Forgive me, I didn't mean to take that!

by Lyra13579

Original HIATUS Comedy Romance Female Lead Male Lead Reincarnation Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Murong Yingyue is the heiress to a famous cultivator clan.

Except that’s she’s really not, and just a stand-in for the real heiress, who had been sickly since she was born.

And she’s not really even herself. A transmigrator from Earth had transmigrated into the body of a female demoness, inheriting her memories. The transmigrator had then later died, transmigrating into her infant body!

Ah, Why is it so convoluted?

She grew up with those memories, and when she was finally sufficiently strong enough to travel the world safely, she eagerly embraced a leisurely life.

When I was a demoness, I didn't know how to live without constantly being on guard and having to calculate every move I make.

When I was on Earth, I didn't know a life without romantic drama and jealous women!

I'll enjoy these two things you have missed, then!

I'll do whatever I want and avoid troublesome people.


How the f*ck did I get into this stupid cliche storyline? And as the main character, too?

I don't want to be the main character! They attract so many senseless cannon fodders and powerful enemies, and furthermore, don't they attract romantic interests like it's no one's business?

Someone help me!

This will read better if you are familiar with wuxia novels.

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Interesting Parody of the webnovel genres

The author creates a witty parody using common tropes and cliches of webnovel genres. The story is interesting and fun to read and the characters are dynamic. The overall style and the grammar of the story is very easy to read.