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Allison Kinsey is a young superhuman girl growing up in 1960s Australia, in the midst of a worldwide hysteria caused by the emergence of the Flying Man, an extremely powerful superhero who refuses to refrain from meddling in the affairs of man. She and her friends live at an experimental school run by the eccentric Dr. Lawrence Herbert in the West Australian Wheatbelt. These are their adventures.

While this story does primarily focus on children, it is written with adults in mind and features mature content.

If you like enjoy this story, feel free to check out a further updated version on the story's webpage. Chapters on the official website also come with footnotes that could not be included here. You can also vote for The New Humans on topwebfiction.

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The Wizard of Woah

The Wizard of Woah

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Allison Kinsey in an Exciting Adventure With the New Humans ago
Chapter Two: Message in the Flame ago
Chapter Three: Gabriel over the White House ago
Chapter Four: Watercolours ago
Chapter Five: Greetings, Fellow Humans! ago
Chapter Six: The Lion, the Witch, and the Barn ago
Chapter Seven: Shall I Lose Twice? ago
Chapter Eight: Beyond These Fields We Know ago
Chapter Nine: The Powerless of This World ago
Chapter Ten: Other Beasts ago
Chapter Eleven: The Singular Elsa ago
Chapter Twelve: Some Mother's Son ago
Chapter Thirteen: The Most Startling Supervillain of All! ago
Chapter Fourteen: The Miracle at Parliament House ago
Chapter Fifteen: Waters Clear and Dark ago
Chapter Sixteen: The Glass Forest ago
Chapter Seventeen: The Naming of Cats ago
Chapter Eighteen: Full Fathom Five Thy Father Dwells ago
Chapter Nineteen: Wake in Fright ago
Chapter Twenty: Now My Charms Are All O'erthrown ago
Chapter Twenty-One: The Battle of Avon Valley ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Quiet Room ago
First Intermission: Strange Things on the Side of the Road ago
First Intermission: There was a Man ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Marvellous Reinvention of Allison Kinsey ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Married Days ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Night Watch ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Most Startling Superhero of All! ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The New Child ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Adam and the New Humans ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Reefs of Sound ago
Chapter Thirty: Mabel Henderson’s On the Case! ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Blasphemy ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Pharmakós ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Still Waters ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Panoply ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: The Battle of the Rabbit Hatch ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Backwards Day ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Angel of Danzig ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: By These Hands... ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Heal Thyself! ago
Chapter Forty: Damnatio Memoriae, or, True November ago
Chapter Forty-One: The Sleeper Awakes ago
Chapter Forty-Two: The Gold Rush ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Five Go Mad in Northam ago
Chapter Forty-Four: This Machine Kills Supervillains ago
Chapter Forty-Five: The Bellows of Giants ago
Chapter Forty-Six: The Girl Who Fell to Earth ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: Origin Story ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: The Prime of Miss Therese Fletcher ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: Formicarius ago
Chapter Fifty: Nostos ago
Chapter Fifty-One: Ulysses in Northam ago
Chapter Fifty-Two: No Enemy Shall Gather Our Harvest ago
Chapter Fifty-Three: The Shoal ago
Chapter Fifty-Four: These Are the Damned ago
Chapter Fifty-Five: ...And Hell Rode Behind Her ago
Second Intermission: The Little Stranger ago
Chapter Fifty-Six : The Brauronia of Allison Kinsey ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Bacchanal at Harvey Dam ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Whaleboat ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine: An American Warlock in Avon Valley ago
Chapter Sixty: A Feast of Tribes ago
Chapter Sixty-One: Grey Amber ago
Chapter Sixty-Two: The House Without Windows ago
Chapter Sixty-Three: Spirits ago
Chapter Sixty-Four: The Third Way ago
Chapter Sixty-Five: The Wolf Cub ago
Chapter Sixty-Six: Of Bottled Boys and Mermaids ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven: The Ship Moves ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Metropolitans ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine: A Red Halo ago
Chapter Seventy: The Rumble at Royal Exhibition Building ago
Chapter Seventy-One: The Third Man ago
Chapter Seventy-Two: You and Us ago
Chapter Seventy-Three: The Man From Earth ago
Chapter Seventy-Four: Of His Bones Are Coral Made ago
Chapter Seventy-Five: Allie and Miri ago
Chapter Seventy-Six: Red Glare ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven: The God Beneath the Sea ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight: There Will Be No Darkness ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine: Just Us ago
Chapter Eighty: The Adventures of Saint Josephine ago
Chapter Eighty-One: Mistress Quickly and the Maestros of Evil! ago
Chapter Eighty-Two: He Had Wings ago
Chapter Eighty-Three: The Übermensch Hunt ago
Chapter Eighty-Four: Prisoner of the Sea ago
Chapter Eighty-Five: The Comet’s Wake ago
Chapter Eighty-Six: Purgatorium ago
Chapter Eighty-Seven: The Supervillain Liberation Front ago
Chapter Eighty-Eight: The Garden of Earthly Delights ago
Chapter Eighty-Nine: The Harrowing ago
Chapter Ninety: Full Circle ago
Chapter Ninety-One: The March of the Superheroes ago
Blair and Linda Meet the New England Warlock ago
The Worst Godling ago
Chapter Ninety-Two: Allison Kinsey in the Big Ten ago
Chapter Ninety-Three: The Mirror-People ago
Chapter Ninety-Four: Cloudsong ago
Chapter Ninety-Five: The Way to Catalpa ago
Chapter Ninety-Six: Atalanta and Clymene ago
Chapter Ninety-Seven: Changelings ago
Chapter Ninety-Eight: Tiger-Sharks ago
Chapter Ninety-Nine: Make Way for Miri ago
Chapter One Hundred: The Singular Elsa's Christmas Spectacular! ago
Chapter One Hundred and One: Wanton as Water ago
Chapter One Hundred and Two: Some Children Do Wander… ago
Chapter One-Hundred and Three: Charivari ago
Chapter One-Hundred and Four: A War of Jokes and Spells ago
Chapter One Hundred and Five: David and Brit and Brit and David... ago
Chapter One Hundred and Six: A Mirror for Superheroes ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seven: Reflections in Gold ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eight: Become Impossible ago

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Ruler Of Pride

Truly a hidden gem, a diamond in the rough. From all the chapters i have read, and the months and years that have gone by, this story has never garnered as much attention as it should have, due to the shear fact that the author did not capitalise on the initial release's alogrithim of daily posting which drastically boosts the amount of traction a story gets.In spite of what seems like a lack of appreciation, the author, unlike many others, continues to write, seeking to provide an entertaining story. For all those who come across this story, I implore you to try it out and help support the author. It would be the least that we all can do to reciporate his efforts. This story after all can easily compete with the one's in the top rankings.


The New Humans is one of those stories that comes along very rarely, and tends to recontextualize the way you think about a particular topic. In this case, that topic is both superhero comics, and government response systems. 

The story follows, but is by no means about a girl named Allison Kinsey, an eight year old with the power to hear the 'song' of any person, and use it to absorb their knowledge and skillsets into herself, her secondary power being something of a spoiler. She is a good framing device, because she learns about every new concept presented to her at the same time the audience does, and there is a good reason for this to be so: she is a child. All the knowledge in the world doesn't change that.

Overall, though, while they are generally excellent, I don't really recommend The New Humans for its characters. I recommend it for its concepts. Every power; every social system; every political action described in the story are the sorts of things that make you want to just sit down for half an hour and take them apart. The concepts alone are just too fun to play with. As an example. It may not be the most flawless story in the world, but dear god is it thought provoking.


It's a special kind of story that can get under your skin. I had to put it down for a day or two when a certain aspect was brought up. I consider it a good sign. 


This story is brutal at times and I feel like you really start feeling for the mc and other characters which makes those brutal scenes even better. I also really like the mc and her powers. Can't wait for more chapters.

Denver Kane

Like the premise. Will give half more star if the chapters keep coming.


The New Humans was a hard sell for me. I'm not much for child protagonists, school-setting stories, or child protagonists in school-setting stories. And while I don't think there needs to be explosions in every chapter, slow-burn character dramas tend to feel like a slog to go through, even when you throw super powers into the mix.

I'm glad I gave the story a second chance, however. The New Humans is a well crafted tale that does a fine job exploring themes of prejudice, child psychology and development, cultural conflict, and ultimately, the insidious mechanisms of psychological control.

Each of the child characters read like actual children, which is refreshing to see so well applied. It lends an interesting perspective to proceedings of the story. As an adult, it's easy to forget what it was actually like as a child, the wonder, the innocence, the terror, and the ability to be a terror to others without even realizing it. Throw in super powers and an alternate history where the emergence of superhumans is putting the fear of god into the human populace, and all the societal conflicts that entails, and it definitely feels like a fresh approach to the genre compared to the usual jaded teenager or washed up adult struggling against that same world.

The setting itself is also quite interesting, once the author starts peeling back the curtain. Without going into spoilers, there's a lot more going on in the background that lead to this world of superhumans, and the alternate history created by their presence makes for some fascinating backstory. Aiding in this are numerous footnotes throughout the chapters filling in the details, that in other serials would probably have been crammed into the narration somewhat awkwardly, or put into Lore Articles half the readership might not have bothered with. I actually haven't seen another serial do that technique, and its a nice touch.

All that aside, I will say that what initially put me off, and what still made it a bit of a slog on the re-read, is the slower pace, and the feeling at first like the story is just kind of meandering between characters and plot points, until about two thirds into Book One, when the various threads start weaving together.

Likewise, there is a twist on the premise of the story that I won't spoil, but I will say that finding out that twist ahead of time is the only reason I gave the serial a second chance. I'm glad I did now, but I'm not sure if keeping that twist a secret until near the end of Book One is the better choice. The hints are drip-fed to the reader later on, but it takes a while, even then.

Anyway, I would recommend this book to this with an interest in a slower-burn dramatic story, and those who'd like to see one of the better rendered child-perspective stories out there.


4 Out of 5 Stars. Accurate descipition of supper power becoming real

Reviewed at: Chapter Eighty-Five: The Comet’s Wake

For me 2,5 Stars would be an avrage story.

You can check out my other reviews and see that most of the time its 2 stars or 3 stars.

For me 5 Stars would be a Masterpiece.
Something on the same level as the lord of the rings, the song of ice and fire, The wanderin Inn etc.

This story is good, really good.
One of the very few storys that pull children acting like children off.
Most of the time you get either brain dead (Adults) as children or children who act like adults.
Not here.
Here you have children , acting like children and making childisch mistaces.

The world building is well done and accurate to the point.
No super powers would not lead to a better society, it would lead to human experimentation as normal humans try to desperatly controll what is not meant to be controlled.

A dark, but heartwarming story that should be seen among the top of this site.
The only reason i see why that isnt the case is becourse its not an isekai.
There is no reincanation or other world transfer going.
Both are usal things on RR.