SUPER! - A Medieval Superhero Story

SUPER! - A Medieval Superhero Story

by Elliot Moors

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

One-tenth of the population is born with special Powers. 

Some call themselves Heroes, striving to uphold justice and order.

Others are branded as Villains, those who wish to twist reality according to their own nefarious needs.

Paragon, queen of an empire spanning most of the known world, sits wounded upon her throne. She holds a tenuous grip on the peace she once created.

Ender, the Dark Lord of Villains, is thought dead, slain by the queen upon the eve of his greatest conquest.

Kiren and Lace know differently.

They both know he will make another attempt to throw the empire of Aribel into chaos. 

Young and untrained, their souls are entwined with one another. They have both vowed to stop Ender and his commanders.

Will they be strong enough to survive? Will they be prepared for the horrors the Lord of Villains has in store for them?

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Elliot Moors

Elliot Moors

30 Reviews
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Table of Contents
79 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0. The Day the World Died, Part 1 ago
0. The Day the World Died, Part 2 ago
0. The Day the World Died, Part 3 ago
1. Lace Amar, Part 1 (START OF 'LOST SOULS' ARC) ago
1. Lace Amar, Part 2 ago
1. Lace Amar, Part 3 ago
2. Kiren ago
3. Third Time Lucky, Part 1 ago
3. Third Time Lucky, Part 2 ago
4. Bits and Pieces, Part 1 ago
4. Bits and Pieces, Part 2 ago
5. Excelerate ago
6. The Hunt, Part 1 ago
6. The Hunt, Part 2 ago
7. The Limit, Part 1 ago
7. The Limit, Part 2 ago
8. "Master" ago
9. A Good Man, Part 1 ago
9. A Good Man, Part 2 (END OF 'LOST SOULS' ARC) ago
10. Evangel (START OF 'DARK TIDINGS' ARC) ago
11. Hone the Body, Part 1 ago
11. Hone the Body, Part 2 ago
12. My Blood for the World, Part 1 ago
12. My Blood for the World, Part 2 ago
13. The Grandmaster, Part 1 ago
13. The Grandmaster, Part 2 ago
14. The Doubt ago
15. A New Home, Part 1 ago
15. A New Home, Part 2 ago
15. A New Home, Part 3 ago
16. To Health (END OF 'DARK TIDINGS' ARC) ago
17. A Deal Gone Wrong (START OF 'CLASHING WILLS' ARC) ago
18. Fool Me Thrice, Part 1 ago
18. Fool Me Thrice, Part 2 ago
19. Recoup ago
20. Ugly Mug, Ugly Heart ago
21. Escalation ago
22. Split, Part 1 ago
22. Split, Part 2 ago
23. Restitution ago
24. Show of Force ago
25. Clash of Wills ago
26. Friend for a Day ago
27. Trials, Part 1 ago
27. Trials, Part 2 ago
28. Darkness Resurgent (END OF 'CLASHING WILLS' ARC) ago
29. Big Game, Part 1 (START OF 'RETRIEVAL' ARC) ago
29. Big Game, Part 2 ago
30. Pretty Birdy ago
31. Neutral Ground ago
32. The Master Thief ago
33. Difference of Opinion ago
34. Plan of Attack ago
35. Rematch ago
36. Gold Fever ago
37. Ugly ago
38. Night Out ago
39. Bird in a Cage (END OF 'RETRIEVAL' ARC) ago
40. Hardened, Part 1 (START OF 'CITY OF MADNESS' ARC) ago
40. Hardened, Part 2 ago
41. City on Fire ago
42. Night of Horrors ago
43. Desperation ago
44. No one Left Behind ago
45. Run! ago
46. Maxim's Wish ago
47. The one who Suffered, Part 1 ago
47. The one who Suffered, Part 2 ago
48. Khruj ago
49. The Chimera ago
50. Purity ago
51. The Broken Hero ago
52. The Riddle Tree ago
53. A Father's Memory ago
54. Catchup ago
55. One Last Push ago
56. The True Monster ago
57. The Battle for Goldbrand ago
58. Dawn (END OF BOOK ONE) ago

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Up to chapter 13


This is easy to read and gives a sense of immersion. My only problem here is that it gets flowery sometimes. The dialogue is quite good and straightforward, you don't have to think to know who's talking and how. 


From what I've read so far, this is a slow-pace, save-the-world, supernatural kind of story. The plot is conventional and there is so far no specific twist that can make the whole thing stand out. 


This is almost perfect. I don't think many stories on this site have better. 


The characters are well fleshed out, they feel real. I'm only taking a star from here because Kiren is an asshole and Lace is a crybaby that I believe people will hate. Also some of the characters decision is not logical. Examples are given in the spoiler tag 

Spoiler: Spoiler




shut up and take my money-5 TARS!

grammar- i've only seen one or two mistakes every 5 or so chapters and those are usually minor. like leaving out a letter or something. amazing grammar 5 stars!

style score- turned a classic cast of 2d characters into living breathing humans with real interactions, the descriptive writing is waaaay on point as well. you can really put yourself in the story and see whats going on. 5 stars!

story score- i have not been dissapointed in the story. each arc brings something new to the table. each chapter has a story to tell and i'm listening. i only wish more people support this author. 5 stars!

character score- if i could i would award 100 stars! just on characters alone. they develop and we watch them go through these changes some good some bad but all are real. not just a stupid change in character to fit the storyline. i wish i could write this good

 please read


It's interesting and fun. Has a popular theme but at the same time something completely different. You can't help but feel and go through the journey of MC as if it were your own. I have no major issues with the story: The pace is great, the characters are developing well so far, and it's pretty imaginative.

Professor Porkchop

Much improved, and now with 100% less Infanticide!

You really have done well by rewriting the whole thing. It's clearly better writing. its fast paced, smooth. The dialogue pulls you in. and your descriptions support your characters well.


I like the idea of superheroes in a fantasy setting.

If you think about it, there always were, though. They were wizards and demigods and whatnot.

sorry I was so late on the review. ( i did do it, but It was as a comment I think? My bad)

I did notice one but that broke my immersion (it's a tiny niggle, so don't sweat it.)  when the boy was climbing the slate rooftop.  you said his feet curled. I recommend using toes instead.




SUPER! posits a world of superheroes and supervillains through the lens of a medieval European setting, almost as though someone dropped superhero powers into a Lord of the Rings or DnD type of world. Superhumans apply to become Apprentices to officially sanctioned Heroes, who go on missions to defeat Monsters and Villains alike. It’s an interesting mixture of genres as a premise, and was what initially intrigued me about the story.

All’s said and done, though, the result is a pretty standard young hero series. I’m reminded of the early days of the X-Men: the main characters Kiren and Lace manage to get into what is essentially a Superhero School, on their quest to take down a Villain who left a personal scar on them both. Along the way, they deal with a curmudgeonly mentor, chafe against the rules and regulations of adults, deal with recurring villains, gain new allies/rivals with fellow students, and train to use their powers. In fact, there are some parts of the story where I almost forget they’re supposed to be in medieval Europe, until I’m reminded that they don’t have the conveniences of cars and phones. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the story felt surprisingly "modern" for me.

Thankfully, SUPER! manages to rise above the formula on a few accounts, beyond just the fact that its supers in a non-standard setting. The Apprenticeship program for would-be Heroes is thankfully not just Fantasy High School. The young heroes immediately go into real missions with actual danger. The author doesn’t hold back on the violence, and the heroes get hurt hard in every mission, giving a sense of real consequence.

The characters are well-realized and distinct without being over the top. Kiren and Lace make for solid main characters, and their struggles feel organic to their personalities and their circumstances. Their strained relationship with their dubious mentor Accelerator is one of the better chemistries in the book, but even the side characters all bounce well off one another.

Likewise, the more tedious tropes of the young hero genre are side-stepped, and the story never feels like it drags. Action and intrigue is paced well throughout.

All and all, I think this is a solidly written story with an interesting setting that feels more familiar than expected, but still manages to make it work. I recommend it for people who enjoy young hero stories, but with a bit more of an edge.


superheroes and fantasy are two of my favourite genres. So that alone would have me give this story a shot, but add diverse characters with personal if conveniently aligned goals and a whole lot of friction between their personalities and you have a very engaging story.

The juxtaposition between what is usually a modern set superhero story and a fantasy heroes journey sets up a world where powered people are traded, valued and trained as assets of the state. Moores has put plenty of thought into how a city state that uses a super powered corp as its main defence would act and how it would be supplied and sustained. Add in bloodline specific powers and the noble houses that hold a monopoly on powered individuals of a certain trait and you get some solid underlying themes that continually adds more to the story.


With superheroes such a persistent genre these days, it becomes hard to define what is unique and what isn't.

You do of course get some great stories that stand out of the crowd, but I'm not going to name them all here.

Instead, I'm focusing on what I consider one of the most unique of the genre, an exciting tale called SUPER!

The setup is simple but enjoyable. We're introduced to a world at Dark Ages-level technology, but with one major key difference. Empowered people, known as Heroes and Villains, run amok, some defending people and their livelihood, others content to cause rampant death and destruction.

The story revolves around aspiring heroes Kiren and Lace, who first meet as children and bear witness to one of the most pivotal events in the constructed mythology of the series. It affects them both profoundly, providing excellent foreshadowing to their futures.

When come back to them years later when they're young adults, the payoff is evident as we see them learning their powers and working towards becoming Heroes. From there, we follow the two of them in their trials and tribulations, against Villians and Beasts alike.

I think one of SUPER's most standout qualities is its characters. Faces like Counter, Hulda, Bits and the infamous Hero Excelerate are both colorful and memorable. In a lot of ways, the author tells the story with a very anime-esque flair, and I find myself wanting to see it all animated in four color glory.

With that being said, this is a pretty violent story, with mature themes and some scenes that are not for those who are faint of heart. Kiren's power in particular lends to this fact even further.

I would say pacing-wise, the story is fun and easy to follow, introducing new characters here and there but mostly focusing on Kiren and Lace. They serve as great foils to each other, but some might be turned off by elements of predictability in their character arcs, as well as some scenes of long exposition. I never minded this, but I can certainly see it as a detriment to some.

Overall, I would say SUPER's strengths lie in its writing, which is simple yet engaging, as well as its unique take on superheroes in a fantasy-esque, medieval world.

It's certainly worth a read, especially if you've grown tired of the more by the book superhero tales.

Final score: 4/5.


An exciting spin on the superhero genre

This review applies up to chapter 24, Show of force.


Style: Overall, one of the few stories on RR that managed to capture me since the very start. The narration is fluent. the rhythm stumbles very rarely and the vocabulary is refined. Action scenes are simply marvelous, with a strong emphasis on the inner thoughts of the characters and their split-second decisions, and the portrayals of all the colorful environments and the many "alien" traits of the characters are vivid. Dialogues are blunt and realistic, fitting the characters and even forcing a smile every now and then.


Story: The superhero genre has wildly grown in popularity over the last ten years. SUPER! takes the challenge and deals with its themes in a very personal and mature way. It reflects on the meaning of heroism, on the problem of living up to our expectations, and on the matter of choosing our own path in spite of our name and our legacy. The worldbuilding is consistent and accurate, proving that the author has put a lot of heart and effort into its creation. The story is divided into arcs, and is told from the points of view of both the protagonists, depending on the situation, creating the opportunity for many moments when we, as readers, are called to fill in the blanks.


Characters: At the core, the two protagonists share the same motivation, which is dealing with their fathers' past. The duo's interactions keep this story interesting and fresh, and each of them ultimately covers for the weaknesses of the other. Their alchemy rarely breaks and they are overall very solid. The supporting cast is kept simple yet clean, with every character wielding his or her set of abilities on the top of a realistic behavior.The Villains and the Beasts are intriguing, ruthless and bring with them a little slice of lovecraftian horror, which makes them even more disturbing and upsetting.


Grammar: The grammar is extremely good, with very few typos and a couple repetitions. There is a very solid use of tenses, editing is pretty well done and the author shows that he definitely knows what he is doing. There are a few rare moments, however, when lines of dialogue are delivered without the speaker being clearly identifiable. A minor issue for such a large picture, anyway.


Overall: I'd suggest this story to everyone. Period. Because of the fantasy superheroes? Yeah, it's an exciting idea, but it's in the way that the world and its characters are crafted, in my opinion, that SUPER! actually shines above most of the stuff you'll ever find on RR. I sincerely hope this story will go on and its author will receive the recognition he deserves.


From the very first chapter, it is clear that the author is experienced in the craft. The prose is relatively solid throughout-  I found no issues with it as I read the material. As far as characters go, I didn't exactly fall in love with the main ones, but they are not bad at all and I feel like the author does a nice job at making their voices distinct. I find the premise to be interesting and it's clear that the author was inspired by other mediums of storytelling, which I think is pretty cool. 

One particular section was pretty interesting due to the result. I totally didn't see it coming, so kudos to the author for that. Furthermore, I think that the outcome of that situation made it evident that the story would not be one where everything was handed to the protagonists. That helps further differentiate the story from others in the genre. 

Rachel Stevenson



Would 10000% reccomend, characters and world is incredibly immersive and realistic. It’s so easy to get lost in the chapters, your eyes are glued to the pages! 

Story is rocky in some places but for me that just makes it even more realistic. Character goals and aspirations are clear, and make you feel for them. You cry with them, laugh with them, grieve with them. You want them to succeed and grow! 

Its that great balance between fantasy and real life, where you can relate to the characters but it’s mystical enough to take you away from the real world. 

Descriptions are very encapsulating, from the tall buildings, foods and characters. You can smell, hear and see what’s happening as if you were standing inside the world. It’s not too over the top though, so it still leaves room for reader interpretation! 

This story has set alight my creativity, which I thought was gone. 

It’s raw, there’s no sugar coating and it reflects reality with a zesty twist so you feel like you’re being pulled into another dimension. 

10000% RECOMMEND!!