Jessica is already lying in our shared single bed, under the covers. I walk over to the bed and sit down on it. We made good money today, five silvers and a couple of coppers each. This is owed to the fact that we were able to salvage over a hundred goblin ears, or enough bits of them for the guild employee dispensing our reward, to be regarded as such.

We considered buying some armour on our way back to town, but decided that we should instead do one more goblin camp first. Even if it is smaller than the one we raided today (that might be a little safer), we will still have more than enough money at that point to buy us some armour and still have leftover money for living expenses for a few days, should things go sideways again.

Today we were really putting our lives on the line, we could have easily been wiped out. But a lot of that is owed to inexperience. We were discussing at length on the way back: you know, whether we could take on a goblin camp properly next time and with much less risk. The general conclusion that we all arrived at was yes, we had learned a lot from today.

Fortunately we did not get back very late, unlike most of our other outings to date. This left me time to run one very important errand, while I had Sarah distract Jessica. I reached into the bag I have with me and pull out an item wrapped in an old cloth.

“Hey Jess.”

“Hmm.” She answers lazily while turning to face me.

“Here.” I hand her the bundle.

She eyes it with great interest, even sitting up in bed. Unwrapping the cloth reveals a dagger, with a leather grip dyed, an almost rose red like color. The pommel of the dagger is steel, with a pick rose and one or two vines painted on it. It is truly befitting a teenage girl, if you can of course look past the whole tool of murder thing.

“Happy birthday.” I smile at her.

Her eyes go wide in realisation. No doubt amidst all the chaos of everything that’s been going on, she forgot about her own eighteenth birthday. I struggled to figure out what kind of gift to get her. Up until several hours ago, I didn’t even have any money to get her a gift.

So when, on the way back, I realised we were delivering over a hundred goblin ears, I hatched a plan with Sarah to distract her, while I run down to the local market place and try to find a suitable gift. Of course I had no idea at the time, what to get her. But, luckily I spotted this dagger for sale and at a good price too. I somehow just knew that she would fall in love with it.

So, even though I have seriously mixed feelings about getting my girlfriend a weapon as a birthday gift, well let’s just say that in this world and the messed up situation we’re in, it does somehow makes sense. Luckily daggers are small, and do not use much materials to craft, making them relatively inexpensive.

“It’s beautiful!” She seems to be over the moon. She hugs me tightly and thanks me.

“No problem.” I smile at her.

Not long after, I take of my clothes and join here in bed. Man I’m tired, it’s been a rough day.

I put my arm around her, with her back facing to me and hug her tightly. “We’re actually doing this, hey. We’re adventurers now.” I say half to myself, self reflectively.

“Yes.” She responds softly, but in a warm voice.

I lie there a while trying to fall asleep, but there is still a lot on my mind, also the excitement from everything that’s happened today, isn’t exactly helping matters.

Jessica is also fidgeting a lot. If she keeps shifting around like that, then I really won’t be able to fall asleep. Come to think of it, only her lower body is shifting around and it is kind of rubbing up against my manhood.

Hmm. “And what are you up to ‘Misty’?” I say half jokingly.

“What are you talking about?” She responds coldly. “I’m just trying to get comfortably on this hard bed.” Oh, did I read her wrong?

She then starts shifting in a different direction. My already erect penis is being rubbed up and down between her two small dainty but cheeks. I can feel her asses full curve and sensation through her thin soft nightgown.

We had not done anything of a sexual nature since we came to this world (we have of course done it many times in the real one), owed to the fact that I wasn’t sure how she would feel about it. Being in another girls body and me looking different as well. Then there was the whole bridge incident. Jessica has never been a very ‘sexual’ girl to begin with either, so it was always up to me to make the first move and there was no way I was going to do that under these circumstances.

Of course all these worries seem to have been for naught, as by this point her nightgown has climbed up from the friction, leaving her bare ass rubbing against my bulging cock.

That was the last straw. “You asked for it!” I reach down and slide my hand across her smooth bum slowly, sending a small shiver of anticipation through her body. My hand practically a foreign monster of its own by this point, curves round her ass and pushes between her legs from behind.

Fingers outstretched It glides over her ‘entrance’. Two of the fingers indent into it slightly while passing by, only to feel them almost sucked in by the surrounding soft lips, into her already wet hole. It is an enticing and heavenly sensation. But they steel their resolve and remain true to their purpose, gliding past the soft entrance and towards their final destination.

I rub between the top of her lips gently, careful not ‘frighten’ her cliterous.

“Hrrnn.” She lets out a soft noise like some kind of cat, purring in heat. This of course drives my senses wild and makes me go at her with fervour. My entire hand is now working her juicy bits, not just my two fingers. My fingers keep rubbing between the top side of her lips with my palm is now also rubbing up and down her entrance.

This is clearly too much for her at this point. “I want you inside of me.” She whispers to me, with heated breath. “Now!” She also adds urgency to the mix.

I decide to take a chance and sweeten the pot a little. “Okay, but I want to see you.”

She turns to face me, smiling mischievously. She knows exactly what I mean. Since we got here I have only seen at most glimpses of her naked body. As much as I wanted to admire the body of the gorgeous young elf girl in front of me all this time, I was always concerned about how Jess would take to me ogling ‘another girls body’.

But she clearly wants that dick badly and doesn’t hesitate for a second to kick the blankets off and all but tear her nightgown off. I move to the foot of the bed to make space, so that she can lay down on her back comfortably.

As I’m about to move back to position, I freeze as she does something I never in a million years would have expected of her. Not only did she spread her long slender legs enough to ‘make space’ for me. But she instead continued the motion bending her knees up and spreading her legs so wide she was practically doing a split.

My mouth nearly hung open in surprise. Who is this girl and what has she done with my girlfriend! Her legs are spread wide enough that that her ‘lips’ have parted on their own and given a clear view of her ‘crack’ and all the way down her juicy ‘hole’.

“Is this what you had in mind?” She says tauntingly.

The sight before me is surreal. A beautiful blonde haired girl with cute pointy ears lay there, her body shimmering under the candle light. Her sweet supple breasts with their pink perky nipples. Her slender body shape and sexy legs, all pointing towards her glowing pick entrance, that is only accentuated by her soft blonde pubic hair.

There is so much blood and hormones flowing into my penis at this point, that it feels likes it’s going to explode. All reason is driven from my mind as I practically pounce her and guide my member into her welcoming hole. The warm, soft and slippery sensation feels amazing. Her hole is really tight, but she’s so wet already that there’s almost no resistance to me entering.

I start moving back and forward gently, letting her vagine squeeze and stroke my manhood and I can feel her body almost writhing in pleasure as she lets out an almost inaudibly soft moan. She eyes me while smiling and says, “You’re getting to fuck another girl without cheating on me. I wonder who’s birthday it really is.” she says playfully.

“You’re right, I better give you another present.” Without stopping my ‘massaging’ of the inside of her tight vagina, I lean in closer and kiss her passionately. After a minute of intensely enjoying the flavour of her tongue, I lean in past the side of her head, her pretty blonde hair brushing up against my face and gently nibble on the tip of her pointy ear.

She lets out a sudden sound, that sounds of both surprise and pleasure. The speed of our rhythm has increased and Jessica brings her hands around my back and pulls me closer. I can now feel her erect nipples rubbing against my chest with each thrust, it is a very sexy sensation.

My emotions get the better of me though, and I reach my arms around her petite back and hold her tightly against me. There is no more nipple friction, as with each thrust our bodies now move as one. She seems to really enjoy being embraced like this, based on the soft moans she’s now making.

In the next moment, however, she takes me completely by surprise. At some point she had leaned in closer to me and stuck her tongue right into my ear and started licking it out. It sends shivers down my spine, not just the sensation but also the rustling sound her tongue rummaging around in my ear. It drives me mad, my desire for her practically erupts.

I pull away from her and sit up right, with my legs spread wide and my knees folded over double, pointing outwards. I grab her waist and lift her ass into the air while pulling her against me. And then I plunge into her. She has nowhere to go from this position, her back arched over a few inches above the bed. Her knees are still bent into the air and only her toes, shoulders and head are still resting on the bed.

I drive into her again and again with reckless abandon and she does not give a damn. Her moaning has become louder, as I watch her breasts sway back and forth over her arched stomach, each time I plough into her. Her vagina has started making slurping noises from the now over-wetness and my balls are making erotic slapping noises each time they strike her but cheeks.

Jessica has reached over, under herself and grabbed onto my thighs at some point, seemling trying to help the motion along, not being able to get enough of it. It’s only about now however, that I realise how far I’ve already lifted her into the air. This must be putting quite a strain on her back.

“Nggghpph!” My thoughts of letting up on her a bit are immediately interrupted by her nails digging into my thighs deep enough to draw blood.


She retracts her claws and tries to tug on my thighs motioning me to continue, while she smiles at me with an evil grin and lustful eyes.

“Fine, have it your way!” I return her malicious grin in kind.

First up, “Heal.” That taken care of, I get onto my knees and bend her ass and back over, towards her, practically above her head, with my raging cock still inside of her. It is now strained at a downward angle with her ass and vagina pointing almost straight up towards the ceiling while I’m still mostly upright, on my knees.

I begin pushing it down into her. She gasps for breath, clearly this is intense for her, possibly even painful. I pull up and in again, this time she bites her lower lip and and moans loudly. By my third thrust, the biting has all but abated and given way to a lustful, grinning smile and unabated moans of pleasure, I’m sure the neighbors can hear her loud and clear by now.

I start thrusting down into her contorted pussy as I please, and please I do! The pressure is amazing and the view from this angle is incredible! I can see her cliterous in great detail, between her stretched lips. I can see my cock pushing inside of her, stretching and flexing the pink skin at the entrance of her soft pussy, with every thrust. Just beyond her fucking enticing mound, I can see breasts bobbing about and practically slapping her own chin.

She is clawing at the bed sheet, moaning out loud, I have never seen her like this before, it’s breathtaking. I can feel myself getting close to cumming at an unbelievable speed. Shit, can she get pregnant in this world? Wouldn’t that be really bad in all kinds of ways! I need to pull out!

Jessica clearly sensed my indecision and quickly grabs onto my ass tightly, amidst the throws of her pleasure, a heated breath slips out of her mouth, “Stop and I’ll fucking kill you!”

Woah! I can’t help grin at that and respond hole heartedly. I ram into her with all my might, forcing her head and shoulders to sink deeply into the bed each time I pound into her. Her legs are flailing wildly in the air, with each motion and the creaking bed sounds like its ready to break in half.

We are contorted at such an angle, that the base of my shaft is practically rubbing against her asshole, with each thrust. I can’t hold back any longer, this whole experience is just too incredible and I blow my load deep into her. She practically screams out in pleasure at the top of her voice each time my raging cock pulsates inside her hot pussy and release more fucking angels and ecstasy.

It finally dies down, running out of steam and juices, and Jessica’s legs go limp, hanging lifelessly to either side of me. Her whole body practically now only held up by the giant dick stuck inside of her. We are both breathing heavily.

God, I love this fucking game!

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My first ever sex scene 0.0
I hope it turned out okay   c=3
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