Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

by DarkClaymore

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Drama Psychological GameLit LitRPG Male Lead School Life Slice of Life Sports Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Imagine a shonen sports story. But, it’s not about baseball or soccer. No, this one is about playing a MOBA video game!

And no, it’s neither League of Legends nor DotA. A BRAND NEW ORIGINAL MOBA, the one MOBA to rule them all - Classmancers!

The game has become so big, that even schools recognize it as a sport. They even allow students to participate in Classmancers clubs and compete against other schools! Who will be the one going to nationals!?

For Yuel, a team sport is like a chessboard that comes to life. There’s no greater fun than deconstructing every opponent and predicting twenty of their moves in advance.

And, Classmancers is the ideal stage for such psychological warfare, for it’s a sport in which game theory reigns supreme. At least, usually, it does.

There are also goofs like Lars, who got -200 IQ, yet boast godlike mechanical skill that triumphs against all odds. He’s like your typical OPMC which a cheat, except the cheat does nothing for his intellect.

Yuel and Lars are like water and fire. In other words, 100% compatible! That’s why they form an unlikely duo and set out to dominate Classmancers’ competitive scene!

However, to challenge their OPness, the two will run into rivals who are just as OP! Some of them will turn their teammates immune to Yuel’s psychological attacks, while others will redirect Lars’s almighty strength against himself.

In this harsh environment, the two will keep struggling, struggling, and struggling some more, following their promise to reach the pro scene.

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Release schedule: Monday and Thursday. Two chapters a week.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol.1 Ch.1: Searching for a Team Sport ago
Vol.1 Ch.2: Learning the Basics ago
Vol.1 Ch.3: Playing Online ago
Vol.1 Ch.4: God of Trick Shots ago
Vol.1 Ch.5: Hateful Support ago
Vol.1 Ch.6: Team Carry ago
Vol.1 Ch.7: Those Who Keep Playing ago
Vol.1 Ch.8: Friends ago
Vol.1 Ch.9: Third Wheel's Feelings ago
Vol.1 Ch.10: Junior High Entry Exam ago
Vol.1 Ch.11: The Star's Shadow ago
Vol.1 Ch.12: The Search for Knowledge ago
Vol.1 Ch.13: Unexplained Tactics ago
Vol.1 Ch.14: The Antithesis ago
Vol.1 Ch.15: Impenetrable Shield ago
Vol.1 Ch.16: Team's Support ago
Vol.1 Afterword ago
Vol.2 Ch.1: Romeo and Juliet ago
Vol.2 Ch.2: The Cocky Rookie's Greeting ago
Vol.2 Ch.3: Bipolar Player ago
Vol.2 Ch.4: Immortal Goddess ago
Vol.2 Ch.5: The Determination to Play ago
Vol.2 Ch.6: Berserker Maiden ago
Vol.2 Ch.7: Each Girl's Drive ago
Vol.2 Ch.8: Exam Results ago
Vol.2 Ch.9: Club Tour ago
Vol.2 Ch.10: Competitive Nicknames ago
Vol.2 Ch.11: Parrying ago
Vol.2 Ch.12: Scrimmages ago
Vol.2 Ch.13: The Stage of Those Who Didn't Make It ago
Vol.2 Ch.14: Combo Player ago
Vol.2 Ch.15: Tactical Sacrifice ago
Vol.2 Ch.16: The Sacrifice's True Meaning ago
Vol.2 Ch.17: Destroyer of Optimal Plays ago
Vol.2 Afterword ago
Vol.3 Ch.1: Strong, but Familiar ago
Vol.3 Ch.2: The Coach Factor ago
Vol.3 Ch.3: Mixup Strategy ago
Vol.3 Ch.4: Rift in the Team ago
Vol.3 Ch.5: Trever's Frustration ago
Vol.3 Ch.6: A Powerless Shot-Caller ago
Vol.3 Ch.7: Substitution Request ago
Vol.3 Ch.8: Seizing Leadership ago
Vol.3 Ch.9: Drafting a Counter ago
Vol.3 Ch.10: Shackles of the Larger Picture ago
Vol.3 Ch.11: The Beast That Transcends Common Sense ago
Vol.3 Ch.12: Out of Touch ago
Vol.3 Ch.13: Combo Constraints ago
Vol.3 Ch.14: Smashed Mental Image ago
Vol.3 Ch.15: The Right to Stand on This Stage ago
Vol.3 Ch.16: Failures, Regrets and Hope ago
Vol.3 Ch.17: Everybody's Alternatives ago
Vol.3 Ch.18: Inherited Skills ago
Vol.3 Ch.19: The Gap Between Practice and Experience ago
Vol.3 Ch.20: Outcast Seniors ago
Vol.3 Ch.21: Facing One's Shortcomings ago
Vol.3 Afterword ago
Vol.4 Ch.1: The Regionals Without Me ago
Vol.4 Ch.2: New Captain and Vice-Captain ago
Vol.4 Ch.3: Summer Break Begins ago
Vol.4 Ch.4: Everybody Help to Grind ago
Vol.4 Ch.5: Duties of the Vice-Captain ago
Vol.4 Ch.6: A Drunk Pro Appears! ago
Vol.4 Ch.7: 1v1 Preparations ago
Vol.4 Ch.8: The 1v1 Grandmaster ago
Vol.4 Ch.9: Counter Pick Checkmate ago
Vol.4 Ch.10: Stats over Skill ago
Vol.4 Ch.11: Battle for the First String ago
Vol.4 Ch.12: Battle Preparations - Howard's Side ago
Vol.4 Ch.13: Battle Preparations - Yuel's Side ago
Vol.4 Ch.14: Everybody's Stakes ago
Vol.4 Ch.15: The Trickshooter Gamble ago
Vol.4 Ch.16: Preparation and Adaptation ago
Vol.4 Ch.17: Preparation and Wit ago
Vol.4 Ch.18: Thirst for Strength ago
Vol.4 Ch.19: Dark Knight, the Early Game Bully ago
Vol.4 Ch.20: Coping with Defeat ago
Vol.4 Ch.21: The Hungry Jungler ago
Vol.4 Ch.22: The Flawed 1v1 Prodigy ago
Vol.4 Ch.23: Joy and Concern ago
Vol.4 Afterword ago
Vol.5 Ch.1: Drafting Traps ago
Vol.5 Ch.2: His Second Strongest Class ago
Vol.5 Ch.3: Turtling Patience ago
Vol.5 Ch.4: Can't Go on the Offensive ago
Vol.5 Ch.5: The Lars Killer ago
Vol.5 Ch.6: Lack of Early Game Advantage ago
Vol.5 Ch.7: Defense That Sets up the Offense ago
Vol.5 Ch.8: Unleash the Demonic Power! ago
Vol.5 Ch.9: From Offense to Defense? ago
Vol.5 Ch.10: Restroom Encounters ago
Vol.5 Ch.11: Drafting the Late Game ago
Vol.5 Ch.12: Defensive Gears ago
Vol.5 Ch.13: Fatal Hesitation ago
Vol.5 Ch.14: JULIA UNLEASHED!!! ago
Vol.5 Ch.15: Slipping Defense ago
Vol.5 Ch.16: Fast Shot Mixups ago
Vol.5 Ch.17: Gilbert's Hesitation ago
Vol.5 Ch.18: Do I Have the Right to Win? ago
Vol.5 Ch.19: Wavering Minds ago
Vol.5 Ch.20: Shot-Caller's Fatigue ago
Vol.5 Ch.21: Two 1v1s Instead of 2v2 ago
Vol.5 Ch.22: The 2v2 Turnabout ago
Vol.5 Ch.23: How Momentary Overconfidence Costs Lives ago
Vol.5 Ch.24: Bait Twist ago
Vol.5 Ch.25: Hyper Rotation ago
Vol.5 Ch.26: Julia vs. Taison ago
Vol.5 Ch.27: And the First String Goes To...! ago
Vol.5 Afterword ago
Vol.6 Ch.1: The Aftermath of Defeat ago
Vol.6 Ch.2: The Unexpected Announcement ago
Vol.6 Ch.3: The Only One Who Made It ago
Vol.6 Ch.4: Confronting the Lioness ago
Vol.6 Ch.5: Passing the Baton ago
Vol.6 Ch.6: The Last Farewell ago
Vol.6 Ch.7: New Beginning ago
Vol.6 Ch.8: New Captain, New Trouble ago
Vol.6 Ch.9: Sizing Up the Opponents ago
Vol.6 Ch.10: Restricting Defensive Options ago
Vol.6 Ch.11: 200% Accuracy Without a Mouse Is 0% Accuracy ago
Vol.6 Ch.12: Lane Pressure Sparks Offense ago
Vol.6 Ch.13: Rhythm Reader ago
Vol.6 Ch.14: Slogging for Victory ago
Vol.6 Ch.15: The First Step Toward the Competitive Scene ago
Vol.6 Ch.16: Luke, the Meme Jedi ago
Vol.6 Ch.17: Warding Openings ago
Vol.6 Ch.18: Educated Memeing ago
Vol.6 Ch.19: Cautious Duo ago
Vol.6 Ch.20: The Challenge of Gauging Teammates' Skill ago
Vol.6 Ch.21: The Road Ahead Is Still Long ago
Vol.6 Ch.22: The One They Left Behind ago
Vol.6 Afterword ago
Vol.7 Ch.1: Ben the "Delinquent" ago
Vol.7 Ch.2: Clunky Cooperation ago
Vol.7 Ch.3: The Support's Role in Bottom Lane ago
Vol.7 Ch.4: Self-Sufficient Carry ago
Vol.7 Ch.5: The Human Shield ago
Vol.7 Ch.6: Problem Kids ago
Vol.7 Ch.7: The Ungankable ago
Vol.7 Ch.8: The Arbiter of Talents ago
Vol.7 Ch.9: Kuudere? ago
Vol.7 Ch.10: Troublesome Pair ago
Vol.7 Ch.11: The Reserved Spot ago
Vol.7 Ch.12: Romeo and Juliet, Again ago
Vol.7 Ch.13: Terrible Marketing ago
Vol.7 Ch.14: No Female Candidates ago
Vol.7 Ch.15: The Mysterious Candidate ago
Vol.7 Ch.16: Tracking Down the Elusive Candidate ago
Vol.7 Ch.17: Duel Exam ago
Vol.7 Ch.18: Dealing with the Knight Matchup ago
Vol.7 Ch.19: Vanishing Presence ago
Vol.7 Ch.20: The Second Test ago
Vol.7 Ch.21: Shadow Clone ago
Vol.7 Ch.22: Vanishing Phantom ago
Vol.7 Ch.23: Coming Out of the Shell ago
Vol.7 Ch.24: Hide-and-Seek Grandmaster ago
Vol.7 Ch.25: The Monk vs. Orc Matchup ago
Vol.7 Ch.26: Uncooperative Jungler ago
Vol.7 Ch.27: Rampaging Orc ago
Vol.7 Ch.28: Tipmancer is Law ago
Vol.7 Ch.29: Surpassing Tipmancer ago
Vol.7 Afterword ago
Vol.8 Ch.1: Ranked Solo Queue ago
Vol.8 Ch.2: Playing Ranked with Randoms ago
Vol.8 Ch.3: Reckless Low Rank ago
Vol.8 Ch.4: Delayed Kill ago
Vol.8 Ch.5: The Importance of Bullying the Lane Bully ago
Vol.8 Ch.6: Hide-And-Seek in the Jungle ago
Vol.8 Ch.7: The One Who Delivers Surprises Hates Being Surprised ago
Vol.8 Ch.8: Help the Team to Help Yourself ago
Vol.8 Ch.9: Fighting for the Same Goal ago
Vol.8 Ch.10: Alone Against a Dark Knight ago
Vol.8 Ch.11: Playing the Patience Game ago
Vol.8 Ch.12: The Jungler's Help ago
Vol.8 Ch.13: The Plans for Nia ago
Vol.8 Ch.14: Pulling up the Weak ago
Vol.8 Ch.15: Senior Visitors ago
Vol.8 Ch.16: The Seniors' Draft ago
Vol.8 Ch.17: Safe Draft ago
Vol.8 Ch.18: Fangless Lineup ago
Vol.8 Ch.19: Devastating Invade ago
Vol.8 Ch.20: Remote Intimidation ago
Vol.8 Ch.21: What Happens When You Get Close ago
Vol.8 Ch.22: Lars Playing Defense? ago
Vol.8 Ch.23: Playing the Long Game ago
Vol.8 Ch.24: Desperate Assault ago
Vol.8 Ch.25: Rescue Gank! ago
Vol.8 Ch.26: The Hopeless Gank ago
Vol.8 Ch.27: Shot-Caller's Miscommunication ago
Vol.8 Ch.28: Dragging the Turtle out of His Shell ago
Vol.8 Ch.29: Peek-A-Boo Bait ago
Vol.8 Ch.30: Ain't Gonna Take That Bait, Yo! ago

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Solid. Light hearted. Anime.

Classmancers is pure sports anime. It's essentially a light novel, written about mobas. Expect all the attendant tropes, including middle schoolers who only nominally take academic courses. 

I recommend this series on the tone alone: no high stakes, no end of the world, no slaughter of the innocence. Come for the anime tropes, stay for the anime tropes and go about your day.

The dialogue can be cringey in that it's written for teens who spend too much time in Twitch chat-- and the constant use of onomonopeia anime exclamations can be grating depending on your taste.

And characters are essentially anime trope delivery devices: spunky girl who was late to receiving an honest to goodness personality (I suspect the author has some difficulty writing female characters outside of, of course, tsundere and other tropes), Naruto the Carry and our hero, Blue Oni Who Likely Pushes His Glasses Up The Bridge Of His Nose As He Explains His Grand Plan.

It's better than the sum of its part, though.

Given time, Classmancer's could move from aping tropes to elevating them. I'm guessing we'll find out some time around the Tournament arc.

  • Overall Score

Pretty Solid, Could Be Better

In a nutshell, Classmancers is a traditional shonen sports novel, except, it's esports.  That means there aren't ever any true failings, even when it would make for a better story or would be more logical.  Stereotypes and cliches abound.  Characters aren't particularly complex.  Still, for what it's worth, it is a rather fun story and the author has solid prose.  There aren't many serious and irritating grammatical mistakes.  Don't expect anything too original and you'll have a good time with Classmancers.  

  • Overall Score

keep writing! I'm anxious to keep reading! I love teamwork pro gamer stories that also implement strategy and humor

Yuel has good enemy prediction and is great at finding the enemy's weakness in order to use against them, he plays support on the team. Lars plays an amazing Trickster bouncing those bullets and hitting seemingly impossible shots. Julia kinda annoys me a bit just cause she just seems to be there in order to get Lars as a boyfriend smh.

  • Overall Score

Something that, at least to my knowledge, hasn't been done before.

Reads like an anime. Very typical teenage characters who attend a school simply to play their chosen game. The 'inbody' writing of the fights is well done although our MC spends a significant portion of the novel thinking through possible options/strategies, which can be off-putting at times.

Overall a well-written novel, in a different genre from the norm of RR.

Give it a chance and see what you think!

The Irregular
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Give it a Try, It's worth it!

This is some good stuff. A niche genre that may PERHAPS not be to everyones liking but more than good enough to trump the average royalroad fic in my personal opinion. I had the oppurtunity to read ahead some. And i can say it only gets better!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

More people should read it

Classmancer is a story about how Yuel and Lars as they aim for the competitive scene in the MOBA classmancer. The author executes this story well - and it makes me wonder why it has the current bad rating. This novel is definitely something I think a lot more people would enjoy reading than what the overall score might present.

Style: Everything he tells of the happening has a purpose, and executes it faithfully. The narrator is to be understood as the character telling of this experience, and allows for an easy way of understanding what's happening, and furthermore makes me feel. No sentence struck me as out of place, and the pacing is quite nice as well. I just wish sometimes that you would have connected more happenings together, for example when Gregory and Taison  appeared for the Junior exam, a single reminder that they were the same Yuel and Lars played against would have given the encounter more meaning (at the beginning, when it wasn't clear yet that they were the ones from when Yuel met Lars). This, however, pales to the quite aggressive way the author uses words to convey this story.

Story: For the purposes of this review, I will divide story into two different categories, world and plot. The world is believable, and told of in an interesting way. The plot is also believable within this world, and also told of in an interesting way. One can clearly tell that the author quite wants to write about this - or at least is invested in this world.

Grammar: No outstanding grammar issues found. A couple of times a sleight of hand, but having 3 or 4 mistakes in 183 pages is no reason to not read this story. (Btw, to the ones reading, double negatives actually violate no grammar rule.)

Character: Quite believable characters, along with interesting ways of conveying their thoughts, their intentions and their actions. Expect good character growth. Also, each character has an unique voice, and you'll likely find yourself smiling at Lars' and Yuel's almost polarizing attributes.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A well thought e-sport story

It's a good enough e-sport story, 

starting from school, and showing the growth and fights of a young e-player.

I find the e-sport games/fights to be a bit too long, but I expect it needs that much detail to really elevate the story.

I'd like a bit more ellipses within the fights (like when duelling the pro)... showing the highlights instead of all the fight.

However those fights I find too long are in fact well described.

they are too long only because I'm waiting for next chapter and want to perceive/advance along the more global plot.

When I was catching up, I didn't feel they were too long ... so GG !

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I read up to chapter 8 before leaving this review.

I wasn't expecting much from an esports novel, much less one about a kid playing a MOBA.

And yet, this was great.

It's lighthearted, funny at times, the characters are believable, has a good progression.

It was also great remembering my times playing MOBA, remembering my naive beliefs and how they were crushed (SPOILERS, ranked mode isn't Heaven).

A great novel overall, one I'm glad I took my time to read.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

For Toxic players, please read it.

I'm really interested in this novel. I hope the MOBA players understand that in the game there are defeats, victories, joys and disappointments.

All of them are built with strategies.

  • Overall Score

This story is one fo my favorites on this site. I have read very few books that can compare. I love the attention to detail in this book, including all the action scenes. I hope you continue this book. To the readers: Have fun reading this.