Growing Strong

Growing Strong

by alphabet

In the world of Lenessia, your life is decided on your 18th birthday. Nobles and peasants alike wait eagerly for their special day: the day where their class is chosen.

Born to a simple family of farmers, Ian belongs to one of the lowest castes in society. His future is bleak - his father was a farmer, his grandfather was a farmer, for Lenessa's sake his whole family have been farmers for as long as they can remember. But Ian holds on to his hope, the dream that he could be one of the few who receive a heroic class and skyrocket through the echelons of society.

Fate is not so forgiving, and Ian is quickly dismissed as simply another low tier farmer. If Ian wishes to achieve his childhood dreams, then he has only one choice. Growing Strong.

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Not much to say as of now but the story currently shows promise. Once the story is longer a more in depth review could be done but so far the style and grammar are good. It is much to soon to comment on the characters and story though.


STYLE: It follows the norm which is a good thing. I hate it when author uses their own style which destroys the story.

GRAMMAR: No glaring grammatical errors but I could point out altleast 3 errors.

STORY: Unique in a sense that it combines tropes from multiple stories.

CHARACTER: It's still 5 chapters so I still don't know the protag that much.


Overal it's good and I'll definitely follow this story

Elliot Moors

Power fantasy with a fun twist.

STYLE - The author has a simple, clear and readable voice. The reading experience is improved with the clever use of status screens, which makes the story feel a bit more immersive. The story dips into third person omniscient at points, and there is a tendency of explaining a lot to the reader when it's not explicitly necessary. Overall, quite good.

GRAMMAR - Not much to comment here. The grammar is good and the story seems well proofread. I picked up on a few errors, but not many at all, and fewer than what is expected with a web serial like this, where the expectation of quality assurance is somewhat lower.

STORY - Up to chapter 14, it seems like a classic power fantasy. Not much beyond that, but nothing wrong with it. I will be eager to see what future chapters hold.


CHARACTER - The weakest part of the story, I find. Ian isn't a particularly charismatic lead, and while he's described as hard-working and diligent I thought he was handed a lot of his advantages on a silver platter. He makes the jump from useless to overpowered fairly quickly which is a bit jarring, also, but for this type of power fantasy, he is serviceable for sure.

OVERALL - A well-crafted story with a lot of work put into it. The author seems to have a diligent upload schedule and a high level of editing, which is commendable. The story's weaknesses in my mind are its weak protagonist, an over-reliance on third-person omniscient and a startlingly quick power jump. Its strengths are the clear voice of the author, the quick pace at which the story flows, and certain unique aspects of clever story-telling such as the status screens. The main character's particular class is also quite interesting, as it is not standard fare for LitRPG.