never she wants but there still some time since the last time from the Redford.

"There is something that is bothering you, isn't it..." She raised her hand paddling Domeric shoulders and then to his head. She could see a bit of discomfort in the way the Domeric talk to her.

"Nothing..." As he was trying to comfort his new mother that seems to give him again a once lost feeling of a comforting mother. As an old man had entered the room

"...Sory my lady. I'm here to see the young lord" The old man had a fringe of white hair around his balding, mottled scalp. He had a wizened face and a back slightly hunched. With each movement there was the creak of old bones, he is Maester Uthor of the DreadFort.

"Oh, you could enter.." Bethany gets up from the bed corner that she had sated down to better talk to his son. She walks up to give way to Uthor examine Domeric wellbeing.

"Well, how have young lord been" Uthor sat by the bed corner as a sign to give his old body a bit of rest.

"Sigh, somehow well..." Domeric said in a half vigorous tone as he is a bit tired of his small chat with Bethany, but he only felt it now.

"OH, I see bit tired isn't it?" Although Domeric gave small signs but still enter the eyes of the old eyes of Uthor that seems to be well versed in finding it out.

"Excuse, I think I will retire myself. My child, we resume your small chat later be well" Bethany retire her self with a warm farewell. She retires herself principally to give a more free space to Uthor examine Domeric and my something else as she didn't have a pleasant face in from of Uthor.

"Does any place hurts..."  Uthor resume to examine Domeric after both of then bid their farewell to Bethany.

"No... " Domeric answer in a morbid tone. As his mind, his constantly been assault by a headache.

Then Uthor places his hand in his neck in an attempt to take his temperature. then move his hand to other places with the same intent.


"His eyes somehow looked deeper that day"

Bethany Bolton to Barbrey Dustin


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