Chapter 2, How it all started

The constant chattering of numerous people echo throughout the large action hall. Women dressed elegantly and men that wore expensive clothing gathered into their respective circle of friends and acquaintances. Some held glasses filled with red wine while others firmly held their own high-class Pouches, each probably containing an entire mountain of money. A man in the center is presenting an item, Sharlet's Cape. Some of the people in the room shout numbers whilst others shout more higher numbers. The Velvet Auction House is notorious for presenting incredibly high-class items. Four-point Mana Crystals, Dragon Scales, High-class weapons, all of them could be found in this auction house. But, today, numerous high-ranking magicians, Magi or not, are flocking in this one room with most, and if not, all of them are here for one item, the high-class monster drop "Blue Jade". Dropped by the SS-rank monster "Liquid Serpent", this item can increase the effectiveness of Blue Mana Crystals ten times its original power. I wait and stood at one corner of the room as the bids for Sharlet's Cape increases. I, Johann Chervell is about to perform a really stupid mission given to me by my stubborn master.

"Hahaha! Elrick, don't you think you should give up on this item? Are you going to waste all your money before going for the Blue Jade?" the man beside me recommended.

"Hmph, it seems I may have Jacob My daughter really wants this item so I'll have to drop the Blue Jade." I said.

I said those words as I increased my bid for this item. I decided to end this little war before it goes longer, I raised the bid to 15,500,000 Manus. Oh the look on Watson's face, by the looks of it, I guess he gave up on this item. So its all mine. Well, its all for my daughter anyways.

"Going once, going twice, sold to Sir. Elrick Lotus!" the auctioneer said.

"Even before our main event, we've already managed to see an amazing bid battle between the principal of White Lotus Academy "Sir. Elrick Lotus" and the principal of the Royal Magus Institute "Jacob Smith". Congratulations on recieving Sharlet's Cape Sir. Elrick!"

"Heh, you should've told me before Elrick. I could've given up on the item so that you could give it to your little princess!" Jacob mockingly said.

"Are you sure? Because the look on your face showed it all when I bid that huge sum of Manus."

We both laughed as our friendly argument came to an end. Although I recieved the item I wanted, I didn't leave and remained on my seat. I wanted to see how the bidding for tonight's main event goes. Although its a waste not to buy the Blue Jade, atleast my daughter would be happy that I got what she wanted. But I may be spoiling my princess to much.

"Now, for the Main Event!" the auctioneer said.

Suddenly, on the borders of the stage appeared a large barrier. From the ominous aura it emits, I'm assuming that its the SS-class "White" spell "Light Aegis". With its numerous layers, not even the strongest Magician or Magi would be able to cause a dent on it. Then, it was followed by the sudden appearance of numerous Magi surrounding the border. Some Magi showed up guarding all corners of the hall. I guess this was to be expected, they were selling an incredibly rare and high-class item.

"For the item you've all been waiting for. Dropped by the SS-rank monster "Liquid Serpent" which was killed by a team of 10 S-class Magi, I present to you Blue Jade!"

"Now, lets start the bidding! 10,000,000 Manus!" the auctioneer proudly screamed.

The entire auctioning room was in chaos, many magicians started to bid high numbers and as time went by, the amount of bidders were going thin. Even Jacob stopped bidding. Finally, only two bidders remained. The 3rd Princess of the Empire, Malene York, and the 12th Elder of the World Magus Association "Elena Agua", both are exceptional "Blue" Magicians. They were rebutting bids so fast that all I could read were the faint sounds of "Manus". But, when both of them started hesitating, I heard the amount of money they were bidding. Then it stopped.

"Going once, going twice, sold to Ms. Malene York!" the auctioneer said.

Did I hear that right? 825,550,000 Manus? Thats enough money to make an entire army do your bidding(no pun intended)! I stare dumbfounded at thee amount of money both of them carry. It made me feel so small.

"Congratulations Princess Malene! Our A-rank Magi will safely escort you towards your prize." the auctioneer boldy said.

4 powerful Magi, along with her very own bodyguards, escorted to princess towards the stage. There she was given the item which she then placed inside her very own pouch. As the barrier of the stage collapsed, one of the 4 escorts performed the unexpected. He raised his "Wand" and used the "Brown" Spell "Earth Maiden" which quickly trapped the other 3 Magi and the princess' bodyguards. The crowd shrieked as the man raised his sword aiming at the princess. It seems that the remaining Magi who were located all around the hall weren't moving. A petrification spell was applied to them, and a strong one at that. This man was not alone. I stood up to help the princess when suddenly, a white blur sent the man's body 20 meters off the stage. It was someone who I wasn't expecting to be here. It was the mysterious magician, White.

I knew it. They were going to attack the moment when someone grabs hold of the item. Luckily, while the bid was ongoing, I went to the restroom and transformed into my secret alias "White". The princess beside me looked at me dumbfounded. I take a look at my surroundings and saw the Magi which were everywhere stood in place, unable to move. A petrification spell huh. I emit a wave of mana and detected numerous people with large bloodlust. Finally, they made their move and jumped straight towards me. Some remained in their positions and with the use of their wands, casted strong spells. With quick side steps, I dodged the attacks of my enemies, none of their swords dealt damage to me. Attack spells flew right past me as I strategically dodge them. Carefully making sure that their spells would hit their teamates. I found myself standing on a pile the bodies of my unconscious enemies. The princess stood on the stage, well along with the man who I kicked 20-meters away.

With a knife pointed at her neck, the man demanded for me to let him and the princess go. Of course, with a quick attack spell, I would be able to kill him. But I don't want to risk the chance of the princess being hit with my spell. Although the princess was an amazing Magician, without a magic stone then we magicians can be reduced to just plain normal humans. But, I'm different. I don't need mana crystals to cast spells. So I take the risk, I quickly raised my hand and aimed it at the man. He was quick to react and tried to push the knife towards the princess' neck when suddenly, the kick of a woman quickly pushed him away. The 12th Elder of the World Magus Association, Elena Agua. She quickly casted the Blue spell "Underwater". Blue circles appeared which surrounded the man and at the same time slowed down his movements by 20 times. His body and clothing moved as if he was underwater.

The chaos these people brought came to an end, some people that remained in the hall were cheering for me, he ones petrified Magi were finally able to move and as for me, I did the thing I was supposed to do here. I walk up towards the princess and ask her one thing. I already felt the embarrassed.

"Can I have a lock of your hair?" I cringed as I said those words. I felt like I wanted to die. Why did I have to accept an errand as stupid as this?!

I asked her as she stared at me, once again dumbfounded.

With the lock of Princess Malene's hair in my Pouch, I use the Gray Spell "Fly" to quickly return back towards my master's mansion. After recieving the lock of hair, I quickly escaped that building because of the embarrassment. If I face the princess someday, I might not be able to look at her straight at her eyes. As I saw the mansion of my master, I disabled my spell and safely landed on the roof. I quickly ran towards my master's room. As I cross the corridors, I arrive at his room.

I open the door to his room and was greeted by the holographic screen of a man on the other side of the room. It seems my master, Mike Zachary, was talking to this man.

"Sorry to intrude, but I'm here." I said.

My master was clearly nervous, he nearly fell from his chair. The man on the hologram was surprised to see me. I could see the yellow hair of my master flow as he swiftly turned around. His neck was straight up and beads of sweat ran down his usually annoying face.

"So, Johann this is Elrick Lotus, the principal of Whtie Lotus Academy. Umm Elrick, this is Johann Chervell, the man behind 'White'." My master said.

White Lotus Academy, one of the most prestigious Magus academy in the entire empire. And this man was the principal of it, I have a bad feeling about this.

"Is it ok to tell him my alias?" I asked my master.

"Don't worry, I've already told him everything." My master replied.

Thus, I removed my Mimicus Cloak and revealed the body of White shrank to Johann's body.

"It is a pleasure to see the real person behind White. Oh, and thank you for your aid in the auction house." The man said.

"What?" I asked.

"I was there in the auction house, without you who knows what could've happen to the princess." the principal humbly replied.

"Ahem" my master cut us "Speaking of the princess, did you get it?" he asked.

"Yes" I said as my face reddened. I pull out the lock of hair from my Pouch and gave it to him.

"Thats a lock of the princess' hair isn't it?" the principal said.

"Yes" me and my master replied.

"WAIT! Did you just ask one of the strongest Magicians in the world to get a lock of the princess' hair?!" the principal asked.

"Yes" me and my master replied once again. But this time, I was already covering my face from embarrassment while he was proud of what he asked.

"Ugh, I'll overlook what just happened here. Anyways, back to our conversation. When are you sending him?" the principal asked to my master.

"Are you talking about me?" I asked.

My master started to shake even more. A crooked smile appeared on his face and those words, those five words started to come out of his mouth.

"Johann, you're going to school."

At first, I stood there, carefully interpreting what he just said. Then, when I understood what was going on. I pulled up my right hand and faced it at him. My master reacted quickly and went out of the way, the principal on the hologram was curiously staring at this battle between me and my annoying master. Ooh, it was a really long night.

That night a week ago is the very reason why I'm here, out of nowhere and without explanation my master forced me to go to school. To go to White Lotus Academy. The cab stops infront of the gates of White Lotus Academy. Just being infront of these large gates I could already see how large White Lotus Academy is. By he looks of it, this entire forest and the addition of that huge mountain is already White Lotus Academy, I was really surprised. Behind the gates was a tall man with a horse carriage. I paid the cab and walked towards the gates. The tall man asked my if I was Johann Chervell, and I said yes. He took a glance at the papers he was holding and swiftly opened the gates. He escorted my to the carriage and we started to move. Wow, this is fancy, I'm being transported to a place that I don't know by a really fancy carriage. I asked the man where we were going, he said we were going to meet the principal, Elrick Lotus.

A note from Sydorow

Thank you for reading Chapter 2 of Pandemonium! Now, some of you might have already noticed. But this story is very similiar to the manhwa "Black Haze". But, I'll try to add some things here and there so that it wouldn't be a straight rip-off of Black Haze.

This chapter is a flashback to the night when Johann was forced by his master to go to school. Also, for those who can't visualize White Lotus Academy, then imagine Totsuki Culinary Academy from the manga/anime "Shokugeki no Soma" or "Food Wars!". The campus of White Lotus Academy is similiar to that Totsuki.

Please leave a rating or a comment to see if I should change some incorrections in this chapter or if you see any flaws in my style of writing. Till next time!

Chapter 3 will arrive on March 16, 2018.

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