Growing Strong

Growing Strong

by alphabet

In the world of Lenessia, your life is decided on your 18th birthday. Nobles and peasants alike wait eagerly for their special day: the day where their class is chosen.

Born to a simple family of farmers, Ian belongs to one of the lowest castes in society. His future is bleak - his father was a farmer, his grandfather was a farmer, for Lenessa's sake his whole family have been farmers for as long as they can remember. But Ian holds on to his hope, the dream that he could be one of the few who receive a heroic class and skyrocket through the echelons of society.

Fate is not so forgiving, and Ian is quickly dismissed as simply another low tier farmer. If Ian wishes to achieve his childhood dreams, then he has only one choice. Growing Strong.

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Minion Number Q

Not bad, but not good either

As of chapter 15 there is nothing I can point to in the story as being outright bad. But also, there is nothing to keep my interest. The main character is bland and doesn't really have a personality. We haven't seen enough of the world itself to be interested in that. And the premise of the story is less interesting than the summary makes out.

The summary gave the idea that the main character would break conventions and become strong despite having a low farmer class. That would have been interesting, to see them find ways outside of the class /skills /stats system to become strong. 

Instead we just get a main character with an overpowered class handed to them (possibly due to divine intervention). Unfortunately that makes this story the same as many other LitRPG stories  with little substance to keep interest  

Wise old penguin

*Picks nose* Yea it's decent

Okay, first... what's up with people picking a single tree as the cover for their novel, it even looks the same as Dr#g#nf#ll: #nch#ntm#nt and Th# Br##th #f Cr##tion. We get it you're lonely, but why'd you have to resort to greenpeace levels of subtelty?

Characters are one trick ponies.

Style is boring and VERY repetitive.

Grammar is bland and the autor invents words in a way that suggests he's got english as a second language (not really a downside, more like a nod of recognition).

Don't think too much of my review on this novel, I just skimmed it, because the cover had me asking what's up with all the trees.

Kamila Swift

For now at chapter 15.


This title is my favorite from my current library.

Since previous chater 22 days ago i was thinking about it every few days and

now that there is 15 chapter i'm so happy i decided to write review.

It's rare (my 1st review) so it show how much i love


Binge read up to date, like all the rest of us. 

Really worth the time and I strongly recommend it.

The writer uses an intuitive writing style and you burn through the chapters fast.

On top of that, some major credit is due for such a unique combat style and class for the protag. Kudos.

Only gripe would be release speed.

Twice a week? That's just cruel! 


very interesting, been some time since the last upload but well worth the read, i hope the author continues with the story. 


I like this story. Well written, no obvious spelling or grammar issues, and the story has enough unexpected scenarios to keep your interest as the main character grows and adapts to the world around him.

I want to see what types of plants he'll make and how he'll end up contributing to the main plot.


This is pretty good so far, I like the story and characters. There's a lot of potential growth, and I'm looking forward to where this goes.


So far I think that it’s great!!!!

it has 10/10 potential 


A good story, as of chapter 14 it isn't a revolutionary one that will blow your mind but it has an interesting idea, that while already done in several other stories, still manages to give it an interesting twist.

I haven't seen any grammatic error,but that may be because i haven't read the chapters searching for them.

The characters are good but they don't really "feel" alive, specially the family of the MC, but the story is barely starting and not every character is like that.

But i still recommend to read it if you want to pass the time.


The worst part about this story is how I was forced to stop binging after only 12 chapters. How dare the author!?


Read it, it's good.