We finished eating supper. We were able to catch a few rabid squirrels that wanted to eat us, so now we got to eat them instead. I lean back in satisfaction, I’m stuffed. I really hope Hardoen is right about it being okay to eat all this monster meat.

Ow! I feel something take a bite out of me and quickly flick it off my neck. I am no longer concerned about the various insects that crawl on me from time to time, I’m mostly too tired to care, I just care that they are eating me alive, it’s annoying.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Hardoen has started kicking sand on to the fire we used to cook dinner. “It’s really cold tonight, we’re gonna freeze to death without that fire.”

“Can’t be helped, we need to get some sleep.”

“Even more reason to keep it going then, I’d rather not die of hypothermia in my sleep you know.”

“‘Ward’ is not going to keep us safe if we have a fire attracting attention.”

“Can’t we take turns to sleep then and stay on guard, with the fire burning?” At this point I’m practically pleading.

“Do you seriously want to keep waking up to fight monsters? We need our rest.” He replies coldly. “We’ll snuggle up together for some warmth.”

“Oooooh. And when did you decide that exactly?”

“Relax, I assure you, my intentions are pure here.”

I snort, “I know they are. There’s no way someone like you would be stupid enough to try anything funny with me.”

For the first time ever I get to see Hardoen genuinely laugh. It was a small and short chuckle, but a laugh nonetheless.

After the fire is completely dead and some of the smoke has parted, the two of us lay down in our would be bed. We found a spot with a collection of boulders and fallen trees that make for a partial shelter, very partial.

Hardoen is lying on his side, with his arms at his side, straight out and he looks like a human log, he’s so stiff. I nearly laugh out loud at the sight. I lie down next to him, with the back of my head to front of his.

I snuggle up tightly against him, but leave some room between my butt and his crotch. He seems like a bit of a virgin and I suspect that if we’re pressed too tightly against each other, that he’ll probably get a hardon and I’m pretty sure neither of us want that.

He’s still lying there like a log, he’s so awkward, it’s even making me feel uncomfortable. I sigh, what a pussy. I reach over and grab his right arm and pull it over me and around my stomach. I do make sure to give him one final warning though, just in case: “That arm stays there, don’t get any ideas.”

I can feel him nod in agreement. Good. It really is getting quite cold.

When we found out about each other this morning, that we are both from the same world, I was really excited. I wanted to ask him all kinds of questions, but the bastard wouldn’t even tell me his real name. I offered some details about myself, like name, age, location, etc. In the hopes that he would open up to me a bit, but instead he started lecturing me.

He said that who we were back in the real world doesn’t matter, that even if it did, those people, who we were, were fakes. He said that in a world like this, a ‘raw’ world he called it, that here, who we really are shows itself, as a world this unforgiving has no room to spare for your facade’s. His point was that if this is who we really are and this is the world we live in right now, then that previous world and who we pretended to be was utterly irrelevant and as such did not need to be discussed.

So in the end despite our huge discovery, I still know next to nothing about this guy. You would think that that would make me feel even more lonely than I already do, but strangely enough ever since the big ‘reveal’ I feel less lonely.

I’m still a little upset that he was being so curt with me and it bugs me a whole lot, that a lot of the things he said really made sense. Since coming to this world I seem to have become a completely different person, now I enjoy things like fighting and killing monsters, I even find it therapeutic in a way.

It’s also annoying me right now that I have to seek warmth from this cold person behind me. I even feel a little guilty for cuddling up next to another guy. I really miss Michael.

Last night was really cold, but this afternoon is really hot, the sun is literally baking me alive. The weather in this world seems to be really inconsistent, like they threw down a ‘var temperature = random(5, 35);’ in the game code or something.

Misty snaps me out of my thoughts. “Hey Hardoen. How do people normally travel from Heimos to Denos, isn’t there a road or something?”

“Yeah sure there is.”

“Then why are we trudging through the dangerous monster infested forest?”

“Because I don’t believe that the dangerous human infested road is going to be any safer for us.” I reply sarcastically. “Besides, we don’t have horses and the road takes a long and winding approach to get to Denos. Travelling on foot it would take as far too long, this approach is much more direct.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, how come you know so much about this world. Before the whole C.P.R thing, I would never have even suspected you of being from the our world, you just seem too much like a citizen of this world.”

“When I first landed in this world it didn’t take me more than five minutes to figure out I’d been sucked into the game. I have spent every spare moment I had since then, cramming my head with us much information about this world as I could. I figured it was going to be essential to my survival.”

“You’re definitely not normal.” I can tell by her expression she doesn’t mean that in a good way.

“When I first met you in that tavern, you looked to be in pretty bad shape, like this world had seriously put you through the wringer. So I think I’ll stick with being ‘not normal’ thank you very much.” I watch Misty as she grimaces, clearly remembering some unpleasant things.

“Look!” Misty exclaims as she runs ahead. When I catch up to her I see what got her attention. It’s a river! More to the point, I suspect It’s ‘the’ river. We both lean down and start scooping up water to drink, neither of us have had a drop of water for a day and a half now, it’s like drinking the nectar of the gods.

We were already at dangerous levels of dehydration to be honest, aside from the dry lips, throat and skin, I myself had also started feeling dizzy. The heat from today had sped up the symptoms quite dramatically as well and I was starting to get seriously concerned.

After resting by the river for a little while, just taking in the refreshment of it all, Misty speaks up, “I want to take a bath. I’m covered in muck and dried blood, it’s really unpleasant.”

“Um, okay?”

“Go wait over there behind that big boulder.” Boy, bossy aren’t we? “Oh and if you try and take a peek, I’ll castrate you.” She taps the handle of her dagger for added effect.

“Got it.” I sigh and go sit behind the boulder, it provides a decent amount of shade for me. I can hear Misty entering the water somewhere behind me.

My thoughts drift to our immediate future while I wait. Things we will need to do or find out once we land in Denos. I also ponder various other things like the history of this world, at least the parts that I already know of and how and in what way is it linked to our world, things like that.

Quite some time passes with me lost in my thoughts, when I realise that Misty is making an awful lot of noise in the river water. No, wait, I recognise this sound. She must be trying to wash the blood out of her clothes.

Of course that means that she is completely naked now right? Well makes sense, she did send be behind this fucking rock after all. I have to seriously resist the urge to not try and take a peek at her. Yes there is a seriously hot naked elf girl behind me right now, but it is not worth losing my balls over.

Just picturing her has already given me a hardon. I sigh, I really feel like jerking off right now, but I’m sure that she would hear me with those sensitive ears of hers.

What’s this? The water has stopped moving and I hear footsteps, did she get out?

And then it happens! Misty comes around the corner and stands in front of me. Her slender naked wet body glistening in the sunlight. My mouth actually does hang open at that moment, but I quickly come to my senses, or something approaching sensibility I guess.

I jump to my feet and quickly spurt words out of my mouth, “Take it easy, I definitely wasn’t peeking!” But I can’t help it my eyes are glued to her naked body.

“Oh. I see somebody else doesn’t agree with you.” She is looking down at my bulging pants when she says this. Misty walks right up to me and places her hand on my chest, I feel like a deer caught in headlights.

“You know, I’ve felt so lonely.” She says looking at me with the saddest face I’ve ever seen. “I just want to forget.” Or so she says as she kneels down in front of me and pulls down my pants.

My fully erect penis flaps up and down wildly from the sudden force. Misty grabs the shaft with her right hand and puts it in her mouth. She starts sucking on the head tightly while licking the underside with her tongue and using her hand to stroke the shaft. My confusion is immediately drowned out with pleasure and I instinctively grasp her pretty blonde head in my hands.

It feels so good and the sight of her ‘working it’ below me, while her blonde hair shifts around on her small cute shoulders is driving me crazy. Misty lets go of the shaft and instead places her two hands around the back of my calves instead. She uses them as grips as she drives her face forward and back, stroking most of the length of my dick with her lips and tongue. It’s a different kind of intense as she basically skull fucks herself.

“Aaarggh!” What? She drove her ‘claws’ into my left leg, that’s a little too wild for me. I’m about to pull my leg away from her grip, but she senses it and while sort of smiling with my cock still buried in her mouth, she plunges her face forward deep into my crotch. I feel the end of my dick going into the back of her throat and the tip of it being almost forced downwards at the end.

What? Is this deep throat? The sensation is so overwhelming, literally nothing else exists at this moment. Misty pulls back a little bit still smiling and my reason totally leaves me. I must have that feeling again.

I tighten my grip on her head and plunge my cock back into her throat. I pull out a bit and do it again and again, the feeling of my ‘head’ shoving it’s way into that ultra tight space is unbelievable, my legs are getting weak.

Misty seems to sense this and pulls me down onto the ground. She then gets on top of me and guides my manhood into her. Aaaah. Another great feeling.

She arches her back and starts sliding her hips along my pelvis, driving my cock deep in and out of her. Her body is wet and slippery, it slides effortlessly against mine, it is also cold from the river water. This only serves to accentuate the feeling of the intense wet warmth surrounding my dick right not, as the soft flesh inside her massages it along its full length.

God I’m so close to coming already. Misty leans down and drags her tongue across my neck, sending shivers down my spine. She then bites into my shoulder, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did with the leg, by this point I’m to busy riding the high of the feeling from my dick that’s about to burst.




“What?” I look up to see Misty standing over me. Why has she got her clothes on?

“Seriously, just what are you doing?”

“Huh, what’s going on.” Ow! There’s a bite wound on my shoulder and another on my leg.

“I found you passed out, with this thing gnawing away at your shoulder.” She holds out her dagger, on the end of which is a cute little ball of white and grey; fur and teeth. Well cute might not be the right word for it, those teeth look sharp and most of its fur has been dyed red with my blood.

“Holy shit! Is that a Scubble?”

“A Scubble?”

“Yeah remember, I told you about them quite a while back.”

“Come to think about it, I do remember you mentioning something like that.”

“They were really feared by the locals. They use a kind of mind magic to induce hallucinations and while you’re paralysed, they feed on you. Of course the real danger is not just bleeding out, but rather that other monsters will be attracted to the smell of fresh blood and come snack on you, while you’re still ‘out of it’.”

Misty glances towards my crotch which is currently still testing the limits of how far the fabric of my pants can stretch and then she looks back at me with a murderous glint in her eyes.

“So tell me then, what exactly were you hallucinating while I was busy taking a bath?”


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