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Chapter 57 Loony steel



What if I want to destroy it? It survived the explosion of a centurion but so did I...” Ilea continued her questioning, completely forgetting her cautious approach she intended to have towards new people. Lorcan was certainly not new anymore but she didn’t know much more about him than his name and that he liked to battle.

It’s ancient. I’ve never heard of an ancient item getting destroyed...” he answered while reading his book.

Interesting...say do you know what four question marks mean when you identify someone?” she continued asking the obviously knowledgeable and experienced adventurer whatever came to her mind. Fighting the guardians had become a little boring a couple hours ago already. There were never more than three at the same time and that was simply nothing that got her blood boiling anymore.

Three definitely means 500 or higher. I’ve heard four means 1000 and higher but it’s hard to say. I’ve also never encountered someone with three question marks so it might only work on monsters.” he answered, obviously distracted by the book.

What are you reading?”

An erotic probably wouldn’t like it.” he answered.

What’s it about? You really think you’ve met people above level 500 or that they even exist?”

Some guy is trying to resurrect his dead wife. I don’t know honestly but why wouldn’t there be...Elves alone are said to be hundreds if not thousands of years old. And I know that there are monsters with incredibly high levels out there so why wouldn’t there be someone hunting them?” he asked and continued.

Probably not a lot of people but then again there are a lot...even in Dawntree this expedition isn’t something too extraordinary. Sure being level 100 grants you respect and most people look at you with either fear or amazement. 200 and higher is just more rare but why would people stop there. As you continue to look for and fight stronger beings there is a chance of dying but you will inevitably grow. To me it seems only logical that there are people and creatures with a level much higher than even 1000. Although many disagree with my opinion.” he finished and turned a page.

Out of a thousand people how many do you think are level 100?” she asked and looked around.

Maybe ten, maybe more or less depending on species, culture, where the group lives. I’ve heard of cultures that banish people if they don’t reach that level at twenty years old...” he said.

I have to pee, give me a minute.” she said and he shrugged. Ilea blinked through the nearby wall and released herself after removing the lower part of her armor.

Putting everything back on she frowned at the sight before her. There was a skeleton in the room, chained up and protected by two guardians. Well not in the room she stood in but the one behind two more walls. Her sphere was active at all times after all.

She punched through the wall and looked through. “Found a skeleton, wanna come?” she asked.

Yea sure...” he said and turned the page. “Oh wow...”

What is it?” Ilea asked and punched through the next wall. Her fist simply broke through and she had to punch a couple more times to make a sizable hole.

He managed to resurrect his wife but then she murdered him...I like this book.” he explained.

Good for you...glad you’re not as bored as me...” she said and waved to the two guardians that slowly came to life at their less than civil entrance. Dust was still settling as the machines approached.

Oh hey that’s an elf...” Lorcan said, his sword materializing in his hand. He put the book into his pack and helped Ilea clear the two guardians. She didn’t really care about the lost experience, it had taken longer and longer to level anyway. Mere guardians wouldn’t help her advance for much longer.

So an elf huh?” she asked as the two crouched down to look at the skeleton. “Look at his teeth...” she got up again and looked at the nearby table. There was some gear on it that she assumed were from the elf.

Why would they leave all that here?” she asked as Lorcan joined her side.

He whistled and touched the armor on the table. “Now that is some quality work...a bit too light for both of us though...” he said. It was a thin metal armor in black. Anything that might have been engraved on it had long vanished. Ilea picked the chest plate up and was surprised at its weight.

Too light...check it out..” she tossed the thing that weighed at least fifty kilograms to the man and he caught it with one hand.

Oh you’re right...what is this metal?” he marveled.

AKALISHE SANUR!!” a voice suddenly shouted, both Ilea and Lorcan immediately preparing to fight. Nothing happened though.

Did that come from the table?” he asked to which she nodded. Moving the armor pieces away, there was a small dagger below. It’s design was incredibly intricate and it looked like blood was oozing from its curved blade.

SALINA DAVUUR!!!” the voice definitely came from the dagger.

I think that’s elvish...been a while since I heard anything in that cursed language though.” Lorcan said.

Ilea picked the blade up and held it in front of her face, ignoring the sizzling of her flesh where she held it. Healing against the burn, she shook the dagger a little. “Stop that. We don’t speak elvish. Do you speak our language?” she asked.

Unworthy!!” the dagger shouted to which Ilea just shrugged and put the blade down again.

You wanna have it?” she asked as she looked at the armor again. “I couldn’t identify it but I’m sure it’s ancient at least...” she said.

And cursed...or whatever gave it a voice. No, I use great swords anyway, what the hell would I do with a dagger.” he said and checked out the bow on the table. “This one is nice as well...”

HOW DARE YOU?!” the voice of the dagger exclaimed.

I don’t use daggers you have a problem with me taking the armor? I like the matte black look, very elegant.” she said and he grunted in response.

I don’t care, just don’t wear it in front of the others. Don’t want to have That talk with Jasper...he takes his job way too seriously.” Lorcan said and pulled the bowstring. “If I can have the bow...I know someone who might like this.”

STOP THIS INSOLENCE!!” the dagger screamed.

Sure, how will you get it out without them noticing though?” she asked as she made the armor pieces vanish.

[Dark Elf Juggernaut Armor Helm – Rare Quality]
[Dark Elf Juggernaut Armor Chest Piece – Rare Quality]
[Dark Elf Juggernaut Armor Arms – Rare Quality]
[Dark Elf Juggernaut Armor Legs – Rare Quality]
[Dark Elf Juggernaut Armor Boots – Rare Quality]

Well maybe a friend can smuggle it out for me hmm?” he asked, not a trace of mischievousness in his voice.

Maybe a friend can.” she said and touched the items to store them in her necklace.

[Dark Elf Ranger Bow – Rare Quality]

WHAT?? ARE YOU MAD???” the dagger kept screaming until Ilea took it and slammed the blade into the stone table.

HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!” the muffled scream was quite a bit more pleasant in Ilea’s ears compared to the annoying voice before.

Hey at least it speaks our language?” she said and checked the rest of the room.

That’s everything here...wanna move on? Oh think about the dagger though, you could sell it to least better than the Forkspears getting it...think about it.” he said to which Ilea removed the dagger from the table and stored it.

[Dagger of Akelion - ??? Quality]

“I can’t see the quality still...” she said and shrugged. She got the dagger out again and it immediately burned her hand again. “You’re gonna stay in there if you keep doing that you know?” she said and stored it again. “What an asshole...meets people for the first time in how many hundred years and that’s how you act?” she shook her head and the two continued with clearing the dungeons.

The expedition had entered the dungeons again but only groups that could manage a centurion were allowed back into the dungeons and the clearing was done even more cautiously. It took them nearly another full day to clear out all of the dungeon, with Ilea destroying more than half of the guardians.

There luckily weren’t any more centurions down there but in the end it was just a dungeon. Some skeletons of different species were found accompanied by some gear. Ilea and Lorcan had come across many of them before the others but nothing proved to be quite as interesting or high quality as the things they had found with the elf.

The destroyed guardians had netted Ilea another seven levels in both classes but considering she had to destroy nearly ten guardians for each level it wasn’t a very exciting day for Ilea. She was certainly happy about the progress and acknowledged that it was quite a bit faster than most other people’s leveling but it just wasn’t the same to her when she didn’t leave the battlefield bleeding and missing a limb.

Ilea was sitting on a table eating some curry while Rin explained the game Magic to her. It was a bit complicated but she was sure lands were very important. In the middle of the lengthy explanation that without any actual cards to look at lacked a visualization, Ilea checked her status and put her newly acquired 70 stat points into Endurance and Wisdom.


Name: Ilea Spears

Unspent statpoints: 0

Class 1: Azarinth Healer – lvl 191
- Active: Destruction – 2nd lvl 20
- Active: Reconstruction – 2nd lvl 20
- Active: State of Azarinth – 2nd lvl 20
- Active: Blink – 2nd lvl 20
- Active: Azarinth Sphere – 2nd lvl 17
- Passive: Body of Azarinth – 2nd lvl 13
- Passive: Azarinth Fighting – 2nd lvl 20
- Passive: Magic Perception – lvl 16
- Passive: Azarinth Perception – 2nd lvl 11
- Passive: Azarinth Reversal – lvl 14

Class 2: Ash Wielder – lvl 182
- Active: Shroud of Ash – lvl 15
- Active: Form of Ember – 2nd lvl 9
- Active: Ash Surge – lvl 6
- Active: Body Heat Manipulation – lvl 1
- Active: Wave of Ember – lvl 18
- Passive: Ash and Ember Manipulation – lvl 15
- Passive: Ashen Wings – lvl 6
- Passive: Eyes of Ash – lvl 14
- Passive: Body of Ash – lvl 13
- Passive: Ashen Warrior – lvl 9


General Skills:

- Elos Standard language - lvl 5
- Identify - lvl 4
- Meditation – lvl 2nd 14
- Poison Resistance – lvl 17
- Heat Resistance – lvl 14
- Pain Tolerance – 2nd lvl 2
- Mental Resistance – lvl 5
- Fear Resistance – lvl 1
- Water Resistance – lvl 5
- Wind Resistance – lvl 3
- Lightning Resistance – lvl 1



Vitality: 550
Endurance: 285
Strength 111
Dexterity 340
Intelligence 495
Wisdom 300


Health: 5500/5500
Stamina: 2843/2850
Mana: 2932/3000



‘Wait didn’t I get time with some of the mages for resistance training??? Damn I totally forgot about that...and the potions and smiths as well.’ she got up from the table, stopping Rin’s explanation in its tracks.

“Oh I’m really’s just hard to get it without any cards. We can get some in Dawntree and meet if you like.” she said with an apologetic smile while slowly walking backwards. Rin nodded and waved her off.

“People just don’t get the brilliance of it...” the sword dancer said. Ilea reached the smith a little while after and simply stood there.

“Hmmmmmmm” she exclaimed.

“What is it lassy. Anything I can do for you? Mr Horim mentioned you get free service.” the smith said as he cleaned a sword they’d gotten from the armory. “I also hear we have to thank you for this stuff.” he added.

“Oh, no the dwarves made that. I just told you the way there. Not like you guys wouldn’t have found it anyway.” she said and continued “I don’t really know what I want to be honest...something ranged would be cool...I mean I can fly but have to get in close all the time anyway.” she mumbled.

“A bow then maybe? Or some bombs from that alchemist...” the smith suggested but Ilea waved him away.

“I don’t have any skills for that stuff so it would be terribly ineffective wouldn’t it?”

“Not if you’re packing enough fire strong are you lassy?” he asked and smirked at her.

Ilea just walked to the closest wall and punched it with all buffs active. A massive boom reverberated through the whole hall, making some heads turn towards her. Cracks formed in the wall and a sizable chunk of it was simply missing. It didn’t fall down but was simply punched to dust.

“How strong is that?” she asked the smith whose smirk was wavering a little.

“Strong enough I suppose. We have some sinew left from that monster down one of the ways. Some of the dwarven metal and I could make you quite a difficult to use bow. Add some of the guardian’s legs together and we’ve got you some pretty heavy ammo. Nothing too special but you’ll be able to blow through some pretty thick armor even without the help of any skill...” the man said.

“Wow...that’s quite something. You came up with that so easily?” she asked a little surprise.

“I’m a master smith girlie. Just because I’m bulky doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I’ve worked with weapons of war for decades even before you were born.” he finished.

“Alright alright. Just get me that bow.” she said.

“Will do but everything here is owned by the expedition so you’ll have to pay for the materials. The time is free as of Mr Horim’s orders.”

“How much for the materials...some additional ammo might be nice as well.” she told the man.

“Five Gold all in all.” Ilea got her pack from her back and put her hand inside, making five gold coins appear and handing them to the man.

“There you are. Just get me once you’re done.” she told the man and nodded towards him. Receiving a nod in response, she left the makeshift smithy and walked towards the alchemist at the other end of the hall.

The mood in the expedition had been rather solemn since they had lost so many people in the dungeons but these were experienced adventurers and few of them knew each other very well. They were preparing to tackle the last door in the great hall and likely the most dangerous one. ‘Dunno if they’ll destroy the six centurions that remain...’ she thought as she reached the alchemist who was looking at some of the green moss that had overgrown parts of the ruin.

“What!” he suddenly exclaimed “What! Do you think this iiiiis?” the man asked and looked at her with intense yet a little glassy eyes.

“It’s green moss...” she answered and shrugged.

“EXACTLY! How can this forgotten ruin that was isolated for thousands of years only grow this SHIT!!” he shouted and threw the moss in her face. Ilea caught it with a swift motion of her arm, seemingly surprising the man who cackled a little.

“Bored eh?” she asked. “I’m here for my two potions...”

“Oh yes yes, the demon needs its tribute. LILITH the demon queen. Well here you go woman. Take, take.” he put two small flasks on the table which Ilea swiftly exchanged for the green moss he had thrown at her.

[Health Potion – High Quality]

Ilea took one of the knifes on the table and cut herself in her arm. Blood started to drip on the ground until she drank one of the potions. The wound quickly started to close and she noticed it had restored around 100 health points. ‘Neat...if I have a gallon of this in my necklace.’

“How much for one of these potions?”

“Ten gold.” the answer wasn’t surprising. Otherwise everybody would walk around with dozens of the things.

“Nah, guess I’m fine. Hey, ever heard of bluemoon grass?” she asked.

“The legendary?? How do YOU KNOW?!!?” he shouted.

‘Mistakes were made...’ she thought, calming the man down. “I heard someone in Dawntree talk about it. Seemed interesting. Apparently it can help grow a beard.”

“AH This is TYPICAL. Away with you, you got what you came here for demon!” the alchemist was already occupied with his moss again.

‘Thought it was useless...’ she thought while shrugging and leaving the man to his devices.

Going back to the leader’s table, which was just a normal table with a map on it, Ilea stood next to Jasper who was focused on the map.

“What do you see sword master?” she asked and was rewarded by an annoyed groan.

“Lilith. What do I owe the pleasure?” there was no pleasure.

“An hour with five mages...not sure if I can take that much though...” she winked at the man who just sighed.

“You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?” he asked and started walking towards a group of mages.

“Of course I am.” she said as they reached the mages who were in a game of cards Ilea hadn’t seen before.

“So Lilith here gets an hour from each of you to show or use your magic for her.” he said and immediately walked away.

“So who’s the first one? It’s my first time though so be gentle.” the heavily armored lvl 191 killing machine said and moved her body into the most embarrassing posture possible to her, knowing full well that Jasper wasn’t far away enough not to hear it. A barely audible groan reached her ears with the help of Azarinth Sphere’s 2nd stage.

‘Got him.’ she thought and stood there normally again. “What are you guys looking at? You what’s your main element?” she pointed to one of them. A level 170 mage.

“I’m an ice mage Miss Lilith.” the man said.

Ilea nearly laughed at the white robe he wore adorned with crystals. ‘He looks like a bloody chandelier...’ she thought.


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