-Olemane's Elixer-

The bright morning rays assailed Clover’s eyes, forcing him to roll over to his side and grumble at the discomfort. After a few seconds of tossing and turning, Clover’s eyes shot open in excitement as he remembered what today was. Leaping out of bed and landing on two sturdy feet, he ran into his bathroom and looked into the mirror. The same familiar sight that has greeted him every morning had changed. His face was still childish, but one could tell that he would grow into a handsome young man in the future.

He had become taller, and his muscles had become more defined. His tan skin was bright and elastic. His hazel eyes had become sharp and contained a sanguine gleam. And although his hair was dark gray like that of an old man's, it was youthful and strong. His body’s transformation was all due to his strict training with Bastille that had taken place over the course of a year. Clover had gone through hell during the past year. His father’s strict regimen had preoccupied his every thought for the past year, each day bringing a new change to his routine.

Shaking his head free from those unpleasant thoughts, Clover prepared a bath and jumped in. The warm water washed away the last remnants of yesterday’s fatigue, reinvigorating him and leaving him refreshed. After his long soak was over, Clover put on his best attire. A white dress shirt that he left open at the collar, which showed off the necklace Kate had given him on his fourteenth birthday, and a pair of clean black slacks with complimenting shoes. On his right arm was the Devyse Don had given him for his birthday last year. Ever since he had begun training to become a Seeker Clover had made it a habit to wear it at all times.

Clover looked in the mirror one last time before running out the door and towards the Guildhall. Although it was still relatively early in the morning the hall begun to fill up with around a hundred Seekers, waitresses, and other employees that were starting their day. Just as Clover was stepping out of the building, he heard someone call his name.

“Clover! Are you going to meet your girlfriend?!” Kate yelled from a nearby table, which caused many of the Seekers and employees to look at his direction and grin.

“Yes! I mean no! S-she is not my girlfriend!” Clover stammered as his face became as bright as a strawberry.

“Oh come on, Clover! We know your excited that you can finally leave the Guild and talk with your 'lady friend', but you should at least eat some breakfast before you meet her!”

“Fine...But, just a quick bite.” Clover conceded as he walked over to her and sat down. “By the way, how do you know about Har-...I mean, my friend?”

“Please, Clover...Everyone in the guild knows about her!” Kate giggled. “Well, we only know that she is a girl. We don’t know her name…But...” Kate trailed off, as she shot him a curious glance.

“But, what?” Clover retorted.

“But, I would love to know who she is! No more secrecy! We want to kno-” Kate coughed as she tried to cover up her previous remark. “I mean, I want to know more about her!”

“No!” He snapped. “How did you even find out about her anyways?!”

“I'm not telling unless you tell me about her…” Kate grumbled as she crossed her arms in defiance.

“Ignore her Clover, you just go and enjoy your date.” A voice from behind caused the two of them turn around. It was Maria, and even though it was still early in the morning, she looked as dazzling and beautiful as ever. In her hands was a plate of food, which she placed in front of Clover. “But she is right. You are a growing boy and you need to eat!”

“Okay, mom,” Clover mumbled as he began to eat his meal. It was quite simple. Two slices of toast smeared with honey, fried tomatoes, and a few strips of bacon. As he ate, he couldn’t help but notice his mother who had sat down beside him was staring at his face with a wide smile.

“What is it?” He mumbled.


“It isn't nothing, you clearly have something on your mind!” Clover grumbled.

Still smiling, Maria swept Clover’s gray hair from his forehead. “My baby boy is growing up so fast! I still remember the night Bastille brought you from the forest. At first, I thought that he had cheated on me and that you were the result of his late-night activities…” She trailed off as her intelligent emerald eyes had begun to redden.

“Mom, don’t start crying...You’ll embarrass me…” Clover mumbled as he munched on a piece of bacon.

“I know, I know…You are at the age when kids are rebellious and they become embarrassed by their mothers. Hell, you’re even running off to meet with your girlfriend this early in the morning. Who knows what you're going to do to that defenseless girl…” Maria whimpered as she gently pinched his face.

“Quit it, mom…” Clover’s said, his face becoming as red as the tomatoes on his plate as he brushed his mother’s hands from his face. “Besides, I’m too young to be doing that sort of stuff yet. And we shouldn’t talk about that in front of other people...” He trailed off as he glanced at Kate. But to his relief, Kate was ignoring them and staring at the strips of bacon on his plate.

“Stop growing so fast!” Maria wailed as she placed him in a powerful embrace while placing gentle kisses on his forehead and cheeks. Taking advantage of the situation, Kate smiled at the two of them and stole a strip of bacon from Clover’s plate as he tried to escape from Maria’s grasp. After a few moments of struggle, Maria relented and let go.

Coughing awkwardly, Clover spoke up. “By the way, mom…How does Kate know about my friend…”

“I don’t know what you're talking about…” Maria blatantly said as she twiddled her fingers.

“Considering that the only other two people who know about her are you and dad. And also considering that dad doesn’t reveal anyone's secrets. That makes you the only one could have told her about it!”

Maria smiled unconvincingly as her lie was exposed, only speaking up after a breath of silence. “Fine, I let her read some of your letters…”

“You read my letters!” Clover roared “You let her read my letters!” His face became even redder from before, but this time there were flecks of anger amongst the red sea of embarrassment.

“Only the good ones!” Maria shouted out. “But you should be happy!”

“Why would I be happy that you snuck into my room read my letters and let other people read them as well?!”

“Because that way you can let everyone know just how sweet and romantic you are!” Maria laughed as tears of joy began to fall onto her white cheeks. Kate joined in the mirth and began to laugh as well with her mouth full of bacon.

“Stop laughing!” Clover shouted. “And stop eating my bacon!” He said one last time as he grabbed the few remaining strips in his hands, and ran out the door. Leaving behind the two irritating women.

“Damn it…” Clover grumbled as he walked towards the Cathedral. The streets of Vanden had already become crowded this early in the morning. But like a fish in water, Clover maneuvered around the crowd and towards his destination. “I hope Sven didn’t have time to read my letters before he left…” Clover grumbled as he thought of his Elven friend.

Sven had left a month after his training had begun. It was around this time of year that he would join a band of troubadours, as they would travel from the Kingdom of Vanden to the Kingdoms of Armelia and Kaldia. They would usually travel for around six months before returning. But Sven did mention that this year would be different, as they would be boarding the Saintos Railway to travel through the Ga’jong mountains so that they could perform in the halls and courts of the Suren Dominion!

While his head were full of thoughts, his feet brought him to his destination automatically. However, in his daze, Clover tripped on one the stairs leading up to the entrance of the Cathedral. But before he could bash his face onto the marble stairs, Clover was able to bring up his arms and catch himself from face-planting.

“Are you okay?” A worried voice said from above.

“Heather!” Clover shouted as he corrected himself. He walked up the steps and faced her. To both of their surprise, Clover looked into her eyes, not up at them.

“You’ve gotten taller!” Heather smiled as she spoke to him. “I'm assuming that you are here to speak with Haru?”

“Yes!” Clover beamed. “She is still here right?”

“Of course, she is in her alcove as always,” Heather stated. “But you know, I can’t help but feel heartbroken over the fact that you have forgotten about me so easily…” Heather trailed off as she looked away. However, out of Clover’s view, she smiled with a teasing gleam in her eye.

“I haven’t forgotten about you!” Clover shouted. “Besides, you were the one who always said that nothing could happen between us. And that the laws of the church were more important than any romance!”

“I was only testing you!” She continued. “I’m glad I did since now I know that you are an unfaithful man!” Heather pretended to sob as she turned her back to him.

“Wait, Heather!” Clover started as he tried to console her, only to contort his face with an ugly smile. “Hold on, you’re only teasing me, right?”

Heather stopped sobbing for a moment, before turning around to face him. “That's right!” She chortled. “After all, how could I get in the way between you two…”

“It's not like that…” Clover mumbled, as his face reddened for the hundredth time this morning.

“Oh, please…I may be a nun, but I'm not oblivious to a maiden’s heart!” Heather beamed. “Every time Haru received one of your letters, she would run up to me with a wide smile and read it to me!”

“Wait! She read them to you?!” Clover shouted, his face no longer red but a dark maroon.

“Of course! And they were very sweet!”

Clover could only stand still, as he used every fiber in his body to prevent himself from passing out from to embarrassment.

“I do have to thank you, Clover…” Heather spoke up, grasping the sleeve of his shirt in order to grab his attention as well as to prevent him from being carried off by the slightest breeze.

“Why is that?” He asked, as his eyes restored their focus.

“Because of you, Haru has become much healthier!” Heather grinned.

“But you’re the one who has been using your magic on her. Why would you thank me?”

“My magic can only do so much! I can’t heal all scars...Especially when it comes to Haru…” She mumbled, before perking up. “Ever since you met her and started writing to her, she has started to smile and talk more! Unlike the depressed, sick, and shy girl I met a year ago; Haru is now bright and full of joy! And it’s all thanks to you!”

“I'm glad to hear that! But why haven’t you talked to her as well? Aren’t you her friend too?” Clover started.

“I tried! For an entire year, I tried!” Heather exclaimed. “But it wasn’t until after she met you that she asked me if I knew you. When I said I did, she would bombard me with questions every day!” Heather smiled before continuing. “After all, the only thing she ever talks about is you…”

“R-really?” Clover stammered.

“Really!” Heather grinned as she walked into the Cathedral doors with Clover following her in a stunned silence.

The Cathedral hall was fairly empty, with only a dozen or so people. Their heads were bowed in prayer, hoping their voices would reach Saint Adlan, Goddess Herengle, and Goddess Heaphin.

Heather silently guided Clover to a corned off section of the building and pointed him to a set of inconspicuous stairs.

“Take a left once you reach the top. The alcove will be down the hall” Heather said. “By the way, I’m sure you don’t need me to say this. But if you touch Haru, Nutmeg will kill you.” She slyly grinned before departing.

“I wouldn’t do that…” He mumbled before walking up the steps. But if she's okay with it… He thought, before shaking his head from a lewd thought. Taking a left as he reached the top of the stairs, Clover walked down the hall and reached the alcove.

The small room was empty, save for a small orange fox that was sunbathing on top one of the couches that inhabited the room. Clover tiptoed over to the sleeping spirit and picked him up by his armpits.

Nutmeg stirred from his sleep, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he blinked them open. “Hasn’t anyone told you that it's rude to wake others up?” He grumbled as he recognized the half-elf in front of him.

“Haha! Come on Nutmeg, you looked so cute that I had to pick you up!” Clover smiled as he began to pet him.

Nutmeg grumbled in protest as Clover rubbed his fur, only to stop as he found it quite comfortable.

“By the way. Why did you never stop by to chat?” Clover asked. Every morning, Clover would find one of Haru’s letters on his nightstand beside his bed. But the orange fox-spirit was nowhere to be found.

“I only agreed to deliver the letters. Chatting would have cost you extra.” Nutmeg yawned as he licked his paw with an aloof look on his face.

“Extra? How many pets is that!” Clover exclaimed as he violently rubbed Nutmeg’s soft pelt.

“You brat!” Nutmeg yowled in discomfort as Clover’s hands disheveled his well-groomed coat. “I’ll teach you a lesson!” He yelled as he flew away from Clover’s probing hands. “Take this! Repeating Punches!”

“Ouch!” Clover yelped as Nutmeg’s small yet powerful paws jabbed his stomach repeatedly. Each swing was like a rock slamming into his abdomen. However, Nutmeg soon stopped and inspected Clover’s body.

“Hmmm…” Nutmeg hummed.

“What is it?” Clover squeaked in pain, as he rubbed his sore belly.

“You’ve become a bit stronger since the last time we met! You’re Arcana has also become deeper and purer!” Nutmeg inspected. “Have you started training with Arcana Discipline?”

“Yep!” Clover proudly stated. Although his face appeared calm and steady, his mind was not, as it began to tumble as he recalled his dreadful year.

From dawn to dusk, his life was one of pain and misery. Every day, before the sun had arisen, Bastille would wake him, and force him to run ten kilometers. After his short marathon, he was expected to complete one hundred pushups, one hundred situps, and five laps around the Guild pool. Afterwards, he would spar with Bastille for an hour. By the end of all that, Clover would be drenched in sweat, tears, and blood. But that was when his real training would begin. Only once he was completely exhausted and close to blacking out would Bastille pull out the small ball used for Arcana Discipline. Only once Clover was on the ground throwing up blood and squirming in pain, would Bastille let him call it quits for the day and allow him to take a bath.

But that was only his morning routine. After he arrived at the Guildhall, Clover would begin his afternoon punishment. This included anything from serving food to Seekers while enduring their jeers, cleaning any and all messes, and cooking with Morty. Although many people, like Maya, would prefer to serve food than to be forced to cook with Morty, Clover would enjoy spending time with the gentle giant as he was relatively friendly to him. Or at least, he took Morty’s silence and nods of approval to be friendly.

As soon as the sun set, Maria would take him and force him to start his studies. Maria would teach him history and literature. Unfortunately for him, his mother is incredibly strict and austere and she would reprimand him whenever he made the smallest of mistakes. Edward, on the other hand, was kind and patient. As the treasurer of the Guild, Edward was the perfect man to teach him mathematics. By the time his studies were over, the moon would be high in the sky, and the Guild would be silent as everyone took to their rooms. By this point, Clover would be exhausted, and the second his head hit his pillow, he would be out like a light. Unfortunately for him, his slumber would only last a second, as he would awake to the sound of his father forcing him to start his morning regimen once again.

Nutmeg began to laugh as he saw Clover’s face becoming increasingly grim as he thought about his dark year.

“Quit laughing! It was a hard year for me!” Clover yelled as he grabbed the fox’s floating body, and roughly rubbed his coat.

“You jerk!” Nutmeg yowled in annoyance as his pelt became messy. “Take this!” He yelled as he slammed a small paw at Clover’s face.

“Ouch!” Clover wailed, as he let go of the spirit's soft body. Although Nutmeg’s punch seemed small and weak, they were filled with Arcana. This made the small weightless slap feel like a punch from a tough boxer! “You little...I’m going to pet you whether you like it or not!” Clover yelled as he ran towards the small spirit.

“Bring it on half-elf!” Nutmeg laughed as he flew toward Clover, raising another paw as he attempted to land another slap! The two of them were inches from colliding with one another before they were stopped by a soft voice.

“Nutmeg? Why are you being so loud?” Haru mumbled as she walked out of a room near the alcove. She was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with a small white hand while lifting her other hand to cover her mouth as she failed to stifle her yawn.

So Cute!

Clover thought to himself as he saw the picturesque scene in front of him. Heather was right, Haru had become healthier, and more beautiful. Her skin was no longer a sick pale color, but a healthy fair complexion. Her long blonde hair reached past her shoulders ended in slight waves and they dazzled like goldenrods of wheat by the morning’s rays. Her bright blue eyes were like dual sapphires that shimmered with life. Her simple black nightgown exemplified her porcelain skin further as the thin straps that held it up exposed her delicate shoulders and her charming clavicle.

“An opening!” Nutmeg yelled as he uppercutted the preoccupied Clover with his tail, forcing him to fly back a meter and slam into a wall.

“Clover!” Haru blurted out, as her face blushed a deep red that flowed down her neck. She looked down and realized that she was still wearing her revealing nightwear, and slammed the door behind her.

Clover and Nutmeg stared at the door in silence, the figure of the retreating girl fresh in their minds. Eventually, Clover raised himself from the ground and sat on the couch opposite of Nutmeg. The duo sat in an awkward silence as they waited for Haru to leave her room. The silence would break on occasion by the slamming and shutting of drawers. Haru’s footsteps were quite audible as she nervously paced around in her room, looking for something to wear. Seconds turned into minutes as Haru continued her search.

Nutmeg had long fallen asleep and Clover had pulled out his spear and was twirling it around like a baton to pass the time. After thirty minutes, the door to the young girl’s room squeaked open as she walked out.

“Hello, Clover…” Haru stammered as she met his gaze, a subtle red tinge appearing on her cheeks. She had found her attire in an elegant black and orange outfit. It appeared as if it was only something a noble could afford, further convincing Clover that Haru was from noble birth.

“I-it’s been awhile…” He stuttered as his cheeks became scarlet.

“Yes, it has…” She whispered. Haru shuffled towards the couch Nutmeg was on, picking him up and laying him on her lap as she took a seat. “Nutmeg. You shouldn’t fight with friends…”

“He started it.” Nutmeg yawned as he wagged one of his paws.

The three of them stayed in silence for a couple more seconds, before Clover and Haru broke into laughs.

“Sorry! I don’t know why I'm being so awkward!” Clover jested.

“No! I apologize for making it awkward! I was the one who interrupted the two of you from playing!” Haru giggled, as she stroked Nutmeg’s fur.

“Yeah! It’s not like the two of you are dating or anything! Then it would be awkward!” Nutmeg chuckled as he curled his lips into a mischievous sneer.

The second Nutmeg mentioned dating, the silence returned as the two of them looked at their laps with red faces. After another minute of silence, Clover spoke up.

“So, how are you?” Clover asked. Really?! That's what you ask her after all this time?! You are so lame, Clover!

“G-g-good!” Haru squeaked without saying anything else. The silence only deepened further and became unbearable as the uncomfortable atmosphere threatened to pulverize their bodies. It was only once Nutmeg spoke up that the pressure was dispersed.

“Haru, why don’t you show Clover what you have been doing this past year.” The young girl’s blue eyes to widen with excitement as she stood up and dashed into her room. After a few seconds of audible bangs and slams, Haru reemerged with a small metal box in her hands as well as a large bag.

“What is this?” Clover asked as he ran his hazel eyes over the strange box. The box was a dull gray color with bright purple characters written all over it.

“It's an alchemical forge!” Haru replied, puffing her chest out in pride. “I’m going to become an alchemist!”

“Wow! I heard that you have to be very skilled and rich to be an alchemist!” Clover gasped, as he stared at Haru. “Haru, can you use Arcana?”

“Well…” Haru trailed off before looking at Nutmeg. “Not to the point that I can project Arcana out of my body…Which is the first prerequisite…” Her eyes drooped in embarrassment.

“In the meantime, I do all the hard work while she watches.” Nutmeg chimed in, placing his orange paw over his chest in pride.

“Bastille told me it's only at the Gold-rank that Seekers can project Arcana!” Clover said as he widened his eyes. Will this frail girl ever be capable of becoming an alchemist? He wondered to himself.

“Gold?!” Haru’s eyes widened in shock. “Is that hard to reach?"

“Well, yeah. Most Seekers will only stay in the Silver rank for the entirety of their lives!” Clover callously remarked.

“Wh-what!” Haru gasped, as she clenched her dress with her hands. “So...It is impossible for me to become an Alchemist…” She hopelessly said, sinking deeper into the couch.

“Of course not young Miss!” Nutmeg said. “Clover is only joking around! He did say most! There is still a good chance you will become an Alchemist!” Glaring at Clover and unsheathing his claws, Nutmeg continued. “Isn’t that right, boy?”

“Y-yes! Most people who become Seekers are poor, without a notable family. But you are obviously different! I can tell with a single glance that you are special! And with your powerful background being able to project Arcana will be simple for you!” Clover blurted out.

“Really? You mean it?” Haru whispered.

“Yep!” Clover shot her a thumbs up and smiled. “Its clear to anyone that you are exceptional!”

Her previous bright and excited expression returning to her. Clover sat up straight and shot Clover a stunningly beautiful smile. “Thank you, Clover!”

“Don’t mention it!” Clover smiled back. Although he was cool on the outside, he was melting on the inside, like ice cream in the middle of summer.

“So, can you show me what you have learned so far?” Clover asked once he regained his composure.

“Okay! But I can only tell Nutmeg which ingredients to use, he will do all the heavy work!” Haru excitedly said.

“Very well, young Miss. Do you want to start off with Olemane’s Elixir?” Nutmeg asked.

“Okay!” Haru confidently said as she pulled out a pair of gloves from one of the pockets on the bag.

“Alright, what do I do first?” Nutmeg quizzed Haru.

“First we must use two tablespoons of Emberglow to provide fuel to the forge!” Haru confidently replied and pulled out a bottle filled with a bright red dust.

“Correct!” Nutmeg said, as he outstretched a paw, and made a grasping motion towards the bottle of Emberglow. The bottle floated from Haru’s grasp and hovered over the box. Nutmeg raised his other paw and projected more Arcana towards the metal box. As the metal box reacted with the Arcana, the characters around them began to move and squirm, before they converged into a single spot atop the box, causing the box to pop open, exposing it to the outside air.

“Wow…”Clover breathlessly said as he looked into the box. The box was as simple on the inside as it appeared on the outside. The only notable feature was the cylindrical hole that was in the middle.

“That’s a forge! The most important equipment an Alchemist will ever own!” Haru burst out with pride.

As Clover continued to examine the box, Nutmeg measured exactly two tablespoons of Emberglow with Arcana and poured it into the forge. A reaction occurred immediately, as the forge began to glow orange from the heat! Clover’s eyes widened as he watched the spectacle.

“What’s next Haru?” Nutmeg asked.

“One ounce of Bunglefruit!” Haru said as she pulled out a small red fruit, the size of a tangerine. The Bunglefruit was stored in a glass bottle as well, which Clover was thankful for, as the small fruit looked toxic. Its small body was covered in hideous lesions that leaked a blood-red juice. Clover felt that if he were to eat even a nibble of the fruit he would die a painful death.

“Bingo!” Nutmeg congratulated Haru before levitating the glass bottle towards him. Measuring a single ounce, Nutmeg carefully dumped the fruit into the forge. The orange glow turned a dangerous red, as the Bunglefruit mixed with the Emberglow.

“Next!” Nutmeg shouted as his face became contorted with concentration.

“Five ounces of Blackeye!” Haru exclaimed as she pulled out another glass bottle filled with many evil looking black barnacles.

Once again, Nutmeg carried the bottle over to the forge and measure five ounces with his Arcana. Dumping it into the forge. Upon contact, the red glow became a malicious black hole that threatened to devour all of existence!

“Next!” Nutmeg shouted without respite, his eyes strained as he concentrated deeply on the alchemical concoction.

“Three ounces of Roden’s Feast!” Haru said, pulling out a bottle filled with purple mushrooms. Each mushroom was the size of a baby’s fist with black veins running along its poisonous body.

“Good!” Nutmeg yelled out with effort before retrieving the ingredient and measuring out three ounces. As he dumped the final ingredient into the mix, the glow stabilized from a dark black into a muddy brown. “Perfect!” Nutmeg yelled out once more as Haru pulled out a small empty bottle. Nutmeg injected the forge with more Arcana, forcing the alchemical mixture to float out of the forge and into the glass bottle and closed it with a wooden cork.

“Good job, Nutmeg!” Haru merrily said as she grabbed the small glass bottle from the air, and wrote a label on it that said, ‘Olemane’s Elixir.’

“I need to rest, Haru…” Nutmeg grumbled as he floated towards his mistress. “If you touch Haru, I will end your life…” He said as he shook a paw at Clover.

“Don’t say that!” Haru squealed. “Clover wouldn’t do that...Right?” She said, shooting a nervous glance towards him.

“Of course not! Nutmeg is only teasing us!” Clover rebuked.

“Whatever, I’m tired. Goodnight young Miss…” Nutmeg yawned before turning into a myriad of orange orbs, flying towards Haru’s chest where they were absorbed.

“Goodnight, Nutmeg.” She smiled as the small fox spirit disappeared. That joyful smile became replace by an awkward one, as she looked at Clover.

“Is something wrong?” Clover asked.

“No! Everything is fine!” Haru giggled and shook her hands. “It's just that, I wanted to give you this…” Haru embarrassingly mumbled as she handed the elixir over to Clover.

“Thank you!” Clover exclaimed. “What does, Olemane’s Elixir do?” Clover asked as he inspected the muddy liquid.

“It’s meant to heal you from minor scratches and injuries! I thought since you’re a Seeker, that you might get hurt...And I wanted to make sure you were prepared in case you do…” She mumbled. “But, Nutmeg isn’t an expert at Alchemy. So his potion's are simple! Because of that, I can only give you Olemane’s Elixir. It will probably hurt more putting that on your wounds then the wounds themselves will…” Haru trailed off as she looked away.

“I love it!” Clover exclaimed.

“Really?” She asked, unsure.


“Hehe...That makes me really happy!” Haru giggled and gave Clover another dazzling smile.

Cute! Charming! Beautiful! No! There are no words that can properly describe how adorable this creature in front of me is! Clover shouted in his mind as he continued to enjoy the sight.

“By the way, Haru. Why did you want to become an Alchemist?” Clover asked.

“Haha, it’s a dumb reason…” Haru bitterly smiled.

“It can’t be that dumb! Tell me!” Clover pressed.

“Okay, but only if you don’t laugh!” Haru commanded as she furrowed her brow.

“I promise!”

“Alright,” Haru said as she prepared to gather the courage to explain. “It's because I want to be like Heather…”

“You want to be a nun?” Clover said in dismay. No! Nuns can’t marry!

“No! Not a nun, but a healer, like Heather. But unlike her, I can’t use light magic to help people…” Haru bitterly smiled. “But If I learn Alchemy, I can at least give my healing elixirs for those who need them!” She confidently said as she tightened her small fists. She became embarrassed as she noticed Clover staring at her intensely. “You see...It is stupid…”

“No! It’s not! In fact, I think it's incredibly admirable!” Clover remarked. “I think its an awesome idea!”

“Really?!” Haru piped up.


“Hehe...Thank you, Clover. Haru giggled and shot him another radiant smile.

Yep...No words… Clover thought.

The two of them talked for a couple more hours and it was only until the sun had begun to set did Clover bid his farewell. Haru walked with him to the stairs that led to the bottom floor before speaking up.

“Are you going to come by tomorrow?” Haru whispered.

“Of course!” Clover replied before walking downstairs. As he reached the bottom, he looked back at the blonde girl and waved, which Haru returned. Clover left the Cathedral with a wide smile and a pep in his step as he traveled back to the Guild.


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