journal teleport science something

journal teleport science something

by BJKWhite

superscience genius girl

good at teleports



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Word Count (14)
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5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
78 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
first thing ago
humans are the actual worst part 755234 ago
fixing up a drone doot doot dee doot ago
+250 tea xp ago
hot light is not as fun as it sounds ago
not the best but getting better ago
put a portal in my portal so i can portal while i portal ago
um ago
too wired for titles ago
nope nope nope nope ago
teleports make things better sometimes maybe? ago
if this is my last entry remember me as sometimes pretty okay ago
still here i guess ago
at least i'm not bored ago
can't believe i still have both eyebrows ago
typing this with one hand the reason why will shock you ago
living that cyborg superscience life ago
thought i heard a bird but couldn't see any birds ago
the future is a thing ago
never been so much fun ago
got 99 problems and they're mostly ants ago
nobody told me scooters are fun and that is a crime ago
oh yeah gotta put a title haha ago
whoops we're in a bullet calamity over here ago
v disappointed in this apocalypse ago
remember those eyebrows i was so proud of ago
things could be better ago
but my corpselooter drone will not be named igor ago
they call me dr sparklebutt ago
i dub thee antwhack ago
the good doctor's butt will sparkle no more ago
like that bit where you're just staring at the keys like what do i do what do i do ago
there is no possible downside to giving a hammer to a robot ago
don't even know where i could get a potato ago
if the last thing i hear before i die is a wet fart then okay ago
do the thing you hate because otherwise: death, mutilation, embarrassment ago
at least now we know why jin is spelled with only one i ago
robots do not recoil in horror at your hideous visage and that is nice ago
also i'm almost out of tea bags this is the worst day ever ago
when there's nothing much to say but you say it anyway ago
breaktime teatime mememetime ago
you have reached alakija enterprises specialists in ant bothering ago
if videogames are a lie then what is the point of anything ago
fun for all the well just yourself ago
honestly i am like a kid in an eyeball shop ago
still got the eyepatch but now it flips up like a spidercatflap ago
and the name of that octopus was samuel p fungusbangle ago
point that brain at a thing and be like get him girl ago
i have lost and i have gained ago
we all want to see a robot getting eaten by a mutant sewer ant let's just be honest ago
why couldn't i have been right about ice cream dimension instead ago
make an ant bite an ant and call that progress ago
terrible ago
still terrible but with some kind of direction ago
why is this my life now ago
welcome to jin's apocalypse cafe we have tea and biscuits and despair ago
not like anyone else is stepping up ago
i made doilies and everything so somebody just better appreciate that ago
trying to think of every way a human might donk up a situation is the most exhausting thing ago
teenage cyborg science antgirl ago
if this is the best of all possible worlds then well fine i guess ago
well i can't say i didn't warn me ago
things are getting better but things are getting worse ago
if they want war then well i don't know just do they even realise what that means or are they just stupid or what ago
just remembered everything is awful but i had like seven seconds of peace before that so i'm counting it as a win ago
turns out the real monsters were giant ants ago
how did i even get here ago
jin donks up is a constant ago
trapped myself in a cupboard and before i knew it i was doing chemistry and creeping on a human ago
just so flipping tired ago
i blame myself and also giant ants but mostly humans ago
Oh, look at this. I can write in your 'journal'. Hello, Jin. ago
what ago
a journal entry just for me and no one else because who else would it be for ago
somebody made a mistake and it might have been me ago
not thinking about things is the greatest luxury and the ideal we all seek ago
do not question my commitment to accordion motion ago

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It's like a bullet in the head


Would shoot myself again.

(*around 50 pages in)


So damn good

So damn weird

So perfectly fitting







Whatever comes is profit

I feel plot twists incoming. If I am right then this will be a great story. If not then it will be weird story with an uncommon style. Either is good for me though :P

Zeal Iskander


but seriously why tho


Un pwasson volant

Me : this be weird.

Brain : *shrugs* 5/5 for wiredness.


nice light harted randocom

HAHA LOL horror