Pandemonium (DROPPED)



Chapter 1 - A Pandemonious Beginning


Chapter 1, A Pandemonious Beginning

June 6, 2052. There were numerous names for this day. The Christians called it Judgement Day, those who studied Norse Mythology called it Ragnarok. But, all of the remaining humans that survived after that global catastrophe called it Pandemonium. The first hour of Pandemonium was felt throughout the world, it was a literal "earthquake". In just under 1 hour, pieces of the 7 continents started to spread out. Others crashed onto one another creating new bigger continents. While others dived under the plates of the ocean, forgotten. Then, of course, followed the different natural disasters an earthquake could bring. What do you think an earthquake the size of the world would bring? Well, imagine tsunamis the size of an entire city. Imagine volcanoes literally blowing up releasing all the pent up magma in their bellies. Imagine the chaos it brought upon the world. And, just when people thought it ended, some things followed. Suddenly out of the ground, oddly shaped animals started to appear. Wolves that radiated blood-red fire, insects the size of large books, and weird blob-like objects which tore through their path are just some of the many new species that came from the world's ashes. It was as if these monsters came straight out of a fantasy book.

Although these monsters were capable of thinking, they would relentlessly target humans. In just the span of 1 entire day, almost half of the people that survived the "natural" disasters died in the hands of these monsters. Humans later knew of the fact that they could kill these monsters with their technology. Guns, hunting knives, traps, with the right weapons people are able to kill these beasts. When these monsters died, they left behind an incredibly hard crystal, some were blue others were yellow. There was a wide variety of different colored crystals. Some humans casually tossed this since it was of no use. Whilst others kept it for any possible contingency. Such as the option of them becoming like "bitcoin", a digital coin which suddenly became famous many years ago.

But, monsters weren't the only ones that contained these crystals. Unique plants bore these crystals like they were fruit. These crystals quiclkly formed underground or aboveground where people would be able to mine them. Finally, 3 months after Pandemonium, the first man was able to utilize these crystals. Because of the toughness of these crystals, this man wrapped numerous red ones around his baton. No one knew how he triggered it, but when he smashed a monster with his custom baton, it suddenly generated fire which burned the monster. The man was capable of summoning fire with the use of his baton, it was as if his baton was a magic wand. He then created loads of famous skills such as the basic Fireball and the more advanced Ignition Blast, thus he became the first ever magician in the world.

When the information spread about the use of the formerly useless crystals, the remaining inhabitants of this world went crazy for it. Suddenly, people started to take interest with these crystals and kept the ones they found. The ones who kept these crystals, back when people thought it was useless, created huge empires and influential organizations with the use of their stockpiled crystals. These formerly useless crystals were given a name, they were called Mana crystals. These Mana crystals were then used as tools to fight against the monsters that now inhabited their world. Although major parts of the world were still inhabited by the monsters, people conjured up spells with the use of these Mana crystals. They used these spells to erect walls and built cities safely behind these thick walls. Who knew that just 10 years after the worldwide disaster that scarred human history, people would finally recieve the peace they longed for.

Eventually, academies were established to train people to become a "Magus", the soldiers of a city. Hired to perform numerous missions such as defeating monsters inside and outside the city, catching criminals running around the city or even performing escort missions. They do it all.

New York Empire, one of the most influential and biggest empire in the entire world, is where a particular city could be found. Inclair City. This particular city holds numerous prestigious Magus Academies such as the White Lotus Academy, Magus Military School and the Royal Magus Institute. Because of this, Inclair was known as "The City of Learning", constantly producing Magi who excelled at their job.

"A long story for a really dull world and a boring city..." I murmured to myself.

On my lap was a device that made use of a White Mana Crystal, the mana crystal which manipulates the "Light" and "Time" element. It created a holographic projection of a written document, a document of the history of Inclair City. I turn it off and take a glance at my surroundings. I was so engrossed with the document that only finishing it did I remember I was already on the train. I was lucky to be in an empty private room, it makes reading so much easier. I take a look at my right, one of the train's numerous windows. I was greeted by the greenery of the landscape, although we were travelling through Monster territory, riding a train is still safe. Not only does this area only contain G-rank to F-rank monsters, but this train is veiled with an enchantment which wards off any monsters below D-rank. And to top it all off, this train is made out of a really strong material, Aluminum. Is that the level of reliance on Mana stones?! Aluminum was not only light, but was also really strong. And because it was abundant in our world, we used it in most of our forms transportation. But, that was before Pandemonium, that was 46 years ago! Now, even G-rank monsters could easily tear through aluminum! Is that how much our country relies on Magic? On Mana crystals?! What would happen if out of nowhere, a D-rank monster would suddenly appear?!

Suddenly, the train stops causing me to fall face first towards the floor. Upon recovering, I stood up, a trickle of blood went down my nose. I angrily opened the door to complain to that stupid conductor when alarms start to activate. What followed was the voice of a woman.

"A C-rank "Elder Ogre" has been spotted approximately 50 meters in front of the train. All civilians are to move towards Evacuation Cargo 3 located at the very back. Please follow the flashing green lights which will lead you to your destination.”

Ugh, me and my big mouth. I was suddenly pushed aside when someone from behind me passed through. A white mantle covered his upper torso, under it was a blue polo and he wore black plants. Behind his mantle was the picture of a star. Behind the star was a wand and a sword, the symbol of a Magus. This man was a Magus, it seems hes going to engage with the monster. I sighed, instead of going to the Evacuation Cargo, I went back inside my private room. In my room, I took one of my briefcases from under the chair. After shoveling the insides of the briefcase, I pulled put a small brown pouch, attached to it was a four pointed black mana crystal, the mana crystal which manipulated the elements "Dark" and "Space". Although four pointed mana crystals were rare because they were only dropped by A-rank to S-rank monsters, they were exceptionally effective in the manipulation of their element.

So, you could say that this pouch on my hand is very important and very expensive. Well, thats because it is a high class "Pouch". Pouches are everyone's best friends, they are used to store items in small pocket dimensions. The size of the pocket dimension of low class Pouches can reach up to 3 by 3 meters while the pocket dimension of a high class Pouches like mine could reach up to 200 by 200 meters. I opened my Pouch and a small holographic window popped up. It listed all the items in my Pouch and categorized them into folders. With my finger, I poked on the folder "Secret" and another window came out. Only one item was in this folder, "The Mimicus Cloak". I tapped on the item and it started to materialize on my hand the moment I closed my Pouch. The Mimicus Cloak was a white cloak decorated with different golden lines, its main feature was its ability to change the physical form of its wearer. No mana crystals could be found on the cloak, instead, the mana crystals were the cloak, With the use of the surviving modern technology, mana crystals could be transformed into liquid, gas or even threads. Mana crystals were transformed into threads which were then used to weave the cloak.

I wore the cloak and my body started to change. In mere seconds, my black hair transformed into pure white. My crimson red eyes transformed into a deep shade of blue. My height also increased by 2 feet. With the cloak, I transformed into a new person, this new person is known not only to the New York Empire, but throughout the entire world as well. News of this cloaked man was found everywhere, some of these news included his recent feats of single handedly defeating a pack of A-rank Hellhounds, his daring act of defeating the S-rank Crimson Dragon two years ago and his first debut 3 years ago, he caused the fall of a large illegal organization. And now, talk of this cloaked man known to the world as "White" will have defeated the monster that terrorized a train to the City of Learning. But, no one will know that the man behind White is actually me, Johann Chervell. And, I want to keep it that way, it makes things so much easier for me. Besides, my stubborn master told me to never reveal my identity as White since it'll cause troubles for him aswell.

Anyways, I doubt the Magi here could defeat that monster. When the alarms went off, my instincts started to kick in. I sent out a detection wave which accurately depicts the rank of nearby Monsters and specific people. There are a total of 7 Magi here, 3 of them are E-rank, 3 of them are D-rank and the one who bumped me earlier was a C-rank. The actual rank of the monster was B-rank and not C-rank, it seems the government doesn't even bother to upgrade their sensory equipment seeing how inaccurate it is. Once again, I sighed as I opened the door to my room. I left the cargo and decided to sprint on top of the train's cargo to have a better view of the fight.

When I arrived at the scene of the fight, it was clear to me that the C-rank Elder Ogre is winning. Only one magus stood against the monster, it was the man that bumped into me a while ago. The rest were heavily wounded, one of them even lost his arm. What a bad team-up, without the presence of a healer then they have no hope for this fight. I watch as the large Elder Ogre swung his left feet at the remaining Magus. It seems the magus was using his last ounce of energy, he tried to dodge the large kick but failed to do so, thus, his body was launched towards the train. Laying down near my feet, the Magus took his last breath. His eyes were wide open, but it was very clear that this man is dead. Thus, I crouch down and close his eyes. The remaining magi started to rejoice, one of the strongest Magus in the empire has arrived. I turn to face the elder ogre, but, it suddenly sprinted towards my direction. In 2 seconds, the ogre is already 10-meters in front of me. In 2 seconds, his right fist is already 2-meters from my face. After a millisecond, his arm suddenly bends, his bones shatter some fractured. Blood gushes out as small gusts of wind dance throughout his arms, I induced the "Gray" magic "Wind Spiral" on his arm. The monster screamed as more wounds from my continuous magic "Wind Spiral" generated from his arm. After my skill stopped, the monster didn't waste time and started his counterattack, a loud roar nearly popped my ear, suddenly, fire generated from his mouth. But, I managed to dodge it and quickly ran towards his blind spot. I cast the "Red" magic "Magma Rose" and suddenly, red magma vines with long pointy thorns appeared from the ground completely encasing the poor monster. As they touch his body, the smell of burnt skin found its way to my nostrils. I quickly cover my nose to relieve it from the horrid smell. The Elder Ogre is flailing its arms, trying its best to remove the hot vines which clothed his bare chest. Now, the second part of my skill commences. From the ground, a giant red magma rose appears which completely encases the monster.

At first, I could hear the bellows of the beast, but after 5 seconds, it stopped. The magma rose melts away revealing the burnt body of the ogre still wrapped with the vines, which later followed the rose. As my skill comes to an end, the monster was still alive. It slowly walks towards me wheezing and coughing. I pitied the monster and showed him mercy, I put an end to his life. With a flick of my wrist,I faced my hand towards the dying monster and chanted the "Red" spell "Fireball". Suddenly, a ball of flame the size of my hand appeared, like a bullet, it flew towards the monster's heart killing it. Just like other monsters, the Elder Ogre's corpse start to slowly disappear. Fragments of its lifeless body flew along with the wind revealing a "Red" Three Pointed Crystal and an item drop, it was the Elder Ogre's Tooth. I took both of the drops as the magi that watched the battle rejoiced. The ones who weren't seriously injured flocked me, some wanted my autograph whilst others asked how I was so strong. With the use of the "White" Spell "Light Cloak" I quickly disappeared from the scene then ran back towards Emergency Cargo 3. If you could see despair, then this cargo was what it would look like. Many people cried, some prayed as they waited for the death which they thought was coming. They felt helpless against the announcement of a C-rank monster, I silently traveled towards the restroom and removed the Mimicus Cloak revealing my black hair and red eyes. My height shrank as I placed the cloak in my Pouch and opened the door. Then, the voice of a woman echoed once again.

"The C-rank "Elder Ogre" has been defeated by the Empire's very own "White". You may all proceed back towards your assigned cargos."

Suddenly, the faces of the once despairing civilians started to change, they all rejoiced at the announcement. Some were still crying, but they cried tears of joy. I could only laugh as these people are happy because of my actions. I slowly walk back towards my little private room and place my Pouch on one of my briefcases. I didn't place my two briefcases in the Pouch since I didn't want to reveal that I was carrying a high-class pouch. This briefcase contains my Pouch and some clothes.

My other briefcase contained the required things to enter the place I'm going to. What place am I going to you may ask? Well, my stubborn master forced me to go to a place as puny as this. I don't understand it, why does White, a Legendary Magus has to go to to this place? I mean, not to brag, but I am a first rate magus, I murdered dragons, ended illegal organizations, went to dinner with one of the most influential(and the most beautiful) artist in the world. But still, why do I have to go to a place like school?!


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