SUPER! - A Medieval Superhero Story

SUPER! - A Medieval Superhero Story

by Elliot Moors

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

One-tenth of the population is born with special Powers. 

Some call themselves Heroes, striving to uphold justice and order.

Others are branded as Villains, those who wish to twist reality according to their own nefarious needs.

Paragon, queen of an empire spanning most of the known world, sits wounded upon her throne. She holds a tenuous grip on the peace she once created.

Ender, the Dark Lord of Villains, is thought dead, slain by the queen upon the eve of his greatest conquest.

Kiren and Lace know differently.

They both know he will make another attempt to throw the empire of Aribel into chaos. 

Young and untrained, their souls are entwined with one another. They have both vowed to stop Ender and his commanders.

Will they be strong enough to survive? Will they be prepared for the horrors the Lord of Villains has in store for them?

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Elliot Moors

Elliot Moors

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Table of Contents
79 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0. The Day the World Died, Part 1 ago
0. The Day the World Died, Part 2 ago
0. The Day the World Died, Part 3 ago
1. Lace Amar, Part 1 (START OF 'LOST SOULS' ARC) ago
1. Lace Amar, Part 2 ago
1. Lace Amar, Part 3 ago
2. Kiren ago
3. Third Time Lucky, Part 1 ago
3. Third Time Lucky, Part 2 ago
4. Bits and Pieces, Part 1 ago
4. Bits and Pieces, Part 2 ago
5. Excelerate ago
6. The Hunt, Part 1 ago
6. The Hunt, Part 2 ago
7. The Limit, Part 1 ago
7. The Limit, Part 2 ago
8. "Master" ago
9. A Good Man, Part 1 ago
9. A Good Man, Part 2 (END OF 'LOST SOULS' ARC) ago
10. Evangel (START OF 'DARK TIDINGS' ARC) ago
11. Hone the Body, Part 1 ago
11. Hone the Body, Part 2 ago
12. My Blood for the World, Part 1 ago
12. My Blood for the World, Part 2 ago
13. The Grandmaster, Part 1 ago
13. The Grandmaster, Part 2 ago
14. The Doubt ago
15. A New Home, Part 1 ago
15. A New Home, Part 2 ago
15. A New Home, Part 3 ago
16. To Health (END OF 'DARK TIDINGS' ARC) ago
17. A Deal Gone Wrong (START OF 'CLASHING WILLS' ARC) ago
18. Fool Me Thrice, Part 1 ago
18. Fool Me Thrice, Part 2 ago
19. Recoup ago
20. Ugly Mug, Ugly Heart ago
21. Escalation ago
22. Split, Part 1 ago
22. Split, Part 2 ago
23. Restitution ago
24. Show of Force ago
25. Clash of Wills ago
26. Friend for a Day ago
27. Trials, Part 1 ago
27. Trials, Part 2 ago
28. Darkness Resurgent (END OF 'CLASHING WILLS' ARC) ago
29. Big Game, Part 1 (START OF 'RETRIEVAL' ARC) ago
29. Big Game, Part 2 ago
30. Pretty Birdy ago
31. Neutral Ground ago
32. The Master Thief ago
33. Difference of Opinion ago
34. Plan of Attack ago
35. Rematch ago
36. Gold Fever ago
37. Ugly ago
38. Night Out ago
39. Bird in a Cage (END OF 'RETRIEVAL' ARC) ago
40. Hardened, Part 1 (START OF 'CITY OF MADNESS' ARC) ago
40. Hardened, Part 2 ago
41. City on Fire ago
42. Night of Horrors ago
43. Desperation ago
44. No one Left Behind ago
45. Run! ago
46. Maxim's Wish ago
47. The one who Suffered, Part 1 ago
47. The one who Suffered, Part 2 ago
48. Khruj ago
49. The Chimera ago
50. Purity ago
51. The Broken Hero ago
52. The Riddle Tree ago
53. A Father's Memory ago
54. Catchup ago
55. One Last Push ago
56. The True Monster ago
57. The Battle for Goldbrand ago
58. Dawn (END OF BOOK ONE) ago

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Superheroes aren't normally my thing but I enjoyed My Hero Academia, and that is something this feels like. The fight scenes flow well, the style is solid and the grammar is on target.

The characterizations are really strong imo, even if you don't necessarily like certain ones. Some of the descriptions are rock solid vivid, and if you're not careful you'll slip right in.


Super! is an interesting tale with a peculiar but pleasing flavor, and while in places there is room for improvement, the well-presented style and compositional expertise present a story with big prospects and huge potential.

First, the world. It's an odd mix but not an unwelcome one. While the story suffers occasionally from the aesthetic conflict between contemporary heroic fiction and old-style high fantasy, fantasy fiction is replete with characters possessing supernatural abilities; when you put them next to ordinary people, they might as well be superheroes! Elliot Moors formalizes this relationship and places the combination in a world where such dichotomy is commonplace. Heroes take center stage as the leaders of society and Villains serve in the shadows as their constant foils. The story follows the adventures of a pair of disadvantaged budding hero apprentices as they struggle to join the world of the heroes and settle old scores.

It's a good start and an inspiring start, and the opening sequence at the beginning of the story does a good job of setting up the events that follow. What the story lacks is a sense of depth. The author's writing style is pristine, both grammatically and in his construction of the narrative. The problem with Super! is not its presentation; it is its content.

The characters, while beautifully shown, lack a sense of realism. Rarely does the reader see through their eyes and feel what they are feeling. While the perspective is handled well, most commonly the internal narratives of the characters serve only to explain and comment upon what's going on, rather than to reveal their lives, emotions, and memories. The reader is left with the sense that the people they're reading about aren't individuals, but vehicles in service to the story and its developing events; events which occassionally feel shallow in the absense of an emotional investment in the fates of the characters. The female lead suffers from this less than the male, in large part due to the exposition of the character's genuine passion concerning her goals and the relatable nature of her family.

Despite its shortfalls, Super! remains a good read. It is the author's impressive technical ability that carries it forward. In the presence of stronger characters, the other elements of the story would come together, producing a gripping whole from which a prospective reader would not be able to look away.


Up to Chapter Nine (Third Time Lucky Part Two)



The style is a good mix of short to long sentences making it easy to read and a good sense of variety in sentence structure. The only issue I had was that on the odd occasion I found some sentences could have been made into their own stand-alone sentence instead of grouping it with another batch.



The setting is rather interesting it gives me a vibe of many series I've watched, read and played, for example, I felt a combination of Dishonour, Legend Trilogy and The Young Elites (May I add I really like all the aforementioned series!).

The story seems to revolve around two battling third-party groups the Heroes and Villains. Prior to the first chapter, the world seemed to be prosperous however after the first chapter the world seems to have entered a state of crime and disorder at least in the city it's set in for the time being. The only qualms I have is that I wish there was some more insight into the surrounding the world or other persons of interest for chapters to show a bigger picture in what's happening outside this city. 

It's a rather unique take on LN/WN (correct if I'm wrong on the type of story this is!) I've only seen the likes of Goblin Slayer and Beserk try this. Hence the reason I can let my gripes slide in my previous paragraph



The grammar is all good except for a few places where I got confused with the placement of words maybe that's because I'm British and the writer is American. Other than that it's crisp!



In my opinion, this is the weakest part of the story not that the characters are bad far from it. It's just the characters aren't different enough personality wise from other works that I've read with similar characters, the characters are written well no doubt about that.

However, up until the chapter I read, I feel that the story itself, the world and the general interest I have in this universe have carried these characters along and made me ignore the fact that they're just simply written well.



Overall I'd say it's a web novel worth getting yourself hooked into there's enough potential here to make something truly special however it's too early for me to be certain.

If you're also really big into the likes of Light Novels like Goblin Slayer and Beserk I'd also recommend you to check this out!

M. R. Aze

I want super powers too

SUPER! is well, super, I make no excuses for the pun! 

As most can figure it out it is a story about super-heroes, but what sets it apart is its setting. It is Fantasy! It is a completely new take on what a hero should be before the invention of computers and the rise of billionaires who fight against evil. That said, the story also takes a different look at what it takes to become a person worthy of such a title. Now, that would merit 5 stars for story, however, the slow pace and the fact that it has not progressed much, mean that it can be valued at 4.5 stars at the moment. Who knows, Elliot Moors, might pull a fast one on us as readers and turn that around to earn the 0.5 increase. 

And what is a story without its characters? The reader is treated to witnessing how they are formed, how they grow and progress. True they can be silly and have strange names, but let's face it, this is Super-heroes meet Fantasy setting. The characters can be a bit predictable at moments But it works in their favour. They can surprise the reader at any moment - 5 stars all the way! 

Grammer. It's good. Enough said - 5 stars. 

As every hero has a weakness, so does SUPER! has one too and it is its style. At moments it reads like a comic book, but that is because of its settings! As such the writing style does a great thing with what can be qualified as a restrictive genre. It is the visual style of the chapters which marks the entire thing down. The large bold letters give the illusion for something big and long and hide portions of chapters behind. It might look like a long read, but due to the way it is styled the story is actually in its early stage with only 4 actual chapters to this point. Sadly this earns SUPER! a rating of 3.5 stars for style. 

Overall It should have a place on your reading list. This story is a gem that is taking shape and would achieve much. I just want for it to be a longer at the moment. Because this can be considered an early review, SUPER! gets an overall score of 4 stars. For sure in a few chapters time, it will earn that excellent rating it hints of. 


This story has an interesting and original setting; superheroes in a fantasy world.

The grammar is great, and the good descriptions help the reader get immersed into the story, the characters are also pretty interesting and original. They are fleshed-out and their motivations are easy to understand.

The story flows well, although it has a few awkward sentences here and there, but it’s still a pleasure to read.

To conclude, I’d recommend this story is you like superheroes and fantasy!

J Pal

I've been contemplating starting a superhero project but don't like the idea of writing an urban fantasy. Elliot proved to me that one doesn't need to be limited to modern day to write about superpowers.

I'm hooked. I've followed and favourited.

Elliot's style is simple and familiar. It feels like I'm rereading a childhood favourite. The narration and protagonist reminds me of the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

His story though great so far still feels like the typical saving the world, bringing down the big baddy fair which is common in the genre. Perhaps he plans to add more intricacies to the story but its too early to tell. At the moment it seems like a build up to a magic academy setting but more along the lines of the popular mangas Boku no Hero Academia and Black Clover.

What I do love about his story so far are his characters. Both protagonists are well written and deep. They're relatable and their backgrounds pull at the reader's heartstrings. I'm eager to see where the pair of them are heading.

I like Elliot's work so much, he needs to be worried about me ripping him off.


Great Start to an Awesome Read

Style 4.5/5

Good, I like the flow of the story. Eliot’s writing works to pull you right into the world and is easy to read. The only problem I found was a few awkward sentences. The author could use more descriptions at some places to show more. But this would just push it over the edge, by RRL standards the author shows more than most.

Example is the very first line, “Kiren wandered through a city on fire.”

I felt that the author could really draw the reader in by describing shattered windows, flames licking at half burned houses. He could also use more here to describe the panic of the people in the streets. People in locked houses being burnt alive, screams of horror. Crows cawing above ready for when the slaughter was over.

These are just very very rough examples that I believe could help with emersion.

Story 5/5

Good, slow build up, but I like the direction that the story is going in. No spoilers but the hints at what the ‘bad guy’ will be, are promising!

Grammar 5/5

Good! Rarely did I find anything jarring that pushed me out of the story.

Character 4.5/5

From what I have read so far, the story is very character driven, which is a plus. Often on RRL, stories focus on a cool plot, and the characters become secondary. Not the case here I am happy to say. Both the leading characters are strong, and it is easy to understand their motivations. It helps to move the story along and makes you care what happens. I hope Kirin doesn’t change to much though, I like how he is disillusioned with people in power.

The only problem I could see was maybe some inconsistency with Kirin at the start. He wasn’t what I was hoping for, but this is more personal.

Overall 5/5

A great read that I strongly recommend to anyone who comes across this review.


Good story 

  • Minor tweaks for character creation required
  • Grammar is 👌
  • Style is good 
  • Story can use minimal tweaks. 

Overall a great idea and story.