Chapter 429 Questions

Ilea tried the redirection thing a couple times but couldn’t quite figure it out.

The Elemental wasn’t exactly the best training partner for this either as it simply bombarded her like an F-16 fighter jet with an unlimited ammo cheat.

She soon decided to leave it be as the Elemental seemed quite annoyed about her newfound third tier resistance, once more upping the power output of its spells.

Ilea questioned how far the creature could actually go at the moment. Too much for her, that was obvious.

She signaled to the Fae that they would leave.

The Elemental stopped its assault as soon as the little creature appeared on her shoulder.

Thanks! she sent to the being and bowed lightly.

It watched them as they vanished once more towards the eleventh layer.

What an interesting being, she thought. “What do you think?”

The Fae looked at her as it jumped down and landed in the snow once more.



“I’m surprised it agreed to help,” she said and laughed. “Now I have lightning as well…,”

Dangerous, it sent and pointed at her before it pointed up.


“I’m alone?” she asked.

It shook its head and once more pointed up.

“The Elemental?”

The Fae nodded.


“You don’t think it’d be as nice with me if I went alone?”


Ilea chuckled. “Thought as much. Well, I have what I wanted from it. Thanks to you!” she jumped down and watched the Fae vanish, blinking after it until she grabbed the creature and rolled with it in the snow.

Thanks, she sent.

It waved her off.

“Alright, let me see now… I could get wood magic resistance up on the fifth layer but Lucas can help me with that too, more reliably as well. Anything above is useless I think… sixth and seventh have wind magic which I have already maxed. Poison on the eight layer is useless too now… I guess I could get some to continue leveling. As soon as I’ve used up the stuff I have,” she said, letting go of the Fae as she laid in the snow.

It floated up and twirled, flakes of white falling away from it. A little hat between its horns remained.

“The Wyverns on the ninth can’t really give me much either… more levels for my third tier I guess but the same can be accomplished by any fire mage really. With Avatar… we could look for the weird creature on this layer… but I honestly don’t want to waste anymore time. If it doesn’t want to show up I don’t really care.”

“Seems like everything except for the Deep Mirage and the Trakorov isn’t worth it for now,” she said and sighed. “Sorry about that, little one. We have to go down to layer nineteen again.”

The Fae twirled and tilted its head.


“You want to help?” she asked with a smile.

The Fae nodded and sent excitement.



“Mana… you want to drain some?” she asked.

It nodded and started.

Ilea quickly disabled her resistance and let the Fae do its thing, interested in what it had planned.

Contrary to last time, the drain was much more powerful, the mana flowing into the Fae like before but instead of remaining there, it flowed straight into a circle below them.

The white glow of the magic intensified in her sphere until it became visible to the naked eye. Nearly ten thousand mana had flowed through the Fae before the space around them warped.

Ilea looked around and grinned. “Hmm… nice one,” she said and bowed to the Fae that was floating in front of her.

Nice, she sent.



“No shit, we just saved so much time and annoying creatures,” she said. They were in the small cave between the nineteenth and twentieth layer. Nothing around them suggested a powerful spell had been used but there they were.

The little Fae could use long range teleportation, using mana it siphoned from someone else.

“Is the range limited?” she asked.


“Alright, alright,” Ilea said, putting her hands up in a placating gesture. “I just asked because I have a similar skill but mine needs ages to charge.”

I wonder if the time is reduced now that Blink leveled some, as well as my mana capacity, she wondered. Sentinel Huntress allowed further people to be marked with each level but her Blink third tier didn’t offer more locations to travel to or anything similar.

She started using the skill and canceled it after a couple seconds. If do feel like it’s charging quicker, hmm.

Slow, the Fae sent.

“Yes, I know. That’s why I was curious,” she said and smiled. “I guess it has to do with your space magic.”

The being nodded.

“Any ideas?” she asked.

The Fae thought for a moment but then shook its head.


“Like so much, isn’t it?” Ilea said and started flying up and towards the Deep Mirage. “Well, as long as I have you around I’d love to abuse that ability,” she said. “I assume the locations are limited?”

It nodded.

“Well, I’ll just ask you if we need another teleport. Now that I have enough mana,” she added and winked at the creature.


Ilea was happy to find the Deep Mirage quickly finding them and continuing right where they had left off.

It was a powerful being for sure and Ilea would have a very hard time getting anywhere near close the creature while it was hiding within this layer. Yet still, she couldn’t help but compare it to the Elemental, finding its power insignificant to the Lightning creature.

Is that how that fucker thinks of me? she wondered, getting shred through by sand.

The Deep Mirage was too powerful for her to drop the Ash armor and the resilience bonuses it provided. That sadly meant little use from the Fae’s space magic in her training.

The three still had fun. At least she liked the idea of that. The other beings were of another species entirely. It was possible their thoughts and emotions were too different for her to comprehend.

At the very least, she didn’t feel distress from either through her sphere.

It took quite some time to get the two skills to the end of the second tier, Ilea eating several meals in between, letting the Fae pop her eyes in the process to make sure it wasn’t getting annoyed by its lacking power.

Ilea checked her notifications as soon as her Stamina Drain Resistance reached level twenty.

ding’ ‘Sand Magic Resistance reaches 2nd lvl 19’
‘ding’ ‘Sand Magic Resistance reaches 2nd lvl 20’

ding’ ‘Space Magic Resistance reaches 2nd lvl 5’

ding’ ‘Stamina Drain Resistance reaches 2nd lvl 11’

‘ding’ ‘Stamina Drain Resistance reaches 2nd lvl 20’

“Level twenty in everything,” she murmured and let the Deep Mirage attack her, all resistances activated at that point.

She smirked at the massively reduced impact the attacks had on her. Just shows how fucking important all these skills are. Thanks Pain Tolerance and Avatar of Ash, for making this a possibility.

Ilea had only six third tier General skill points remaining out of the total eleven she had.

“I think I should wait with more third tier resistances,” she murmured. The bonuses from her third tier Meditation were ridiculously insane compared to what the Resistances provided. The skill in its very nature was more versatile while the Resistances helped specifically against a single school of magic.

Ilea knew all of them could save her life in the right situation but she decided for now to keep the rest of her skill points until such a situation came around. Plenty of skills to level and now I can even benefit from Heavy Archery and skills in the same vein.

Veteran and Monster Hunter were the most interesting to her, the former actually somewhat close to the third tier. What’s that going to be? Me being able to paralyze higher leveled beings? she thought with a chuckle.

They flew out into the twentieth layer after saying their goodbyes to the Deep Mirage, Ilea still thinking about her general skills.

Identify was just such a shit skill to level, only at eleven after all this time. Ilea had stopped using it on literally everything but even identifying high level creatures seemed to offer little return to the skill.

I should ask the librarians about more General Skills that could be useful. Might also be helpful to get my language skills higher. Write some essays or even better, stories about my adventures.

“Darth Violence, any clue about leveling Identify? It’s so fucking slow.”

The Fae turned to her and giggled into her mind.



Ilea rolled her eyes. Nemesis, she sent back.

The Fae giggled.

“What’s the second tier? You must have it at your apparent ancient age.”



“Ah… I see. Well I’ll be the judge of that as soon as I get it,” Ilea said with a smile. If the Fae didn’t think of it very highly, she had no reason to be super bummed out about not having it yet.

“Think the Trakorov is up for some training?” she asked and checked the new notification in her list of available third tier General skills.

- Sand Magic Resistance

It’s been like a week. Please slow down with these. A Lightning Elemental and a Sand Elemental. I think it is time to accept that you will not learn. Sand Magic Resistance can be increased to the third tier, should you wish to do so. Perhaps this skill will help steer you towards a different fate than a certain Chosen One.

The Fae nodded in response.

Nothing for Stamina Drain Resistance. Oh well, she thought.

“Let’s see if I can get Veteran and Monster Hunter to a reasonable level as well,” she said and charged her wings, aiming at the entrance to their savior’s cavern.

The Fae giggled in her mind before they sped up.

Ilea watched her arms melt under the lava, finally understanding how her third tier Heat Resistance worked.

Flames clung to her ash and skin, continuing to burn with minimal damage. Heart of Cinder charged much faster, absorbing a good amount of heat from the magic.

She continuously used Monster Hunter as she sent thoughts to the massive creature that was half asleep, occasionally dumping some lava on her.

It didn’t seem to mind their presence.

Ilea and the Fae were just sitting around, an ashen clone fighting against the little creature.

The Trakorov opened one eye to look at her when the flames enveloped her wings, continuing to burn for a while.

Nice, Ilea thought, enjoying the sight.

She had seen videos showing lava setting things aflame that were thrown into it. The stuff this creature was huffing out was definitely on another level entirely. It burned through her defenses as if it was a powerful acid coupled with fire.

Glad I’m not a chemistry major, otherwise I’d go mad by all the ways magic changes up the properties of elements.

On the other hand, scientists from Earth could likely make some amazing tech with the available resources and changed properties here. All Elos had were runes and enchantments.

Ilea didn’t exactly contribute massively with her kick-boxing and general knowledge from Earth.

They’d have to survive in the first place of course.

“Can you travel through realms?” she suddenly asked the Fae, half her face melted off.


Realms, Ilea sent the thought, more concept than word.

The Fae considered for a moment.


“I mean yeah. I am not from this realm though. Might want to visit my old home at some point,” she said.

The Fae nodded.




“Would I lose my abilities there? There was no magic or mana as far as I know,” she said.

The Fae came closer, looking interested.


It reached out to her and touched her head.


Ilea smiled, her face regenerating quickly. “Not really. I like it here. I like being able to fly around, fight dangerous creatures. And meeting beings like the two of you.”

The Fae giggled into her mind.

Home, it sent and gestured around itself.

Ilea smiled and nodded.

“What did you mean by untouched?” she asked.


“No magic. So I’d lose my abilities if I go back? Is it dangerous because of that?” Ilea asked.


Magic, it pointed at her.


“I’m touched by magic?”

The Fae nodded.

“So I’d keep my abilities.”

It nodded again.

Ilea grinned. “That’s great news. Means I can go back and check out how things are going at some point.”

The Fae didn’t send anything but she could tell it wasn’t happy about the idea.

“You don’t think I should?”

It shook its head and pointed at her.



“My decision?”

It nodded.

“Why do you think it’s a bad idea?”



“Yes but I could do a lot of good with this power. I’d be Superman basically,” she said and laughed before the responsibility dawned on her. “Oh shit… yeah maybe that’s not the best idea. I can already do a lot here. Let’s worry about that as soon as the opportunity presents itself,” she murmured and sighed.

The Fae nodded.

“You know a lot about this stuff. Are you sure you’re allowed to tell me all that?”

It waved a hand.



“I see. Thanks. I know you don’t have to tell me all that.”


Ilea laughed and nodded, another lava bath covering her.

She didn’t want to ask the Fae if it could help her get to Earth. The possibility existed but she wasn’t ready. She trusted the creature when it said she would keep her powers but emotionally, she simply wasn’t there yet.

Ilea had accepted Elos as her new home, the place she was brought to and the place she would stay at. She had refused to use the teleportation thing in the demon realm to get back to her apartment and even now, she’d probably say no.

Her third tier blink had helped her to get home but she wasn’t sure the skill alone would be enough to return.

“You saw my teleportation… could I return with that… from another realm I mean?”

The Fae nodded.


“Yes… yes I know,” she said. It really likes to point that out.

“I thought about it a couple times… the reason I came here. If someone had summoned me, or if it’s a simulation in the first place. A virtual world within a computer. What do you think?” she asked. It was worth a try. The Fae seemed to at least think it knew a bunch of things about realms and teleportation.



“It is? I mean I met a girl from my Realm before… could have been another dimension as well now that I think about it… this realm stuff is confusing man.”



“So you’ve thought about that too?”

It nodded.



“I doubt we can have a conversation about these topics with one word thoughts,” she said.

The Fae didn’t respond.

“Not if you keep using one word replies.”

It giggled.

Ilea continued the training mostly in silence, thinking of the few acquaintances on Earth that still meant something to her. It was a little sad really, the only one she really cared about being Mark.

They had mostly talked about kick boxing, training and diets. Still, he had given a shit while her parents had pretty much abandoned her as soon as they could, both in their own way.

It hadn’t been easy, to accept that cutting them out of her life entirely was for the best. Keeping busy and focusing on her training, work and school had made it easier.

The shittiest part was the fact that it kind of just happened. Without her trying much. She had stopped calling at some point, not hearing from either in weeks, then months and finally years. I was fucking nineteen.

At least they hadn’t been drug addicts coming to her for the little money she had whenever they had a dry spell. They were just busy and selfish, happy to be rid of the kid they made on accident. No drama really, no tears. Just barely existent relationships that faded entirely with time.

Can’t choose your family, she thought, remembering the line. Life is weird sometimes.

She looked at the Fae, the weird fantasy creature floating around with a copy of itself made of ash, conjured and controlled by her. The absurdity of her situation hit her in that moment, as it sometimes did. She couldn’t help but chuckle. Common, random.

The Fae’s thoughts made the whole thing even more absurd. Does it really matter? I have wings now and can fly. Plus, if I ever get back I’d absolutely stomp any kick-boxing tournament.

Ilea activated her pain perception, immediately gritting her teeth as her muscles tensed up. Meditation, Sentinel Reconstruction, Sentinel Core and Pain Tolerance Itself reduced her pain immensely. Still, getting her body melted wasn’t something she enjoyed. Despite all the messages suggesting she was a masochist.

It stung but wasn’t more than a little distracting. Comparable to a headache but not quite a bad migraine. She still got a more personal picture of the damage to her body, quite unlike the clinical information she received from her healing magic.

Will have to get that one to the third tier at some point as well, she thought. It was easy to just ignore pain entirely but it had its uses. The levels were welcome too of course, adding to her potential third tier points.

Important to not forget how it feels. Otherwise I’ll just turn into an unfeeling monster at some point. Especially if I’m going to make decisions that affect others.

She closed her eyes and calmed her breathing, focusing on her meditation and healing as she continued her ridiculous training with the ancient creatures, feeling a little more like a human than she had before. A powerful human, with limitless potential.


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