Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

by DarkClaymore

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Imagine a shonen sports story. But, it’s not about baseball or soccer. No, this one is about playing a MOBA video game!

And no, it’s neither League of Legends nor DotA. A BRAND NEW ORIGINAL MOBA, the one MOBA to rule them all - Classmancers!

The game has become so big, that even schools recognize it as a sport. They even allow students to participate in Classmancers clubs and compete against other schools! Who will be the one going to nationals!?

For Yuel, a team sport is like a chessboard that comes to life. There’s no greater fun than deconstructing every opponent and predicting twenty of their moves in advance.

And, Classmancers is the ideal stage for such psychological warfare, for it’s a sport in which game theory reigns supreme. At least, usually, it does.

There are also goofs like Lars, who got -200 IQ, yet boast godlike mechanical skill that triumphs against all odds. He’s like your typical OPMC which a cheat, except the cheat does nothing for his intellect.

Yuel and Lars are like water and fire. In other words, 100% compatible! That’s why they form an unlikely duo and set out to dominate Classmancers’ competitive scene!

However, to challenge their OPness, the two will run into rivals who are just as OP! Some of them will turn their teammates immune to Yuel’s psychological attacks, while others will redirect Lars’s almighty strength against himself.

In this harsh environment, the two will keep struggling, struggling, and struggling some more, following their promise to reach the pro scene.

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Release schedule: Monday and Thursday. Two chapters a week.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol.1 Ch.1: Searching for a Team Sport ago
Vol.1 Ch.2: Learning the Basics ago
Vol.1 Ch.3: Playing Online ago
Vol.1 Ch.4: God of Trick Shots ago
Vol.1 Ch.5: Hateful Support ago
Vol.1 Ch.6: Team Carry ago
Vol.1 Ch.7: Those Who Keep Playing ago
Vol.1 Ch.8: Friends ago
Vol.1 Ch.9: Third Wheel's Feelings ago
Vol.1 Ch.10: Junior High Entry Exam ago
Vol.1 Ch.11: The Star's Shadow ago
Vol.1 Ch.12: The Search for Knowledge ago
Vol.1 Ch.13: Unexplained Tactics ago
Vol.1 Ch.14: The Antithesis ago
Vol.1 Ch.15: Impenetrable Shield ago
Vol.1 Ch.16: Team's Support ago
Vol.1 Afterword ago
Vol.2 Ch.1: Romeo and Juliet ago
Vol.2 Ch.2: The Cocky Rookie's Greeting ago
Vol.2 Ch.3: Bipolar Player ago
Vol.2 Ch.4: Immortal Goddess ago
Vol.2 Ch.5: The Determination to Play ago
Vol.2 Ch.6: Berserker Maiden ago
Vol.2 Ch.7: Each Girl's Drive ago
Vol.2 Ch.8: Exam Results ago
Vol.2 Ch.9: Club Tour ago
Vol.2 Ch.10: Competitive Nicknames ago
Vol.2 Ch.11: Parrying ago
Vol.2 Ch.12: Scrimmages ago
Vol.2 Ch.13: The Stage of Those Who Didn't Make It ago
Vol.2 Ch.14: Combo Player ago
Vol.2 Ch.15: Tactical Sacrifice ago
Vol.2 Ch.16: The Sacrifice's True Meaning ago
Vol.2 Ch.17: Destroyer of Optimal Plays ago
Vol.2 Afterword ago
Vol.3 Ch.1: Strong, but Familiar ago
Vol.3 Ch.2: The Coach Factor ago
Vol.3 Ch.3: Mixup Strategy ago
Vol.3 Ch.4: Rift in the Team ago
Vol.3 Ch.5: Trever's Frustration ago
Vol.3 Ch.6: A Powerless Shot-Caller ago
Vol.3 Ch.7: Substitution Request ago
Vol.3 Ch.8: Seizing Leadership ago
Vol.3 Ch.9: Drafting a Counter ago
Vol.3 Ch.10: Shackles of the Larger Picture ago
Vol.3 Ch.11: The Beast That Transcends Common Sense ago
Vol.3 Ch.12: Out of Touch ago
Vol.3 Ch.13: Combo Constraints ago
Vol.3 Ch.14: Smashed Mental Image ago
Vol.3 Ch.15: The Right to Stand on This Stage ago
Vol.3 Ch.16: Failures, Regrets and Hope ago
Vol.3 Ch.17: Everybody's Alternatives ago
Vol.3 Ch.18: Inherited Skills ago
Vol.3 Ch.19: The Gap Between Practice and Experience ago
Vol.3 Ch.20: Outcast Seniors ago
Vol.3 Ch.21: Facing One's Shortcomings ago
Vol.3 Afterword ago
Vol.4 Ch.1: The Regionals Without Me ago
Vol.4 Ch.2: New Captain and Vice-Captain ago
Vol.4 Ch.3: Summer Break Begins ago
Vol.4 Ch.4: Everybody Help to Grind ago
Vol.4 Ch.5: Duties of the Vice-Captain ago
Vol.4 Ch.6: A Drunk Pro Appears! ago
Vol.4 Ch.7: 1v1 Preparations ago
Vol.4 Ch.8: The 1v1 Grandmaster ago
Vol.4 Ch.9: Counter Pick Checkmate ago
Vol.4 Ch.10: Stats over Skill ago
Vol.4 Ch.11: Battle for the First String ago
Vol.4 Ch.12: Battle Preparations - Howard's Side ago
Vol.4 Ch.13: Battle Preparations - Yuel's Side ago
Vol.4 Ch.14: Everybody's Stakes ago
Vol.4 Ch.15: The Trickshooter Gamble ago
Vol.4 Ch.16: Preparation and Adaptation ago
Vol.4 Ch.17: Preparation and Wit ago
Vol.4 Ch.18: Thirst for Strength ago
Vol.4 Ch.19: Dark Knight, the Early Game Bully ago
Vol.4 Ch.20: Coping with Defeat ago
Vol.4 Ch.21: The Hungry Jungler ago
Vol.4 Ch.22: The Flawed 1v1 Prodigy ago
Vol.4 Ch.23: Joy and Concern ago
Vol.4 Afterword ago
Vol.5 Ch.1: Drafting Traps ago
Vol.5 Ch.2: His Second Strongest Class ago
Vol.5 Ch.3: Turtling Patience ago
Vol.5 Ch.4: Can't Go on the Offensive ago
Vol.5 Ch.5: The Lars Killer ago
Vol.5 Ch.6: Lack of Early Game Advantage ago
Vol.5 Ch.7: Defense That Sets up the Offense ago
Vol.5 Ch.8: Unleash the Demonic Power! ago
Vol.5 Ch.9: From Offense to Defense? ago
Vol.5 Ch.10: Restroom Encounters ago
Vol.5 Ch.11: Drafting the Late Game ago
Vol.5 Ch.12: Defensive Gears ago
Vol.5 Ch.13: Fatal Hesitation ago
Vol.5 Ch.14: JULIA UNLEASHED!!! ago
Vol.5 Ch.15: Slipping Defense ago
Vol.5 Ch.16: Fast Shot Mixups ago
Vol.5 Ch.17: Gilbert's Hesitation ago
Vol.5 Ch.18: Do I Have the Right to Win? ago
Vol.5 Ch.19: Wavering Minds ago
Vol.5 Ch.20: Shot-Caller's Fatigue ago
Vol.5 Ch.21: Two 1v1s Instead of 2v2 ago
Vol.5 Ch.22: The 2v2 Turnabout ago
Vol.5 Ch.23: How Momentary Overconfidence Costs Lives ago
Vol.5 Ch.24: Bait Twist ago
Vol.5 Ch.25: Hyper Rotation ago
Vol.5 Ch.26: Julia vs. Taison ago
Vol.5 Ch.27: And the First String Goes To...! ago
Vol.5 Afterword ago
Vol.6 Ch.1: The Aftermath of Defeat ago
Vol.6 Ch.2: The Unexpected Announcement ago
Vol.6 Ch.3: The Only One Who Made It ago
Vol.6 Ch.4: Confronting the Lioness ago
Vol.6 Ch.5: Passing the Baton ago
Vol.6 Ch.6: The Last Farewell ago
Vol.6 Ch.7: New Beginning ago
Vol.6 Ch.8: New Captain, New Trouble ago
Vol.6 Ch.9: Sizing Up the Opponents ago
Vol.6 Ch.10: Restricting Defensive Options ago
Vol.6 Ch.11: 200% Accuracy Without a Mouse Is 0% Accuracy ago
Vol.6 Ch.12: Lane Pressure Sparks Offense ago
Vol.6 Ch.13: Rhythm Reader ago
Vol.6 Ch.14: Slogging for Victory ago
Vol.6 Ch.15: The First Step Toward the Competitive Scene ago
Vol.6 Ch.16: Luke, the Meme Jedi ago
Vol.6 Ch.17: Warding Openings ago
Vol.6 Ch.18: Educated Memeing ago
Vol.6 Ch.19: Cautious Duo ago
Vol.6 Ch.20: The Challenge of Gauging Teammates' Skill ago
Vol.6 Ch.21: The Road Ahead Is Still Long ago
Vol.6 Ch.22: The One They Left Behind ago
Vol.6 Afterword ago
Vol.7 Ch.1: Ben the "Delinquent" ago
Vol.7 Ch.2: Clunky Cooperation ago
Vol.7 Ch.3: The Support's Role in Bottom Lane ago
Vol.7 Ch.4: Self-Sufficient Carry ago
Vol.7 Ch.5: The Human Shield ago
Vol.7 Ch.6: Problem Kids ago
Vol.7 Ch.7: The Ungankable ago
Vol.7 Ch.8: The Arbiter of Talents ago
Vol.7 Ch.9: Kuudere? ago
Vol.7 Ch.10: Troublesome Pair ago
Vol.7 Ch.11: The Reserved Spot ago
Vol.7 Ch.12: Romeo and Juliet, Again ago
Vol.7 Ch.13: Terrible Marketing ago
Vol.7 Ch.14: No Female Candidates ago
Vol.7 Ch.15: The Mysterious Candidate ago
Vol.7 Ch.16: Tracking Down the Elusive Candidate ago
Vol.7 Ch.17: Duel Exam ago
Vol.7 Ch.18: Dealing with the Knight Matchup ago
Vol.7 Ch.19: Vanishing Presence ago
Vol.7 Ch.20: The Second Test ago
Vol.7 Ch.21: Shadow Clone ago
Vol.7 Ch.22: Vanishing Phantom ago
Vol.7 Ch.23: Coming Out of the Shell ago
Vol.7 Ch.24: Hide-and-Seek Grandmaster ago
Vol.7 Ch.25: The Monk vs. Orc Matchup ago
Vol.7 Ch.26: Uncooperative Jungler ago
Vol.7 Ch.27: Rampaging Orc ago
Vol.7 Ch.28: Tipmancer is Law ago
Vol.7 Ch.29: Surpassing Tipmancer ago
Vol.7 Afterword ago
Vol.8 Ch.1: Ranked Solo Queue ago
Vol.8 Ch.2: Playing Ranked with Randoms ago
Vol.8 Ch.3: Reckless Low Rank ago
Vol.8 Ch.4: Delayed Kill ago
Vol.8 Ch.5: The Importance of Bullying the Lane Bully ago
Vol.8 Ch.6: Hide-And-Seek in the Jungle ago
Vol.8 Ch.7: The One Who Delivers Surprises Hates Being Surprised ago
Vol.8 Ch.8: Help the Team to Help Yourself ago
Vol.8 Ch.9: Fighting for the Same Goal ago
Vol.8 Ch.10: Alone Against a Dark Knight ago
Vol.8 Ch.11: Playing the Patience Game ago
Vol.8 Ch.12: The Jungler's Help ago
Vol.8 Ch.13: The Plans for Nia ago
Vol.8 Ch.14: Pulling up the Weak ago
Vol.8 Ch.15: Senior Visitors ago
Vol.8 Ch.16: The Seniors' Draft ago
Vol.8 Ch.17: Safe Draft ago
Vol.8 Ch.18: Fangless Lineup ago
Vol.8 Ch.19: Devastating Invade ago
Vol.8 Ch.20: Remote Intimidation ago
Vol.8 Ch.21: What Happens When You Get Close ago
Vol.8 Ch.22: Lars Playing Defense? ago
Vol.8 Ch.23: Playing the Long Game ago
Vol.8 Ch.24: Desperate Assault ago
Vol.8 Ch.25: Rescue Gank! ago
Vol.8 Ch.26: The Hopeless Gank ago
Vol.8 Ch.27: Shot-Caller's Miscommunication ago
Vol.8 Ch.28: Dragging the Turtle out of His Shell ago
Vol.8 Ch.29: Peek-A-Boo Bait ago
Vol.8 Ch.30: Ain't Gonna Take That Bait, Yo! ago
Vol.8 Ch.31: Shutting Down All Options ago
Vol.8 Ch.32: Reflecting on the Match ago
Vol.9 Ch.1: Upgraded Training Regime ago
Vol.9 Ch.2: Gunslinger Surprise ago
Vol.9 Ch.3: Managing the Team ago
Vol.9 Ch.4: Scrimmages About to Begin! ago
Vol.9 Ch.5: Who Will Be the Jungler? ago
Vol.9 Ch.6: Ben's Absence ago
Vol.9 Ch.7: Nerves Before the First Match ago
Vol.9 Ch.8: "Friendly" Greetings ago
Vol.9 Ch.9: Overcoming Stage Fright ago
Vol.9 Ch.10: Stratus vs. Taurus, Start! ago
Vol.9 Ch.11: Nerves on Both Sides ago
Vol.9 Ch.12: Inspire Confidence ago
Vol.9 Ch.13: First Blood on the Competitive Stage ago
Vol.9 Ch.14: Kai's Vendetta ago
Vol.9 Ch.15: Calming Down ago
Vol.9 Ch.16: Baby Steps of Cooperation ago
Vol.9 Ch.17: Trust and Kill ago
Vol.9 Ch.18: Removing the Jungler ago
Vol.9 Ch.19: She Who Dodges Everything ago
Vol.9 Ch.20: Jaiden ago
Vol.9 Ch.21: The Ex-StormBlitz Players ago
Vol.9 Ch.22: Julia's Disapproval ago
Vol.9 Ch.23: Analyzing Taurus ago
Vol.9 Ch.24: Rushdown Plan ago
Vol.9 Ch.25: The Tilting Dark Knight Pick ago
Vol.9 Ch.26: Outplaying Draconic Rush ago
Vol.9 Ch.27: Unbeatable Dark Knight ago
Vol.9 Ch.28: Taurus' Aggression in Bot ago
Vol.9 Ch.29: Stealth Pincer ago
Vol.9 Ch.30: All Hope Crushed at the Early-Game ago
Vol.10 Ch.1: Jaiden's Observations ago
Vol.10 Ch.2: The Gangs in Taurus ago
Vol.10 Ch.3: Outbreak of Angst ago
Vol.10 Ch.4: Bryan's Decision ago
Vol.10 Ch.5: The Captain of a Sinking Ship ago
Vol.10 Ch.6: Overflowing Confidence ago
Vol.10 Ch.7: Banning Against an Enigma ago
Vol.10 Ch.8: Two Haters ago
Vol.10 Ch.9: The Bermuda Triangle of Certain Doom ago
Vol.10 Ch.10: The Unexpected Teleport ago
Vol.10 Ch.11: Group Rotation ago
Vol.10 Ch.12: Powerless Mage ago
Vol.10 Ch.13: Turmoil in Stratus ago
Vol.10 Ch.14: Two Carries ago
Vol.10 Ch.15: Unexpected Draft ago
Vol.10 Ch.16: Setting up the Undesired Aggression ago
Vol.10 Ch.17: Baiting With Aggression ago
Vol.10 Ch.18: Rescuing Rio! ago
Vol.10 Ch.19: Duel Preparations ago
Vol.10 Ch.20: Beat vs. Renegade ago
Vol.10 Ch.21: No Escape From the Monster ago
Vol.10 Ch.22: Mid Trickshooter ago
Vol.10 Ch.23: Fleeing From Mid ago
Vol.10 Ch.24: Lars vs. Nash ago
Vol.11 Ch.1: The Worry Before the Fifth Game ago
Vol.11 Ch.2: Why Did You Play Like This? ago
Vol.11 Ch.3: The Captain's Regrets ago
Vol.11 Ch.4: Jaiden's Fall and Rise ago
Vol.11 Ch.5: Raymond's Cowardice ago
Vol.11 Ch.6: Raymond's Offense ago
Vol.11 Ch.7: Oppressing Berserker ago
Vol.11 Ch.8: Countering DragonMaster ago
Vol.11 Ch.9: Reading Like a Book ago
Vol.11 Ch.10: The Monster's Counter Gank ago
Vol.11 Ch.11: Confronting the Monster ago
Vol.11 Ch.12: Jaiden's Curiosity ago
Vol.11 Ch.13: Rio's Hero ago
Vol.11 Ch.14: The Fantastic Ex-StormBlitz Duo ago
Vol.11 Ch.15: Silent Truce in Bot ago
Vol.11 Ch.16: Striking the Weakest Link! ago
Vol.11 Ch.17: Fear of the Beast ago
Vol.11 Ch.18: The Flaws of Playing Safe ago
Vol.11 Ch.19: Playing Around the Triangle ago
Vol.11 Ch.20: The Triangle's Restrictions ago
Vol.11 Ch.21: Saving the Captain ago
Vol.11 Ch.22: Everybody Is Strong on the Competitive Stage ago
Vol.11 Ch.23: Triple Resonance ago
Vol.11 Ch.24: The Hand From the Darkness ago
Vol.11 Ch.25: Mid Laner's Independency ago
Vol.11 Ch.26: The Ex-StormBlitz Monsters ago
Vol.11 Ch.27: Reborn Leader ago
Vol.11 Ch.28: Who is Renegade? ago
Vol.11 Ch.29: Kai's Persistence ago
Vol.11 Ch.30: Jaiden's Bitter Struggle ago
Vol.11 Ch.31: The End of the First Scrimmage ago
Vol.12 Ch.1: Stratus Is Different This Year ago
Vol.12 Ch.2: Resolutions After the First Scrimmage ago
Vol.12 Ch.3: Information Absorber ago
Vol.12 Ch.4: When the Video Is Too Good ago
Vol.12 Ch.5: The Former Chess Champion ago
Vol.12 Ch.6: Vincent's Dedication ago
Vol.12 Ch.7: Match Review Preparations ago
Vol.12 Ch.8: Kai's Resolution ago
Vol.12 Ch.9: The Effects of a Positive Video ago
Vol.12 Ch.10: The Daily Schedules of the Stars ago
Vol.12 Ch.11: Flawless Memeing ago
Vol.12 Ch.12: Fangless Jungler ago
Vol.12 Ch.13: Accessible Replays ago
Vol.12 Ch.14: Yuel's Self-Criticism ago
Vol.12 Ch.15: The Truth Behind Ben's Circumstances ago
Vol.12 Ch.16: Vincent's Regrets ago
Vol.12 Ch.17: Violent Bullies ago
Vol.12 Ch.18: Ben's Two Worlds ago
Vol.12 Ch.19: The Mighty Bully Leader ago
Vol.12 Ch.20: Basketball Challenge ago
Vol.12 Ch.21: 3v3 Basketball ago
Vol.12 Ch.22: What Ben Really Wants ago
Vol.12 Ch.23: Basketball Game, Start! ago
Vol.12 Ch.24: Basket Sniper ago
Vol.12 Ch.25: Mike's Offense ago
Vol.12 Ch.26: The One Who Can't Play Basketball ago
Vol.12 Ch.27: The Enemy Is Catching Up ago
Vol.12 Ch.28: Timely Substitution ago

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I read up to chapter 8 before leaving this review.

I wasn't expecting much from an esports novel, much less one about a kid playing a MOBA.

And yet, this was great.

It's lighthearted, funny at times, the characters are believable, has a good progression.

It was also great remembering my times playing MOBA, remembering my naive beliefs and how they were crushed (SPOILERS, ranked mode isn't Heaven).

A great novel overall, one I'm glad I took my time to read.


The characters and the story are fun, but mediocre. The action, by which I mean gameplay description, takes up over 70% of this story. I can definitely see the appeal, but the pacing is just too out of balance for me.

 The downtime between matches is just too short for me to relieve tension. At some point it just feels like nonstop gameplay. 

I hope the later volumes focus more on character and life below the gaming stage.



Amazing story with all the right amounts of action, slice of life and fluff. 


Uh yeah, so, solid 5

I mean, look, just read it, you're not gonna dissapointed

Chinese Author LN should learn from you.


Good. Too lazy to say more.
Agree with reviewer below that the level of light-novel-y/anime-esque ness is somewhere between endearing and grating at times.


 Pretty good start. I'm looking forward to how this turns out, I've been wanting a good MOBA novel for a while now. Can't say much about story or characters so far, but they seem promising. No blatant grammar errors either. So all in all its worth me paying attention to. The only question I have is; is it a VRMOBA? Because I don't recall the chapter mentioning it specifically and if it's not, then will his lack of coordination affect his gameplay?


You had me but then you lost me!

The first volume had me but after that I just lost interest.




Just finished the first volume and oh my god its good.

You'll especially love it if your a fan of mobas but like any good sports drama it takes you through the motions and make you feel smart for understanding advanced concepts.

Sport stories are way more low stakes then your usual novel and each arc is usually focused around character development as they learn the game more.

Oh and if you're worried about the mc being some gigachad solo player, don't. He's a tactical support player.

Halfway through playing I realised I basically only play solo que carry supports and messaged my friend to play bot lane with me. A perfect sports story isn't some super memorable drama with perfect power fantasy characters, but an outlet and a spark for the passion and love of a game. 10/10 gonna binge this as fast as possible.

Update: it's still a good story. I wouldn’t still be reading it otherwise. But the author really over relies on cliffhangars and subplots. I feel like our power duo never actually improve all that much. They get character development yes, but the climb to the top is never challenged in a way that doesn't boil down to social conflicts. They're natural enough but they ultimately feel like  pokemon game; we won't progress until you complete this side story/multi game scrimmage. For example the first scrimmage in "wait for goku to defeat sexism" arc had been telegraphing a second form fight for ages, telegraphed so hard that you can safely skip the entire 3rd game because everyone knows whos gonna win. Yet instead of skipping predictable or won games, a subplot will appear trying to endear ourselves to the enemy who do not deserve endearing and waste an entire chapter on expanding on whats said in the first paragraph.

But, the previous review still stands. These problems don't show up until much later