Shattered Soul

by GhostReaper

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Mystery Tragedy Female Lead Magic Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Next chapter: 16. October 2018
I had planned on the 14. October, but the chapter felt wrong in the proofread, so I have to rewrite parts of it.

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Scorned by the humans of earth, the Shadow Walker and telekinetic Sarah Marie Johnson was executed as a traitor to the human race. After her death she meets the seraph Tavariel, who explains to her that since her birth her soul had been shattered.

The young Moon Elf princess Linea has always been different. Never as strong as her siblings, but magically gifted, she soon had to bury her hopes to become a Void Hunter. Instead focusing on a path to become a healer, she performs a ritual to strengthen the bond to her goddess. Unexpectedly her ritual is hijacked by Tavariel, who guides her to the place, where someone awaits her.

This is the story of two parts of a soul, which were never meant to be divided.

This is their journey.



Hello everyone,

this is my first attempt for a story on my own, so if you find any mistakes feel free to point them out. I have a rough outline were my story will lead, but ultimately I have not fleshed out the whole story yet.

I plan on a release schedule of two chapters per week, normally every monday and friday at 5pm CET. This is subject to change and occasionally chapters can be delayed.

If you got any questions regarding my story, feel free to contact me via comments or messages.



This story is mature and is only recommended to an audience older than 18. There is tragedy involved and if you can not handle certain topics like character death, suicide, rape (or any consent-based sexual activity), racism or violence, you are advised to skip this story. There will be, however, no depictions of rape . If it should happen, it will be "off-screen".

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  • Overall Score

Awesome story, this reads a lot like an actual high fantasy story you can find in a bookstore. I could tell the effort the author put into the world building here. It's interesting to read about and it gives me the 'begining of an epic adventure' kind of feel. Only 11 chapters in, but that was enough to totally captivate me.

Grammar wise, I had no problems reading the story. Couldn't even tell that english wasn't your first language.


I hope to see more!

Endless Paving
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I am just a voice in your head

(Chapter 17, four-ish days per update)

A great story so far about two or more people who are the same person. They are in the same body as well, for convenience. Some words are slightly misspelled into the kind of words that actully are words despite being the weongs ones. Not all readers will notice this as much as others, and only some will really be bothered to care. The story style is a normal young adult style thriller with the sudden fantastical world, personal revalation, and ominous hordes thing. It’s not too generic since it has some interesting mind/soul finickery, but people without patience for that type of plot will have to miss out on the fun. The highest recomemdation from me is the characters, as they are very engaging and well defined for how far I am in the story already. We’ve got all the good feels: anxiety, guilt, trauma, determination, happiness. All that good stuff, not those stupid characters that never juggle their feelings and work on a one-track emotion. Dynamic feelings.

  • Overall Score

Echoing BLOO233

Up to chapter 16, easy to read and enjoyable!

  • Overall Score

A good story written about my personal hell

I assume since the mc's are fragmented pieces of a soul, they always felt like something was missing or whatever. I really like the story but the thought of having to share a body with someone else gives me chills. 


It's very good though, give it a go!

  • Overall Score

I likedke this novel a lot, I wouldn't say the story is amazing, but it's definitely good, and best of all, it feels fresh. I have never read a story like this before, and I must say that I am enjoying it.

  • Overall Score

Really GOOD with potential promise to reach great

As far as I have read, chapter 24, the author is really good at writing! I am especially happy, that he doesn't shy away to also include rather dark themes for fear of losing followers. To draw a realistic picture of a world in the middle ages it is only natural to also include the darkness these times consisted of.

Those things are also included in Game of Thrones, and this series is liked by many especially because the author doesn't create a rainbow world but a reality. So whoever starts reading this should also be prepared for death and that things actually can go wrong.

The story has dept, the character developement is good and the grammar is as far as I can tell almost as good as a native speaker, but since I am not one myself I am qualified to judge it. But the point is, you understand everything and can get immersed in the story.

I give it 5 stars for now, since so far it is in my opinion as good.

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Nothing to write. No grammar mistakes found—though I haven't looked for it. There isn't really enough chapters to write anything concrete. I'd like to see a lesbian/yuri/GL/whatever you call it tag if the story really goes that way though.