Re: Dragonize

Re: Dragonize

by Kuiper

After being reborn in a new world, Drew learns that life is not always easy for adventurers. But having the powers of a dragon at your disposal does help.

Re: Dragonize has finally returned! In 2018, I took a significant break from writing web fiction to focus on video game scriptwriting, when an unexpected success on Kickstarter and a series of other fortuitous events led to several of the video games I was working on to take off in a big way. Now that both of those games have shipped, I can finally add "scriptwriter for two Nintendo Switch games" to my resume, and return to writing web fiction as my main creative outlet.

Updates twice a week.

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I really enjoyed Re: Dragonize, which I happened upon because the author appeared on my favorite podcast. (Rationally Writing, for the curious.) The only problem is really the update schedule. I really wish there was one that the author could keep to consistently, even if it was only a chapter a month.

Here's to hoping the author sees this and is willing to commit to writing every day or whatever other pieces of classic writing advice work for them, because I'd really like to see more of the world of Dragonize and where the main character's story goes.

Lud dos Misseis

Be not afraid! (of big paragraphs)

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: Learning

This is good. Great, even. So in the interest of keeping people from being scared away from this gem, I'll start off by addressing the review title:

Paragraphs (especially in the first chapters) are quite large, but through markedly good punctuation and good flow (or literary sorcery, I wouldn't know) the story manages to avoid the tiresome reading that bigger paragraphs often afford on this here website.

With that out of the way, I'm left with... actually not that much to say besides general praise, as the story hasn't had the time to go much of anywhere.

The prose is outstanding and wouldn't feel out of place in a professionally edited work (except for the tables, which are an obvious WIP) and the author is actively asking for (and acting on) feedback on the reading experience, which is a really damn good sign.

Information about the MCs world and overall character is being steadily trickled in, and his inner dialogue is expressive, but not in the silly, overdone "Heyyy look how human my character is!!1!" kind of way that seems to often happen when a newer author is afraid of having a generic murderhobo as an MC.

The premise sounds like the mashup of a few niche tropes (but tropes nonetheless), yet the details and delivery make it feel new and very compelling, and keep lots of room for novelty and fun twists on the usual fare.

Overall? Dunno, never learned how to do conclusions properly, so stop taking in my gloriously unqualified opinion and go read some dragon stuff, will ya? That's probably best for everyone involved.

R. Ortus Aurora

Seriously whens the next chapter coming

Im speechless

you cant ,,
im mean i cant....
u have to read this to understand
i miss this type
this is still the best

ggwp OP
u rule
would rule more if you post more tho ;1


Dragon reincarnator with system

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Dawn of the Third Day

Enjoyable re8ncarnator story. This review written when MC-baby dragon has reached the baby dragon level cap (level 3). It hasn't been easy as it's been solo out of the egg situation, no Mommy dragons sticking around in this one. Even crocodiles are better Moms!

MC restarts as dragon hatchling in a new world with a system (it's been designed by a divinity who maybe watches too many MMORPGs in "her" spare time).

The mission = survive and grow, there doesn't seem to be anything on the lines of "kill the demon lord in 10 years". So no pressure then......except life isn't easy for a loner hatchling dragon. But the MC figures stuff out.

If there is one mild criticism it is perhaps the amount of space devoted to the MC figuring out the blindingly obvious. By definition this is all exposition, rather than action. I mean the philosophical approach to predation is not something that a baby dragon (obligate carnivore) is going to worry about when it's hungry. So why waste pages on it.

The MC carried through with human thought processes - which are hopefully advantageous to a baby dragon, although I occasionally doubted this idea. Is a thought process based on a totally different being really superior to instinct. The MC does consider this use too. But early days yet.....

Don't come away thinking there is not much action going on - there's a lot of action, and the MC-hatchling benefits from having a degree of "battle sense" based on MC smarts and not a skill. By definition there are no other characters yet so there is a degree of exposition or "MC thinking to h8mself" bits.

If you link reincarnators, dragons, survival in a newRPG  world or any of above you will probably like this story.


Classic start up = sudden death of youngish 


I'm loving it. So far.

Like I said in the review title, I'm loving it!!! So far.