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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Tetsuko was a blacksmith.
Ever since she could remember, her life revolved around swords.
And when she died, she became one.

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Word Count (15)
3rd Anniversary
Top List #1000
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - The Blacksmith ago
Chapter 2 - The Sword ago
Chapter 3 - His name was Fael ago
Chapter 4 - The one who wields - Part 1 ago
Chapter 5 - The one who wields - Part 2 ago
Chapter 6 - The one who wields - Part 3 ago
Chapter 7 - Fael from the Forest Tribes ago
Chapter 8 - Back ago
Chapter 9 - Once again, another world ago
Chapter 10 - The woman who became a sword ago
Chapter 11 - The new wielder ago
Chapter 12 - The sword and the wielder ago
Chapter 13 - The soul in the sword ago
Chapter 14 - The bandits' turf ago
Chapter 15 - The Lord Alonso ago
Chapter 16 - After the battle ago
Chapter 17 - The Threat ago
Chapter 18 - Lucky Chaos ago
Chapter 19 - The plan ago
Chapter 20 - The Stone Hill Battle ago
Chapter 21 - Defeated ago
Chapter 22 - Nicolas and Otto ago
Chapter 23 - Alonso prisoner ago
Chapter 24 - Alonso's determination ago
Chapter 25 - The sword with a soul ago
Chapter 26 - The Vow ago
Chapter 27 - The sword and the swordsman ago
Chapter 28 - The Sword in the Stone ago
Chapter 29 - The new mission ago
Chapter 30 - The Mark ago
Chapter 31 - The Blade ago
Chapter 32 - Faela ago
Chapter 33 - Alonso and Cecilia ago
Chapter 34 - The meeting ago
Chapter 35 - Just apprentices ago
Chapter 36 - The Master ago
Chapter 37 - The weapons ago
Chapter 38 - The Worshiper ago
Chapter 39 - The traps ago
Chapter 40 - The downhill battle ago
Chapter 41 - The last trap ago
Chapter 42 - Inside the mines ago
Chapter 43 - The Grand Priest part 1 ago
Chapter 44 - The Grand Priest part 2 ago
Chapter 45 - The Grand Priest part 3 ago
Chapter 46 - The Grand Priest part 4 ago
Chapter 47 - After the battle ago
Chapter 48 - The last moments ago
Chapter 49 - The last request ago
Chapter 50 - The sword and the wielder ago
Chapter 51 - New beginning ago
Chapter 52 - Itajubá ago
Chapter 53 - Monsters part 1 ago
Chapter 54 - Monsters part 2 ago
Chapter 55 - More than a blade ago
Chapter 56 - Captain Sergio ago
Chapter 57 - Master and apprentice ago
Chapter 58 - Anna ago
Chapter 59 - The attacks ago
Chapter 60 - Cat ago
Chapter 61 - Blood and Chaos ago
Chapter 62 - After the fight ago
Chapter 63 - An old friend ago
Chapter 64 - Blacksmiths ago
Chapter 65 - Last request ago
Chapter 66 - The last sword ago

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Amazing, well written and very interesting.

  • Overall Score

Love this reincarnation story. ^~^

I LOVE your version of a reincarnation story. ^~^ Your word play is Well Done! I can feel both the joy and sadness that you're trying to portray as I had to actually hold back tears when I read about the hardships that your characters went through. Your world building is also well done as the small points come together they have a way of creating a brand new whole that flows through the story. Just as a river flows from forest to grassland, meandering through the hills leading out to the desert, so does your story flow from one soul to another. Leading you to experience another's mindset and story, if only for a moment. I hope that you continue this story onward and beyond to grow this into new heights. Plus, I also look forward to reading some of your other works to see off I'll love them half as much. I'm often distracted by the first book I see or a new installment in one of my other faves but I still look forward to following this story. Thank you for writing this story. ^~^.

  • Overall Score
  • Overall Score

Great story, unfortunate grammar.

The story and plot is great so far, but until the grammar improves a bit I can't give this story a top rating. However I wholeheartedly recommend people to give this a shot if they can put up with those errors. I am looking forward to seeing the author improve as this story unfolds.

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Unique and awesome story but needs an editor.

Reviewed at: Chapter 61 - Blood and Chaos

A unique story about a woman who gets her soul stuck inside an ugly barbarian blade. 

The fantasy world is pretty refreshing with the magical fantasy like aspects being pretty rare letting us see an awesome new world.

The characters are quite well developed and the main protagonist is not sidelined for the users of the sword.

The story does suffer from typos and a few grammatical errors here and there.

Overall one of the more unique stories of rrl and a good read.